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How Wheels Electric Bikes Work [Costs, Rentals & More]

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Key Takeaways

  • The Wheels app allows renting electric bikes and scooters in select cities.
  • The bikes feature a top speed of 18 mph and range up to 30 miles on a charge.
  • Rentals cost $0.38 per minute with a $1 unlock fee; monthly subscriptions available.
  • Wheels bikes can be unlocked via app and parked securely after use.

What are Wheels Electric Bikes?

Wheels is an app by MicroMobility.com, Inc. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play and has garnered thousands of downloads on each platform.

The Wheels app lets you rent fully electric bikes and scooters in your city. You can pay on a per-ride or subscription basis.

Currently, you can rent a Wheels bike if you live in one of the following cities:

  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Honolulu
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Orlando

Wheels designed its bikes to give you a safe ride no matter your abilities or experience level.

Through a partnership with a leader in vehicle safety testing and analysis, the company found that its bikes have a low injury rate (one in every 74.577 miles ridden).

How Wheels Electric Bikes Work

When you log in to the app, you can use the map to find a bike closest to your location

Once you find the bike, scan the QR code on its handlebars to unlock it. The app will charge you an unlock fee and automatically give you access.

Afterward, you’re free to ride the Wheels bike around your city.

Wheels is liberal with where you return the bike. At the end of your journey, you can park it securely anywhere for the next user to pick up.

If you’re interested in alternatives to Wheels, we’ve rounded up the best scooter rental services in 2023 elsewhere on the site.

Suggested Resource: If you’re looking for other electric bike rental options, also check out JUMP Bikes, Divvy Bikes, LimeBike, and Citibike.

Features of Wheels Electric Bikes

Logging in to your existing account gives you access to a bike or scooter with the following features:

1. Top Speed

Wheels bikes are propelled by a powerful electric front wheel hub motor and can typically reach speeds between 15 mph and 18 mph. These speeds will differ depending on the terrain and ride angle. Although there are faster scooters out there, Wheels’ scooters can all the same get you from point A to B on time.

2. Range and Battery Life

Many of the vehicles in the Wheels fleet can go as far as 30 miles on a single charge. While not the longest-range scooters, they nevertheless should suffice for moderate distances.

Meanwhile, their batteries (lithium-ion 10.5Ah / 491.4Wh) are fast-charging, taking a mere five hours to charge.

3. Safety and Security

Wheels riders who subscribe long-term can expect secure vehicles. Each bike is equipped with an integrated anti-theft alarm, decreasing the likelihood of them being stolen. The bikes also have front and rear disc brakes that protect from injury.

4. Build

The 14-inch fat tire wheels on a Wheels bike provide a comfortable ride on most terrains. The bike has a padded seat for comfort and a collapsible peg that lets you rest while immobile. Its headlight provides excellent visibility at night, and its frame is lightweight but sturdy.

5. Technology

You can use your smartphone to control your Wheels rental vehicle. With just a tap on the app, you can control the headlight, lock and unlock the bike, or locate it (via GPS).

The bike also has a Bluetooth sound system for music lovers. Once you connect the bike and your smartphone, you can have fun listening to your favorite songs while you ride.

The bike’s LCD screen is fitted with real-time drive analytics that provides directions and offers a safer journey. You can read the data in multiple supported languages.

6. Weight and Dimensions

Wheels bikes are designed to be lightweight and transportable. They typically weigh 40 lb so you can carry them up a flight of stairs.

The dimensions of a typical bike are as follows:

  • L: 1260mm
  • W: 560mm
  • H: 1240mm

According to Wheels, the above dimensions make its bikes “small enough to fit in an elevator.”

Wheel Electric Specifications

Wheels electric bikes are state of the art and feature a wide range of convenience and safety features.

  • Electric hub motor with a top speed of 18mph.
  • Ride up to 30 miles on a single charge.
  • Daytime running lights for safety.
  • The Padded seat and collapsible pegs provide added comfort.
  • 14inch fat tire wheel design.
  • A BlueTooth sound system that connects to your smart device.
  • Front and rear disc brakes will keep the bicycle safe on the road
  • Real-time drive analysis ensures safe and efficient trips.
  • The LCD screen provides directions and data in multiple languages.
  • Height 39.9in, length 49.2in, width 21.1in., weight 40lbs.

How Much Does a Wheels Electric Bike Rental Cost?

Wheels Electric Bike rentals offer several pricing options. The pay-as-you-ride option costs $0.38 per minute, with an initial unlock fee of $1. The minimum fare for a single trip is typically around $3.49, but this can vary based on the trip’s duration and distance.

For longer-term needs, Wheels offers monthly rental options starting at $89.99. This package includes a bike, unlimited rides for the month, a charger, and a lock.

A security deposit of $25 is required for long-term rentals. These subscriptions automatically renew each month, but there’s no penalty for early cancellation, allowing users to cancel anytime.

Additionally, users should be aware that they may be held responsible for any damage or loss of the rental bike. In such cases, the cost for repairs or replacement can go up to $1,500.

Where are Wheels Electric Bikes Available?

Wheels Electric Bikes are available in numerous locations across the United States and Europe.

In the U.S., they can be found in cities like Austin, Texas; Culver City, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood in California; Miami and Orlando in Florida; New York City, New York; and Seattle, Washington.

They are also present on several U.S. university campuses including St. John’s University, UCLA, the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and the University of Texas at Austin.

Additionally, Wheels has expanded its services to European cities such as Berlin, Brussels, and Vienna. The company is continually growing and plans to reach more areas soon.

How to Rent a Wheels Electric Bike

To use Wheels, first download their app on your iOS or Android smartphone. After installing, you’ll need to create an account and enter your billing information.

The app features a map showing the locations of nearby e-bikes. Select the nearest e-bike and walk to it. To unlock the bike, simply scan the QR code located on its handlebars.

First-time riders must read and agree to Wheels’ terms of service within the app and confirm they are 18 years or older.

Once you complete these steps, you can enjoy riding your rented e-bike around town.

Requirements to Ride a Wheels Electric Bike

You can rent a Wheels electric bike even without a driver’s license. To do so, you need a smartphone and a valid ID. You must be at least 18 years old to rent an e-bike.

Additionally, you’ll be required to take a photo of your ID as part of the rental process.

How Wheels Electric Bike Rentals Work

If you’re confused about how Wheels electric bike rentals work, we have you covered. Just follow the below steps to quickly rent a bike.

1. How to Unlock the Bike

To unlock the bike you need to scan the QR code on the electric bike handlebars. This will charge you the unlock fee and the bike will automatically unlock. Once unlocked, you’re free to ride around town.

2. How to Ride the Bike

Riding an e-bike is much like riding a regular bike, but without the need for pedaling.

Once you unlock the e-bike, lift the kickstand and extend the footpegs. Then, switch on the bike’s power. Walk the bike to a safe area before sitting down to begin your ride.

The accelerator, located on the right handlebar, operates like a motorcycle’s – twist it towards you to activate the electric motor. The e-bike has two hand-operated brakes on the handlebars: the left brake controls the front, while the right brake controls the rear.

3. How to Drop Off the Bike

Returning the bike is straightforward. You can leave it at any public location, though it’s recommended to place it near a bike rack or in a spot that doesn’t block paths, driveways, or doorways.

Additionally, you can return the bike to any designated Wheels bike rack. When you drop off the bike, remember to use the app to take a photo of the bike at its drop-off point.

Wheels Rentals

Wheels lets you rent eBikes for an extended period. If you sign up for long rentals, you can keep the bike with you and ride it as many times as you like.

Wheels handles all the repairs and maintenance of the bike during the rental period.

You also get theft and maintenance coverage during the subscription period and the benefits that are exclusive to Wheels Club members. Long rentals also provide unfettered access to the Wheels customer support team.

Unlike the pay-as-you-ride option, you don’t have to go to your vehicle’s location. Wheels will deliver it to your doorstep within 48 hours. This option also includes free returns with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Bikes Does Wheels Use?

Wheels uses custom-designed electric bicycles featuring a low center of gravity, 14-inch wheels for improved mobility, and high-tech sensors for safety and self-diagnosis. Their unique, eye-catching design sets them apart from other rental options and ensures a comfortable, safer ride.

How Fast Does a Wheels Electric Bike Go?

A Wheels electric bike can reach a top speed of 18 mph (29 kph), providing a balance of speed and safety in traffic. This is slightly faster than the average bicyclist’s speed of 15 mph.

Are Wheels E-Bikes Safe?

Wheels offer a wide range of safety features that make it one of the safest bike share rental options available.

Daytime running lights, large wheel size, dual disc brakes, anti-tipping sensors, and a low center of gravity form factor gives the Wheels e-bike an excellent safety rating.

Who Picks Up the E-Bike after Rental?

Since you can drop your rental bike off almost anywhere, Wheels has a team that goes around your city and picks up any stray bikes.

Transporters use the Wheels app to locate any dropped bikes and pick them up.

They are paid on a per bike basis to pick up returned rentals and deliver them to a charging station.

Final Thoughts

Wheels’ eBike rental service is an excellent choice for anyone who lives in a supported city. It offers a ton of features, like a decent range and high-tech functionality.

The service is also reasonably priced and offers users the choice of paying as they ride or renting for the long haul.

This app is intuitive too, meaning a new user will find it easy to locate a bike, unlock it with their smartphone, and ride off into the sunset. Finally, Wheels earns points for letting riders park the scooters anywhere they please.

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