Lyft Phone Number: How to Contact Lyft Support by Phone

One of the best parts about being a Lyft driver is the independence it gives you. You are your own boss, setting the hours you want while getting paid to drive. But just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean you’re alone. Lyft has your back when it comes to questions, concerns, or other issues that might arise in the course of driving.

If you’ve already searched Lyft’s extensive Help Center for an answer to your question, the best way to contact Lyft support is via the Help form on their website. In certain situations, however, you may want to talk to someone directly on the phone.

In this article, we’ll look at how you can get Lyft support on the phone, as well as the situations in which phone support is available.

When to Call Lyft

Before we get into the technical details of the Lyft phone number, you need to be aware of the situations in which you can talk to Lyft on the phone at all. For the majority of situations, the only way to contact Lyft support is via their Help form. The support team is generally quite prompt in responding to driver or passenger concerns submitted via the form, making it the best option 99 percent of the time.

However, 24/7 phone support from Lyft’s critical response team is available for the following urgent situations:

  • Accidents — If you’ve been involved in an accident while driving with Lyft, then by all means contact support via phone. You’ll probably want the reassurance of speaking to a real person, as well as the more detailed guidance available via phone. If the accident is putting you or any passengers in immediate serious danger, always call 911 first.
  • Safety incidents — Lyft takes safety very seriously. If a passenger is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you have to ask the passenger to cancel the ride (or cancel it yourself). While you can of course make note of a passenger that made you feel unsafe in the rating you leave them, you can also contact Lyft support via phone for further help. Always call 911 if a passenger threatens to harm you, attempts to harm you, or has harmed you.
  • Citations — If you receive a citation related to picking up a passenger, contact Lyft support via phone for help resolving it. However, do note that Lyft’s official policy is that they will not be able to assist with citations or tickets that you incur “due to violating standard traffic laws.” For example, running a red light because a passenger in a hurry is never acceptable, even if you do it in pursuit of providing customer service.

For all other situations, you’ll need to contact Lyft using their Help form. You’ll receive a response via the email that you have on file with the company. And, to reiterate, always call 911 in an emergency. Even if it’s a situation that also necessitates calling Lyft support, contacting emergency personnel should always take precedence in a true emergency situation.

How to Call Lyft

Let’s get this out of the way now: There is no direct phone number for Lyft. That is, you can’t call Lyft using your phone. They can call you, however, provided you give them your number. If you’re experiencing one of the three scenarios we discussed in the previous section, then your first step should be to visit this page: Report an accident, safety incident, or citation.

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone

From there, tap or click on the button that says “Call Me.”

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone — Call Me Button

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be prompted to enter the phone number that you’d like Lyft to use to contact you:

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Enter Number

Be sure to include your area code and double check that the phone number is correct. Then, tap or click “Call Me” one final time to initiate the calling process. You should receive a call from Lyft’s critical response team within a couple seconds to a couple minutes of initiating the call.

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This is the method to use when you need immediate phone assistance. However, according to the Lyft blog, they also offer phone support for help with issues related to a specific ride. To get to this support option, first navigate to the “Earnings” tab in the Lyft app.

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Earnings Tab

Then, tap “Get help.”

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Get Help button

Finally, tap “Call Me.” A Lyft rep will return your call within two minutes. Because you’re navigating from within the app, there’s no need to enter your phone number.

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Help Center

Lyft Phone Number FAQ

Now that you understand how to access and use the Lyft phone number, let’s examine a few remaining common questions about contacting Lyft via phone.

Is there a Lyft customer support number?

At the moment, no. A quick glance at the comments on GetHuman (a site that helps consumers find direct support contact information for companies) reveals that there is a high demand for customer phone support, so we hope the company will consider adding it in the future.

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Get Human

Is phone support available to prospective Lyft drivers?

Maybe you’re excited about the prospect of becoming a Lyft driver, but you have some questions you want answered. However, phone support is only available to current Lyft drivers (and only for select serious situations). Don’t worry, though: If you want more information on how to apply to be a Lyft driver, check out our step-by-step guide.

Is Lyft phone support available in other languages?

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Spanish

Yes, Lyft phone support is also available in Spanish. The procedure for contacting Spanish language support is much the same as for English. Visit this page, and then follow the same steps as above.


We hope this article has helped you understand the circumstances in which to contact Lyft phone support, as well as how to do so. Do you drive for Uber as well and need to get them on the phone? Check out our guide to contacting Uber support by phone. And as always, have a safe ride!

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