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The Funniest DoorDash Memes Of 2024 [Categorized]

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The Funniest DoorDash Memes

The following are some of the most reposted and retweeted categories of DoorDash memes that you’re guaranteed to resonate within some capacity.

1. Memes About DoorDash Being Expensive

The fact is eating out and ordering food for delivery can be hard on our wallets.

And speaking bluntly, the cost of DoorDash orders can sometimes be outrageous.

With DoorDash’s free delivery for the first-month offer, many memes depict how customers are using it to their advantage.

doordash meme about ordering food prices

Others show how much taxes, fees, and tips unexpectedly add up after creating your order.

doordash meme about chicago fee

You may even find extra fees that don’t always make a lot of sense.

Not to mention paying above market price for food that ends up arriving late and cold.

doordash meme about food being cold when arriving

This leads us to our next category.

2. Memes About DoorDash Wait Times

Sometimes your DoorDash delivery can hardly be described as a dash.

Whether it’s DoorDash matching you up with a distant Dasher or the restaurant being backed up with orders, waiting around for your order is never a good time.

doordash meme about waiting for food

Ordering from fast-food restaurants becomes a whole new meaning when you choose to do so via DoorDash.

So, it’s understandable that when that time comes, you’re eager to meet your Dasher the way our dogs tend to greet us at the door.

doordash meme about waiting for food after ordering

The same sentiment extends to customers and Dasher alike.

After all, Dashers also have to wait for the restaurant to complete the order.

doordash meme about waiting for food to pickup as a doordash driver

Knowing the Dasher might be waiting too will give you a reason to tip them more as well.

3. Memes About DoorDashers

Sometimes most of the laughs come from memes that depict our experience with DoorDashers.

Some people just don’t make for the best DoorDash employees, especially if they happen to get hungry on the job.

Others may not be willing to go above and beyond in the name of customer service either.

The DoorDasher life isn’t always easy, though.

Many memes showcase the apparent struggles of being a DoorDash delivery employee.

This is mainly due to how little they get paid.

Even the top Dashers don’t seem to make a whole lot from their efforts.

That’s why tips are always appreciated.

4. Memes Dashers Use to Get Tips

Speaking of tips, Dashers everywhere have been using memes as a strategy to get better tips from customers, often outside of the app and in cash.

In fact, a viral TikTok video, posted by a Dasher, outlines a genius hack for getting more tips by sending customers updates via memes.

The results were amazing.

Customers got such a kick out of the memes that they became inspired with the spirit of giving and, low and behold, began leaving cash tips for the Dashers.

The DoorDash Tipping Controversy

There’s been a growing concern over how DoorDash treats its employees, specifically regarding its pay policy.

The app received heightened backlash as Dashers took to Twitter to voice their opinions about the company allegedly withholding their hard-earned tips, which later led to an article in the New York Times.

After lawmakers passed a bill in late April that required all delivery apps to notify customers “if gratuity is paid to delivery workers in addition to their regular wage – or if tips are put toward their base pay,” Twitter users began expressing their issues with DoorDash’s policy.

While Doordash tells Dashers that they would make a guaranteed minimum for each delivery, many have said that the food delivery service withholds their tips.

This happens by allowing the Dasher their tip but deducting the total tip amount from their base pay.

The reveal of this information caused quite a stir on Twitter by Dashers and DoorDash customers alike.

Many called the policy “a deceptive model” that should be made illegal.

DoorDash later issued a statement explaining that the app had changed its policy to include higher minimum pay, although the Dasher may not still receive their full tip.

Wrapping Up

Being the number one food delivery service app on the market today, it’s no surprise how far the general public has gone to convey the DoorDash experience.

Whether you’re the customer or the Dasher, you’re likely to relate to any of these memes.

From hacks that let you skip the fees or that help you get more customer tips to hilariously unacceptable Dasher work ethic, there’s a meme for nearly every DoorDash experience.

DoorDasher’s have a longstanding history with concerns over their tips and payment.

So it’s important to remember to tip your driver.

Maybe not while taking a bite out of your meal, per se.

But in most cases, do your part to ensure your Dasher receives compensation for all their hard work.

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