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Spin Scooter Promo Codes: 5 Promo Codes and How To Claim Them 2022

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While many folks think of the likes of Uber and Lyft for transportation around cities, calling these rideshare services each time you want to go to a new place can get expensive.

Rather than use a vehicle, Spin offers electric scooters and bikes for riders to use for their transportation needs or to enjoy the outdoors.

While this service is cheaper than ridesharing, is there a way to make it even cheaper?

With some clever usage of Spin’s promo codes, you can be hitting the pavement quickly and cheaply.

How Can You Pay for Spin Scooter?

Before we get into the coupon codes for Spin Scooter, let’s look at the payment options Spin Scooter takes.

Spin doesn’t take cash, so you’ll need at least one of these in your Spin account to apply a promo code:

Debit Cards

Debit cards are a common choice for folks.

Since these cards come with most checking accounts nowadays, they make for an accessible payment method for many Spin riders.

College students, in particular, will find this option helpful since they may not have the credit history to get a credit card just to ride a Spin scooter around campus.

Credit Cards

While debit cards are great, credit cards are safer to use on Spin.

This fact mostly boils down to the extra precautions that credit card companies like American Express or Visa have on purchases, including automatic monitoring and purchase location checks.

The extra safety means credit cards are a useful way to load up on ride credits without losing money.

Google Pay

Google Pay helps make managing payment methods easier.

Rather than inputting your cards individually into each app, Google Pay lets riders connect to Spin with all the card data stored ahead of time.

When you charge for ride credits later, Google Pay automatically charges the card of your choice.

Does Spin Scooter Have Promo Codes?

You can find a Spin Scooter promo code from several places, so yes!

Spin offers a variety of promo codes and discounts for riders to use on their Spin purchases.

Also, while not quite the same thing, Spin has a discount service called Spin Access.

The Spin Access service exists to help those that don’t have a credit card or smartphone get access to electric transportation in cities like San Francisco and other urban areas.

You have to apply for Spin Access on the Spin app or website.

But for users with limited income or other qualifying circumstances, you can get a spin discount code that hooks you up with cheaper rides and the ability to unlock the electric scooter or bike through other means.

What You Can Get From Spin Scooter Promo Code

These are the different benefits a Spin Scooter coupon code can unlock for a rider:

Ride Credit

The main way a rider gets access to one of Spin’s electric transportation services is through ride credits.

These credits let a user buy time to use the scooter before returning it to a charging station.

Most promo codes in this category give you free ride credits or a discount on the next purchase of ride credits.

Free Ride

Even better than getting free ride credits is getting a free ride.

Since a ride’s cost is based on the distance you have to travel, unlocking a free ride lets you get to where you need to without any other hassle.

These discount codes are not as common as the ride credit codes, so don’t expect to see too many of these.


Finally, the most common promo code Spin puts out: the discount code.

With this code, users get a percentage or flat rate off of their next purchase.

This could be for ride credits, helmets, and other services from Spin.

Where To Find Spin Scooter Promo Codes

If you’re ready to start hunting down deals, here are a few places to check out for Spin coupon codes:

Spin Scooter

Sometimes, Spin will run promotions for their users to get discounts on ride credits.

These codes usually go out to folks on their email list, so signing up for that could help you save some money at times.

Also, don’t forget that Spin Access helps supply folks with some codes to help get them moving around.

This service only works for those with limited income, so it’s only worth applying for this if you think you can qualify.


DontPayFull is an online coupon code aggregation site.

On that site, you can search different brands to see if they have any activate promo codes you can use.

For Spin riders, searching Spin and browsing through the results could turn up some useful stuff.

Some of the codes have comments on them, meaning you can check and see if the code works before plugging it in yourself.


DealSpotr works much like DontPayFull, where it pulls codes from across the Web and places them in one spot for you to browse.

The big difference is that DealSpotr has tags for the codes that show if they have been verified to work or not, helping save some time on your end.


As another code aggregator, DealRated pulls codes from across the Web for you to use for discounts.

The website is a little harder to navigate than the others, but it manages to pull codes the other two don’t sometimes.

So, if you can’t find any new codes from the above sources, DealRated is a good backup plan to grab some coupon codes.

How to Apply Spin Scooter Promo Codes

Once you have a promo code you want to use, follow these steps to get it entered hassle-free:

  1. Copy the promo code you want to use.
  2. Open the Spin app or website.
  3. Navigate to the menu, searching for the Add Promo Code option.
  4. Type or paste the code into the text bar and press Enter.
  5. Wait for the app or website to process the code and receive your discount!

Wrapping Up

Spin allows folks to get moving around town without having to resort to expensive options like rideshares or taxis.

When used alongside the promo codes and accessibility options Spin puts out, you can make these rides even cheaper.

Check out some of the discount code options we listed earlier if you live in a place where Spin operates.

It could be the cheapest and easiest option for you, especially with a promo code or two!

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