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DoorDash Complaint: What Counts As One and How To File

DoorDash is one of the best food delivery services, but what happens when it fails? How do you make a DoorDash complaint? It's easy - here's how.

We’ve all been there: A Friday night after a very long week at work you are tired and just want to sit back and relax, watch a movie, and call for food delivery-because the last thing you want to do is drive anywhere.

But you’re hungry, so you order through DoorDash, and you wait.

And you wait.

And you wait some more.

Even eventually, your DoorDash driver gets here with your order, but there is something wrong.

How do you contact DoorDash to fix the mistake, or get your money back?

Not only can a mistake in a delivery order from your favorite restaurant can ruin your night, but it can also be expensive -especially if you never get your order, or you get the wrong items.

When and How to File a DoorDash Complaint

Takeout apps like DoorDash are a godsend most of the time, especially for big cities like New York or San Francisco, but when things go wrong, you may struggle to find a way to contact them.

After my fair share of mishaps, I have found that all you need is to know your way around the delivery app itself (or their website).

You should be able to get help for any issue.

You just need to know how to file a complaint through the correct channels.

First of All, what Counts as a DoorDash Complaint?

Things go wrong sometimes, but not all mishaps are created the same, which is why it’s a good idea to check DoorDash’s Terms of Service.

That being said, below is a list of the reasons DoorDash covers on their website:

Wrong Order

This is one of the drawbacks of ordering out, you always run the risk of your getting someone else’s order.

So, what do you do?

You need to contact DoorDash Customer Support and they will take care of you.

Missing Items

If you are missing an item from your order, do not contact your Dasher (that’s what DoorDash calls a deliverydriver)and ask them to go back to the restaurant to pick up the item -they can’t do that.

What you need to do is contact DoorDash customer support, and they will refund you.

One important thing to remember: if, for any reason, you did not receive your order, make sure you go to the DoorDash app and check your contact information to make sure they have the right address.

Dasher Issues

DoorDash workers are independent contractors who are submitted to several continuous background checks.

Most drivers will go out of their way to make sure you are happy with the service, but sometimes you find a not-so-professional Dasher.

If your delivery worker provides terrible customer service, is rude to you, or messes with your order for whatever reason, you need to contact DoorDash Customer Service and be very clear about what happened when it happened, and where it happened.

Customer Issues

Sometimes, an issue arises on the customer’s side.

For example, the delivery address was mistyped, or the driver cannot access the place where they are supposed to deliver the order.

In these cases, the driver will probably contact DoorDashto let them know.

What you can do, on your part, is make sure that your personal information is error-free.

If the driver needs a special code to enter your subdivision, make sure you tell them how.

In short, make sure you communicate any special instructions your dasher needs to know in order to have access to your house.

How to File a DoorDash Complaint?

No one likes being disappointed (especially when it comes to restaurant food you paid for).

The DoorDash platformoffers answers to a long list of customer questions.

But if this feels like a little too much information, here are several ways you can file a complaint and get a refund, or at least a credit:

Chat in the App

The easiest and fastest way to file your complaint is through their delivery app.

All you need to do is click on “Help” if you have an iPhone or “?” if you have an Android phone.

These are located in the upper right corner of the app.

Select Once you’re there, select your issue (if your issue is not listed, tap “Something Else”) and start chatting with a customerservice agent.

By Email

DoorDash offers several ways for people to contact them, and the most popular ways are through email.

Keep in mind that this is the best option if your complaint isn’t time-sensitive because it can take a few hours for DoorDash to get back to you (this is not the norm, but sometimes it happens).

So, if your complaint is not urgent, you can email your complaint to [email protected].

You will be prompted to fallout a form, and afterward, a DoorDash customer service specialist will be in contact with you

By Phone

What if you need or want to speak to an employee who can help you on the spot?

DoorDash’s official customer support number is not immediately available on their website, but finding it is not that hard.

All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on the “Help” link.

This link leads to a support page where you can find their Customer Support phone number.

Once you place a call, just listen to the automated instructions and select the right options with your keypad.

You will then be transferred to a live agent.

What Happens When You Complain to DoorDash?

vector graphic showing an illustration of people lodging a doordash complaint to a represntative

Okay, so there was a problem with your DoorDash order and you reported it.

Now what?

Well, like every food deliveryservice, DoorDash has several ways to resolve complaints:

Problem Solving

If you find something wrong with your order, there are several ways in which DoorDash can fix it:

If your Dasher is still there, make sure you tell them about the problem immediately.

They will work with DoorDash to find a solution to your specific issue.

If you noticed the problem after your DoorDasher left, you need to contact DoorDash immediately and give them a detailed description of the problem.

Be specific, but polite.

If you can, send pictures.

Document everything.

The more information you give DoorDash customer service, the easier (and faster) they will be able to help you solve your problem.


DoorDash gives refunds on a case-by-case basis.

Each case is different, but these are usually the cases in which they may refund your money:

  • You received someone else’s order
  • Your order never arrived or arrived late
  • Your order was missing items
  • Problems with the quality of the food
  • The food was prepared incorrectly.

Refunds can take 5-7 days to hit your bank account, and you can always check the status of your refund.


The most common way DoorDash will reimburse you for an order is by offering store credit.

Just like the refund, the credit depends on the specific case.

You may get partial credit for an order if, for example, there were missing items.

Or you may get full credit for the order if the problem was with the order itself and you don’t qualify for a refund.

In any case, the important thing is that you contact DoorDash Customer Support the moment you discover there is something wrong with your order.

Wrap up

DoorDash offers convenience in every possible way.

Their goal is to make their customers happy and keep them coming back to their services, so they will do everything in their power to make sure you are happy.

It is always disappointing when you have problems with your food delivery, but in their case, DoorDash has made it easy to contact them and have the problem resolved.

3 thoughts on “DoorDash Complaint: What Counts As One and How To File”

  1. We have a driver here who is allowed to work 12 hours per day straight with no break, is a top dasher and no day off. He is a danger to himself and others and has begun asking clients to tip him better to get their orders as well as throwing food and being rude to everyone. Door dash does nothing about it and he is complained about on Facebook and the community forums in Sidney Ohio. It hurts door dash, other drivers and is totally unsafe to have him on the road.

  2. I am leaving DoorDash and I can’t wait. I spent over $2500 a month every month this Year with them, yet they continually go back and forth with me on the amount they will refund. I only ask for credits, but I’m done trying to defend the reason I’m needing a credit. Would any client who spends that much not be entitled to be believed, just by looking at my history? Tired of fighting with them. They don’t seem to care about losing my business so HELLO GRUBHUB!


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