How to Contact Lyft When You Have a Question

Congratulations – You’ve become a rideshare driver for Lyft. You’re now on the path to having an income that you can control, based on you doing the driving and providing the vehicle, while Lyft manages the supply of customers. It sounds as though everything should work smoothly.

However, even in the best of partnerships, there are going to be times that you need to contact Lyft. Drivers who have worked with Lyft for a number of years have probably learned the various ways for getting answers to their questions, and in theory, there are many ways to make contact. But knowing which form of contact is the most appropriate for your situation is really worthwhile, particularly if you need help in a timely manner.

How to Contact Lyft

Because of their explosive growth over the past few years, Lyft has done a great job of outgrowing their customer support processes time and time again, leaving some drivers to feel neglected and that their questions are unanswered. The good news is that Lyft is showing signs that they are trying to address their poor record of providing support. To better navigate the help process, here are a few of the best ways we have found to contact Lyft in a timely, efficient manner:

The Lyft Help Center

The Lyft Help Center is the first resource that riders and drivers should choose when seeking help from Lyft. The Help Center is a comprehensive resource packed with tons of information related to riding and driving for Lyft. The company constantly updates this section of their website with answers to questions that other Lyft riders and drivers are asking. This resource has helped answer my questions, countless times, and is the first place I go when I need help.

The best way to utilize the Help Center is by searching for your question. It is incredibly likely that someone has asked the question in the past, but if not, you can dig around a little until you find an answer. Lyft has made this resource pretty intuitive, and interlinks tons of different posts to each other in a variety of ways, including populating popular articles based on a user’s search queries.

Rumor has it that there are employees at the Help Center who are tasked with… helping.  However, many who have tried to make contact with this ‘Help Center’ have sadly failed to make contact with a real human. There are stories of ride share drivers who have celebrated multiple birthdays while in the ‘hold’ queue waiting for the call to be answered (just kidding).

But really, if you are looking for basic help without human interaction, the Help Center is for you. If you want to talk to an actual human, you’ll need to try a different method.


Electronic Contact

If the Help Center didn’t answer your question, you’ll need to take it a step further and get some actual human interaction. Lyft users used to be able to email representatives through a special email address, [email protected], but as the company has grown and become more sophisticated, the email address was cancelled in favor of hosting an electronic message system embedded in the company website.

‘Embedded’ is probably a good description, because some riders and drivers indicate that the service can be a little hard to locate. Once you located it, however, the searching will pay off. The support team is usually pretty responsive, and tends to reach out in an appropriate time frame. The response time will vary based on the driver’s status within the organization. Platinum drivers (drivers that handle 200 rides per month) can expect a response within a few hours. Drivers who are not at Platinum status can expect a slower response – ranging anywhere from a hours to a few days.

Rather than dig around, if you need to send a message simply visit this page: Lyft Help Center.

how to contact lyft for Lyft Support Email screenshot

There are drop-down menus and filters, so choose the options that are right for you.  The options you choose will then allow you to see some more articles.  But since you’re trying to contact Lyft, reading articles isn’t going to deliver what you’re looking for. Instead, choose the option ‘Send Us a Message”.  It’s in pink.  Once you find this, you can sent Lyft a message.

But please keep in mind Lyft receives tens of thousands of messages per day, so if you must use this service, you should keep them concise. Here are some pointers:

  • If you have several questions, send several messages, each one with a stand-alone, simple question.
  • Don’t give a long story – stick to the facts.
  • Use the emoticon happy or sad faces. From experience, a sad face is more likely to get a response!
  • Use the ‘reply’ option to a response for follow-up. It will go back to the operator who answered your question the first time.
  • Sometimes, you will receive a ‘template’ response. If this is the case, reply asking for clarification. Put yourself in the shoes of the person at the help desk. They’re receiving many, many requests for the same (or similar) information. It’s much easier for them to give a cookie-cutter response, rather than putting effort into your specific needs. But if you keep in their queue, they’ll need to deal to your question to get you out of the queue.
  • Be nice! If you don’t get the answer you were hoping for, simply reply and ask for more information. Oftentimes the support representative will understand his or her response, but you may not. They will likely apolgize and answer the question for you in a timely manner if you politely ask for more information!

Social Media

Social Media Icons

Another customer service touchpoint users can leverage is through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Social media is a great way to get quick responses, since large companies like Lyft value their brand reputation more than anything else. As a way to keep their users happy and prevent you from tainting the views of others towards the company, they will likely escalate your issue when you make it public. You shouldn’t abuse this method, but if you are running out of options, it is a great way to get their attention.

Lyft has a huge presence on the most common social media platforms. They even have dedicated support channels within those pages, like @asklyft on Twitter for example, which is manned from 4AM to 2AM, San Francisco time, daily.  The response from this service may be much faster than the email/ message service on the website.

But… not all drivers are going to have Twitter accounts. Sometimes, the 140 character limit doesn’t cut the mustard when you’re asking a question. And while you may get a response within 30 minutes, the response may simply refer you to the article you’ve already read that you needed clarification on. As with messaging – keep the conversation going… Reply! Keep replying until you get the information you need. When you reply on social media, you are also helping other drivers since your responses are public. A win-win all around!

Here are a few of Lyft’s most popular and most active social media channels:

Lyft’s official Facebook page

Lyft’s official Twitter page

Lyft’s official Google+ page

Lyft’s official Instagram page

Alternate Methods

In addition to Lyft’s social media channels, there are also third-party providers of information, who provide a QA service or other helpful information.  An example is The Ride Share Guy, who hosts a help service with an FAQ service, or, that maintains an entire Lyft FAQ page. While these methods aren’t contacting Lyft directly, they may very well provide the information you need. Since many other drivers will have had the same questions, resources like these can be really helpful.

Visit a local Lyft office/Local support

If the digital resources listed above fail to answer your questions, there is one more way to get a hold of Lyft. If you’ve exhausted every resource and have nowhere else to turn, you can invade the Lyft Office in your area that provides local support to drivers. While we don’t suggest doing so, it is there for the picking if you absolutely need it.

Office a workplace. A vector illustration

In certain cities, there are local offices that are opening soon, if they haven’t already. These offices provide services such as… glowstaches, as well as helping new drivers through the application period and getting them on the road.  The offices are in place to help drivers join up, get help and connect with the Lyft community. From the latest information, the offices will be in Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland and San Francisco.  This is subject to change, and the operating hours for each office haven’t been identified.

There isn’t a full list of local offices available, but you can check out their job openings to get a good idea of if one already exists, or will soon exist, in an area nearest you.

Critical response line

If you are a driver and have a severe emergency such as a robbery or car accident, there is a resource for you in these crucial moments following the event. Lyft offers a Critical Response Line, for critical situations. Lyft support representatives staff the line 24/7, and are almost always available to help when you call.

This is a necessary resource, but also a double-edged sword when people abuse it. It IS an emergency line, and if your situation doesn’t qualify as an emergency, then don’t use this method for contacting Lyft. Some new ride-share drivers are confused about what constitutes an ‘emergency’, so here are some examples that may provide clarity for you.

medical icon set

It’s an emergency if:

  • You were in a collision (you ran into someone, or they ran into you)
  • Your passenger did something that was dangerous
  • Your passenger did something that was illegal
  • There was an issue with safety
  • You were pulled over and received a citation

In contrast, it’s not an emergency if:

  • You need a referral bonus confirmed
  • You’re lonely and wanted someone to talk to
  • Your passenger was rude to you
  • You were ticketed for double parking, picking-up in a red-zone or… did something dumb

If you find yourself in an emergency, and deem it critical even after evaluating the criteria above, then give it a call. The number is  The number is 855-865-9553.

Before you call, however, call 911 first. The line is simply available to help Lyft respond to emergencies, and should not be used as a substitute for police, paramedics, and other first responders. If you are calling about an injury or accident, follow these steps:

1. Get yourself, passengers, and car to a safe place

2. Call 911, or non-emergency assistance if necessary

3. Call the Critical Response Line once you’ve sorted everything out on site, then when you have 10-15 extra minutes to talk

Hopefully you never have to use this number, but if you find yourself in a critical situation, remember it is there to help you through it. But as we mentioned, we can’t stress enough that it is there for emergencies only, and do not abuse it. Lyft support, as well as other drivers who actually need the help. will greatly appreciate it!


As you can tell, as Lyft grows they continue to add more and more resources to better help riders and drivers when questions arise or when help is needed. If one of the methods above doesn’t work, move on to the next! Be persistent.  Use the option that best meets your needs, and don’t risk being deflected. The more you try, the better your questions will be answered! And if you still need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and we will do the best we can to answer your questions.

How do I contact Lyft?

  1. Visit the official Lyft Help Center
  2. Email the customer support line
  3. Explore Rideshareapps’ Lyft FAQ page
  4. Search online for a local partner website (not available in every city)
  5. Visit a local Lyft office (not recommended)
  6. Tweet @asklyft – this account is monitored from 4am-2am PST (very fast)
  7. Call the Critical Response Line:(855) 865-9553 (for emergencies ONLY)
  8. Pay GetHuman to resolve Lyft issues for you

Over to you.

Have you used these methods to contact Lyft? How did they work? Have another method that you want us to add to our list? Let us know in the comments below. Ready… discuss!

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