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Chase DoorDash: How To Get Free DashPass With This Card

Chase DoorDash credit cardholders get a free DashPass subscription for up to two years. Find out how to activate yours and enjoy the benefits.

Everybody needs to eat.

Sometimes you can’t leave the house or don’t want to.

Getting food delivered is convenient.

It is great to be able to order from your favorite restaurant and have it show up at your door.

DoorDash is one of the most common food delivery services.

DashPass is a special membership option that offers free delivery for qualified orders.

The complimentary membership saves Chase card holders about $100 on the program.

It saves even more by removing delivery fees for qualified orders.

Read on to find out how to get delivery for free by using your JPMorgan Chase credit card.

Do You Get DoorDash Benefits if You Use Chase?

In 2020, Chase partnered with DoorDash to provide a free DashPass subscription.

Certain Chase card holders receive the subscription services benefits when using their Chase card.

By the end of 2021, Chase expanded the program to include more Chase branded cards.

Starting in April 2022, they added their co-branded cards.

For most cards, if the offer is activated by December 31, 2023, the subscription will last until December 31, 2024.

Activations started on January 1, 2024 or later will expire after a full year.

A few cards offer a three-month subscription instead, with nine months of half-price membership.

Which Chase Cards Get Benefits?

Chase offers a wide variety of personal and business credit cards.

Most of the cards are now included in the DashPass program.

After the free period, regular monthly rates apply.

At the time of this writing, the standard cost is $9.99 per month.

The credit card issuer offers complimentary subscriptions with the cards below.

You can also get bonus Lyft Pink rides and other benefits from Chase cards.

Many of these cards are part of the Chase ultimate rewards program.

Chase Sapphire Card

Sapphire is the original platinum card included in the deal.

The Chase Sapphire card offers a complimentary full-year (at least) DashPass membership.

The activation date determines the duration of the free subscription, though it will never be less than twelve months.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Sapphire Preferred credit card also offers at least one full year of Dash Pass free.

If your personal finance allows you to receive a preferred card, the added benefit of DashPass is a great bonus.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

Chase Sapphire Reserve cardmembers receive at least 12 months of DashPass.

Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders that activate before the end of 2023 will begin a subscription that expires in December 2024.

Activation after the end of 2023 will provide a twelve-month subscription.

Chase Freedom and Slate Cards

Freedom and Slate cards provide a three-month complimentary subscription to DashPass.

You receive 50% off for nine months after the initial free period.

These cards include Chase Freedom Unlimited, Chase Freedom Student, Chase Freedom Flex, and Chase Slate cards.

Co-Branded Cards

Co-branded cards that offer one year of free DoorDash DashPass include:

  • Aeroplan Card
  • Aer Lingus Visa Signature Card
  • British Airways Visa Signature Card
  • Disney Visa Card
  • Iberia Visa Signature Card
  • IHG Rewards Credit Card
  • Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card
  • Ritz-Carlton Credit Card
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card
  • Starbucks Rewards Visa Card
  • United Mileage Plus Card
  • World of Hyatt Credit Card

Each Chase cardmember with one of these cards will receive a year of DashPass.

It auto-enrolls the cardholder in standard DashPass after the promotion.

Chase may choose to add other co-branded cards, so if your card is not on the list, check the Chase website to see if it is included in the promotion.

The Points Guy shares information about the offers available to co-branded cardholders.

The offers change regularly, so be sure to check the websites of Chase and DoorDash for current offers.

What Benefits Does Chase DoorDash Give You?

Using a Chase credit card in your DoorDash account offers some exclusive benefits.

So whether you are having dinner delivered or choosing to purchase cookies for dessert, using your DashPass membership is a definite benefit.

Free DashPass

DashPass is DoorDash’s subscription service that provides free delivery on orders over $12, which applies to both DoorDash and Caviar.

It is free for at least a year with your Chase credit card.

The actual active period of the complimentary DoorDash subscription varies based on the activation date.

Other Benefits

With the Sapphire Reserve card, Chase adds an in-app DoorDash credit of $5 each month when DashPass is active.

Unused statement credit rolls over for three months, with a limit of $15, which is comparable to UberEats’ Uber cash.

You will get reduced service fees for grocery orders.

The service fee for grocery delivery orders is usually around 11%, but with the DashPass, it is reduced to 5%.

DashPass users also receive special promotions and priority customer support.

DoorDash has excellent customer support already, but DashPass users are at the front of the line during busy times.

How Does Chase DashPass Work?

vector graphic showing an illustration of chase doordash

When activated, users order through the DoorDash app with the Chase credit card.

The Chase card must be the payment method.

Users may use other payment methods for orders, but DashPass benefits will not be applied to those orders.

As long as the order is eligible, there is no delivery fee.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • A participating merchant (a green icon indicates a DashPass merchant)
  • A purchase that totals at least $12 before adding tax
  • Payment with a qualified Chase credit card

The delivery fee is automatically removed when you meet the requirements.

If you have not reached the minimum order amount, the app will display the difference that you must add to reach it.

The checkout page will show you the total of your savings.

How to Redeem These Benefits

Redeeming the Chase DoorDash benefits is easy!

All you have to do is activate the card in the app and set it to your default payment method.

How Do I Activate Chase DoorDash? 

First, make sure that the credit card you have is a Chase card that offers the free subscription.

You can check the list above or visit the Chase website.

Inside the DoorDash app or on the DoorDash webpage, set that card as your default payment method, automatically activating the Chase offer.

Tutorial: How to Activate Chase DoorDash

For mobile users:

  • Open the DoorDash app on your mobile device.
  • Sign in.
  • At the bottom right, tap Account.
  • Tap Payment Methods.
  • Under Add Payment Method, tap Credit/Debit Card.
  • Add the qualified Chase credit card.

The complimentary DashPass membership will start immediately.

You will see the expiration date for the plan in your account information.

When the free period ends, the plan will auto-renew at the current subscription price.

For desktop users:

  • In your browser, navigate to https://www.doordash.com/.
  • Click the hamburger (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.
  • Click Payment.
  • Click Credit/Debit Card.
  • Add the qualified Chase credit card.

Your account will then reflect the complimentary DashPass subscription.

It will show the end date of the membership in your account information.

Is it Worth it to Use Chase DoorDash Benefits? 

You might be wondering if DashPass is worth using.

Let’s look at some of the good and bad aspects of the subscription service for Chase cardholders.


  • No-fee delivery
  • No cost for several months (3, 12, or up to 24 months)
  • Available in all major cities, at over 300,000 restaurants nationwide
  • Super-fast food delivery to your home or work
  • Schedule deliveries for later, if desired
  • Groups can combine one order
  • Customers can communicate with their driver, as needed, and vice versa


  • If you are ordering less than $10, you may have to pay a fee.
  • Some restaurants are not a part of DashPass.

As you can see, there are fewer cons than pros when considering whether to use DashPass.

For people who use DoorDash at least twice a month, having a subscription to DashPass is worth it, especially when you can get it for several months for free.


DashPass is an amazing benefit for Chase cardholders.

People who use DoorDash and have a Chase credit card should enjoy the complimentary subscription.

While the subscription will auto-renew after the period ends, you can cancel it at any time.

If you use DoorDash regularly and have some other card, like American Express, you may want to apply for a Chase Sapphire Reserve or Chase Freedom card.

While you can pay with any card, even a gift card, Chase is the best credit card for DashPass purposes.

Before You Go

No matter who you are, you have to eat.

If you take advantage of the convenience of DoorDash for getting food and have a Chase credit card, try out DashPass.

It is free, and there is no risk in trying it out.

Even if you decide it is not for you, it does not cost you anything extra to try it out.

You can’t go wrong with food delivered free.

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