6 Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service [for Riders and Drivers]

Using Lyft is a great way to get wherever you need to go. It’s convenient, fast, and affordable. It also works without problems the majority of the time. Sometimes, however, you will run into an issue. It could be something minor like a fare being higher than you expected, or it could be something serious...

Using Lyft is a great way to get wherever you need to go. It’s convenient, fast, and affordable. It also works without problems the majority of the time. Sometimes, however, you will run into an issue. It could be something minor like a fare being higher than you expected, or it could be something serious like an unsafe Lyft driver.

Whatever the case, there are times when you need to get in contact with someone from the company. This is why Lyft customer service exists, and in this guide we’re going to show you all the ways you can contact them. If you’re a driver, you’ll also find some special tips on how to get priority support and contact Lyft support while you’re on the job.

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5 Common Reasons to Contact Lyft Customer Service

Why would you need to contact Lyft customer service at all? Most of the time, you won’t need to. In fact, it’s possible that you could use Lyft regularly and never need to contact the company. The same is even possible (though less likely) if you’re a Lyft driver. What reasons would you have to reach out to the Lyft customer service team? Here are five common reasons we’ve identified:

1. Dispute a Charge

This is a common reason for Lyft passengers to contact someone from customer support. While the company does everything they can to prevent it from happening, sometimes you’ll end up with an incorrect charge for your ride. You may also end up with a cleaning fee or cancellation fee that you don’t think you deserve. In cases like this, it’s helpful to discuss the matter with someone from Lyft’s support team.

2. Lost Item

Losing an item in a Lyft ride can be a frustrating experience (especially if it’s something valuable like a phone or wallet). In moments like these, it’s reassuring to get help from someone on Lyft’s team. While the company does not guarantee the return of lost items (that’s between you and your driver), they will show you how to contact your driver and arrange for the item’s return.

3. Driver or Passenger Complaints

Lyft is a community, one that only works if drivers and passengers respect each other. Most of the time, there is mutual respect. However, sometimes a driver or passenger will do something to violate that code. If this happens, then you may want to contact Lyft and complain.

Bear in mind that you can always use your driver or passenger rating to note any poor behavior (and ensure you won’t be matched again). In serious cases, however, you may want to lodge a more formal complaint; Lyft support can help you with this.

4. Help With the Lyft App

Whether you’re a driver or passenger, you may run into issues with the Lyft app from time to time. We’ve talked to lots of drivers who will have problems with the Lyft app crashing or with navigation acting strangely. You should certainly report these issues to Lyft so that they can fix them (and get you back on the road). Passengers should do the same.

Even in cases where the app isn’t malfunctioning, you might still have a question about a particular feature. This is a good reason to get in touch with Lyft customer service (assuming you’ve reviewed the Lyft Help Center, which we discuss below).

5. Account Issues

A final common reason for contacting Lyft customer service is that you have a question about your account. This spans a broad range of topics, from drivers who need help setting up direct deposit to passengers who are having trouble updating their payment method. Lyft customer service will be happy to assist you with all these issues.

6 Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service

Below, you’ll find all the current ways you can contact Lyft. Most of these methods work for both riders and drivers. Some methods, however, are only available to drivers. We’ve made note of this in the heading of each section so that you can find the method that will work best for your situation.

1. The Lyft Help Center (Riders and Drivers)

The Lyft Help Center is the first place that riders and drivers should go when in need of help. It’s a comprehensive resource about riding and driving with Lyft. The company has constantly updated this page with new questions and answers and up-to-date information. The best way to use the Help Center is by searching with keywords in the query box.

6 Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service [for Riders and Drivers]

Lyft’s Help Center is intuitively designed, and the network of internal pages are intelligently interlinked to each other, so you won’t have any problems navigating through the posts. The Help Center provides links to topics like how driver pay is calculated, reporting an accident, lost and found, bonuses, and incentives.

What’s more, each page of the Help Center also includes a button you can use to contact a Lyft support representative for further help. Just scroll to the bottom of any Help Center page and click the button that says “Contact Support”:

6 Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service

2. Email Support (Riders and Drivers)

The next method to use if you have a question that Lyft’s Help Center doesn’t answer is Lyft’s email support. Note that the term “email support” is a bit of a misnomer. While Lyft will communicate with you about your support ticket using email, the company does not have a specific support email address.

Instead, you’ll need to navigate to one of Lyft’s Help Center pages, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Contact Support” (just like we discussed in the previous section). You’ll then see a box like the following:

Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service [for Riders and Drivers]

Fill out the form with a complete description of your problem or question. A Lyft representative will follow up with you within the next 24 to 48 hours (though it’s usually quicker than this).

Keep in mind Lyft receives tens of thousands of messages per day, so keep your messages concise. Here are some pointers:

  • If you have several questions, send them as separate messages, each pertaining to a specific question.
  • Be concise.
  • Be nice! If you don’t get the answer you were hoping for, politely ask for more information.

3. Critical Response Line (Riders and Drivers)

If you are a driver or passenger facing a severe emergency such as a robbery or car accident, you should call Lyft’s Critical response line. Lyft support representatives staff the line 24/7 and are always available to help when you call.

The critical response line is for emergencies only. Some new rideshare drivers and passengers are confused about what constitutes an “emergency,” so here are some general guidelines:

  • You were in a collision (you ran into someone, or they ran into you)
  • The passenger or driver did something that was unsafe
  • Your passenger or driver did something that was illegal
  • The driver was pulled over and received a citation

How do you contact this number? First, go to this page.

Next, tap or click the button that says “Call Me”:

Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service

Next, enter the phone number you’d like Lyft to use to contact you:

Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service for Riders and Drivers

Finally, tap “Call Me” to place the call:

Contact Lyft Customer Service [for Riders and Drivers]

Someone from Lyft’s team will get back to you within a few seconds to minutes.

Note that Lyft’s critical safety response line doesn’t replace 911. If you are in immediate danger, call 911 first. Only contact the critical safety response line once you are safe.

4. Social Media (Riders and Drivers)

Six Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service [for Riders and Drivers]

Another way to reach Lyft support team is through social media outlets. Social media is a great way to get quick responses from large companies since they value their brand reputation more than anything else. As a way to keep their users happy and to keep their brand identity untarnished, they are very adept at resolving issues shared through public platforms.

Lyft has a huge presence on the most common social media platforms, but the best way to get Lyft support through social media is through Twitter. @AskLyft on Twitter is their official Twitter support channel, and they are available to help you daily, from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. PDT. You can tweet @AskLyft or send the account a DM for help with a private matter.

This isn’t a perfect method, however. Sometimes, the 140 character limit isn’t enough to ask a detailed question. And while you may get a response within 30 minutes, the response may simply refer you to the article you’ve already read within the Help Center.

Visit Lyft’s Twitter support page.

5. Phone Support (Drivers Only)

While phone support is available to both drivers and passengers in emergencies, Lyft drivers also have a dedicated phone support line available just to them. You can call this number to get help with the Lyft driver app, ask questions about payments, or get advice on dealing with an unruly passenger.

To access this support number, go to the “Earnings” tab in the Lyft driver app and select the ride you need help with:

Six Ways to Contact Lyft Customer Service

Next, tap “Get help.”

Six Contact Methods for Lyft Customer Service [for Riders and Drivers]

Finally, tap “Call Me.”

Six Contact Methods for Lyft Customer Service

You should receive a response from a Lyft representative within two minutes. This number is available 24/7

6. Visit a Lyft Hub (Drivers Only)

Lyft drivers have one final method available to them to get help. Recognizing that it’s sometimes easier to explain a problem (and get a solution) in person, Lyft has set up local hubs all across the U.S. (plus one location in Canada).

Lyft Hubs are a place to get help with the application process, setting up direct deposits, browsing through the Lyft app, and learning how to make the most out of driving with Lyft.

Hubs are available in most major cities across the U.S. To find the address and office hours of Lyft Hub available nearest to you, check here:

Lyft Customer Service FAQ

To conclude this guide to Lyft customer service, we’d like to answer a few common questions that people have about getting the help they need.

1. Does Lyft have live chat support?

No, not at the moment. The only way to speak to someone from Lyft in real time is via phone.

2. Is there a Lyft phone number for passengers?

Only in emergency situations, as we discussed above. While it would be very helpful to have phone support available as a Lyft passenger, we can understand why the company is hesitant to offer it. The sheer number of Lyft rides (and the potential for angry customers to abuse the service) would make it a logistical nightmare for Lyft to offer phone support to customers.

3. Does Lyft offer support via SMS/text message?

No, not at the moment. You’ll have to stick with email or voice phone calls.

4. What are the Lyft customer service hours?

This depends on the method of support in question. For Twitter, email, and all non-critical support matters, the hours are 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. PDT. The critical safety response line and driver support phone line are available 24/7.

5. Is Lyft customer service hiring?

Six Contact Methods for Lyft Customer Service for Riders and Drivers

This depends on where you live. Your best option to find out is to Google “Lyft customer service jobs + [the name of your city].” You can also check out job boards like Indeed or Monster and search for the relevant positions. Finally, you can consult the Lyft Careers page.

A quick glance at the Lyft Careers page at the time of publication reveals a demand for bilingual (English and Spanish) critical response line employees, as well as employees willing to work nights. Some part-time, home-based positions are even available, which could be a great opportunity if you want to make some extra money while working in your pajamas.

Get the Lyft Customer Service You Need

As you can now see, there are a variety of methods you can use to contact Lyft customer service. Some methods are exclusive to Lyft drivers, but most work for both drivers and passengers.

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