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Does Grubhub Hire Felons?

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Upon leaving prison, many convicted felons find that the most challenging part of settling into civilian life is finding a job.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t hire felons as a blanket policy.

And the companies that do can be challenging to apply to.

For example, many felons find that applying for food delivery jobs helps their chances of getting hired.

Does GrubHub Hire Felons?

GrubHub does not have a strong history of hiring felons – it’s not something that’s widely advertised on their websites.

However, several of GrubHub’s drivers and employees are convicted felons.

It’s possible to get a job at Grubhub as a felon.

Here is a complete guide to applying to a company with a felony record.

Grubhub Policy on Hiring Felons

Grubhub doesn’t have an official policy on hiring felons.

However, the interview system does a pretty thorough job of sorting through applicants with felonies, especially recent offenses.

While Grubhub hasn’t officially released a policy on it, they essentially will deny an application with a current felony or violent felon.

Does Grubhub Have a Second Chance Policy?

Grubhub doesn’t have anything like a second chance policy.

As a privately owned business, they are not required to participate in any second chance acts or hire felons.

However, Grubhub overlooks most nonviolent offenses that are over seven years old.

What Are the Odds Somebody With a Felony Record Will Get Hired at Grubhub?

Unfortunately, the odds of someone with a felony record getting a job at Grubhub are pretty low.

Although it is possible with certain types of felonies and the amount of time elapsed since the occasion, it’s not super likely for felons to be hired by Grubhub at all.

Have Grubhub Hired Felons in the Past?

GrubHub has hired felons in the past, but they don’t advertise or publicize this act.

Although the company has hired felons in the past, it’s been rare.

There are relatively strict regulations to pass if you have a felony and would like to drive for Grubhub.

Does Grubhub Hire You if You Have a Misdemeanor?

Misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, and Grubhub is more likely to hire you.

However, they still judge it on a case-by-case basis.

If the misdemeanors are very recent or you have several, you will likely not get hired by Grubhub.

Does Grubhub Background Check?

Grubhub utilizes a background check as part of the interview system.

Like several other food courier companies, they run the background check through an external company called Checkr.

Checkr looks through the past seven years of your history and can see everything from that time.

What Does the Grubhub Background Check Look For?

Checkr runs a complete background check on all the usual issues.

They will look for traffic offenses, legal issues, or other background information from the past seven years.

As long as your driver’s record and criminal record are clean, you should be fine with the background check.

Types of Convictions That Make It Hard To Get Hired at Grubhub

While it will be difficult for anyone with a felony conviction to get hired by Grubhub, certain offenses will make it nearly impossible. Grubhub does not consider applicants with DUI convictions, sexual or violent beliefs, or anything related to driving or injuring others.

Do Grubhub Hire Felons with Burglary Charges?

If you have a burglary charge on your record, it’s not likely Grubhub will hire you.

Grubhub drivers are trusted with the customers’ food, and Grubhub ensures that each driver is completely trustworthy.

Does Grubhub Hire Felons with Theft Charges

Similarly, Grubhub hasn’t been known to hire drivers with a theft felony.

Again, the leading money maker for Grubhub is the ability to leave you unattended and trust that both the delivery vehicle and the goods make it to the customer.

Theft charges are more likely than other felonies.

Jobs at GrubHub That Felons Should Apply For

If you are a felon and would still like to apply for Grubhub, it will be easier for you if your felonies are farther from the past.

With a cleaner record and more time between felonies, it will be simpler to get a Grubhub job.

Here are the top three jobs of former felons.

Grubhub Driver

Of course, the most common job for Grubhub is to become a Grubhub driver.

Most felons without severe or violent convictions can follow the steps and become Grubhub drivers, delivering food around their country.

Grubhub Technical Support

Although being part of a call center isn’t the most exciting of jobs (and it doesn’t meet the same flexibility requirements of other Doordash jobs), Grubhub tech support has a history of hiring felons, and your specific history won’t matter so much.

Grubhub Staff

As most of Grubhub’s paid employees are drivers, there aren’t many more options for types of jobs at Grubhub.

However, the flagship office and many other satellite offices all need staff members.

This job will be challenging to assess and complete, but it’s possible to get hired as a staff member.

Does Grubhub Drug Test?

Grubhub does an in-depth drug test, so before you apply, ensure you’ve been clean of any illegal (or legal) substance.

Then, when applying for GrubHub, ensure you are clean and ready for the application to continue.

Drug tests are crucial for Grubhub Drivers especially.

What Does the Grubhub Drug Test Look For?

The Grubhub drug test looks for hard and illegal drugs, alcohol, marijuana, and other substances.

The most common issues with these drug tests involve marijuana or alcohol.

What Is the Best Time to Apply at Grubhub?

Grubhub is constantly hiring, so there’s no wrong time to apply.

In addition, the company always needs new drivers, as the pandemic significantly increased the desire and habit of eating in or ordering food through similar apps.

Does Grubhub Interview Applicants?

If you apply for a Grubhub driving position, you will technically be a contracted worker instead of a full-time employee.

There is a minimal interview process with automated questions online but no in-person interview.

However, the interview process is much like any other job for those applying to work in the Grubhub main offices or as an associate.

You will need to use online and prepare for an in-person or phone interview about the specific position.

What Matters Most When Applying at Grubhub

If you are a felon and want to apply to Grubhub, what matters most is your type of felony. Grubhub will not consider those with DUI or other driving-related charges.

Also, any violent or sexual crimes will automatically disqualify you. Consider your story and why Grubhub might be a good fit for you.

Does Grubhub Have Special Programs for Felons?

Unfortunately, Grubhub doesn’t have any special programs for felons.

They have set up the interview process to weed out the most unlikely candidates before interviewing.

If you get an interview and can explain the situation around your felony, you are likely to get hired.

Is Grubhub on the Ban the Box List?

Grubhub is not on Ban the Box.

Instead, the interview process requires extra information if you were ever accused or convicted of a felony.

You get a chance to explain yourself, but it is still evident.

Average Salary for Felons at Grubhub

If you get the driving job for Grubhub, it doesn’t make a difference whether you are a felon or not.

Everyone makes the same money, which is about $10 an hour, which can be more or less depending on how many jobs you take, the distance between them, and the generosity of tips from Grubhub customers.

Tips for Getting Hired at Grubhub With a Felony Record

Here are some tips for getting hired at Grubhub:

  • Tip 1: Be honest on your resume.
  • Tip 2: Explain any gaps or felonies in your resume before they see them on the background check.
  • Tip 3: Know whether you qualify to be a driver before applying.
  • Tip 4: Make sure all your documents are up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Grubhub and their answers.

Does Grubhub hire immigrants?

An immigrant can apply to Grubhub.
The requirements involve a working United States driver’s license of over one year, so if you don’t have a driver’s license, you might not be able to work for Grubhub.

However, in some larger cities, you only need a valid United States ID, and you can deliver food on your bicycle.

What pays better: Grubhub or DoorDash?

Between Grubhub and DoorDash, the average payout is better for DoorDash.

While both depend primarily on whether you drive and how often, you will make approximately $5 more an hour with DoorDash than with Grubhub.

Final Thoughts

Grubhub isn’t famous for hiring felons and giving convicted criminals a second chance.

However, it is possible to get employed by them, primarily if your felony doesn’t involve driving or violence against other people.

Once you fill out the application and get the background check results, you will know for sure whether they have hired you.

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