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Can You Do Uber Eats Anywhere? Other Cities, States and More

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Do you want to provide delivery services through Uber Eats in as many places as possible?

As an Uber Eats driver, you likely want to deliver food in most locations.

If you live near a state border or you’re on vacation somewhere else, you probably want to deliver restaurant food through the Uber app to make some extra cash.

Yet, can you do Uber Eats anywhere?

Uber Eats Delivery Across State Lines

In the past, an Uber Eats driver who tried to deliver food across state lines would receive an error message in the Uber app that stated they couldn’t complete the delivery.

Yet, today, can you do Uber Eats anywhere?

Now, drivers can complete food delivery services through Uber Eats across state lines, which is great for those people living near a state border.

You can make more money by delivering food in many cities at different times.

How To Pick a New City for Food Delivery

When choosing a new place to deliver restaurant orders through Uber Eats, go to

Then, go to the bottom of the website page, which should have your current city.

Click your city and enter the new city where you want to deliver restaurant orders.

Now, check the delivery requirement section.

How Does It Work to Drive for Uber Eats?

Once you have signed up to become an Uber driver, you can use the food delivery app to get delivery order notifications.

First, you need to tap the status bar at the bottom of the screen where maps are displayed.

Choose the settings symbol at the bottom of the delivery app screen.

Now, click on the “Driving Preferences.”

Now, tap on “Deliveries” to turn Uber Eats on and start receiving delivery requests.

You’ll also need to accept the terms of service.

Then, you can turn off the delivery settings once you have stopped working for the day.

Does Uber Eats Allow Drivers to Deliver in Other States?

Uber Eats has created more flexibility for every Uber Eats delivery driver by allowing them to cross state borders and deliver food orders in other states.

Delivery drivers who live near state borders benefit the most from these policies since they can most easily make extra cash by delivering food to several places.

However, there are some exceptions to that rule.

It does not apply to delivery drivers in all states.

The excluded states are:

  • California
  • Pennsylvania
  • Mississippi

Driving for Uber Eats Out-of-State

The reason why Uber Eats has enabled the feature in the food delivery app is to help delivery drivers make more money, simplify their work processes, and provide a better customer experience.

Generally, this change improves the delivery app as a whole.

That is an excellent opportunity to ensure that busy areas across state borders will receive the same amount of service as the regions with lower demand.

Can You Do Uber Eats While on Vacation?

Generally, you shouldn’t have much trouble delivering an Uber Eats order while on vacation.

You can use the Uber driver app in various cities as an Uber Eats delivery driver as long as you meet the requirements of each city that you visit and vacation at.

Some cities have stricter requirements for delivery, such as an extra background check.

Yet, you should usually have the chance to deliver a food order in multiple cities and states when you have time while vacationing elsewhere.

How to Drive for Uber Eats While on Vacation

Uber Eats usually doesn’t allow for only temporary changes to the city you will deliver food.

In addition, due to the potential extra background checks required for specific regions, Uber Eats may take longer to approve a change in delivery location.

You can try to deliver restaurant food orders to multiple cities, but you may get an error on the delivery app.

If so, you will need to request a change in delivery location to Uber Eats and get approval.

Can You Drive for Uber Eats in Multiple Cities?

vector graphic showing the answer to can you do uber eats anywhere

You can drive and deliver restaurant food orders in multiple cities for Uber Eats.

You can travel outside your town or city and even across state lines with some exceptions.

However, you may need to undergo a separate background check for the other cities where you are looking to deliver food orders.

While Uber Eats does allow you to drive in multiple cities, the Uber ridesharing program does not let you drive in many cities and towns.

Why You Cannot Drive in Multiple Cities

While you are allowed to drop off your passengers as an Uber driver in any location, you cannot pick up a passenger in multiple cities.

Uber drivers can only pick up passengers in the places where they were assigned and approved for.

The policy is due to the rules and regulations for each separate city in terms of transportation.

Yet, as usual, there are some exceptions.

For instance, if you relocated to a different city for the summer, Uber can grant you the right to drive in the city you’re staying in.

How Far Can You Drive With an Uber Eats Delivery?

There is a specific radius and a general distance that Uber Eats food delivery drivers have to stick to.

You can only drive so far with an Uber Eats food delivery, and each location may have a different requirement.

However, the typical radius is about five miles for an Uber Eats food order delivery.

With a shorter delivery distance, the customers will get their food faster.

Essentially, that is how the company ensures a superior customer experience.

Maximum Delivery Distance for Uber Eats 

Regarding a maximum delivery distance through Uber Eats, food delivery drivers don’t have a maximum they need to adhere to.

As such, you start delivering in the morning or afternoon at point A and drive five miles out.

Then, you may do more deliveries taking you from point B to point C, which ends up about 15 miles away from where you started at point A.

There’s no maximum distance, and the total you may end up driving could end up as high as 20 or 30 miles away from your initial location.

Average Delivery Distance for Uber Eats

The average delivery distance among Uber Eats delivery drivers depends on the particular location and restaurant market they’re serving.

For instance, in New York City, many restaurants and drivers may only need to cover a distance of one or two miles on average.

However, in more rural locations, a driver may cover as much as five or ten miles on average.

Uber Eats Radius

The Uber Eats radius entails the total distance that a delivery driver has to travel from the restaurant where they pick up their food to the customer’s place of residence.

However, the Uber Eats radius can depend on the area where you’re located.

What Is the Radius Uber Eats Aims For?

Uber Eats tries to keep its radius to a total of five miles.

It aims for five miles, but sometimes drivers have to go past that radius in more rural areas where everything is spread out.

How Is the Radius Determined?

Each restaurant sets a specific delivery radius based on where their customers’ homes are located.

Those who live in more spread out and rural regions may have a more extended radius.

However, in busy cities with many restaurants, the radius is likely to end up shorter, such as two or three miles.

How Does the Radius Effect Your Earnings?

The more spread out the restaurants and customers are, the larger the radius will be.

Your earnings will decrease overall with a larger radius, especially when considering what you spent on gas.

You’ll need to choose a smaller radius to have greater earnings.

You surely don’t want to spend more money on gas than you get from your earnings as an Uber Eats delivery driver.

Wrapping Up

So, can you do Uber Eats anywhere?

You’ll find out that Uber Eats has become more flexible over time and does allow you to deliver restaurant orders across state lines.

You can deliver food in multiple cities, but you may need to undergo further background checks before getting qualified to deliver somewhere else.

At the same time, you’ll have a distance radius from each restaurant where you pick up the food.

The typical Uber Eats food delivery has a distance radius of five miles.

Do you have any questions?

Let us know in the comments!

And remember: you can deliver food through Uber Eats in most locations!

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