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How DoorDash Group Orders Work and How To Create One

Are you and your friends struggling to choose a restaurant for lunch? Consider placing a DoorDash group order so that you can all get the food you want.

Key Information

Share a link, add individually

Send a single link to friends or colleagues to add their own choices without passing around a phone.

Order days ahead:

Set up a group order up to 4 days in advance for personal events, or a week ahead for office gatherings.

Set spending limits

Establish a per-person limit to manage the overall expense, with additional DoorDash fees applied.

Single payer option

One person pays via the DoorDash account, with the option to split costs or seek reimbursement from others.

What Is a DoorDash Group Order?

A DoorDash group order is a feature offered by the food delivery platform that allows a single user to create an order and invite others to add their individual selections.

This is particularly convenient for coordinating meals for group gatherings, such as family events or workplace lunches, without the hassle of collecting everyone’s preferences manually.

The creator of the group order sends out a link, and participants can add their choices through their own devices, which streamlines the ordering process and ensures accuracy.

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How Do DoorDash Group Orders Work?

Initiating a DoorDash group order begins with the account holder selecting a restaurant and setting up the order. They can choose to set a spending limit for the group and decide on the delivery day and time.

Once the initial setup is complete, DoorDash generates a link that the organizer can share with the intended group. Each participant uses this link to add their individual order to the group cart.

These orders are then packaged separately by the restaurant, allowing for a safe and organized delivery to a single location, at a pre-scheduled time.

How Much Do DoorDash Group Orders Cost?

A DoorDash group order’s cost is the sum of the individual food items selected by each participant, plus a delivery fee ranging from $1.99 to $5.99, and an additional service fee.

Understanding the Costs of a Group Order

When you create a group order with DoorDash, the platform tallies the cost of all the food items added to the cart. This is the primary component of the order’s total cost. But there are a few more factors to consider:

  • Delivery Fee: DoorDash charges a delivery fee for every order, which for group orders falls between $1.99 and $5.99.
  • Service Fee: On top of the delivery fee, DoorDash adds a service fee, which varies depending on the order size and the restaurant(s) chosen.
  • Spending Limits: To manage costs effectively, the group order creator can set a maximum spending limit for each person. This helps keep the overall cost within a budget, especially when the organizer is covering the cost.

Payment Structure

The person who sets up the group order is responsible for the payment. DoorDash allows for various payment methods, including credit cards and DoorDash gift cards. However, if the organizer does not wish to bear the full cost, they can request reimbursements from other group members.

Splitting Costs Among Participants

Although one person handles the payment, DoorDash provides an option to split the bill. This means that individual participants can enter their payment details for their portion of the order.

Despite this, only one delivery fee is charged, and all the food is delivered together, simplifying the process when participants have different restaurant preferences.

How to Place a DoorDash Group Order

1. Initiating the Order

  • Open the DoorDash app and sign in to your account.
  • Browse and select your desired restaurant(s).
  • Choose the ‘Group Order’ option at the bottom of the restaurant’s menu page.

2. Sharing the Group Order

  • Once the group order is set up, DoorDash will generate a unique link.
  • Share this link with your group via email, text, or directly through iMessage.
  • Allow sufficient time for everyone to add their selections to the group cart.

3. Finalizing the Order

  • Monitor the order progress in the DoorDash app.
  • Once all participants have added their items, review the order for accuracy.
  • Proceed to checkout and select a payment method. If you’re splitting the bill, ensure everyone has paid their share.
  • Apply any DoorDash coupon codes or gift cards if available.

4. Receiving Your Order

  • After completing the checkout, keep an eye on the delivery status through the app. You can track your order from here.
  • If you’ve scheduled the delivery for a later time, check the app periodically as the delivery window approaches.
  • Upon the order’s arrival, verify that all items are correct. Missing items are common with group orders.
  • Address any issues promptly through the app’s customer support.

This step-by-step guide ensures that you can manage group orders efficiently, allowing everyone to enjoy their meals without the confusion of sharing a single device or collecting orders manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider the following questions and their answers to help make everything seem less stressful.

Does Everyone Need to Have DoorDash for a Group Order?

No, not everyone needs to have DoorDash to participate in a group order. Only the person who sets up the group order is required to have a DoorDash account.

Once the order is initiated, they can share the group ordering link with others, who can then add their selections regardless of whether they have the app or an account.

All orders are placed and managed under the organizer’s account, but can be accessed and added to from any device.

Can DoorDash Group Orders Be Delivered to Multiple Addresses?

DoorDash group orders are designed to be delivered to a single address.

While the platform allows for multiple people to add items to one order, all items are grouped under a single delivery fee and sent out in one delivery.

If you require delivery to multiple addresses, it is recommended to place separate orders for each location.

What Is the Limit for DoorDash Group Orders?

The limit for a DoorDash group order is flexible and can be set by the person organizing it.

Standard options for limits include $10, $15, or $20 per person, but the organizer has the discretion to customize this amount to any other specific limit that suits the group’s needs.

If a limit is not necessary, the organizer can choose not to set one at all.

Will DoorDash Group Orders Be Delivered by the Same Dasher?

Yes, DoorDash group orders are typically delivered by the same Dasher. Since a group order is processed similarly to a standard order, all the items for the group are delivered together.

If any issues arise with the order, the organizer can use the DoorDash app to contact customer support or the Dasher directly to resolve the problem, ensuring the entire order arrives at once without the need for multiple Dashers.

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