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Uber Eats Customer Rating: How It Works & Why It Matters

Your Uber Eats customer rating greatly impacts the delivery opportunities you get, as a bigger score can unlock perks like more orders during peak times. Read on to learn a few tips on how it works and how to improve your rating.

Key Takeaways

  • Customers rate deliveries from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Maintain a high rating to avoid deactivation.
  • Contact support for potential reactivation after deactivation due to low ratings.
  • Enhance satisfaction by following instructions and ensuring order accuracy.

How Does Uber Eats Customer Rating System Work?

The Uber Eats rating system allows customers to evaluate delivery service quality after each order. Ratings consist of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 representing excellent service and 1 being extremely poor.

Customers also have the option to leave comments explaining their rating on things like timing, efficiency, and communication. Ratings factor into an overall average customer satisfaction score based on your last 100 deliveries.

For new drivers, the Uber Eats app only publicly shows your overall rating after reaching your 10th delivery. This allows some grace period for learning how things work.

As you complete more deliveries that receive customer ratings, Uber Eats updates your overall average rating score to reflect feedback from your 100 most recent rated trips.

How to See Your Uber Eats Driver Ratings

Why Should I Maintain a High Rating on Uber Eats?

A high rating is the best way to ensure Uber Eats doesn’t close your account.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t specifically say how high your rating should be, except if you’re living in California, where you must preserve a rating of at least 86%.

To be safe, strive for a 90% or higher customer satisfaction score. This leeway protects you if several deliveries receive poor ratings, as you can still avoid deactivation.

What Happens If I Get a Bad Rating?

A single bad review may not have a big effect on your overall score, and Uber also provides you with resources, such as tips from other drivers, to help you raise your score.

However, if you continuously receive low ratings from multiple customers, Uber Eats might deny you access to your account.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

As an experienced Uber Eats driver, I’ve learned the crucial importance of maintaining high customer ratings.

These ratings significantly influence the quality and frequency of orders received.

Strategic order selection and avoiding low-paying or non-tipping orders can prevent negative feedback from difficult customers.

Effective communication, especially when facing delays, helps manage customer expectations. Understanding that restaurant errors aren’t our fault yet impact our ratings, it’s vital to keep customers informed.

Ultimately, high ratings lead to better earnings and a more successful experience on the platform.

Can Uber Eats Reactivate an Account That Was Deactivated Because of Bad Ratings?

If your Uber Eats driver account is deactivated because of low ratings, the reactivation process varies based on your location and individual situation.

If you believe it was deactivated by mistake, contacting the company’s support team is the quickest way to address the issue. They’ll give you answers and help in correcting the situation.

If your Uber Eats account deactivation results from poor ratings, reaching out to support is still necessary.

They’ll guide you to a rating quality improvement course, helping you change how you interact with customers and handle deliveries.

Upon completing the course and submitting the certificate, Uber Eats may consider reinstating your account.

For California residents, Proposition 22 provides an avenue to appeal deactivation decisions. However, Uber Eats retains the final say on whether to reactivate your account.

Given the company’s emphasis on high rating scores, the decision depends on your overall performance on the platform.

How to Maintain a High Uber Eats Satisfaction Rate

Here are ways to maintain a high Uber Eats satisfaction rate:

1. Be Polite and Professional

Uber Eats doesn’t tolerate drivers who consistently let customers down.

Protect your reputation and get more customers to like your services by minding your words and actions. You want to engage your customers in a friendly and approachable way.

Your presentation and politeness will go a long way in building your reputation and making customers like you.

2. Always Follow Instructions

Customers expect their needs to be met, including delivery specifics and destinations.

Often, drivers only check the order details and address. They neglect other instructions, which results in customer dissatisfaction.

Shield your reputation and increase your satisfaction rates by reading customer instructions and honoring them. Ensure you observe that when a customer specifies that you must leave their order at a given place.

3. Introduce Yourself

Don’t just hand over the food silently when you arrive. Give your name with a warm greeting and ask to confirm their order, as this personalized touch shows you care.

Explain that you’ve double-checked the order for accuracy at pickup.

4. Double Check Accuracy

Before driving away, do one final check-up to confirm you have the correct order with all items. Nothing disappoints a customer more than realizing that items are missing or they received someone else’s order.

It only takes an extra minute to open bags and containers for a quick inspection when accepting an order from the restaurant.

Being careful ensures you make accurate deliveries, earning you high customer ratings.

5. Don’t Spill or Damage a Customer’s Order

While fast delivery is important, nothing matters more than safely transporting a customer’s order without spills or damage.

Maintain reasonable speed, avoid sudden acceleration or braking, and take corners carefully to keep food and drinks upright.

If you deliver using a bike, ensure you don’t hit bumps to avoid spilling a customer’s drink, which might make them unhappy.

6. Establish and Build a Reputation in a Specific Area

You can maximize your satisfaction rates by choosing an area you’re familiar with and sticking to it.

For instance, if you can deliver 100 orders in a designated area and each customer gives you a positive review, the area’s residents will likely choose you whenever they have a pending order.

Even if you make mistakes in the future, your reputation won’t suffer much. The five-star ratings and positive reviews from previous customers will protect your name.

Also, delivering in an area you’re familiar with lets you control your timing better. That helps reduce negative ratings that may arise from lateness.

7. Be Communicative

Message the customer when you start your journey to help them relax.

Likewise, if you’re aware of a restaurant experiencing delays in preparing orders or if there’s heavy traffic, sending a text to the customer can make a significant difference in their perception of you.

8. Have the Right Vehicle

If you operate in busy urban settings, opt for an electric bike because of its spread, easy parking, and cost-effectiveness.

However, a car is the best option for long-distance travel if you deliver in suburban areas. This ensures prompt deliveries and reduces the risk of receiving a low rating for delay.

Final Thoughts

Uber Eats customer ratings significantly determine account status and access to delivery opportunities. Try to maintain at least a 90 percent delivery rating to be safe.

You should strive for ratings excellence through order accuracy, timeliness, communication, and professionalism.

Follow all special instructions and deliver complete meals intact. And be polite and personable with customers when possible.

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