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5 Proven Ways To Contact HyreCar Customer Service For Help

Learn how to contact HyreCar customer service for roadside assistance, insurance information, and other support. For drivers and owners, we can help you reach HyreCar!

HyreCar is a wonderful car-sharing platform, that’s no doubt.

But like anything, there will be problems. And when you need help, you need to know how to get it.

In this article, we’re pulling back the curtain and revealing the best ways to contact HyreCar customer service and how to maximize each one.

Let’s jump right in.

How Can I Contact HyreCar Customer Service?

If you are experiencing any issues – either as an owner or driver – HyreCar customer service can help you.

You can ask questions about how to choose the right car for you.

Or, about the different levels of service available from Uber, Lyft, and delivery services.

You might also have questions about which owners do not set mileage caps.

We know there’s not a one way fits all approach to people’s preferred communication methods.

For this reason, HyreCar offers several methods for you to get in contact with support reps

Regardless of the option you choose, the number one priority is to provide you with a positive, stress-free experience.

vector image of a woman holding a phone with hyrecar customer service options in boxes around her

1. HyreCar Help Center

You can visit the HyreCar Help Center and enter your questions in the search area under the heading “How Can We Help?”

You can also click to enter questions based on whether you’re a driver or vehicle owner, you need to report vehicle damage or an accident, or you have questions regarding HyreCar policies.

The Help Center also allows you to join a Chat Session, where you can enter your name, email, and subject and indicate whether you’re a driver, vehicle owner, or third party.

2. Open a Support Ticket with HyreCar Customer Support

You may also open a support ticket that will go to HyreCar’s Customer Service Team for their attention.

When you open a ticket, you’ll enter your email address, customer type, contact reason, subject, and description of the issue you’re experiencing.

You may also enter any questions you may have that you weren’t able to locate in the Help Center.

3. Call HyreCar Customer Service

If you would like to speak with a HyreCar Representative, please call HydreCar’s toll-free phone number at (888) 688-6769.

The phone menu will give you the option to obtain information on listing a vehicle (option #1) and renting a car (option #2).

Selecting option #3 will bring you directly to a HyreCar Customer Service Representative.

4. Access to HyreCar’s California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) ’s Webform

If you’re a California resident, you have the right to opt-out of the “Sale” of your personal information to another business or third party for monetary or other consideration.

If you’d like to submit a request under the CCPA, you can submit a CCPA Webform, where an asterisk marks all required fields.

You can obtain further information about HyreCar’s sale of personal information and your right to opt-out of any sale by visiting HyreCar’s Privacy Policy.

You may also call HyerCar’s Customer Service Line at (888) 688-6769 or send an email to compliance@hyrecar.com for further information.

5. Contacting HyreCar via Social Media Platforms

HyreCar also has a strong presence on many social media platforms, where you have another opportunity to reach Customer Service via Direct Messaging.

You can reach them via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tips for Getting Top-Shelf Service

Your HyreCar Customer Service team is committed to providing you with friendly, professional, solution-oriented services.

However, you can help ensure that you receive optimal and prompt assistance by following a few simple tips:

  • If you’re having a problem, even if you may be understandably frustrated or upset, do your best to be friendly.
  • Recognize that your service representative is there to help. They may find it off-putting if you immediately jump in, speaking quickly and shouting or writing messages filled with impolite language.
  • Instead, clearly explain your issue or concern, and if on the phone, pause frequently to allow the service rep an opportunity to ask any clarifying questions.

Reasons to Contact HyreCar

There are multiple reasons to contact HyreCar and its Customer Service team.

These may range from interest in getting started as a driver or a renter to obtaining information as a HyreCar veteran who needs roadside assistance, insurance information, or other support.

You might want to get started as a first-time driver.

Or, maybe you’re a HyreCar renter who needs help with roadside assistance, insurance information, or other support.

If you have an issue, no matter how big or small it is, our friendly team is ready to help you.

Some of the most common areas we support our clients with are as follows.

1. General Customer Service Questions

At HyreCar, it is believed that they’re more alike than we are different.

Below are some areas where HyreCar customer service team can support you, whether you’re the vehicle owner or driver.

Can’t Get Approval

Our gut is wrenching with yours—we know that you were hoping for, and perhaps even relying on, HyreCar as a source of income.

If you can’t figure out why we didn’t approve your application, get in contact with HyreCar, and they’lllook into it.

Sometimes a pair of human eyes on your file is all it takes to get things straightened out.

Issues Uploading Documents

Whether it be on your end or ours, there are countless possibilities why you can’t upload your documents.

Some of the most common factors include uploading an incompatible file type and the document size being too large for our system.

By contacting customer service, they’ll make sure you can submit your paperwork, and they’ll even stay on the phone with you until it goes through.

Forgotten Password

Don’t worry; it happens to all of us.

If you haven’t done so already, click on the grey “Forgot Password?” prompt beneath the “Login” button.

It’ll ask you for your email and send you details on how to reset your password.

If you’re unable to access your email, get in contact with support, and they’ll help you log back into your HyreCar account.

2. Customer Service for Vehicle Owners

We understand that you’ll have initial hesitations about renting your vehicle out to a stranger for ridesharing.

You might be thinking:

  • What if they get in an accident?
  • Or, what happens if they spill coffee on the passenger seat?

Below are some of the most common concerns customer service can help you with.

Can’t Get a Driver

The only thing more frustrating than seeing your car sit in your garage is to see it there when you know it could be making you money.

Although you have 24 hours to respond to a driver request, we recommend setting up email notifications on your phone.

That’s because drivers can request many vehicles at a time, and the HyreCar system issues cars for pick up on a first to respond, first-served basis.

However, if you keep accepting driver requests without any luck, contact customer service, and they’ll take a look at your file to see what’s going on.

Driver Damaged or Crashed Vehicle

First of all, we’re sorry this happened.

econdly, please know that all HyreCar drivers have rideshare insurance.

So, you’ll have more coverage than insurance provided by Uber or Lyft.

We understand that car sharing insurance comes with complicated words.

So, please give them a call, and they’ll walk you through what your insurance covers and how to file a claim.

3. Customer Service for Vehicle Drivers

There are few things better than knowing you have control over your time and how much of it you want to use to make money.

The team at HyreCar strives to make everything run smoothly for you.

Below are some of the most common situations that drivers reach out about.

Owner Late or a No-Show

We’re sorry for the frustration that this is understandably causing.

We use a rating system to increase the likelihood of drivers renting their vehicle to you on time.

However, we know that late drop-offs or no-shows happen.

Accusations of Vehicle Damage

HyreCar asks that you and the owner inspect the vehicle together when you pick it up.

Taking photos is an excellent way to show that a stain or nick wasn’t there before the owner handed it to you.

Even so, we know that it’s impossible to take photos of every nook and cranny.

Therefore, the customer service team is ready and waiting to be a mediator to help you resolve the issue.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re interested in renting a car to become a rideshare or delivery driver or making regular passive income by renting your car to an eager driver, HyreCar may be the perfect answer.

And remember that their Customer Service Team is there to help ensure your way to success.

2 thoughts on “5 Proven Ways To Contact HyreCar Customer Service For Help”

  1. Hello all, my comment is that I don’t have a credit card, just a check debit card. I’ve been with my bank for maybe 40 years. Been disabled many years. Now that I’m feeling better, looking to rent a car for part time work. I looking to build my credit, and work part time. Anyone have suggestions on where I can rent a car for 3-4 days a week, maybe 4-5 hours a day? I really need help with this! Thank-you for your help!!

  2. Why is there no penalty or procedure for car owners ? Renters should be also able to rate owners. I’ve been waiting over an hour for my vehicle. Owners should face fines or not be able to rent cars.


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