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How DoorDash Group Orders Work and How To Create One

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Do you and your family always disagree about where to order dinner?

Before you break out into another huge fight, consider placing a DoorDash group order.

The order can help you and your loved ones find restaurants you enjoy.

Each of you can order the food you’re craving so you can enjoy a meal together.

Read on for more.

What Is a DoorDash Group Order?

A DoorDash group order is an order that you create using your DoorDash account.

You’ll get a link that you can send to your friends, family, or coworkers.

Everyone can add their orders on their own devices.

That way, you don’t have to pass your phone around to everyone.

Also, you can order ahead before you all get together, so you can make sure the food gets to you on time.

It’s an excellent choice for small gatherings or your team at work.

You don’t have to worry about writing down everyone’s order and getting something wrong.

How Do DoorDash Group Orders Work?

When you place a group order, you can choose a restaurant or a couple of options.

If you’re ordering for something personal, you can place an order up to four days ahead of time.

Offices can place group orders up to a week ahead.

After you create the order, you’ll set a spending limit, which can be nice if you’re covering the entire order.

You’ll then select the delivery day and time.

The DoorDash delivery app will populate a link that you can send to the people participating.

Everyone can add their unique orders, and the restaurant will package each order separately.

That way, everything will be safe for you and your team or family.

How Much Do DoorDash Group Orders Cost?

A DoorDash group order cost will include the total price of the food.

You will also need to pay the delivery fee of $1.99 to $5.99.

DoorDash also adds an extra service fee on top of that, so consider that when setting up an order.

man holding a phone standing in a city with money coming out of his phone to indicate the doordash cost he's seeing on his app

Fortunately, you can limit the price of each person’s order.

Then, you can keep the overall cost from getting too high.

Do DoorDash Group Orders Cost Extra?

It’s unclear if DoorDash group orders cost extra.

The total price can depend on the number of order participants, the spending limit, and Doordash fees.

If you include multiple restaurants in your order, you will probably have to pay more than if you only allowed orders from one restaurant.

The delivery would take more time to go to different locations, which can increase the price.

Who Pays for a DoorDash Group Order?

The person with the DoorDash account who creates the group order will pay for it in their DoorDash app or on the website.

You can use a DoorDash gift card, a credit card, or any other payment method that the restaurant and food delivery service accept.

If you don’t want to handle the entire cost, you can ask others to reimburse you in cash, with a check, or through digital payment.

That way, you won’t have to use your money for the entire order cost.

Can You Split the Payment on DoorDash Group Orders?

You should be able to split the payment on a DoorDash group order.

If you have everyone pay separately, they can enter their payment details.

But you’ll still only have to pay one delivery fee.

You can also get all of the food delivered at the same time, which is nice if people can’t decide where to order from.

How Can I Order a DoorDash Group Order?

Knowing how to place mobile group orders can make it easy for you and your friends.

It may seem like extra work, but you won’t have as much confusion when you don’t have to pass one device around.

Plus, you can collect orders from people who live or work in different places.

You’ll then be able to schedule the order for when you’re all ready to eat.

Step by Step Guide

Here are the steps you should follow to place a successful group order in your DoorDash app.

1. Set Up the Order

A DoorDash user can log into their account to set up group ordering.

Fortunately, no one else needs to have an account to participate in an order.

If you have an account, open your food delivery app.

Look for the restaurant or restaurants you want to include in the order, such as Cheesecake Factory.

Next, you can select Group Order from the bottom of the screen.

That way, you can send the DoorDash order to people without accounts.

2. Send the Link

You can send the link via email or text message.

Make sure you give people enough time to look at the menu and enter their order before you close it.

If you and others in the group order use iMessage, you can send the link that way.

The iMessage app will then integrate order status updates into the text thread.

You and others on the order can check the status to see if a delivery driver has picked up the order.

That can be nice if you’re placing the order but will be busy until the delivery time.

3. Complete the Checkout Process

After you give everyone time to place their orders, you can review the order in your DoorDash app.

Make sure everything looks good and that you haven’t left anyone out.

If you have, you can send them the link now.

When you get responses from everyone, you can finish the checkout process.

You may just need to pay for your food and the delivery fee if you split the payments.

However, you might need to cover the entire order and ask others to pay you back.

Either way, you can use your current payment method or even a DoorDash coupon code or gift card.

That way, you’ll be able to get your food when and how you want it.

4. Wait for Your Order

After everyone finishes their order and you checkout, you can wait.

If you scheduled the order for another day, you’ll want to check in on your app around that delivery time.

On the other hand, if you placed an order for immediate delivery, you can go ahead and wait now.

You should be able to check and track the status of your order in your app or your iMessages.

When the DoorDash driver arrives, you can check your delivery order.

That way, you can make sure they didn’t forget anything.

If there are any issues, you’ll be able to correct them right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Placing a DoorDash group order can seem scary if you’ve never done it.

Whether you’re the one setting it up or are a participant, you may have questions about how everything works.

Fortunately, you’re not alone.

Consider the following questions and their answers to help make everything seem less stressful.

vector graphic showing a doordash group order being placed by a group of people sitting around a computer screen

Does Everyone Need to Have DoorDash for a Group Order?

Only one person in a group order needs to have DoorDash.

Someone with the food delivery app will need to be the one to set everything up.

After that, you can send the group ordering link to anyone, whether or not they have a DoorDash account.

That’s because the whole order will happen on that one account; the only difference is that you’re ordering on different devices.

Can DoorDash Group Orders Be Delivered to Multiple Addresses?

It’s unclear if you can send a group order to multiple addresses, though odds are that’s not likely an option.

Everything on the order falls under one delivery fee.

Because of that, it will be one delivery, so it will go to one address.

If you need to deliver the food to different addresses, the safest option is to place one order or group order per address.

What Is the Limit for DoorDash Group Orders?

The person setting up the DoorDash group order can set a limit.

You can set a limit of $10, $15, or $20.

Alternatively, you can customize the limit to be as low or as high as you want.

If you don’t feel you need to set a limit, you don’t have to set one.

Will DoorDash Group Orders Be Delivered by the Same Dasher?

Since DoorDash can process a group order the same as a regular order, the same dasher should be able to deliver everything.

If there’s a problem with the order, you can check your app and contact DoorDash or the delivery driver.

That way, you can get all of your food when you need it.

No one will have to wait for another dasher to arrive with their meal.

Wrapping Up

A DoorDash group order can make it easy for families, friends, and businesses to place large food orders.

Whether you’re looking to get lunch or dinner, today or the next day, consider placing a group order.

That way, everyone can control their order, and you can control the order total.

Soon enough, you’ll get your food, and you won’t have to compromise on where you order.

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