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DoorDash Light Reminders Explained

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Have you ever received a notification from DoorDash telling you to put on your porch lights?

Don’t worry, these messages aren’t anything to be concerned about.

The DoorDash light reminder is part of a recent initiative by the company regarding late-night deliveries.

This article will explain what they are, how they came to be, and the purpose behind them.

What Is the DoorDash Porch Lights Reminder?

DoorDash’s Porch Lights Reminder is a notification received by customers who order DoorDash deliveries outside business hours.

The company sends a notification to customers asking them to turn on their porch lights.

In addition, it informs them that a Dasher is approaching their premises to bring their delivery items.

The reminder notification reads as follows:

“I’m on my way with your order! In the evening, please make sure your porch light is on to avoid any delays. Thank you!”

When Did DoorDash Start Sending Porch Light Reminders?

DoorDash shared the news that it would begin sending customers porchlight reminders in a November 14th, 2022 blog post.

In the same article, the company lists other features for delivery people affiliated with the company. They include:

  • SafeDash Check-In: When DoorDash detects that a dash has taken longer than expected, the company automatically checks in with the dasher to find out whether they’re okay.
  • Real-Time Safety Alerts: Through a partnership with the global crisis detection platform Samdesk, DoorDash alerts Dashers who are on active deliveries of any emergencies occurring near or around the delivery locations.
  • SafeChat: DoorDash’s SafeChat detects offensive language in the app’s chat and sends a warning to the sender. If the customer is on the receiving end of the abuse, they can complain.
  • Safety Reporting: With DoorDash’s Safety Reporting policy, the company’s Dashers can report a safety incident quickly (for example, if a customer displays threatening behavior or gets violent).

Since its November 2022 post, the company has rolled out the above features in the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

Why Did DoorDash Implement the Porch Lights Reminder Notifications?

Like the other safety features implemented in DoorDash’s blog post, the purpose of the DoorDash Porch Lights Reminder is to keep its Dashers out of harm’s way.

The difference between this policy and the others is the Porch Lights Reminder mainly pertains to night deliveries.

In particular, DoorDash relied on feedback from its delivery people who found themselves at poorly-lit locations during their nighttime deliveries.

Final Thoughts

The DoorDash light reminder notification is part of the company’s efforts to keep its Dashers safe while on deliveries at night.

By informing customers to turn on their porch lights while a Dasher is in transit, the company ensures that the customer is aware that the Dasher is on the way.In addition, the company’s delivery personnel can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll be greeted by bright house lights once they reach their destination.

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