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How To Request An Uber With A Car Seat [Step-By-Step]

Key Information

Car Seat Laws

Uber adheres to local laws for car seat requirements. Uber Car Seat service offers a car seat for a fee in select areas.

Service Availability

The Uber Car Seat option, available in specific locations, provides one forward-facing car seat for children over two years old.

Infant Travel

For infants, guardians must use their own car seats. Contact the driver in advance to allow time for car seat installation.

Additional Costs

Using Uber Car Seat incurs a $10 surcharge. Always check availability and local laws before booking.

Do You Need a Car Seat in an Uber?

Yes, you do need a car seat for a child when using Uber if local laws require it. Although Uber does not internally mandate car seats, it requires drivers to comply with local car seat laws, which generally necessitate a car seat for children.

Uber offers a service that provides a car seat for an additional fee, available in select locations. For infants, guardians must provide their own car seats, and the same applies to small children if Uber Car Seat is not selected or available.

It’s important to check the availability of the Uber Car Seat option in your area, understand the local laws regarding car seat usage, and communicate with your driver about any additional time needed for installation.

Can You Install Your Own Car Seat in an Uber?

Yes, you can install your own car seat in an Uber. Whether it’s a rear-facing seat for an infant or a booster for an older child, the car seat must be straightforward to install without modifying the vehicle.

Ensure the car seat is compatible with various vehicle models, as incompatible car seats cannot be used during your ride.

Does Uber Have Car Seats?

Uber offers an option known as Uber Car Seat for passengers traveling with small children. This service provides a single forward-facing car seat suitable for a child who is at least two years old, 22 pounds, and 31 inches tall, with the maximum limits being 48 pounds or 52 inches in height.

vector graphic showing an Uber Car Seat ride type image

Available in select locations, such as New York City, it allows caregivers to book a ride without the need to bring their own car seat. Drivers participating in this program have been trained in car seat installation to ensure safety and compliance with legal requirements.

There’s an additional $10 surcharge for utilizing the Uber Car Seat service.

Plan to Bring Your Own Car Seat

If it were me, I would plan to bring your own car seat. While Uber Car Seat is a nice service, in theory, it appears to be incredibly limited in availability and location. When traveling, I have never seen this service in the wild as an option to book.

I know it is available in New York City, but I am unable to find confirmation of it being available in many other cities. If it is, there’s not a master list that I can find.

Err on the side of caution and just bring your own car seat. That way, you’re not in a bind and certainly not trying to get a ride and then putting your child in harm’s way in the process.

Are Uber Car Seats Safe?

Uber Car Seat provides pre-installed car seats for added convenience, though it’s the responsibility of the caretaker to ensure the seat’s safety and correct installation.

The provided IMMI GO car seats meet federal safety guidelines and are equipped with trusted LATCH systems. While Uber trains drivers in car seat installation and complies with safety standards, the company is not liable for issues arising from improper use.

Caretakers should verify the seat before use, and if using their own car seat, ensure they are capable of installing it securely.

Eligible Uber Types for Car Seats

The Uber X category is currently the only option that provides a car seat. It’s the standard choice and typically features a midsize vehicle.

When you book an Uber X with a car seat, expect one of the four passenger seats to be fitted with an IMMI GO car seat. If you’re bringing your own car seat, most Uber XL vehicles should accommodate it, giving you more space, although the pre-installed car seat service is exclusive to Uber X.

Keep in mind that Uber X is popular, so there might be a longer wait for these cars.

How to Request an Uber Car Seat

One of the best things about Uber is how convenient the service is. Fortunately, if you’re interested in reserving an Uber Car Seat ride, it works primarily the same.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to order an Uber Car Seat ride. Once you’re in the vehicle, things should proceed just like a regular Uber ride.

stock image for the uber car seat tutorial on how to book one during a ride request

1. Open the Uber app

Open the Uber app and enter your pick-up and drop-off locations.

For this example, we’re using an imaginary ride between the Plaza Hotel and Central Park, two iconic New York City destinations.

If you need a more detailed guide to taking your first ride, check out our comprehensive guide to using Uber.

2. Find the ride type you want

Scroll through the list of available ride options.

If you’re looking to reserve Uber Car Seat expressly, look for Car Seat. If you’re looking for a regular Uber for your own Car Seat, select any option you like.

Swipe up until you find the option you want. You’ll be able to see a price estimate before you book.

3. Confirm your ride

Tap the “Confirm Car Seat” button to book your ride.

Remember, if you’re bringing your own car seat to install, you will most likely want to reach out to your driver before the pickup to make sure that they’re okay, waiting a couple of extra minutes for you to install the seat.

Drivers aren’t guaranteed to stay, so make sure you do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on Uber Car Seat, read these frequently asked questions.

vector graphic for header image on how to add a stop on uber post

How Many Car Seats Does Uber Car Seat Offer?

Uber Car Seat only offers one car seat for the time being.

The reasons for this are that most people calling Uber Car Seat only have one child to transport and the restriction of vehicle space.

Drivers that are a part of the Uber Car Seat program likely still participate in other ride offers like Uber X, Uber Pool, and scheduled rides.

They can’t take up too much space in their vehicle with car seats and then not be able to transport a car full of adults.

Can You Ride With an Infant in an Uber?

You can absolutely ride with an infant in an Uber, but as mentioned above, you will need to bring your own car seat.

Almost any Uber driver will be okay with this, but be sure to contact your rideshare driver ahead of the pickup to let them know that the ride might take a few extra minutes so you can install and uninstall the car seat.

You might find it most helpful to have a separate travel or folding car seat on hand that you can get in and out of an Uber quickly.

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