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Everybody loves a good deal. Include the word “free” with anything and you can pretty much guarantee it won’t be missed.

Brands are well aware of this, which is why attractive promotional deals are often used to reel in new customers.

Uber, as a brand, is the epitome of acing this strategy.

Regardless of how you use Uber, cost can play a huge factor in the mode of transportation you choose.

This is why thousands of global consumers like you are searching for Uber promo codes for existing users to justify the price tag.

While Uber coupon codes for existing users don’t actually exist, we’ve found plenty of easy opportunities for you to seize rideshare discounts — and even cold, hard cash — to support your rideshare needs.

Keep reading for our complete guide to getting affordable rides as an existing Uber user.

Uber Promo Codes for New Users

There are hundreds of promo codes available to new customers at any given time.

If you’ve already created your Uber account, but haven’t taken your first ride, you still have the opportunity to pick a new rider discount of your choice.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best Uber promotions to get you discounts on your first Uber rides:

Uber Promo CodePromotion Amount
NEWRIDER25Receive $2.50 off your first 10 rides ($25 total credit)
Receive $3 off your first six rides ($18 total credit)
Receive $4 off your first four rides ($16 total credit)
NEWRIDER15Receive $5 off your first three rides ($15 total credit)
Receive $2 off your first three rides ($6 total credit)
emilyl12144ueReceive $2 off your first three rides ($6 total credit)
brettm990Receive $2 off your first three rides ($6 total credit)

Promotion values are subject to change or end based on your location or at Uber’s discretion, so you’ll want to claim your preferred discount as soon as possible.

To apply your promo code, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Uber app.
  2. Tap the menu icon at the top left corner of the homepage.
  3. Select the “Wallet” tab from the Uber app menu.
  4. Scroll down and tap “Add Promo Code.”
  5. In the space provided, type in your desired Uber code and tap “Add.”

That’s another topic altogether though.

For more information on these codes and how they work, check out our Definitive Guide to Uber Promo Codes.

Free rides are great, but there’s a catch: The promotions above only apply to new users, not existing users who have already claimed their new Uber rider promotion and taken a ride.

Are There Uber Promo Codes for Existing Users in 2023?

Unfortunately, Uber has made it clear that the company does not offer Uber promo codes to existing users.

However, that isn’t to say that existing Uber users don’t get any discounts.

Rather than providing user promo codes, the company actually applies promotions directly to your account when you’re eligible, saving you plenty of time.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on a good promotion, we recommend staying subscribed to Uber’s promotional emails and turning on notifications from your Uber app.

This way, you’ll be alerted whenever you have free Uber ride credits or discounts to use.

If you have already claimed your code and moved to an “existing user” don’t worry, there are still unique and little-known methods that riders can use to earn free ride credit.

And they work like crazy. Want proof?

Just take a look at some of the past credits to my personal account:

Today’s guide will be geared towards existing Uber users who are looking for practical solutions to earn credits for their next Uber ride.

So, if you already have an Uber account and are looking for ways to get more free Uber credits, I will outline what works for me, and how you too can gain ride credit on the house.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at each method in greater detail.

1. Get Up to $30 Cash With the Freebird App

Uber isn’t the only company that’s helping you save on Uber rides.

When you download the Freebird app for iPhone or Android and connect your Uber (or Lyft) account, you can start earning cash back — or points that can be traded in for cash back — with every trip you take.

How It Works

The Freebird app offers two primary ways for users to get cash rewards.

The easiest option is earning points.

Every time you request an Uber or Lyft ride through the Freebird app, you automatically gain 250 points.

Sometimes, you can even get bonus points just by completing an action, like riding at a specific time.

As soon as you hit 5,000 points, which takes a maximum of 20 rides, you’ll earn a $10 reward.

You can also earn real cash rewards by requesting rides to Freebird’s partner locations.

Once you arrive, all you need to do is purchase any item at the business with the card linked to your Freebird account — no minimum spend required — to receive up to $5 cash back.

This cash can immediately be transferred to your checking account to cover the cost of your next ride, or anything else you want to spend it on.

How to Claim Your First $30

If you’re convinced that Freebird is the perfect platform to help you earn cash back for your rideshare needs, the next step is to set up your account.

Along the way, you can apply a special Freebird discount code — ROLL3 — for a sweet deal.

This promotion code will get you $30 back after you take your first 10 rides through the Freebird app.

As soon as you download the app for iPhone or Android, follow these simple steps to claim your first $30:

  1. Open the Freebird app.
  2. Follow the short prompts to sign up for your Freebird account.
  3. Link your existing Uber account.
  4. Tap the menu icon on the upper left corner.
  5. Select the “Promo Codes” tab.
  6. In the space provided, type in the promo code “ROLL3.”
  7. Return to the homepage of your app to enter a pick-up and drop-off destination and request an Uber trip. For each of your first 10 rides, you’ll receive $3 cash back. Eligible rides must be requested through the Freebird app, not the Uber app.

Once you reach $30, you’ll have more than enough cash for a free ride with Uber.

If you’d prefer larger per-ride savings for your first-time user bonus, you can alternatively apply one of these promo codes:

  • k15f1: Get a total of $10 cash back after your first two rides.
  • q8012: Get a total of $10 cash back after your first two rides.
  • ROLL1: Get a total of $20 cash back after your first four rides.
  • ROLL2: Get a total of $24 cash back after your first six rides.

2. Refer Friends and Family Members

Uber offers an excellent referral program that allows you earn up to $5 off a ride for every friend you refer.

As soon as someone signs up with your Uber referral code and takes their first ride, you’ll get the free ride credit deposited into your account.

What’s more, your friend will also get a perk: up to $2 off each of their first three rides.

To find your Uber referral code, select “Get Discounts” from your Uber app menu.

This page will even allow you to directly share your invite code with friends.

How to Refer New Users to Uber

Referring new users to Uber is easy, and can be done in a few simple steps.

In the Uber app, click the Menu Button > Free Rides.

A screen with your code and ways to share it will appear.

Uber makes it really easy to share your code via email or text.

If you hit either of these buttons, you can easily send the account-specific download link (which includes your Uber referral code) to your contacts.

You can also share your code on social media.

If you click the link “Share on social media” from this page, the app automatically publishes a post with your download link.

The best part is that you’re not limited to just this page in the app.

Uber users can also share their code in different ways, however they see fit.

Creative Examples

Since you can share your Uber code pretty much anywhere, there are quite a few users getting creative with how they share them.

Some unique and interesting methods we’ve heard about:

  1. Custom-designed referral cards
  2. Fake parking tickets
  3. Parks
  4. DMVs
  5. Hotels (residual income)
  6. Car dealerships (residual income)
  7. Bus stops
  8. Theme parks

The points above are all great ideas, but there’s one method that has proven to work like a charm.

This comes from our friend in Chicago who thought this one up after a night out on the town:

What NOT to Do

Inviting friends is cool.

Talking to people who get out of taxis is cool, too.

Spamming sites with your referral code is NOT cool.

We see this every single day, and blog owners are growing tired of it.

This isn’t a very effective way to earn rides because people likely won’t read your comment, visit your link, or use your code.

Instead, we recommend printing yourself some custom referral cards and passing them out when you’re on the go.

You’ll see much better results.

Where NOT to Promote Your Uber Code

Uber gives you the creative freedom to promote your Uber offer code through a variety of mediums, but paid advertising is not one of them.

Sharing your Uber coupon code through Google ads, or social media advertising like Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or Instagram ads is not allowed, and neither is sharing it on daily deal sites like Retailmenot.

But as you can see, there are a heavy number of users advertising their Uber codes on Retailmenot.

While there’s quite a bit of potential there, if you submit your code to a site like this you’ll risk getting banned from the passenger referral program.

Then you’ll really have to start looking for Uber promo codes for existing users.

Uber makes it pretty clear that users shouldn’t share codes via paid advertising, public coupon sites like Retailmenot, or similar methods.

Heed the warning: You don’t want to risk not being able to invite people.

3. Get an Uber Ride Pass

Existing Uber users can turn discounted rides into an ongoing perk just by purchasing an Uber Ride Pass.

This monthly subscription program allows you to get as much as 35% off every UberX or UberPool request for $24.99 per month (exact savings and prices vary by location).

If you’re a frequent user of either of these services, this subscription can quickly pay off.

The Uber Rides pass even guarantees price protection when surge pricing kicks in, so you won’t have to worry about demand driving up your fares.

Your prices will consistently be the lowest offer possible, with no need to find working Uber promo codes for existing users.

In some locations, you can even unlock up to 30 minutes of free JUMP bike or scooter rides each day.

4. Opt Into Uber Rewards

If you want to double up on savings as a frequent Uber user, you’ll want to opt into Uber Rewards.

This free rewards program allows you to earn points for every ride you take, as follows:

  • One point per $1 spent on UberPool, Express Pool, or Uber Eats
  • Two points per $1 spent on UberX, UberXL, Uber WAV or Assist, Select, or Comfort
  • Three points per $1 spent on Uber Black or Black SUV

Every time you reach 500 points, you’ll receive a $5 Uber Cash reward.

Uber Cash can be spent on any Uber service, including Uber Eats.

The more points you earn beyond your initial 500 in the course of a year, the higher your “tier” becomes.

Higher-tier users get access to helpful rideshare perks like price protection, priority support, and even zero cancellation fees.

5. Claim Your Free Uber Cash

Uber Cash can take time to earn through the Uber Rewards program, but luckily, there are four easy ways to earn quick Uber Cash.

The first way you can get free Uber Cash is by reloading your app balance.

When you reload your balance with at least $25 — just tap “Add Funds” in your “Wallet” tab to do so — you’ll get 2% to 5% off your payment.

The rideshare company also partners with several credit card companies to make Uber Cash even easier to earn.

Here are the three best credit card rewards programs to help you get free Uber credits:

  • American Express Card: Platinum or Centurion cardholders can earn free Uber credits worth $15 every month for U.S rides, along with a $20 bonus in December. You can use the credits for your Uber Eats order too. Any remaining credits on your American Express Card will not roll over to the next month.
  • Uber Visa Card: This card rewards you with cash back that you can exchange for points. It gives you 4% cash back on dining (includes Uber Eats), 3% cashback on hotel, vacation home rentals, and airfare, 2% cash back on online purchases including Netflix, and 1% cash back on everything else. You can redeem the points for Uber credits that you can then use for your rides. Earning 500 points will give you $5, 2,500 points will give you $25, 5,000 points will give you $50, and so on.
  • Citi Double Cash: Choosing this credit card as your payment method for UberPOOL rides can yield you about eight bonus trips, each worth $15. This means that you will get $15 off your next UberPOOL ride. This Uber offer is only valid for UberPOOL and not other vehicle type or Uber Eats.

With these payment options, you might not see the discounts applied on your current ride, but using them strategically can help you save significantly on your future Uber trips.

6. Try Another Rideshare App

While Uber might be the behemoth of the rideshare industry, Lyft isn’t too far behind.

With more than 5 million active users on their platform, Lyft is doing everything they can to dominate the competitive rideshare playground.

When users find out that they can get up to $50 in free ride credit from Lyft, they’re ecstatic.

It’s almost as exciting as finding a list of Uber promo codes for existing users. (Don’t get too excited though…they don’t exist).

Many Uber users don’t realize that Uber’s largest competitor, Lyft, is also giving away a bunch of killer promotions to new riders and drivers.

In their effort to win the battle against Uber, Lyft is giving new riders a ton of free ride credit and giving drivers sign-on bonuses worth over $1,000 in some cases.

If you’re not biased to the Uber platform and willing to try something new, give Lyft a try.

Use the code below to claim your first-time ride credit.

Lyft operates a very similar business model to Uber.

Though unlike Uber’s business-centric, professional feel, Lyft goes for the friendly approach.

I use both Uber and Lyft, and both get me where I need to go, every time.

If you like Uber, I definitely recommend giving Lyft a shot with the code “RIDESTERLYFT”. You’ll love it!

Frequently Asked Questions

With many alternatives to Uber promo codes for existing users around, you can always get discounts on your ride requests.

To help you learn more about your savings options, here are some frequently asked questions:

1. Can I earn free Uber credits by referring Uber drivers?

Your Uber referral code will only work for referring new users.

Only Uber drivers can earn with driver referral codes.

2. If I’ve already started my first ride request, can I apply my Uber promo code without going back to my wallet?

Unfortunately, Uber does not allow users to apply promo codes as part of the checkout process.

You will need to follow our promo code application process in order to claim your free credits as a new user.

Does Uber ever offer free ride codes to existing users?

While we can’t say that Uber never offers free ride promotions, it is extremely rare that you’ll see more than a partial discount.

Of course, since Uber promo codes for existing users don’t exist, you’ll most likely see any free ride promotions in the form of Uber credit in your account, rather than as a code.

Save on Every Uber Ride

Uber promo codes for existing users may not exist, but that doesn’t mean you’re all out of options when it comes to cutting the costs of your rideshare requests.

The company offers ongoing ways for you to save on every single ride.

Plus, with third-party apps like Freebird popping up, you can even get real cash back for taking trips.

If you have a reliable vehicle, but want your ride to pay for itself, signing up to become an Uber driver can help you quickly earn back what you spend on insurance, gas, car maintenance, and more.

Get the best Uber driver invite code for 2023 to get an earnings bonus from the start.

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