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How Uber Eats Customer Ratings Work

Want to know how Uber Eats customer ratings work? Check out our guide to keep your driver and customer ratings flying high when using this app.

Ratings are an important part of the online review ecosystem.

They help customers make informed choices about where to spend their money, and business owners can use them to improve their services.

So how do Uber Eats customer ratings work?

In this article, we’ll explain what factors influence rating scores and what you can do to make sure you get the best possible rating from Uber Eats customers.

What Is the Uber Eats Rating System?

Part of what makes the Uber ecosystem work is the rating system for everyone.

There’s a lot of trust that goes into using a rideshare service.

A rating system that everyone participates in helps drivers, customers, and Uber determine who is a trustworthy participant.

Everyone receives a rating between one and five stars when using the Uber Eats app.

These ratings come from the drivers and customers that you interact with.

Also, the restaurants that the Uber drivers deliver for, submit ratings on the drivers that pick up the orders.

At the end of an interaction, the Uber app asks for a rating for the person you just met or rode with.

Anything less than a five-star review prompts some questions from the app.

Those questions give Uber a chance to understand what happened and allow you to explain where things went wrong.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a smartphone with the uber eats customer rating screen on the smartphone screen

Do Drivers Get Rated on Uber Eats?

Drivers receive ratings from both restaurants and delivery customers on Uber Eats.

These ratings come in after the interactions you have as the driver with the restaurant and the food delivery customer.

Restaurants look for polite drivers that can follow pickup instructions unique to the business.

The driver that can follow those guidelines will receive high ratings from the restaurant.

Meanwhile, customers want drivers that are polite, timely, and follow the dropoff instructions.

Each customer has a unique circumstance, including their home, its location, and what they are doing when the delivery arrives.

Following instructions provided by the customer, assuming they need Uber’s Terms of Service, will help improve your rating.

Do Customers Get Rated on Uber Eats?

Customers receive ratings from Uber Eats drivers, much like how drivers get their ratings from the customers and restaurants they work for.

However, a customer’s rating has a somewhat different purpose than a driver’s.

A customer receives a rating based on how easy it is to deliver for them and how they treat the driver.

A customer with a low rating doesn’t necessarily get removed from the platform like a driver, though.

Low rating customers instead will find that their delivery requests take longer to get filled.

Customers with a low rating shouldn’t feel too upset if their rating is low, though.

Drivers partly base their ratings on how easy it is to deliver to the customer, which takes into account where the customer lives.

Neighborhoods that are far from the city or in gated or otherwise restricted communities can make it hard for the driver to deliver.

Drivers have to complete a lot of requests to earn their pay, meaning they feel they can’t waste time getting to the customer.

Why Is the Uber Eats Rating System Important?

The rating system that Uber Eats uses is important to ensure that the drivers, restaurants, and customers using the platform stay happy with their service and safe when using it.

Ridesharing and related delivery services rely on trust.

The customer has to trust the restaurant and the driver will fill the order.

Likewise, the restaurant and driver trust that the customer is earnest about their delivery accommodations and payment abilities, including tips.

Ratings help show the other parties how reliable the others have been in maintaining that trust.

Customers or drivers that are rude and irresponsible aren’t prioritized over those that are respectful, diligent, and honest.

A rating system helps give that sort of information at a glance.

Unfortunately, drivers have their ratings matter the most in the ecosystem because they represent Uber.

This puts a lot of pressure to maintain a high rating, especially since a low rating can cause a driver to have their driving account terminated.

Still, for those that can stick to common courtesy and be responsible, ratings show what the driver, and all other parties, are capable of.

Uber Eats Ratings for Drivers

As a driver, your rating plays a large part in what customers will select you to deliver their order.

Here are some answers to questions you might have as an Uber Eats driver.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a smartphone with the uber eats customer rating screen on the smartphone screen

How Can a Driver See Their Uber Eats Rating?

The easiest way for a driver to find their Uber Eats rating is in the Uber Eats app itself.

After you open the app, you’ll want to tap on the Feedback option.

From there, the Delivery option will pull up your overall rating as an Uber Eats delivery driver.

You have to complete at least twenty deliveries or rides before you can see your rating.

Once you have your rating, it takes an average of the last 500 rides or deliveries into account to give you your overall rating.

Can Drivers See Reviews from Customers?

Within the Delivery reviews in your Feedback tab, you can check out reviews from previous customers and restaurants.

These reviews will include both high and low-star ratings that you receive.

The reviews here sometimes offer feedback on how to improve for the next delivery or pickup you do for that customer or location.

At What Rating Does Uber Eats Deactivate Drivers?

The rating you have to keep in Uber Eats depends on which city you deliver in.

For example, in many Californian cities, drivers have to maintain a 4.6-star rating to keep delivering in their area.

You’ll receive a notification in the app if your overall rating starts to reach the low end, and you’ll be informed if and when you get deactivated.

You can also reach out to Uber support to talk about rating minimums for your area and what you can do to avoid having your rating slip that far.

How Drivers Can Increase Uber Eats Ratings

Whether to maintain a high rating or to increase your overall rating after some low ratings, here are some ways Uber recommends earning higher star ratings in your encounters:

  • Verify pickups and dropoffs in the app
  • Be courteous when dealing with the restaurant and customer
  • Do your best to stay on time.
  • Communicate to the restaurant or customer if you run behind
  • Follow pickup and handoff instructions

Uber Eats Ratings for Customers

Customers on Uber Eats also receive ratings from the drivers that deliver their orders.

As a customer, you should the answers to these questions to keep participating in the Uber Eats ecosystem.

How Can a Customer See Their Uber Eats Rating?

As a customer, you can see your overall rating within the Uber Eats app as part of your profile summary page.

By tapping on your profile access in the app, you’ll see your overall star rating underneath your profile picture and information.

Can Customers See Reviews from Drivers?

Right now, customers don’t’ have access to the same level of detail for their reviews as drivers do.

A customer can see their overall rating from the drivers that have served them, but drivers don’t tend to leave comments or feedback due to their busy schedules.

Can Customers Get Deactivated on Uber Eats?

Uber Eats can deactivate customers, but not for the same reasons as a driver.

While Uber will let go drivers for low ratings, most of the time the system removes customers due to delivery issues.

Whether a customer lives in an area that is too hard to deliver to or engages in behavior that breaks Uber’s Terms of Service, Uber Eats can ban that customer from using the platform again.

How Customers Can Increase Uber Eats Ratings

The easiest way to boost your customer rating is to be polite, and understanding with your Uber Eats delivery driver.

Drivers can see a customer’s rating when making the request, with low ratings making a customer less likely to have their order picked up.

How to Reactivate an Uber Eats Account for Bad Ratings

If Uber deactivates your driver account due to low ratings, you have a few ways to go about reactivating the account, depending on where you live and the circumstances.

First of all, if you think Uber deactivated your account by accident, reaching out to Uber’s support line is the fastest way to talk to someone about the problem.

They might be able to tell you where the mistake happened and work with you to correct it.

If they deactivated your account due to enough bad ratings, you will still need to reach out to support.

They can help you find a rating quality improvement course, an online course designed to teach ways to improve your customer ratings.

Once you complete the course and upload the certificate for doing so, Uber might be able to get your account reinstated.

For those that live in California, you can appeal the deactivation decision under Proposition 22.

You’ll start the process either with an automatic message from Uber or by contacting support.

In most cases, it remains up to Uber to allow you back on as a driver or not.

Drivers represent the company, and Uber is historically hesitant about having any drivers that aren’t stellar on their platform for too long.

Wrapping Up

The rating system on Uber Eats exists to help customers, drivers, and restaurants better trust one another through community opinion.

By gathering these opinions together in an easy, 5-star review system, each party can better understand what they are working with during a delivery request.

As long as each party maintains open communication and courtesy, ratings will stay high and requests can move along with minimal headaches.

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