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How Late Does DoorDash Deliver? Delivery Times Explained In Detail

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Key Information

Weekday Availability

Most restaurants deliver till 9-10pm; limited options afterward.

Weekend Boost

Larger selection post-midnight due to late-night bar demand.

24/7 Operation

DoorDash technically works round-the-clock, but availability depends on location and restaurant operations.

Always Check App

Actual delivery times and restaurant choices can vary based on your location and available drivers.

How Late Does DoorDash Deliver?

During weekdays, DoorDash users can expect to find most restaurants offering delivery until around 9-10pm, with limited choices – usually only large fast-food chain options – available after that time.

On weekends, however, the selection of after-hours offerings from local restaurants increases greatly due to the demand from the late-night bar crowd.

DoorDash can deliver throughout the night, depending on your location. How late DoorDash works depends on three major factors:

  • How late stores in your area are open
  • The number of orders coming in at night in your city
  • How many DoorDash drivers live or operate in your area

DoorDash technically operates 24/7, similar to GrubHub hours, meaning it does not have a fixed closing time. However, the availability of restaurants and delivery drivers will depend on the location and time of day.

In most cities and towns where DoorDash operates, you won’t have any problem getting DoorDash deliveries until around 9-10 PM, or even a bit later. However, things may change once you get past the 10 or 11 PM mark, depending on where you live.

In major urban areas or cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Chicago, DoorDash effectively works 24/7. You can place an order any time of the day and night, and you will almost always find a driver pretty quickly.

It is best to check the DoorDash app or website for your area’s available restaurants and delivery times.

Days DoorDash Doesn’t Deliver

There are no official days on which DoorDash does not deliver. DoorDash operates even on major holidays such as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.

In larger cities, there are always people who don’t celebrate Christmas, need extra money, live alone and feel lonely staying at home, or work on holidays for whichever other reason. However, if you live in a smaller area where everything is closed on Christmas Eve, you won’t be able to place any orders.

Suppose one or two restaurants are open, but the site is very religious, or a family owns it and doesn’t go out during those times. In that case, it will be tough to find a driver.

What Happens if DoorDash Can’t Find a Driver?

If restaurants are open in your area, but no drivers are available, DoorDash will wait (around 45 minutes, in my expereince) to see if any driver accepts your order. After a specific time, they will automatically cancel your order if no driver is around or nobody picks it up.

Once cancelled, the app will automatically issue a refund to the card used to pay for the order. Customers can place the order again later or choose a different restaurant with available drivers.

Key Indications a Driver Isn’t Available

If you’ve ordered on DoorDash, but there are no drivers available, you will continue to see an error message that looks like this within your “Order Status” page:

image showing the error you'll see if you can't find a dasher

Or, if the DoorDash platform senses that there are no drivers available – not just ones that don’t want to pick up your order (for reasons we mention below) you will likely see a screen like this:

image showing a phone screen of what it looks like to have a no doordash drivers available error

If you see an error like either of these, I would highly suggest either trying a DoorDash pickup, or giving Uber Eats a try.

Up the Tip and Try Again

Sometimes, drivers are available but don’t want to go through the hassle of driving a long distance for very little pay. One way to make your existing order more attractive to drivers is DoorDash tipping – to offer a larger tip.

Be generous here — don’t just add $0.50, as that isn’t going to make a big difference to a tired driver. Instead, add at least $5 or so if you want drivers to pick up your order.

If you are worried about not being able to find a driver, here are some tips to make your order more lucrative to drivers:

  • Order from a place closer to your house. That way, drivers won’t have to drive as long – a few miles makes a big difference to an exhausted DoorDash worker.
  • Order from a place with free parking options and easy access. That may exclude university or hospital cafeterias or restaurants in shopping malls.
  • Finally, order from a place that prepares food quickly, so your driver doesn’t have to wait. Fast food restaurants like Burger King or McDonald’s are good options. Pizza shops usually deliver quickly as well.

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What Time Does DoorDash Customer Service Close?

DoorDash customer service is available 24/7 to assist customers with any issues they may have regarding their orders. However, the availability of specific support channels, such as phone or chat, depends on the time of day and location.

Customers can generally contact DoorDash customer service through the app or website anytime. If customers need to speak with a live representative, they can initiate a chat or request a call back through the app or website.

The DoorDash Help Center also provides helpful articles and FAQs that customers can browse through to find answers to common questions.

How To Avoid Late Deliveries

To avoid late deliveries with DoorDash, customers can choose restaurants with shorter estimated delivery times or higher delivery ratings.

Additionally, customers can monitor the order status in real-time through the app or website to ensure the delivery is on schedule.

Finally, customers can communicate with the driver through the app to provide additional information or instructions to expedite delivery.

Order Earlier

Ordering earlier with DoorDash can have several benefits, including faster delivery times and a greater selection of restaurants.

Ordering during off-peak hours, such as mid-afternoon or early evening, can help avoid peak demand and potential delays.

Additionally, ordering earlier can give customers more time to plan their meals and make any necessary changes or adjustments to their orders.

Schedule Your Order Ahead of Time

A great alternative to placing a late order is to schedule your pickup in advance. Drivers may be more likely to pick up scheduled orders, as they sometimes offer better compensation.

However, you have to make sure that the store you are ordering from will be open at the scheduled time. The restaurant will see your order right away in the orders tab.

Still, it will show up in a separate section labeled “scheduled.” Doordash will only mark it as “needs action” 30-60 minutes before the scheduled time, depending on how many items the order has.

However, be aware that a scheduled pick-up may arrive earlier than expected sometimes, as drivers on the platform may pick it up earlier than expected.

Why Some Drivers Don’t Drive at Night

There are many reasons drivers will avoid working late at night, and they are all valid. Here are the most common reasons drivers don’t work at night:

  • There are not enough restaurants open 24/7: The available restaurants take too long to prepare food and do not provide easy access or free parking options.
  • There are not enough orders coming in: This problem is common in smaller, more rural areas. It may not be worth it for a driver to stay up for an occasional order here and there. They just won’t earn enough.
  • It may be dangerous:
  • Urban areas can be unsafe at night, deterring drivers, especially those delivering on scooters, bikes, or foot, who face increased risks in certain locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

See some of the most frequently asked questions from below.

Can You Drive For DoorDash at Any Time?

Yes, you can drive for DoorDash at any time of the day or night. DoorDash provides drivers with a lot of flexibility in that area. However, you need to make sure there are restaurants on DoorDash open throughout the night where you live.

Also, if you are delivering in a rural area, it may not be worth it for you to stay up at night in an attempt to pick up orders.

You can check the map in your app to see whether it is a busy time. The more red the map is, the more demand there is. If the map is gray, that means there are not a lot of orders coming in.

What Food Delivery Apps Deliver 24/7?

DoorDash is one delivery app that delivers 24/7 in the US and Canada, but there are others. Uber Eats and Grubhub are the two other largest food-delivery apps in the United States that deliver 24/7. Postmates is another good mobile app that is available 24/7 in urban areas.

What Are Peak Hours for DoorDash?

Peak hours for DoorDash can vary depending on the location and day of the week.

Generally, peak hours are when demand for delivery is highest, such as during lunch and dinner hours on weekdays and throughout the day on weekends. DoorDash drivers can check the app to see the busiest delivery times in their area.

Wrapping Up

DoorDash is a popular food delivery platform that allows customers to order from local restaurants and track their deliveries. While DoorDash offers convenience and flexibility with its extended delivery hours, customers should be mindful of the operating hours of their local restaurants and DoorDash’s customer service team.

If customers have any issues with their orders, they can contact DoorDash’s customer service team during operating hours to receive assistance. Therefore, knowing what time DoorDash closes is essential to ensure smooth and efficient delivery service.

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