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Current Uber Eats Driver Promotions In 2023

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Are you an Uber Eats delivery driver looking for extra earnings?

If you’re interested in making more money with food delivery, then you may want to consider Uber Eats driver promotions.

With excellent Uber promotions for any delivery driver, you can make significant money.

In this guide, you will learn about each type of promotion you can garner through the Uber app.

In addition, you’ll find out all about the requirements for Uber Eats driver promotions and how you can obtain these promotions.

Now, let’s get started!

Does Uber Eats Offer Driver Promotions?

Uber Eats does provide several different driver promotions as of 2022.

The way a typical promotion works is through specific requirements, such as meeting a minimum number of trips and deliveries.

Another requirement may include working certain hours and remaining available through the Uber Eats app.

Various promotions for Uber Eats also require a delivery driver to deliver food to a particularly busy location in a city.

You may also gain more earnings if you reach a minimum acceptance rate.

What Uber Eats Driver Promotions Are There?

An Uber driver can qualify for numerous different Uber promotions.

For instance, you can be eligible for a new driver promo if an already hired driver shares a referral promo code with you.

The various possible Uber Eats driver promotions include:

  • New driver sign-up code
  • Uber Boost
  • Uber Quest
  • Delivery Surge

We go into more detail about each of these Uber driver app promotions below.

New Driver Sign-Up Code

One of the best incentives and driver promotion programs at Uber Eats is the new driver sign-up code.

To qualify for this particular promotion, you will need to know an existing Uber Eats delivery driver.

Existing delivery drivers can provide new drivers with referral promo codes to qualify for the new driver sign-up incentive program.

Make sure to use the referral promo code when you sign up as a delivery driver for Uber Eats to qualify for the financial incentive.

Uber Boost

Uber Boost is a promotion that applies to only certain regions where you deliver food.

These regions are usually busy and have a high demand for restaurant deliveries.

The promo gives you a multiple of the amount you would normally make.

As such, Uber Eats will double or triple your take-home pay.

Boost incentives are great, as the company multiplies your payout by the digit in the Uber Eats app.

So, for example, if you normally get $10 for one delivery and the app has a 3.5X boost, then your take-home pay for the delivery will be $35.

Uber Quest

Another promotional incentive from Uber Eats for delivery drivers is the Uber Quest driver promotion.

This particular promotion is based solely on the performance of an Uber driver.

You will get a bonus if you can deliver a set number of restaurant orders in a certain amount of time.

This program is similar to the type of bonuses offered with Postmates’ promotions.

For instance, if you can complete at least ten deliveries on Saturday, then you may get a bonus of $60.

Delivery Surge

An Uber Eats driver can also qualify for the Uber Delivery Surge promotion.

If you make a trip to deliver food on a particular day, you may find that the Delivery Surge appears in your Uber Eats app.

The Delivery Surge only appears when many restaurant orders are requested, and not many drivers are available to make these deliveries.

Delivery Surge is a bonus on top of your regular earnings.

The surge pricing shows the extra amount you will make.

For instance, if the overall rate is $15 for one food delivery and the surge bonus amount is $4, your take-home pay will be $19 for that delivery.

What Are the Uber Eats Driver Promotions Requirements?

To qualify for the Uber Eats driver promotions, you will need to meet numerous requirements, such as a referral Uber Eats promo code from a current driver if you applied to become a new delivery driver.

Essentially, the Uber Eats app platform explains everything you need to know to qualify for a bonus payment.

We outline the specific requirements for these promotions below.

Number of Completed Trips

You will find a specific number of completed trips that the promotions require.

Each Uber Eats driver promotion outlines the exact number of deliveries that need completion before gaining the bonus amount.

One trip involves picking up the order from a restaurant and delivering it to the customer’s doorstep.

However, if you are driving through UberPOOL, every pick-up of restaurant orders counts as one trip.

Online Hours

Certain promotions available through Uber Eats require the delivery driver to remain online for a certain number of hours.

Essentially, you would need to have availability to work during certain hours.

You would show your availability with an online presence through the Uber Eats app.

Uber Eats calculates the number of hours you spend online down to the last minute.

The total hours include any time you’re available and accepting Uber Eats orders or trip requests, on your way to pick up restaurant orders, or bringing the order to a customer.


You will also find several promotions for Uber Eats drivers basing the bonus payments on the delivery location.

It specifies certain regions within a city instead of an entire city. Think of Manhattan, Staten Island, or Queens.

Location-based promotions relate to where an Uber Eats customer is located or where a rider is staying.

These types of promotions have nothing to do with where your car sits when working as a food delivery driver.

It’s all about where the customer’s house sits.

Acceptance Rate

Certain Uber Eats driver promotions are based on the minimum amount of restaurant orders you’ve accepted.

You need to meet a certain threshold for the acceptance rate to receive a bonus payment from some promotions.

The acceptance rate is based on the number of orders you have accepted out of the total number of restaurant orders sent your way.

Completion Rate

The completion rate is similar to the acceptance rate.

It involves the number of trips and food deliveries you have completed out of the total number of food delivery requests sent your way.

You’ll find that some Uber Eats driver promotions require a minimum completion rate before you can get a bonus payment.

Trips per Hour

There are certain Uber Eats driver promotions that require you to complete a minimum number of trips and food deliveries per hour while remaining online through the Uber Eats app.

The promotion will outline exactly how many trips per hour you’ll need to complete before receiving a bonus payment.

For instance, you may have to complete two deliveries per hour.

Where Do You Find Uber Eats Driver Promotions?

You will find various driver promotions directly in the Uber Eats driver app every week.

These promotions will increase your total earnings as long as you meet the promo’s requirements.

These incentives are not always available, as Uber Eats is more likely to offer promotions when they need more drivers working during busy, in-demand periods.

Also, Uber Eats Boost incentives are available in only certain cities. Some promotions will also only apply to certain delivery drivers with high ratings.

In the App

Certain promotions, like the Uber Boost, appear as multiple payments in the driver app.

Some promotions only appear in the app when there aren’t enough delivery drivers available for the many restaurant order requests.

This is especially true for the Delivery Surge promotion.

Some new drivers may also lack promotions in the driver app because they are not yet qualified to receive these incentives.

How Can You Get Uber Eats Driver Promotions?

You can get Uber Eats driver promotions directly in the driver app. You can tap the menu portion in the app and then click on “opportunities.”

Then, you can check the different days of the week when certain Uber Eats driver promotions are available.

One of the easiest ways to get a financial incentive is when signing up as a new driver for Uber Eats.

Below are the specific instructions for this type of promotion.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Ask an existing Uber Eats driver to provide you with a referral code before you sign up as a new delivery driver for Uber Eats.
  2. Use the referral code when signing up as a new delivery driver through the Uber Eats app.
  3. When you become approved as a new delivery driver, finish the required number of food deliveries within the first 30 days.

Wrap Up

After reading this guide, you will gain the knowledge you need to complete food deliveries while earning financial incentives through the Uber Eats driver promotions.

Your customers will love getting their food delivered on time, and you’ll feel great about making extra spending money for a night out on the town.

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  1. The acceptance rate should not determine if you can get any promotions . I refuse to drive 4 to 10 miles for $2 or $3. So therefore I get no promotions.. I think that shows how the company does not care about their drivers. If they want to give me free gas and car maintenance every time I go drive then I would waste their gas money to take such orders. Its below minimum wage at this point and that’s not including the gas, milage,oil changes,brakes,tires etc. being put on my car.


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