Uber Promo Codes For Existing Users [The Ultimate Guide]

There’s a bunch of ways Uber users are currently earning free Uber ride credit.

And they work

I’ve personally used these same methods to earn thousands of dollars in credit.

Want proof? Just take a look at some of the recent credits to my personal account.

Uber Promo Code Methods for Existing Users

And in today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly how to avoid looking for Uber promo codes for existing users and start earning free ride credit.

Uber Promo Codes for Existing Users

I get a lot of emails from existing Uber users looking for specific promo codes to grant them free rides, even after they’ve used up their new user ride credit.

And that’s a fair question.

After all, it’s no secret that Uber is giving away tons of free ride credit through a promotions for first-time Uber users.

However, those promotions only apply to new users, not existing users.

But by leveraging a few simple (and surprisingly unknown) tricks, existing Uber users will be king (or queen) of the backseat before they know it.

These easy methods fall into three simple categories:

  1. Uber rider referral program
  2. Friends & Family
  3. Competitors to Uber

If you’re creative, you can use different methods within each one of these categories to earn ride credit.

Let’d dive right in and take a look at each method in greater detail.

Method #1: Uber Rider Referral Program

At some point after Uber’s launch, the company realized they needed to grow. They tried various strategies and began to gain decent traction.

When they decided to turn to their riders to help with the problem by implementing a referral program as a way to spread the word about the platform, it really took off.

The program was simple: give each rider a promo code that is good for $X in free ride credit when they give it to a new user. When the new user downloads the app and claims the ride credit using that code, the referring passenger also gets free ride credit in their own account.

Riders took advantage of the program in full force, and Uber experienced explosive growth as a result. Not only did this redefine the referral game and shape the way other companies market themselves for the future, it also opened the eyes of millions of Uber users worldwide.

Long story short: the program was lucrative, successful, and ripe for the picking.

And despite the fact that the program was implemented over 4 years ago, it’s STILL the best way for existing Uber users to earn free ride credit.

How to Refer New Users to Uber

Referring new users to Uber is easy, and can be done in a few simple steps.

In the Uber app, click the the Menu Button Free Rides. A screen with your code and ways to share it will appear.

Uber Referral Program Screenshot

Uber makes it really easy to share your code via email or text. If you hit either of these buttons, you can easily send the account-specific download link (which includes your Uber referral code) to your contacts.

You can also share your code on social media. If you click the link “Share on social media” from this page, the app automatically publishes a post with your download link, and backed up by great creative and text that’s proven to convert.

But the best part is that you’re not limited to just this page in the app. Uber users can also share their code different ways, however they see fit.

Creative Examples

Since you can share your Uber code pretty much anywhere, there are quite a few users getting creative with how they share them.

Some unique and interesting methods we’ve heard about:

  1. Custom-designed referral cards
  2. Fake parking tickets
  3. Parks
  4. DMVs
  5. Hotels (residual income)
  6. Car Dealerships (residual income)
  7. Bus Stops
  8. Theme Parks

The points above are all great ideas, but there’s one method that has proven to work like a charm. This comes from our friend in Chicago who thought this one up after a night out on the town:

Uber Codes for Existing Users - Testimonial

We tried the so-called “Taxi Method” and were surprised at how successful it was. The riders were fairly receptive and we saw a couple conversions in just one night. Not bad for a few minutes of conversation!

What NOT to do

Inviting friends is cool. Talking to people who get out of taxis is cool, too. Occasionally sharing your code on your social media pages is great as well. Spamming sites with your referral code is NOT cool.

Uber Promo Code on Lyft Page

We see this every single day, and blog owners are growing tired of it.

This isn’t a very effective way to earn rides because people likely won’t read your comment, visit your link, or use your code. So check go and print yourself some custom referral cards then take a second and pass them out when you’re on the go. You’ll see MUCH better results.

Another place to avoid are coupon sites like Retailmenot. Listings like this are very attractive for users, given that coupon sites of this sort rank high in Google and get a good amount of traffic every day.

Uber Promo Code - Retailmenot

While there’s quite a bit of potential there, if you submit your code to a site like this you’ll risk getting banned from the passenger referral program. Uber makes it pretty clear that users shouldn’t share codes via paid advertising, public coupon sites like Retailmenot, or similar methods.

Heed the warning: you don’t want to risk not being able to invite people

Method #2: Ride Along With a New User

The second method to try in lieu of looking for an Uber code for existing users is a very simple concept, but most riders probably wouldn’t think of it.

If you referred a friend to Uber and they downloaded the app and entered your code, you’ll both get a free ride credit in your account. That’s great, BUT, it doesn’t stop there.

When your friend takes their first ride, simply hop in the car with them. A free, or highly discounted ride for them = free ride for you.

More often than not, a new user downloading Uber will do so at the time they are looking to take action, which in this case is claiming their first ride. I’ve seen it happen with my friends time and time again, and this is a method that sounds simple, but works.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Don’t be pushy – you don’t want your friends or family to think your’re taking advantage of them for a free ride, so gently suggest they request the Uber since they have a free ride

2. Split the ride if it isn’t free – a promo code does not guarantee that your ride will be free, so there’s a chance that your friend may have to pay for their ride. The promotion amount is subtracted from the total amount, so if you take a longer ride and there is still a fare to pay, split it with your friend. They’ll appreciate it!

3. Request the return trip – If your friend requests a ride somewhere, and you tag along, request the return trip since you also got a free ride credit out of the transaction. This is obviously just common courtesy, but taking the time to keep things fare goes a long way!

As I said, it’s pretty simple. It’s simple, but also effective, especially if you’re out with a large group.

Method #3: Try Another Rideshare App

When existing Uber users find out that they can get up to $50 in free ride credit from Lyft, they’re ecstatic.

Many Uber users don’t realize that Uber’s largest competitor, Lyft, is also giving away a bunch of killer promotions to new riders and drivers.

In their effort to win the battle against Uber, Lyft is giving new riders a ton of free ride credit, and drivers sign-on bonuses worth over $1,000 in some cases.

If you’re not biased to the Uber platform and willing to try something new, give Lyft a try. Use the code below to claim your first time ride credit.

Lyft Promo Code Ad

Lyft operates a very similar business model to Uber. Though unlike Uber’s business-centric, professional feel, Lyft goes for the “friendly” approach.

I use both Uber and Lyft, and both get me where I need to go, every time.

If you like Uber, I definitely recommend giving Lyft a shot. You’ll love it!

Bonus: Tips from a Referral Expert

In addition to the methods we’ve already outlined, we asked Aaron Leupp, the mastermind behind the powerhouse referral startup Promoaffiliates.com, to weigh in.

PromoAffiliates has risen from a scrappy, innovative idea, to a huge influencer in the referral space. The company works with tons of well-known companies, and has been featured on various news outlets including TechCruch.

In short, Aaron knows what he’s doing with referrals, and is absolutely killing it in the space.

Promoaffiliates Screenshot

Here are a few tips to help you maximize the Uber referral program:

1. Share Online

Share online especially with all your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and in your phone contacts. Friday afternoon before everyone goes out is the perfect time since that way they can go “oh I need this tonight!”

2. Street Teams

Hit the streets with posters, coasters, promo cards, and more! But nothing beats the promo cards. You hand out a promo card and sometimes they don’t use it immediately but every time they open that wallet its still there. The second they needed that free ride… BOOM… there’s your code in their wallet.

Do a story time video about your experience with the startup company and also include the promo code in your video. People are more likely to try something new after they heard or seen there friends experience with it first makes it less risky and more fun.

4. Get Creative

A bunch of friends and I put our promo codes on 10,000 fake parking tickets on April first and put them on cars. Not only did we make peoples day and we used our codes but people also shared the fake parking tickets they got on social media and our codes went viral.

These are just a few examples that have worked for us in that past and I am sure you guys can come up with many more as well on your own.

Work with PromoAffiiliates

If you find yourself excelling at acquiring referrals, and think you’d like to get paid cash instead of ride credit, hit up PromoAffiliates. They’ve acquired so many users for startups that the companies now pay them cold, hard, cash.

“Getting free stuff in exchange for giving away free stuff. Explain to me something better then this! “ –Aaron Leupp

Now Over to You

Now I want your take on the process:

What methods have you tried? Which worked best?

Or maybe you have a suggestion that we didn’t cover.

Either way, shoot a comment below. 

I’m here to answer any questions or comments you may have.

Ready.. go!

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