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UberX Vs UberXL: Similarities & Differences Explained

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Key Takeaways

  • UberX is standard, economical, seats four; UberXL is spacious, seats six.
  • Pricing varies: UberXL generally costlier due to size and capacity.
  • UberX widely available; UberXL may have longer wait times.
  • Choose based on passenger count, luggage size, budget, comfort needs.

UberX vs. UberXL: A Side-By-Side Overview

In a rush and don’t want to read the whole article? Take a look at how UberX vs UberXL compare, side-by-side:

CapacitySeats fourSeats six
PricingMore economicalGenerally costlier
AvailabilityWidely availableMay have longer wait times
Best ForSmall groups, short tripsLarger groups, more luggage
Vehicle TypeSedans (e.g., Honda Accord)SUVs, minivans (e.g., Ford Explorer)
Use CasesDaily commutes, city tripsFamily trips, airport with luggage
ComfortStandard comfortMore legroom and space
Budget ConsiderationBudget-friendlyHigher cost due to size & capacity

Introduction to Uber’s Ride Options

Two of the most popular Uber services are UberX and UberXL.

While both provide reliable and convenient transportation, there are quite a few differences between the two. Each one offers distinct benefits and comes with its own set of drawbacks.

So, if you’re comparing UberX vs. UberXL, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll dissect the similarities and differences between UberX and UberXL. We’ll cover every aspect of the services and provide valuable insight to help you make informed decisions.

What is UberX?

One of the benefits of using Uber is that the company provides various ride options similar to Lyft’s offerings.

UberX is the standard option. It’s the default service for the ride-sharing company and happens to be the most popular private ride option.

One of the key features of UberX is the variety of vehicle types available. Riders can choose from a wide range of cars, including private, comfortable sedans, like the Honda Accord, Toyota Prius, and Toyota Camry.

Although, you may also get to choose between a pickup truck, van, or electric car. This ensures that there’s a suitable vehicle for any type of journey.

In terms of seating capacity, the average UberX vehicle can comfortably hold around four passengers. UberX is also convenient in limitless situations, including traveling with a small group of friends on quick trips, short drives like regular city trips, or a journey to the airport with a couple of carry-ons.

What is UberXL?

UberXL is a specialized service that Uber provides and that caters to larger groups of people. This option offers vehicles that can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers.

With this service, you’ll get access to cars like SUVs, minivans, vans, and other similar vehicles that offer ample legroom and storage space. That includes models from manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet, and Mercedes-Benz.

Because of the larger capacity, UberXL is perfect for several scenarios. Here are a few examples:

  • Family trips
  • Going to the airport when you’re traveling with a lot of luggage
  • Business travelers who may have multiple colleagues accompanying them with carry-on luggage
  • Transporting large items
  • Bringing home the haul from a monthly trip to Costco
  • Small-scale moving

Note that UberXL isn’t a luxury option. While the service may cost more than a standard ride, you’re paying for the extra space, not the amenities.

Similarities Between UberX and UberXL

Here’s a quick look at some of the most notable overlaps between UberX and UberXL.

1. User Interface and Uber App

The process for scheduling a ride is the same for UberX and UberXL. You’ll need to install the Uber app on your smartphone and enter your personal information.

After that, enter your desired destination and pick the ride option that best matches your preferences. No matter what service you choose, you’ll still have access to the same user-friendly interface and similar settings.

2. Driver Standards and Requirements

All professional drivers have to meet certain requirements to qualify for a job with Uber. They need a valid driver’s license, car insurance, and a clean driving record.

Drivers will also need to pass a background check and a vehicle inspection. That’s why, whether you choose UberX or UberXL, you’ll get the same high-quality service.

3. Accessibility

While neither UberX nor UberXL is designated as a limited-mobility option, drivers of both services will make a reasonable effort to accommodate any passenger with a mobility issue.

Uber mandates that drivers assist people with disabilities, including allowing service animals and mobility aids to ride with passengers.

4. Cleanliness Standards

Uber has incredibly strict cleanliness standards in place to ensure that every ride is an enjoyable experience for passengers. Thankfully, these guidelines apply to both UberX and UberXL.

5. Customer Service Expectations

When it comes to customer service, UberX and UberXL are on equal footing. Both services offer door-to-door drop-off to make the trip as convenient for the passenger as possible.

On another note, if you face an issue while on a trip with either UberX or UberXL, you can contact the customer support department for help.

6. Tipping Requirements

Riders aren’t required to tip Uber drivers after they complete a trip. This applies to both UberX and UberXL. However, a little gratuity will go a long way in ensuring your rating stays high.

We recommend tipping around 20%, but this will depend on your budget and how enjoyable the Uber ride was.

7. Driver Ratings

Both UberX and UberXL allow riders to rate the driver after they complete a trip. This provides a quick way of providing feedback and helps Uber ensure consistent standards across both UberX and UberXL.

Key Differences Between UberX and UberXL

Here’s an in-depth look at the major distinctions between the two services.

1. Capacity

One of the most notable differences between UberX and UberXL is the capacity of each service. The latter can comfortably seat six passengers and the former only accommodates four.

While this may seem like a slight distinction, it makes a world of difference. The extra legroom means you can travel with a larger group, and longer trips are usually more comfortable.

Beyond passenger space, UberXL is better for luggage. Since you get to ride in SUVs, there’s ample space for all your bags.

2. Pricing

To clarify matters on the cost of UberX and UberXL, we have to take a look at how Uber calculates pricing. The ride-sharing business divides its fare into several components.

These include:

  • Base rate: The flat fee for every ride and includes the pickup price.
  • Per-mile cost: Uber charges passengers per mile traveled.
  • Per-minute cost: Uber charges passengers a per-minute fee.
  • Service fees: The fee that covers Uber’s administration costs.

Because UberXL comes with a larger capacity and higher operational costs, the service is more expensive.

For starters, the base rate for this service has a minimum fare of $9.05. This is over 39% higher than UberX, which is around $6.50.

As for the time and distance rates, UberXL charges about 1.6 times higher than the standard rate for UberX.

However, these numbers can change based on surge pricing, traffic, the distance you travel, and local regulations. Finally, the service fee is the same for both rides.

As a side note: know that flat-rate pricing is only available for UberX.

3. Availability

When searching for a ride on Uber, chances are you’ll be able to secure an UberX option within a few minutes. That’s because of the higher number of vehicles that fit the UberX criteria.

As Uber’s most popular service, there’s typically a high demand for UberX too, which means more driver availability.

In contrast, the UberXL service is a little sparse. It may take you a while to secure a car when you opt for this option.

4. Use Cases

Since UberX and UberXL cater to different needs, they each have unique applications.

UberX is a jack of all trades. This service is excellent for daily commutes, emergency appointments, or even short trips to the beach.

5. UberXL is a much better option if comfort is your priority. With the extra legroom, you’ll be able to travel with your family in style.

Plus, this service is ideal for a trip to the airport or moving. Although, if you plan on hauling a lot of luggage, it may be best to let the driver know beforehand.

Choosing Between UberX and UberXL

If you’re still not sure which service is best for you, here’s a rundown of all the factors you need to keep in mind.

  • Number of Passengers: When traveling with a large group, UberXL is the better option. This service will accommodate a sizable party of six.
  • Amount of Luggage: Both UberX and UberXL can hold a fair bit of luggage. However, when you need to haul large amounts of items, UberXL is the clear winner.
  • Budget Considerations: If you’re on a budget, we recommend UberX. Unless you’re moving or going to the airport, the chances of you needing a larger vehicle are relatively low. So, sticking to UberX can do wonders for your wallet.
  • Comfort and Space Preferences: You should note that both UberX and UberXL offer comfortable rides. Drivers also need to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape and clean the interior regularly. Although, thanks to the taller frame of SUVs, there tends to be more room to stretch out with UberXL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Uber Option Is Best for Luggage?

If you’re after storage, then UberXL is your best bet. This service offers roomy rides with plenty of legroom and ample space for all your luggage.

Do You Sit in the Back or Front of an Uber?

Uber doesn’t have any guidelines about seating arrangements. You’re free to sit wherever you like.

Final Thoughts: Making the Right Choice for Your Needs

When comparing UberX vs. UberXL, there are many factors to consider.

For starters, UberX is more budget-friendly and can seat around four passengers, making it the perfect choice for daily commutes. As for UberXL, it accommodates six passengers and is ideal for airport rides and family trips.

Understanding these distinctions between UberX and UberXL will help you pick the right option for you. So, be sure to take into account the size of your party, the amount of luggage you want to transport, your budget considerations, and your comfort and space preferences.

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