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Uber Referrals: How They Work, What They’re Worth, and More

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Uber is a gigantic ride-sharing service that’s quickly taking over the transportation industry.

If you’ve never used Uber before, or if you’re thinking of using it to refer your friends, here’s everything you need to know about Uber referrals.

What are they worth? How do they work?

We’ll answer all your questions and more in this post.

So keep reading to learn more about Uber referrals.

Is There an Uber Referral Program?

Yes, Uber does offer existing riders and drivers a referral program.

In fact, Uber has more than one reward program that people can take advantage of.

The ridesharing company has programs so that drivers, riders, and Uber Eats customers can share a referral code and earn a bonus.

The requirements and rewards usually vary from one city to another.

How Do Uber Referrals Work?

Uber offers simple referral programs that give you the possibility of earning a bonus if you share an invite code with a friend.

You can find your Uber referral code in the app and share it via text or social media.

Your friend will have to use your invite code when they sign up as a Uber driver or request their first ride as a passenger.

Depending on your location, your friend might need to meet additional requirements, such as completing several trips with the Uber app before you can get your bonus.

Uber Referral Codes: The Most Important Piece

Your invite code allows Uber to track referrals.

It is essential to share your invite code and make sure your friend uses it when they sign up or request their first ride.

If you’re referring a friend as a rider, they will have to enter your referral code when they book their first trip with the app.

The same applies to Uber Eats.

Your friend will have to enter your invite code when they place their first order with this food delivery service.

If you want to refer a friend as a driver, you’ll have to share their referral code with them and ask them to use it when they sign up.

Your referral code is easy to find.

There are different methods you can use:

  • If you have the Uber Driver app on your phone, open it and go to the Earnings section. Look for the Invite friends option and tap on it. Scroll down to the bottom of your screen, and you will find your invite code.
  • You can also find your invite code by visiting and logging in. This method is valid for Uber drivers.
  • If you want to refer someone with the Uber Rider app, open the app and tap on Free rides in the menu. A new screen will open where you can find your referral code and information about the users you have shared it with.

Referrals for Uber Passengers

Uber currently has 93 million riders.

The ridesharing service is popular in most major cities worldwide and will keep growing, in part thanks to its referral program.

vector graphic showing people standing in a circle and holding uber referrals in their arms in the form of gift boxes

Is Uber’s Refer a Friend Program Still Active?

Uber is no longer using the Refer a Friend wording for its referral program.

This program even stopped temporarily in 2020.

However, Uber currently has an active referral program that allows you to earn rewards for referring friends and getting them to meet a few conditions that vary from one city to another.

What Do Uber Passengers Get for Referring Friends?

You can get credit toward free rides with Uber if you refer a friend.

You will get an email and a notification via the Uber app with more information about the credit you qualify for once your friend uses your invite code.

Current Referral Promotions for Uber Passengers

Your friends can get credit toward free rides when using your referral code.

The amount they can get varies from one city to another.

Depending on your friend’s location, they might qualify for $10 to $20 toward your next trip.

Typically, your friend will be able to redeem their credit over the next rides they book.

For instance, a $10 credit means they can get $2 off the first five rides they book with the Uber app instead of getting a single free ride.

Once your friend uses your invite code and books a certain number of rides with the app, you will get a similar promotion.

How to Refer a Friend to Uber

Referring to a friend as an Uber passenger is quick and easy.

Open the Uber app and find your unique referral code by tapping on Free rides in the menu.

If you’re using the Driver App, you can find your code in the Earnings section on your driver dashboard.

Your friend will then have to download the Uber app and create an account.

They will enter your invite code when they request their first Uber ride.

Uber will add the promotion to their account and automatically apply the discount to the next rides they book.

You can review who has used your invite code and track the progress of your rewards in the Uber app.

Referrals for Uber Eats Customers

Uber Eats is one of the leading food delivery services, with $4.8 billion in revenue in 2020.

It’s a convenient way of getting food delivered from local restaurants, and Uber drivers can sign up for Uber Eats as an additional way of earning money.

Is Uber Eats’s Refer a Friend Program Still Active?

There is conflicting information about the Uber Eats referral program.

There are mentions of it on the official Uber Eats website, but other sources claim it no longer exists.

This referral program may only be available in some areas.

Your best option is to open the Uber Eats app and see if you can find an invite code by checking your account information.

If you can’t find an invite code, Uber Eats probably doesn’t offer a referral program in your area.

If you don’t qualify for the Uber Eats referral program, keep in mind that you can still use promo codes to save on food delivery with an Uber credit.

Uber Eats also has an active referral program for drivers.

If you’re an Uber or Uber Eats driver, you can share your referral code and earn a referral bonus if a friend signs up as a driver and completes a certain number of deliveries.

What Do Uber Eats Customers Get for Referring Friends?

If the Uber Eats referral program for customers is available in your area, you will get a coupon you can use for free food.

The amount of this reward will vary from one city to another.

If you’re sharing your Uber referral code to have friends sign up as Uber Eats drivers, you will earn a bonus that will show up on your earnings as a driver.

The amount of this bonus can vary, but there are people mentioning rewards of up to $300 per friend that you refer.

New Uber Eats drivers won’t get a sign-on bonus.

Instead, using an invite code means that Uber Eats guarantees they will earn a certain amount within their first three months.

It seems that Uber Eats guarantees earnings of $600 in most cities.

Your friend will have to meet some conditions to qualify.

In most areas, your friend will have to complete 30 deliveries within their first 90 days as an Uber Eats driver.

Uber Eats will track their earnings and pay them the difference if they earned less than $600.

Note that your friend has to complete their first 30 deliveries for Uber Eats to give you the referral credit.

It can take a while to see this credit show up in your Uber driver earnings.

Current Referral Promotions for Uber Eats Customers

You might be able to earn free food by referring friends as Uber Eats customers.

The amount you can get in rewards varies from one location to another.

If you’re referring friends as Uber Eats drivers, you could earn up to $300.

Other promotions are available if you want to save on Uber Eats orders.

For instance, Uber Eats currently offers a Uber promo code to help you save $25 as a new customer.

If you order food regularly, signing up for the Uber Eats Pass can be a good option.

This Uber Eats promo helps you save on delivery fees.

How to Refer a Friend to Uber Eats

If the referral program is available in your area, you should be able to find your Uber referral code by checking the account section of the app.

As an Uber Eats driver, you can find your invite code in the Earnings section of the app.

You’ll also find an Invite friends now button that automatically shares your invite code with the contacts you select.

Referrals for Uber & Uber Eats Drivers

Uber has become a popular side hustle for many people.

There are currently 3.5 million drivers on the platform.

Between special fares and tips, driving for Uber can be an interesting way to generate additional income, get out of debt, or get some spending cash.

Is Uber’s Driver Referral Program Still Active?

Uber has an active referral program for its drivers.

You can share your promo code and earn rewards if your friends use it to sign up as Uber or Uber Eats drivers.

What Do Uber Drivers Get for Referring Friends?

If you refer a friend and they use your promo code, you will earn a reward once they complete the sign-up process and meet other requirements.

Typically, they will have to qualify as a new driver and complete a number of trips before you can get your reward.

These requirements vary from one city to another, and you’ll be able to see the criteria each friend has to meet based on their location in the app.

The amount you can earn varies from one city to another.

Some drivers report earning a reward amount of anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per referral in the past.

You can see more information about potential rewards in the Uber app once a friend uses your invite code to become a new driver.

Note that Uber has strict requirements for its drivers.

New drivers have to go through a screening process, and Uber will also verify that their vehicle meets a few stipulations.

It can take a while to earn rewards by referring new drivers to Uber, and not everyone you refer will end up driving for Uber.

Current Referral Promotions for Uber Drivers

The current referral promotions offered by Uber vary from one city to another.

Uber typically adjusts these promotions based on the current demand for rides.

The promotion you qualify for will depend on where the friends you refer drive.

Once you invite a friend and they complete the sign-up process, you will be able to track their progress in the Uber app and see the promotions you qualify for.

How to Refer Another Driver to Uber

Referring another driver to Uber is a simple process.

As an existing user, you will have to share your discount code with them.

When your friend signs up as a new driver, make sure they enter this code at the bottom of the form where they enter their info.

There are different ways of finding your Uber referral code:

  • Open the Driver app and tap on the Earnings section. Look for an option called Invite friends now. It will open a new screen where you can find your invite code.
  • You can also visit on desktop. Log into your Uber account and navigate to Invites in the menu to find your code.
  • If you use the Uber Rider app, you can still share your invite code with potential drivers. You can find this code under the Free rides section in the app.

How to Check Uber Referral Statuses

You can see which friends have used your invite code and check how they are progressing toward unlocking rewards.

You can check your Uber referral status in the Driver app by navigating to the Earnings section.

Tap on Invite friends now.

You will see a list of people you have shared your code with.

You will also see their current invite status and potential rewards.

You can find the same information on your desktop if you visit

Click on Invites in the menu, and you will see the status of your different referrals.

Note that it can take a while before you earn a reward since your friends will have to go through a screening process and complete their last required trip.

You should stay in touch with them and offer guidance as they get started with Uber.

If you run into problems tracking your referral invites or can’t share your referral link, your best option is to contact Uber.

Why Was the Uber Referral Program So Successful?

The San Francisco startup has grown thanks to its different referral programs.

The Ubers referral program is successful because they’re easy to use, allowing users to share invite codes on mobile.

Plus, the referral reward is usually interesting.

Users can earn enough with their bonus amount to justify putting time and effort into convincing their friends to join Uber and even guiding them through the sign-up process.

In fact, a Business Insider article reports that a driver was able to earn $90,000 in six months through the Uber referral program while barely driving at all.

And because Uber doesn’t have a loyalty program, users are looking for other ways of earning Uber cash and rewards.

How Does Uber Prevent Fraud Within Their Referral Program?

Uber offers safe referral programs with features that prevent fraud.

Each user has a unique invite code, making it easy to track referrals and see when you’ll get your next bonus.

And because new Uber and Uber Eats drivers have to complete a certain number of rides or deliveries before unlocking rewards, it prevents users from creating an account just to claim the compensation.

Plus, Uber uses other methods to prevent fraud, such as verifying your credit card before booking a ride.

Accepting American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and other well-known payment methods also helps with reducing fraud.

Wrapping Up

With rewards like free rides and cash bonuses, it’s easy to see why Uber referral programs are so popular.

If you’re an existing driver, it’s easy to start sharing your invite code, and you could help your friends earn an extra income.

Check out our other articles at Ridester to learn more about earning money with Uber!

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