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What Is UberXL? Car List, Pricing, and Requirements

UberXL is the large vehicle option from this rideshare giant. Learn how UberXL works, how much it costs, and how to request an oversized ride through the app.

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If you’ve ever taken an Uber, you may be confused about the different types of ride options that appear when you want to request a vehicle.

You can choose UberX, UberXL, or Uber Black.

You’ll want to choose UberXL when your large group of people who need to ride contains too many people to fit in a regular car.

Uber XL is for larger groups of people.

It’s also easier on the budget if everyone splits the fare.

What is UberXL?

UberXL is simply Uber but with a larger vehicle.

a vector graphic showing an Uber XL vehicle with the text "affordable rides for groups up to 6" above it

You’ll still be picked up by a friendly Uber driver in a clean car with working heating and air conditioning.

The vehicle could be a Tahoe, a Mercedes Benz, a luxury SUV, or something less high-end.

The available model year of any vehicle in all Uber classes from a Lexus to a Honda Accord depends on the vehicle owners who’ve signed up to drive in a region.

The UberXL vehicles available to you depend on geography.

You’ll get one from the Uber pool in your particular area.

You could get picked up by a minivan or an SUV with a third row of seats.

UberXL allows larger groups of people to travel together and can be a lot cheaper than ordering two or three separate Ubers.

What Makes Uber XL Unique?

Uber XL is distinguishable because of its vehicle requirements.

Because drivers are required to provide minivans or SUVs, passengers have more flexibility in what they can do with their ride.

For instance, with Uber XL, you’ll find larger vehicles that can:

  • Fit a large group of people
  • Transport things like groceries
  • Carry a large amount of Uber passenger luggage when you travel

However, if you need a standard car service with more room than what UberX cars can offer, call for an Uber XL to take you on your next rideshare trip.

How Big is an UberXL Vehicle?

UberXL vehicles are much bigger than regular UberX vehicles.

They’re either minivans or large SUVs that are good for multiple passengers and people with lots of groceries or luggage as well.

screen showing all the different uber ride services available on the app

How Many Riders can UberXL Take?

UberXL can fit up to six passengers in the vehicle.

Allowing for six riders is a big upgrade from the regular four passengers of a normal UberX.

In all cases, Uber drivers can only take as many passengers as there are seat belts available.

If an UberXL seat is missing a seatbelt, nobody can ride in that spot.

Can UberXL Take Luggage?

If you’re heading to the airport, UberXL is a great option to get there.

The vehicles are large enough to take you and your luggage.

You’ll probably get an Uber driver who’ll be glad to help you load and unload your suitcases, but they aren’t obligated to do this.

UberXL can also pick you up from the supermarket.

UberXL is the perfect ride for getting all those groceries home.

It’s a lot cheaper than a taxi and faster than a bus.

The driver will usually help you load your groceries.

Note: Uber Disabled Front Seats During COVID

Uber has taken many safety precautions during the COVID pandemic.

These precautions apply to Uber all over the world, whether in the US, Canada, Europe, or anywhere else Uber is found.

Drivers and passengers must wear a mask at all times.

Also, passengers are asked to disinfect their hands before getting in the vehicle.

The most important change that Uber implemented is the seat restriction policy.

Uber eliminated the front seat from Uber trips.

No passenger can sit in the front next to the driver, regardless of what type of Uber they ordered.

This rule effectively reduces the number of passengers an Uber can carry by one.

So while UberXL can normally carry six passengers, during COVID precautions they can only carry five.

That’s still more than regular Uber, which can now only carry three passengers!

Keep in mind that because of COVID-19 restrictions, UberXL is limited to 5 passengers only, since the front seat is not available.

UberXL Vehicle List

The type of UberXL vehicle that you’ll get depends a lot on the local market.

Big cities usually have more SUVs available, while suburbs and mid-sized towns will have plenty of minivans on the road.

In all cases, UberXL vehicles must be large enough to carry six passengers.

Those are minivans or SUVs with a third row of seats.

That said, Uber has some rules around the vehicles that can drive its passengers.

As of 2020, all Uber vehicles must be from 2008 or newer.

Some jurisdictions require vehicles to be no older than 2013, and obviously the vehicle must be in good condition.

Other UberXL vehicle conditions are that the vehicle:

  • Must have four doors
  • Must be in good shape
  • Must pass a vehicle inspection for safety purposes

List of Most Common UberXL vehicles

With those rules in mind, here are the most common vehicles you’ll encounter when ordering an UberXL:

  • Toyota Highlander
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Dodge Durango
  • Ford Explorer
  • GMC Acadia
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Toyota Sienna

How Does UberXL Work for Riders?

After matching with your driver, your vehicle will appear within a few minutes, depending on traffic and how far away your driver is.

The Uber app has a timer and map, so you can track your driver’s arrival.

When your Uber XL arrives, ensure the driver’s license plate and name match the information the app lists.

Once your belongings are loaded, your driver will take you to your destination in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Although the Uber driver app pre-programs the fastest route to your destination, you can request any specific route you’d like.

After you arrive at your drop-off location, Uber will automatically charge you through your payment method on file.

You’ll want to also take time to rate your Uber driver, as this can help the drivers improve their standing and warn other passengers about rude or unsafe drivers.

How to Order an UberXL

If you need a larger vehicle to get around, then ordering an Uber SUV is relatively simple.

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for an Uber account if you haven’t already done so.

Then you’ll be able to enjoy catching rides with minimum fees and avoid the hassle of driving or taking taxi cabs.

First Steps – Sign Up For Uber

In a few simple steps, you can sign up for Uber with either a computer, a phone, or a tablet.

  • Download the Uber app or sign up on Uber’s website
  • Input your first and last name
  • Add your phone number
  • Add your email address
  • Create a password

Uber will send you an email to verify your account.

Once you click on the verification link, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Set Up Your Uber App

Setting up the Uber app is easy and should take no more than a couple of minutes.

  • Open the Uber app
  • Uber will text you a 4-digit code to verify your phone number
  • Once you verify, log in to the app
  • Open the hamburger menu on the top left corner of the screen
  • Tap on ‘Wallet’
  • Tap on + Add Payment Method
  • Add your credit card

Now you’re ready to ride with Uber and order a vehicle to your pickup location!

How To Order UberXL

Once you are logged in, you’ll see a screen with a map.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see two options: “Ride” and “Order Food.”

Select “Ride,” since “Order Food” refers to the company’s Uber Eats service.

After you make sure that you have selected a ride, you’ll see a “Where to?” box on your screen.

Enter your destination address in the box.

If the location setting on your phone is turned on, the app will automatically detect your pickup location.

However, you should still verify this address is correct.

And if your location settings are not on, you’ll need to enter this address manually.

What Is UberXL? Complete Overview and Essential Information

After ensuring both addresses are correct, you’ll see a list of the different Uber services in your area.

At this point, you can choose the Uber XL option.

Then, select “Confirm Uber XL.”

What Is UberXL? Complete Overview, Essential Information

The app will then connect you with a nearby Uber driver.

Once you’ve matched with a driver, you’ll see the driver’s picture, their rating, and the type of vehicle you’ll ride in.

If you are curious about whether the vehicle can hold your belongings, you can contact your driver through the app to confirm

How Does UberXL Work for Drivers?

UberXL works the same way for drivers as regular Uber.

The only difference is that you can choose to drive with  Uber XL when you sign up.


Can Uber Drivers get UberX Requests?

Every time you turn on your Uber Partner app to drive, you can select to drive with UberXL or regular Uber.

Because you have a larger vehicle, you might as well take the better pay that comes with UberXL.

How Much Does UberXL Cost?

UberXL costs nearly 40% more than UberX.

So if a regular UberX costs $10, your UberXL will cost $14.

The extra charge is to offset the higher gas cost that the driver incurs.

While you may or may not be able to find discounts for your ride, splitting the fare can make it more cost-effective than other methods.

And of course, actual prices may vary in different areas.

How Does UberXL Pricing Work?

UberXL pricing works the same as all Uber pricing.

The price is calculated by the distance between destinations and the estimated amount of time it takes to get there.

It’s a lot like taking a taxi.

The big difference between UberXL and a taxi is that you always know how much your trip will cost you beforehand.

When you input your pick-up and drop-off points in the Uber app, it tells you how much it will cost.

That price will stay the same the moment you order the Uber, no matter which route the driver takes.

Does UberXL Charge Per Person?

UberXL does not charge per person.

The charge is calculated by time and distance traveled.

The price is the same regardless of the number of passengers who climb in.

This makes the UberXL service great for groceries or trips to the airport.

UberXL Cost vs Uber Black SUV Cost

Uber Black, also called Uber Black SUV, is the premium Uber ride.

Uber Black features luxury vehicles operated by expert professional drivers.

You can expect leather interiors and the height of service.

Because of the luxury status of Uber Black, these cars are much more expensive than UberXL.

Uber Black is more than twice the price of regular UberX, so it will be at least 1.5-times higher than UberXL.

Also, you don’t always get a larger vehicle with Uber Black.

For that, you need to order an Uber Black SUV, which can be almost triple the price of Uber XL.

What Is Surge Pricing?

Whether you order an UberXL or an UberX, you will sometimes see something called ‘surge pricing.’

This happens when demand for rides surpasses the number of Uber vehicles available in the area.

In that case, the prices increase.

It can be an increase of 1.2x the price, all the way up to 10x the price.

Surge pricing cuts down the number of passengers and opens up the rides to those who are willing to pay higher prices.

This usually happens when the bars let out or around the holidays.

Is UberXL For You?

If you have between four and six passengers, then UberXL is the right service for you.

Likewise, if you have a cart full of groceries and need a ride home, it can be a great choice.

UberXL is even perfect for a trip to the airport or train station with lots of room for your luggage.

The best thing about XL is that it isn’t too much more expensive than a regular UberX.

You can split the bill if multiple people are traveling.

Now that you’re familiar with UberXL, you can plan your next ride.

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  1. Is the Uber XL still not allowing anyone to sit up front? If so, are you not able to use Uber if you have six passengers?


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