7 Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service for Rider and Driver Support

Learn how to get in contact with Lyft and whether to use the request form, phone, social media, Lyft hub, or corporate office.

Rideshare apps like Lyft bring convenience into the lives of many users each day, so when issues arise, it’s only natural that you’d expect your support to be convenient, too. Whether you’re a Lyft driver or rider, knowing how to contact Lyft can help you solve problems and get answers quickly.

Just like any other company, Lyft isn’t perfect. Every once in a while, current and prospective users may run into questions or issues that they need help to resolve. Luckily, the Lyft customer support team has your back, offering several different channels for you to reach out.

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Below, we’ll run through seven options you have when you need to contact Lyft.

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The Lyft Help Center

The Lyft Help Center is the first place that riders and drivers should go when in need of help with common questions. It’s a comprehensive resource about riding and driving with Lyft. The company constantly updates the help center page with new questions and answers and up-to-date information. The best way to use the Help Center is by searching with keywords in the query box.

Lyft’s Help Center is intuitively designed, and the network of internal pages are intelligently interlinked to each other so that you won’t have any problems navigating through the posts. The Help Center provides links to topics like how driver pay is calculated, reporting an accident, lost and found, promotions and incentives.

If you are looking for basic help without human interaction, the Help Center is for you.

Lyft Request Form

Contact Lyft: the help form on the Lyft website

Another easy way to contact Lyft is by submitting a ticket through this online request form. All you need to do is fill in your name, contact info, what you need help with, and a description of your needs. Once the form is submitted, a Lyft team member will reach out to you as soon as possible.

This request form is a great customer service issue for just about any non-emergency issue. Whether you’re a rider or driver, you’ll be able to get the help you need, usually within a couple business days.

If you are submitting a request that’s related to a specific Lyft ride, the ride-hailing company does request that you add the following details to the “Description” section of your form:

  • When the ride occurred (time and date)
  • The name or names of your driver or passenger(s)
  • A short summary of the situation

Lyft Phone Line

While Lyft doesn’t offer an actual phone number that you can call directly, drivers and riders always have access to a 24/7 Critical Response Line. As the official name of the phone line suggests, this support channel is dedicated to time-sensitive issues — especially safety concerns — that require immediate response.

This is the only way to call Lyft. There is no Lyft phone number for everyday issues. It would simply be impractical for the company to have one with how many drivers and riders they have. For this reason, they reserve their phone support for dealing with safety issues.

To request a phone call on the Lyft app, simply select the “Help” tab from your app menu, then scroll down to tap “Report safety issue or accident” and select your situation.

Contact Lyft: the Lyft app screen where you can report a safety issue or accident

From there, tap “Contact Safety team” and opt for the Lyft safety team to call you within one minute. You can also choose to be contacted by email if preferred, but you may need to wait up to 24 hours for a response.

Contact Lyft: the Lyft app screen where you select how the company should contact you

On the Lyft Driver app, you can similarly head to the help center to request a quick call from Lyft. Then, you can chat with someone in real time.

Drivers and riders can also tap “Contact Safety Team” on this web page to submit their phone number.

While this is the fastest Lyft support channel, it’s extremely important that you only contact Lyft on the Critical Response Line for emergency needs. This may include situations in which you’re involved in a car accident, you witness something illegal during your ride, or your driver or passenger makes you uncomfortable.

If you’re simply seeking help with a billing or payment error, or need help navigating your app, it’s best to seek alternate channels, so you’re not blocking the phone line for users with urgent needs.

Some new rideshare drivers are confused about what constitutes an “emergency,” so here it is:

It is an emergency if:

  • You were in a collision (you ran into someone, or they ran into you)
  • Your passenger did something that was dangerous
  • Your passenger did something that was illegal
  • There is a safety incident you need to report
  • You were pulled over and received a citation

It’s not an emergency if:

  • You need an earnings guarantee confirmed
  • You need free ride credits, have prime time issues or need to dispute a charge
  • Your passenger was rude to you
  • You were ticketed for double parking, picking-up in a red zone, or got a poor rating from your passenger

Still, this safety feature is not a replacement for calling 911. If you need immediate action, instead of just phone support, make sure to contact law enforcement first. Both the Lyft and Lyft Driver apps are equipped with a 911 button that you can tap during any trip.

Email Support

Lyft has an email support box embedded on the company website. You used to be able to send messages to [email protected], but that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Here is the link to submit an email ticket.

The support team is responsive and helpful, but your response time will vary based on your status within the organization. Platinum drivers (drivers that handle 200 Lyft rides per month) can expect a response within a few hours. Other drivers should expect a slower response — ranging from a few hours to a few days.

A screenshot showing how you can email Lyft.

Keep in mind Lyft receives tens of thousands of messages per day, so keep your messages concise. Here are some pointers:

  • If you have several questions, send separate messages, each pertaining to a specific question.
  • Be concise.
  • Use the happy or sad face emoticons. From experience, a sad face is more likely to get a response when you need Lyft driver support (likewise if you’re a passenger).
  • Use the “reply” option to provide a response to their follow-up emails. It will go back to the same operator who answered your question the first time.
  • Sometimes, you will receive a “template” response. If this is the case, reply asking for clarification. Since the representatives receive many requests for the same (or similar) information all the time, it’s much easier for them to give a cookie-cutter answer. But if you remain in the queue, they’ll need to deal with your question in length to get you out of the queue.
  • Be nice! If you don’t get the answer you were hoping for, politely ask for more information.

Lyft Hub

If online resources aren’t helpful for your situation at all, you may be seeking in-person help. To make in-person support possible, the rideshare company has set up public Lyft offices — better known as Lyft Hubs — that drivers can visit for anything that can’t easily be resolved over email. For example, you may visit a Lyft Hub when you need help with:

  • Building your driver profile
  • Setting up direct deposits
  • Navigating the Uber Driver app
  • Claiming bonuses
  • Getting more ride requests
  • Increasing your driver rating

In addition to Lyft Hubs, which are dedicated support offices that are usually available in larger markets like New York City and Las Vegas, you may find Lyft Service Desks or traveling support vans scattered around the United States. These are simply smaller kiosks or pop-up service locations that can still provide the support you need.

Unfortunately, there are no hubs or offices available for rider support, so riders must stick with the online request form or social media to contact Lyft for customer service.

Lyft Social Media

Sometimes, it’s far more convenient to pull up an app on your smartphone than to load a web page or talk on the phone. Luckily, Lyft’s customer service team has an active presence on the company’s social media handles. This means you can start to get the answers you need just by tagging or messaging Lyft.

Social media is a great way to get quick responses from large companies since they value their brand reputation more than anything else. As a way to keep their users happy and to keep their brand identity untarnished, they are very adept at resolving issues shared through public platforms.

Lyft has a huge presence on the most common social media platforms. On Twitter, the rideshare company’s official customer support account is @AskLyft. Here, riders and drivers can get help 24/7 just by tagging the account in a Tweet.

The support team will give you further instructions, usually asking you to send a direct message with more information, in a timely manner. Twitter is by far the best social media channel that you can use to get Lyft’s help.

Contact Lyft: Lyft's Twitter page

But not all drivers are going to have Twitter accounts. Sometimes, the 280 character limit isn’t enough to ask a detailed question. And while you may get a response within 30 minutes, the response may simply refer you to the article you’ve already read within the Help Center.

Here are a few of Lyft’s most popular and most active social media channels:

As with contacting Lyft support via email, you may have to follow up and go back and forth a bit to get the specific answer you’re looking for. Keep replying until you get the information you need. When you reply on social media, you are also helping other drivers since your responses are public. On Facebook, the company usually replies within one hour of an initial message.

Lyft Corporate Office

Contact Lyft: a city skyline

Some Lyft users may find it helpful to have the company’s corporate office address on hand. Lyft’s headquarters are currently located at:

185 Berry St #5000
San Francisco, CA 94107

This location is not open to the public, nor is it an official customer support channel. However, it may come in handy as a mailing address for anyone who needs to escalate a major issue, after a long period of no resolve, or any person or organization with a large-scale issue to address. An example of a large-scale issue that would warrant mailing the HQ may be when you have a petition that’s been signed by a significant number of drivers that requests action from Lyft.

However, be aware that there’s no guarantee that you’ll get support or a response through this channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you need to contact Lyft, the company always has support channels available to you. We’ve answered some common questions below to help you get to know your options even further:

1. Is there a general help page I can refer to for common Lyft questions?

Absolutely. You can search for answers to frequently asked questions by heading to the Help Center on This is actually the best way to get help without waiting for the customer support team to respond, if you have a basic question. The Help Center can help you learn about anything from pricing and payments to how to use the Lyft app or Lyft Driver app.

2. Can I visit a Lyft Hub if I’m not a current driver?

Absolutely. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Lyft driver can get assistance for the sign-up process at their local Lyft Hub or by using the request form or social media.

3. Can I contact Lyft to request a ride for me if I don’t have a smartphone?

No, these customer support channels cannot help you make ride requests. They’re mostly available if you’re having issues with your current account, app, or with a specific ride, not to schedule rides for you. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still manage your account and request a standard Lyft or Lyft XL ride by heading to on your computer.

Contact Lyft When You Need Support

Lyft may be a massive company, but reaching out to the ridesharing giant isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. Riders and drivers both have a handful of support channels they can use to get help directly from the Lyft support or safety teams. Using any of the options we listed above to contact Lyft, you can resolve both minor and time-sensitive issues fairly quickly with the help of experts.

If you double as an Uber driver or rider, it can be helpful to understand how to reach customer service on both of your smartphone apps. Learn how to contact Uber through seven different channels in our guide.

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I have been trying to contact Lyft for days, I have been working lyft for less than a month and contacting someone for help should not be this hard. My phone stop working and all info is in phone and I needed to know what to do to be able to get back on the rode. Not a happy camper right now.

I have been trying to contact Lyft for days, I have been working lyft for less than a month and contacting someone for help should not be this hard. My phone stop working and all info is in phone and I needed to know what to do to be able to get back on the rode. Not a happy camper right now.

The customer service number now is an automated message that directs you to the website then hangs up on you!!! There is no customer service number anymore, not even when one of their riders commits credit card fraud…. I have NEVER used LYFT and will NEVER use LYFT!!!!

The customer service number now is an automated message that directs you to the website then hangs up on you!!! There is no customer service number anymore, not even when one of their riders commits credit card fraud…. I have NEVER used LYFT and will NEVER use LYFT!!!!

I am a Lyft driver and had a question for support that is not in the drop down menu. There should be a selection for other so that my question can be submitted. From the above information it seems like the only time we can call the 855 number is in case of an emergency. There should be a phone number that drivers can use if they have issues other than those listed on the drop down menu.