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Does Grubhub Hire Felons? How To Apply With A Record

Learn about the Grubhub hiring process and requirements in regard to felonies and misdemeanors, including your chances at getting hired.

Key Takeaways

  • Grubhub does not publicly advertise a policy on hiring felons.
  • Odds of hiring felons are low, especially for recent or violent offenses.
  • Grubhub’s background check may limit opportunities for those with felonies.
  • Certain misdemeanors and older felonies may be considered less critically.

Does GrubHub Hire Felons?

GrubHub does not have an official policy on hiring felons and does not advertise hiring felons. The company’s background check and interview process is thorough, often filtering out applicants with recent felonies or violent offenses.

While GrubHub may consider applicants with nonviolent offenses older than seven years, the likelihood of a felon being hired is generally low.

I’ve heard from drivers with a felony on their record who have been hired by GrubHub in the past, but such instances are rare.

The company does not have a second chance policy for felons, meaning that applicants with a felony will likely face strict regulations, especially for driving positions.

Does Grubhub Have Special Programs for Felons?

Grubhub does not offer special programs for felons. Their interview process is designed to filter out less suitable candidates early on.

While Grubhub does not participate in the “Ban the Box” initiative, which encourages employers not to ask about criminal records on initial job applications, they do allow applicants a chance to explain their criminal history during the interview process.

This means that if an applicant with a felony reaches the interview stage and can adequately explain their situation, they may have a chance to be hired.

However, being upfront and transparent about past convictions is necessary, as the interview process does involve discussing any criminal history.

Understanding the Grubhub Background Check

Grubhub conducts background checks on applicants through an external company, Checkr, which reviews the past seven years of an applicant’s history for traffic offenses, legal issues, and other relevant background information.

Typically, applicants with clean driving records and no criminal activity have no issue getting approved. However, Grubhub typically does not hire individuals with felony convictions, particularly those with DUI convictions, sexual or violent offenses, or charges related to driving or injuring others.

Burglary or theft charges also significantly reduce the likelihood of being hired by Grubhub, as the company prioritizes trustworthiness in handling customers’ food and deliveries.


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Does Grubhub Interview Applicants?

Grubhub conducts interviews differently based on the position.

For driving positions, applicants are considered contracted workers and undergo a minimal, mostly automated online interview process without an in-person interview.

For positions in Grubhub’s main offices or for associate roles, applicants will engage in a more traditional job application process, which includes online applications followed by in-person or phone interviews.

The nature of an applicant’s felony, especially DUI, other driving-related charges, or violent or sexual crimes, will significantly affect their chances of being considered for any role at Grubhub.

Applicants are encouraged to consider how their background fits with the company and prepare to share their story during the application process.

Jobs at GrubHub That Felons Should Apply For

Felons interested in applying to Grubhub may have better chances with a cleaner record and more time elapsed since their felony.

Positions for felons at Grubhub include:

  1. Grubhub Driver: This is the most common role at Grubhub. Felons, particularly those without severe or violent convictions, can apply to become drivers, delivering food.
  2. Grubhub Technical Support: Working in tech support may not offer the same flexibility as other roles, but Grubhub has a history of hiring felons for these positions, where the specifics of one’s criminal history may be less scrutinized.
  3. Grubhub Staff: Although the majority of Grubhub’s paid positions are driver roles, the company’s main and satellite offices require staff members. Securing a staff position may be challenging but is possible for felons.

Tips for Getting Hired at Grubhub With a Felony Record

Here are some tips for getting hired at Grubhub:

  • Tip 1: Be honest on your resume.
  • Tip 2: Explain any gaps or felonies in your resume before they see them on the background check.
  • Tip 3: Know whether you qualify to be a driver before applying.
  • Tip 4: Make sure all your documents are up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grubhub hire immigrants?

Immigrants can work for Grubhub if they meet the requirements, including holding a U.S. driver’s license for over a year. In larger cities, a valid U.S. ID may suffice for bicycle deliveries.

Does Grubhub Hire You if You Have a Misdemeanor?

Grubhub may hire individuals with misdemeanors, as they are considered less serious than felonies. The company evaluates such cases individually. However, applicants with very recent misdemeanors or multiple offenses are less likely to be hired.

Does Grubhub Drug Test?

Grubhub conducts drug tests for applicants, particularly focusing on positions such as Grubhub Drivers. These tests screen for a range of substances including hard and illegal drugs, alcohol, and marijuana.

Applicants should ensure they are free from these substances before applying. The most common issues encountered in these drug tests are related to marijuana and alcohol use.

1 thought on “Does Grubhub Hire Felons? How To Apply With A Record”

  1. That’s completely untrue. I was convicted in 2012 of a violent crime in Arizona. The crime was aggravated assault and I did three and a half years in prison for it. I did my time I got out and I’ve kept my nose clean ever since. 7 years after the fact I applied for GrubHub and had no problem doing the onboarding process because I found that delivery gig apps like uber eats, doordash, instacart, shipt and GrubHub I’ll go back 7 years but you have to make sure that you apply the year following the year you signed your plea and were convicted. For example, I signed my plea in February of 2012 and I went to prison in March of 2012. 7 years after that would have been March of 2019 so I applied in 2020 and it was fine because they go all the way to the end of the fiscal year so you have to apply the year after. Basically, on the 8th year after your conviction. I’ve had no problem with any of the above mentioned gig apps. The only ones I haven’t been able to get our Uber driver and Lyft. I thought maybe those two went back 10 years so I applied at the beginning of this year which would have made it 11 years after my conviction in 2012, and they still won’t accept me because the felony still shows up so I was wrong about that but right about the seven years with the other driving/delivery apps. None of the companies that I mentioned above have ever asked me to give them a drug test, and interview or anything else that were stated in the above article so all of that is bogus and I applied for most of these companies in 2020 and doordash in 2023 and I got hired with doordash right away a couple of months ago so it’s still in effect what I’ve been saying. I don’t know where the writer got his info cuz it’s pretty much all wrong. All you have to have is a car a felony and misdemeanor free background check for at least 7 years, actually I’m not sure about the misdemeanors but it might be the same as with felonies, and the ability to hustle. I was making $5,000 a month on average with a really good month of $5,500 with instacart and that’s working on average of 45 to 50 hours a week in California. Unfortunately, my account was deactivated with instacart for the use of profanity LOL but not really that funny because doordash is not paying me near as much and I bought a car with instacart and it’s become hard for me to make that payment now because my insurance rate is so high. But that’s a story for another time. So yeah just thought I would give a shout out and say that information in the article is wrong and this is the correct information for my own personal experience as a convicted felon in the state of Arizona for a violent crime. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get Uber driver or Lyft because of the felony and having passengers in my vehicle unless something changes with the way they do the background check. And that’s fine because I really don’t like people so I really don’t want to drive them around either. LOL but I know it’s good money but I was doing pretty good with instacart working full-time and it was a huge blow to lose that account.


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