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Lyft Phone Number: When, Why, and How to Call Lyft Support by Phone

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One of the most significant benefits of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft is how easy it is for customers to order up a ride using the app.

Instead, with a few taps of your screen, you’ll have a ride on its way within seconds.

Likewise, you can access certain aspects of Lyft customer support using the Lyft app, which lets you avoid wait times on the phone.

But what if you don’t have your smartphone on you, or you don’t have an available data signal to use your app?

In that case, your only option for reaching out will likely be over the phone.

So, you might be wondering if there’s a phone number you can call to order a Lyft ride or reach customer service without using the app at all.

Does Lyft Have a Phone Number for Customer Service?

Although Lyft is primarily an app-based business, you can still give them a call using a dedicated phone number if you have questions or concerns.

It’s a bit tricky to find because it’s easy on the company to handle issues in the app, but fortunately, Lyft has a dedicated line for customers and drivers.

If you can’t reach anyone through the app or were unable to get your problem addressed using the “Help” feature, you can reach out to Lyft via phone.

You can contact Lyft customer service by calling (844) 250-2773.

Simply give Lyft a call using this number, and you’ll be on your way to getting your issues addressed.

Lyft Customer Service Options

Whether you use Lyft as a passenger, a driver, or both, there are a few ways you can contact the app for help.

While most of the time you’ll have a reliable ride with no problems at all, there are occasions when you may feel compelled to contact customer service and have your question or issue addressed.

To contact Lyft support, simply go to the Lyft Help Center (photo above) where you can submit your contact information, including:

  • Email address
  • Subject
  • Phone number
  • Reason for request

Once the company receives your request, someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Reasons to Use the Lyft Phone Number

While there are many reasons why you may want to contact Lyft customer support, we’ve curated this list of the primary concerns (with solutions) that commuters and drivers come across when using the app.

1. You’re Having a Problem With the Lyft Platform

If you’re a Lyft passenger and you’re having technical difficulties, the most efficient way to get help is to visit the Lyft Help Center.

You can do this via the app on your smartphone or on your computer. Either way, you can browse through common issues (such as not being able to request a ride) and submit your request.

If you’re a Lyft driver who’s having an issue with the Lyft app, you have more direct phone support. The best thing to do is “call” Lyft and inform them of the problem right away.

While you could go to the driver-specific help page on the Lyft website, for faster help go to the Lyft Driver app’s Help tab and hit “Call Me.”

You should expect a call from a customer support team member within a few minutes.

2. You Want to Dispute the Charges for Your Lyft Ride

Whether your Lyft account is connected to your debit card, credit card, or Google Pay, sometimes the payment situation can get a little muddled.

Maybe you thought you had updated your payment to pull from a gift card rather than your debit card.

Or maybe you were charged incorrectly for your ride or the price was higher than you expected.

Whatever the issue, you want to dispute the charges for your trip and you want help now.

While there is no direct Lyft phone number for you to call, that doesn’t mean you can’t get help.

If you have a dispute or questions about charges, credit, discounts, or fees, simply go to Lyft’s Fees and Charges page within their Help Center and someone will get back to you.

3. You Left an Item in Your Rideshare Vehicle

If you forgot an item in the vehicle, the simplest way to recover a lost item is to directly contact your driver.

If you’re not able to reach your driver, Lyft customer support can help you connect with them.

(Although keep in mind that Lyft doesn’t guarantee your items will be found or delivered to you immediately.)

Here’s how to get back your item:

  • Open the Lyft app and tap the top-left corner menu
  • Tap on “Ride history” and choose the ride where you lost your item
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose “Find Lost Item”
  • Tap “Call” to call the driver (Lyft masks phone numbers for privacy)
  • Tap “Send Message” to text the driver in case your call goes unanswered

If it’s been more than 24 hours since your item was lost or your driver hasn’t responded within that time frame, you can reach out to Lyft’s Help Center so someone can assist you.

If your lost item is recovered and returned to you, there will be a $15 fee to compensate for the driver’s time. (Drivers receive the full amount.)

You can check the our guide to Lyft lost and found for more details on how to retrieve a forgotten item.

4. You Have an Emergency Situation

Although it’s highly unlikely, accidents happen.

If you get into an accident or have some other emergency situation during a Lyft ride, stay calm and call 911 if necessary.

Once you get your bearings and get to a safe place, contact Lyft’s Critical Response Line.

You’ll confirm your phone number, tap the “Call me” button, and someone from Lyft’s support team will call you back within two minutes.

This 24/7 phone support from Lyft’s critical response team is available for the following urgent situations:


If you’ve been involved in an accident while driving with Lyft, then by all means contact support via phone.

You’ll probably want the reassurance of speaking to a real person, as well as the more detailed guidance available via phone.

If the accident is putting you or any passengers in immediate serious danger, always call 911 first.

Safety incidents

Lyft takes safety very seriously.

If a passenger is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you have to ask the passenger or driver to cancel the ride (or cancel it yourself).

While you can of course make note of a passenger that made you feel unsafe in the rating you leave them, you can also contact Lyft support via phone for further help.

Always call 911 if a passenger threatens to harm you, attempts to harm you, or has harmed you.


If you you are a driver and receive a citation related to picking up a passenger, contact Lyft support via phone for help resolving it.

However, do note that Lyft’s official policy is that they will not be able to assist with citations or tickets that you incur “due to violating standard traffic laws.”

For example, running a red light because a passenger in a hurry is never acceptable, even if you do it in pursuit of providing customer service.

Also, Lyft has a built-in 911 button on your app for both riders and drivers.

When you tap it, the app will show your location and vehicle information so you can quickly share details with emergency dispatchers.

For all other situations, you’ll need to contact Lyft using their Help form.

You’ll receive a response via the email that you have on file with the company.

And, to reiterate, always call 911 in an emergency.

Even if it’s a situation that also necessitates calling Lyft support, contacting emergency personnel should always take precedence in a true emergency situation.

How to Call Lyft

Let’s get this out of the way now: There is no direct phone number for Lyft. That is, you can’t call Lyft using your phone.

They can call you, however, provided you give them your number.

If you’re experiencing one of the three scenarios we discussed in the previous section, then your first step should be to visit this page: Report an accident, safety incident, or citation.

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone

From there, tap or click on the button that says “Call Me.”

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone — Call Me Button

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be prompted to enter the phone number that you’d like Lyft to use to contact you:

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Enter Number

Be sure to include your area code and double check that the phone number is correct.

Then, tap or click “Call Me” one final time to initiate the calling process.

You should receive a call from Lyft’s critical response team within a couple seconds to a couple minutes of initiating the call.

pasted image 0 22

This is the method to use when you need immediate phone assistance.

However, according to the Lyft blog, they also offer phone support for help with issues related to a specific ride.

To get to this support option, first navigate to the “Earnings” tab in the Lyft app.

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Earnings Tab

Then, tap “Get help.”

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Get Help button

Finally, tap “Call Me.”

A Lyft rep will return your call within two minutes.

Because you’re navigating from within the app, there’s no need to enter your phone number.

Lyft Phone Number: How To Contact Lyft Support by Phone - Help Center

Don’t Call Them, They’ll Call You

When it comes to the Lyft phone number, it can be frustrating not to have a direct line to get help with whatever issue you’re having as a driver or passenger.

But even though you can’t dial a direct Lyft phone number, remember that it is still possible to connect with a real person and get the Lyft help that you need.

Whether you’re having a problem with the app, want to dispute charges, forgot an item in a vehicle, or have an emergency, help is available 24/7.

For more information on the Lyft platform, be sure to check out Ridester’s extensive resources for Lyft drivers and Lyft riders.

Can You Order a Lyft by Phone?

Fortunately, Lyft offers riders two easy options of ordering a ride.

You can either set up a ride using the app, which is the standard method for scheduling a ride, or use Lyft’s ride-scheduling phone number to call and order a ride.

Lyft Ride Phone Number

You can easily order a Lyft ride by calling 1-631-201-LYFT.

Through this number you’ll be able to reach an agent anytime between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM Eastern time Monday through Friday.

If you can’t call during those times, you’ll have to try to use the app or Lyft’s website.

When you speak with a Lyft agent to book a ride, the agent will provide a price then and there.

This is especially helpful if you’re booking a ride for someone else, such as a friend or relative, because you’ll be able to tell them how much their bill will be when their driver arrives.

Lyft will also give you a link so you can track your ride just like you would in the app.

Again, if you’re scheduling a ride for someone else, this will be particularly helpful because it will ensure the person you’re booking for is ready when the driver arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have more of a handle on how to connect with Lyft for questions and concerns, there still might be some lingering questions.

Here are answers to common questions people have.

1. Why isn’t there a direct Lyft phone number I can call? 

With such a massive network of independent contractors and riders throughout the United States, it would be overwhelming for Lyft to try to field the high volume of calls that would come in on a daily basis.

That said, the company’s support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.

2. Why is my customer service request taking so long?

While the Lyft help center will typically call you back within a few minutes of your request (whether you’re a driver or rider), be mindful that there are sometimes larger circumstances to consider.

For example, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis, the company informed users that response times are longer than usual.

To help keep things timely, Lyft asks users to please avoid submitting multiple requests.

3. Can I contact Lyft without using the app?

Yes, you can. While it’s best to log into the app where you already have your contact information stored, you can go directly to the Lyft website and contact the support team to address your issue.

4. Is phone support available to prospective Lyft drivers?

Maybe you’re excited about the prospect of becoming a Lyft driver, but you have some questions you want answered.

However, phone support is only available to current Lyft drivers (and only for select serious situations).

Don’t worry, though: If you want more information on how to apply to be a Lyft driver, check out our step-by-step guide.

5. Is Lyft phone support available in other languages?

Yes, Lyft phone support is also available in Spanish.

The procedure for contacting Spanish language support is much the same as for English.

Visit this page, and then follow the same steps as above.

Final Thoughts

Lyft is an excellent option if you’re interested in hiring a rideshare to get to and from your destinations.

In addition, the company makes it easy to call a ride for yourself or a loved one.

And fortunately, you won’t have any problem reaching out to the customer support team, either.

So, if you’re ready to take your first ride, give Lyft a call now.

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  1. What kind of business has no phone number to contact for problems., especially when your help section does not address at all the problem I am having. What kind of cockamamie nonsense is this? I can’t imagine treating people this way.

  2. I hear you, Edward. I have a flexdrive vehicle that I cannot renew the state registration because I don’t have any renewal paperwork. I can’t get anyone on flexdrive, and Lyft says call flexdrive. but then again, Lyft will put me on hold until I can get it renewed. Even doing all that, I never actually spoke to anyone…just chat.

  3. I would like to know if you give Seniors in Onondaga county free rides to appointments , and for shopping. We were told that in Onondaga county they could meet a free ride. Only in Onondaga county? And do they get left at destination or does the ride wait. And how often can they use it?

    • I catch Lyft rides and Baltimore Maryland and Miami Florida and I’m not a senior I am a regular person that get up and go to work everyday and I have to be to work on time and I be ready to come home when I get off of work I need my Lyft support working again like you used to work with no problem thank you this don’t make any sense at all what’s really going on with my Lyft account under Sudley my God I really don’t understand this what really happened to my account.

  4. I got billed for a ride that did not happen. The driver kept texting me that he was waiting for us at the airport that has 1 terminal and 1 area for pickup . He never showed up, we ended up getting a taxi ride home. We have filled a fraud claim with our bank.

  5. Useless. They don’t call you back or answer through email if you put a request in. If they don’t value you why would you think they will pay you correctly you can’t dispute it because there is no phone number

  6. I need some advice on how to stop getting loaded with more rides than I can can handle but there’s no one to get answers from. Lyft will quickly threaten to suspend me from driving if I alegedly do something wrong but if there is no support the only thing I can do is use my best judgment. Lyft is very quick to criticize my driving, even though there is nothing I can do about traffic conditions. I love driving for Lyft but the fact that there is no support is a real bummer.

  7. I have written to Lyft 30 times. The only response is to sent my letter back to me and tell me to write any additional information above the dotted line. They have never responded in any way

  8. Alexander

    Always overcharge in my credit car. My ride of 30 dollars become 60. I don’t understand and is no way to contact them by phone or email. I will report this to the business B.


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