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Citi Bike Customer Service: 2 Fast Ways To Get Help Now

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Citi Bike is a bike-share company owned by Lyft.

Both locals and visitors enjoy using Citi Bikes to get around their city, like New York and the Bay Area, but it isn’t perfect.

If you experience problems with the service, it’s good to know how to get in touch with Citi Bike customer service, so keep reading to learn the best ways how.

Does Citibike Have Customer Service?

Yes, Citi Bike has customer service and a Citi Bike Help Center where you can search frequently asked questions.

They have a customer service phone number you can call as well as a service form you can fill out to receive email assistance in return.

How to Contact Citibike Customer Service

There are two ways you can get fast help from Citi Bike: phone or online form.

vector graphic showing a citi bike user on the phone with a citi bike customer support representative

Citibike Customer Service Phone Number

To speak with Citi Bike customer service employees you can call 1-855-BIKE-311 (1-855-254-3311).

Citibike Customer Service Online Form

You can submit a question, feedback, or comment to Citi Bike customer help through their online form powered by Lyft.

To use Citi Bike, you need to have the Citi Bike application on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, technology is imperfect, and sometimes people have problems using the app.

There are several reasons your Citi Bike app may not be working, whether it’s your internet connection, trouble downloading, or a problem with payment, Citi Bike customer service should be able to help you solve this problem.

What You Can Contact Citi Bike Customer Service About

There are various reasons you may want to reach out to Citi Bike customer service, whether it’s payment problems or technical issues.

Below are the different reasons one may contact Citi Bike customer service for help.

App Troubleshooting

Passes and Memberships

Citi Bike is the main means of transportation for many people, so those that pay for passes and memberships must have access to their accounts.

You may have trouble signing up for a Citi Bike membership, accessing your Citi Bike pass, or signing into your Citi Bike account that displays your membership.

You also may have some questions or concerns about signing up and paying for a pass or membership.

Citi Bike customer service is happy to help you understand what the company offers with memberships and what to expect when you signup for one.

Reporting Safety Incidents

Citi Bike takes safety very seriously.

You can report Citi Bike crashes through their customer service phone number or form.

Citi Bike advises you to call 911 if you suffer an injury on a Citi Bike, and then within 24 hours of the accident, they request you report the incident to Citi Bike customer service.

Safety incidents can also include assaults or theft that occur on a Citi Bike or a Citi Bike docking location.

Citi Bike is not held responsible for these safety issues but care about the safety and security of their riders and want to create a safe experience.

Reporting Lost or Damage Bikes

Of course, Citi Bike needs to keep track of all their bikes.

If you find a damaged bike that could pose safety issues for you, a fellow rider, or the general public, please report it to Citi Bike.

They will promptly remove the bike from service and replace it or repair it.

Bikeshare services rely on their riders to inform them of situations such as a damaged bike.

If you lose a bike for some reason, whether stolen or otherwise, you should call Citi Bike customer service as soon as possible.

Depending on the reason, you may not be held responsible for the cost, but you need to let them know immediately.

Ride Issues

Ride issues can refer to a few different scenarios.

You may be trying to use a bike, but the Citi Bike station is offline.

Sometimes this is a technical issue that can be fixed remotely by the Citi Bike customer service team.

Give the customer service number a quick call, and they may be able to get the docking station up and running, or at the very least send a technician to remedy the problem.

You may have left someone on or attached to a Citi Bike and want to reach the lost and found department.

Because it is a bike-share, lost items are difficult to track and care for.

Citi Bike does its best when items are turned in from its customers.

The most common ride issue people experience is a trip ending early or a ride staying open once you’re finished.

This problem has a simple fix that customer service can help you with almost immediately.

If you paid for a ride, but your bike locks you out, this is likely just a technical mistake.

And if you finished your trip and five minutes later the ride is still open, a customer service representative should be able to close it out for you without issue.

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Account Issues

Like with many apps and online services, there are account issues you may encounter.

Account issues could include difficulty updating information like location and payment, a forgotten username or password that needs to be reset, and more.

One of the most common account issues is auto-renewing memberships and passes.

The best thing to do when this happens is to call customer service.

Whether you wanted to renew and couldn’t, or didn’t want to continue with your membership or pass.

To successfully use Citi Bike, you need to have up-to-date account information, including email, phone number, name, location, and billing information.

If you can’t properly update all of this information, you should contact customer service so you can continue using Citi Bike.

Payment Issues or Refunds

Another common issue in the tech and business world, payments and refunds can cause problems.

But Citi Bike customer service is here to help you!

If you see an overcharge, unknown charges, or don’t receive a refund, you can contact customer service via phone or form.

You can also request a refund through Citi Bike customer support.

Wrapping Up

Next time you have a problem with the Citi Bike app by Lyft or one of their bikes, don’t hesitate to reach out to them through phone or form.

Citi Bike customer service is prompt, friendly, and helpful, so save this number for the future!

2 thoughts on “Citi Bike Customer Service: 2 Fast Ways To Get Help Now”

  1. I tried calling a few times. Each time I was put through to someone offering me a special deal on medical insurance. When I went to pressed # as instructed I got another offer. I couldn’t get out of this loop. I need to have someone deal with my problem with Citibike (lost key, new one paid for and not received)

    I do not have a smart phone; I need a key.

  2. I have been a user of Citi bike for a few years. Lately the maintenance of the docks has been terrible. All of the docks near the Port Authority have been down for 3 days straight. I have to dock the bike and then walk 10 minutes
    What is going on?


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