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If you’ve used GoPuff’s delivery service and had problems, you might wonder how to contact them.

The company can help you with several different issues you might have with your order through phone, email, or chat.

We’ll provide information on what GoPuff customer service can help with and the three ways to contact GoPuff customer service.

What Is GoPuff?

GoPuff is a delivery service available in many major cities across the United States.

Yakir Gola and his partner, Rafael Ilishayev, started it when they were college students in Philadelphia and wanted to avoid going to a convenience store for late-night snacks.

So they began delivering all these items, as well as hookahs and tobacco products.

Now they deliver to more than 1,000 cities and deliver thousands of products, such as pet food, snacks, grocery items, soft drinks, alcohol, cleaning items, ice cream, quick meals, bath and beauty products, health products, home, and office products, and baby products.

What Can GoPuff Customer Service Help With?

GoPuff’s customer service team can help with several problems.

Order Problems

You can contact GoPuff customer service regarding several order problems.

These include the following:

Checking the Status of an Order

The best way to check the status of an order is through the order status page on the GoPuff app or website; it provides the most current information available about the status of your order.

For example, your estimated delivery window may change—that doesn’t mean anything is wrong; they just want to be honest about when your GoPuff order will arrive.

Needing To Change or Cancel an Order

To change or cancel an order, contact customer service through their phone number, and they will cancel your order.

If Your Order Is Incorrect, Has Expired, Melted or Damaged Items or Items Missing

If items in your order are incorrect, expired, melted, damaged, or missing, fill out the contact form with a description of the item or items, and the customer service team will reach out as soon as possible to make things right.

You can also call them at 855-400-7833.

Receiving the Wrong Order

If you received the wrong order, you can fill out the same contact form or call them, and they’ll resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If You Didn’t Receive Your Order, but the Website Says It Was Delivered

If you don’t have your order, but the website says it was delivered, contact their 800 number for immediate assistance.

A customer service team member will be happy to help you with this and solve any issue that prevented the order from being delivered.

Account Issues

Some account issues that GoPuff customer service can assist with are:

Not Being Able to Log Into Your Account

Make sure you’ve entered the correct phone number before contacting customer service.

GoPuff will send a verification code to your phone number and the email address on your account.

If you’re not receiving the code, contact their customer service team.

If You Need to Update Your Account Information

If you need to update your name, address, or credit card information, go to the “my account” section of your account.

Then, use the “my credit cards” and “settings” sections to update your address, payment information, or phone number.

If You Need To Change Your Email Address

To update or edit your Gopuff account email address, go to the “my account” section and choose “settings.”

You’ll see an option to change your email.  

If You Need To Get Into Your Account When You Can’t Access Your Mobile Phone

If you have a current Gopuff account but can’t access or log into your phone, you can log in on another device.

Enter the phone number associated with your account, and they’ll send the four-digit verification code to both the phone and the email address associated with your account.

You can retrieve the four-digit code to log into your account from your email if you don’t have access to your phone.

To Unsubscribe From Marketing Texts and Emails

You can unsubscribe from Gopuf marketing texts and emails with the link provided at the bottom of the emails.

There’s a line that says, “To unsubscribe from our mailing list, click here.”

Remember that emails titled “GoPuff Your verification code” and “Your GoPuff order!” are transactional.

They’re only sent when you take action on your GoPuff account, such as signing in and placing an order.

You cannot unsubscribe from these emails because they contain important updates about your account.

What To Do if You Suspect Fraudulent or Suspicious Activity on Your Account

If you notice suspicious activity on your banking statement, GoPuff recommends contacting your bank to report the potentially fraudulent activity.

But unfortunately, there’s very little they can do directly through customer service because of privacy issues.

Your bank will reach out to them, and they can work with them on the request.

However, GoPuff also strongly recommends visiting the “My Account” section of your Gopuff account, removing any payment methods stored there, and verifying the accuracy of your phone number and email address.

How To Submit a Subpoena or Fraud Affidavit

To submit a subpoena request, go to this web page and fill out the appropriate information.

GoPuff can only disclose information to law enforcement officers, judges, attorneys, and other court personnel.


GoPuff customer service can process a refund if needed.

They usually take three to five days to process, not including weekends or holidays.

You may receive your funds as a voided transaction instead of a manual refund.

If that happens, you’ll see a pending charge fall off your account instead of a positive credit to your account.

If a refund or void hasn’t been completed and more than five business days have passed, GoPuff suggests contacting your financial institution.

If you used Apple Pay or Google Pay to place your order, your refund would appear in Apple Pay or Google Pay’s transaction history.

However, it may take three to five business days for the refund to appear under the payment history on your device.

If you placed your order with Venmo, your refund would appear in the Venmo app.

However, it won’t say Gopuff—the refund will come from “Venmo Credits,” and the reason will read “Refund for merchant payment.”

How to Contact GoPuff Customer Service

You can contact GoPuff Customer service in three different ways:

Phone Number

GoPuff’s customer service phone number is 855-400-7833.

Both customers and drivers use the same phone number.

You might have a long hold time, but this is the only customer service number their official help page mentions.


You can contact GoPuff via email at support (at) gopuff.com.

When emailing them, be sure to include any pertinent information, like your GoPuff email address, phone number, and order ID number.


You can contact GoPuff customer service via chat on their website—just click on the support icon in the lower right corner, answer “Yes” that you need help today, and ask your question.

GoPuff Address

GoPuff’s address is 537 N 12th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123.


That’s what you need to know about the three fastest ways to contact GoPuff customer service.

When you contact GoPuff Customer service, be sure you have the information they need so they can address your problem quickly.

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