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HyreCar Requirements: All You Need to Rent Out Your Vehicle

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Key Takeaways

  • Rent out various vehicles including SUVs, minivans, and hybrids. Ideal for different rideshare services like UberXL, Lyft, and UberEats.
  • Vehicles must be a two or four-door car, not older than 15 years, with valid insurance and registration.
  • For delivery services, cars need a clean title, no cosmetic damage, or branding. Rideshare vehicles must seat at least four passengers and meet state-specific rideshare standards.
  • Cars must be clean, mechanically sound, and owners must provide necessary documentation like insurance card, vehicle inspection, and registration.

What Kind of Vehicle Can You Rent Out With HyreCar?

With HyreCar, you can rent out a variety of vehicles to meet different rideshare service requirements, including:

  1. SUVs and Minivans: These vehicles, such as the Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Ford Explorer, and Kia Sorento, are ideal for services like UberXL and Lyft. They can seat at least six people, making them suitable for groups of friends or families.
  2. Hybrids: Popular for their fuel efficiency, hybrids are a common choice for economical rides like UberX. They are perfect for one to two passengers and can also be used for UberEats driving. Examples include the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, and Toyota Prius.

The choice between SUVs and hybrids depends on your target rideshare service, with SUVs typically earning more per trip due to their larger passenger capacity.

General Requirements for Listing a Vehicle

Your car has to meet some general criteria to be listed on HyreCar. These requirements differ slightly depending on whether you’re listing the vehicle for delivery service or ridesharing.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a clipboard and inspecting a vehicle to see if it meets the hyrecar requirements standards
Vehicle Requirements for Delivery Services

Has to be a two or four-door car

Must be a 15-year-old vehicle or a newer

Need to have valid auto insurance

Must have a valid vehicle registration

Mustn’t have a washed or branded title. The car must have a clean title.

Has to be free of any cosmetic damage or commercial branding

Mustn’t have any missing pieces

Vehicle Requirements for Rideshare Services

Must have the capacity to transport a minimum of four passengers

Must be a 15-year-old car or a newer

Has to be a four-door car

Must have valid auto insurance

Must have a valid registration

Has to have a clean title. HyreCar doesn’t accept vehicles with washed or branded titles.

Must be free of any cosmetic damage or commercial branding

Mustn’t have any missing parts

Has to meet rideshare services’ requirements in your state.

Check this guide on how HyreCar works if you’re looking for more information about the platform.

Vehicle Condition and Maintenance Standards

HyreCar mandates that both drivers and vehicle owners confirm the car’s good condition before each rental.

This includes verifying its cleanliness and mechanical soundness. The vehicle must be returned as clean as it was initially, with potential cleaning fees up to $250 for non-compliance.

Cleaning Standards

To comply with HyreCar’s cleaning standards, vehicles need to be thoroughly clean and hygienic:

  1. Interior Cleanliness: The interior, including seats, carpets, floor mats, and storage compartments, should be free of trash, debris, and personal items.
  2. Exterior Appearance: A clean exterior is essential, with particular focus on wheels, windows, and mirrors for spotlessness and clear visibility.
  3. Windows and Mirrors: These should be clean for both aesthetics and safe driving visibility.
  4. High-Touch Areas: Sanitization of areas like the steering wheel, gear shift, door handles, and control buttons is crucial to minimize germ transmission.
  5. Odor Control: Vehicles should be free from strong or unpleasant odors, using air fresheners or odor eliminators if necessary.
  6. Air Vents and Filters: Ensuring clean air vents and filters improves air quality inside the vehicle.
  7. Upholstery Care: Stain-free upholstery and well-maintained surfaces are important, with specific treatments for leather and fabric as needed.

By maintaining these standards, vehicle owners ensure their cars meet HyreCar’s requirements and offer a pleasant experience for renters.

Mechanical Soundness and Maintenance

Owners are responsible for regularly checking their vehicles for operational and safety issues, ensuring they are always roadworthy. Regular maintenance due to wear and tear falls under the owner’s responsibility.

Additionally, HyreCar requires a background check for all drivers, promoting safer and more responsible usage of listed vehicles.

Required Documentations to List a Vehicle on HyreCar

HyreCar requires you to submit digital copies of only a few documents when listing your vehicle on the platform. These documents have to be in JPG, PDF, or PNG format.

Here they are:

  • A copy of the insurance card
  • A copy of 19-point vehicle inspection (required in some states)
  • A copy of the car registration
  • Clear and accurate images of the vehicle’s interiors and exteriors from different angles

Other Crucial Information to Submit

You’ll also need to provide an affirmation that the car complies with:

  • All applicable laws in your state
  • Current insurance, registration, and inspection
  • Rideshare companies’ requirements (If you list it for rideshare drivers)

HyreCar Insurance Requirements Simplified

To list your car for rent on HyreCar, ensure it’s covered by either personal or commercial auto insurance. Additionally, HyreCar offers four distinct protection plans, each tailored to different needs and situations. When you list your vehicle on the platform, you’ll need to select one of these plans.

In the event of vehicle damage during a rental period, it’s crucial to submit photographic evidence to HyreCar within 24 hours after the rental ends. These photos should clearly show your car’s condition both before and after the rental, to accurately document any damage.

Remember, insurance claims are not accepted if this evidence is submitted past the 24-hour deadline.

Additional Considerations

Besides the above requirements, you need to pay attention to the following considerations when listing your vehicle on HyreCar:

1. Writing Compelling Vehicle Description

You need to use the car’s description as a hook for potential tenants. To write an attractive description, you need to include the unique features of your vehicle.

This can include the car being fuel efficient or having seat coolers and so on.

Equally important, you need to make the description informative. To do so, add the available pickup time as well as any other information your potential tenant might need to choose a vehicle.

2. Maintenance Cost

HyreCar has a minimum mileage of 250 miles a day. Whether drivers rent a car for Lyft, Uber, or any other rental options, you can expect it to accumulate thousands of miles monthly.

That way, you need to be prepared for the cleaning and maintenance costs associated with this intensive car use.

3. Setting Your Rental Price

The recommended rental price for your vehicle varies based on its brand, model, and condition.

When setting your rate, you need to look at similar vehicles on HyreCar to get an idea of the competitor’s rates.

You should also consider all associated costs with rental, such as regular maintenance and depreciation. With these in mind, include a decent profit margin.

Check this HyreCar vs Turo guide if you want to choose between the two platforms.

Do HyreCar Vehicles Have to Meet Uber Standards, Too?

vector graphic showing a clipboard with Uber car requirements on it and an Uber vehicle behind it getting evaluated

Yes, vehicles rented through HyreCar must meet Uber’s vehicle standards. These requirements include:

  1. Current Registration: You need to have and present the current registration document for the vehicle.
  2. Vehicle Age: Depending on the city, there are different vehicle age requirements. Generally, Uber requires cars to be 15 model years old or newer.
  3. Vehicle Type: All vehicles must be four-door sedans to qualify for Uber ridesharing services.
  4. Seating Capacity: Sedans must comfortably seat four or more passengers.
  5. Cosmetic Condition: Vehicles should not have any visible cosmetic damage.
  6. Vehicle Inspection: A car inspection is required to confirm the vehicle’s condition and suitability for Uber services.

Additionally, if you are a driver, you must complete a background check procedure as part of Uber’s standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a hand holding a clipboard and inspecting a vehicle to see if it meets the hyrecar requirements standards

How Often Do Cars Need Inspection for HyreCar?

Vehicles listed on HyreCar require an annual inspection, typically involving a 19-point check. However, inspection frequency may differ based on state regulations, so it’s important to confirm local requirements for compliance.

Can There Be Any Damage to Your Car?

Minor damages like scratches may be acceptable on your car for HyreCar listing, as long as they pass the inspection. It’s advisable to get a ridesharing mechanic to inspect your vehicle remotely, and renters will take photos before pickup to document the car’s condition and avoid liability issues.

Wrapping Up

It is crucial to understand all HyreCar requirements and prepare to meet them from the beginning. This will allow you to successfully list your car on the platform without wasting time.

Whenever you need specific information about the requirements in the future, refer to this article.

Remember to read HyreCar’s terms and conditions before listing the car to clearly understand what you’re getting into.

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