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Uber Car Seats: A Parents’ Guide For 2023

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Uber is a wonderful modern convenience for people that don’t have their own vehicles or don’t want to drive to certain places.

Now, you can even order an eco-friendly Uber or an Uber Pet ride, where you can bring your pet in the vehicle with you.

One of Uber’s newest ride options is Uber Car Seat.

If you have small children or often have to travel with children, Uber Car Seat is about to make your life a whole lot easier.

What Is Uber Car Seat?

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Uber Car Seat is a ride option that customers can select in the app, along with Uber XL, Uber Black, and more options.

The Uber Car Seat option will feature a child car seat in the Uber so you can travel with your child safely.

The car seats featured in these Uber rides are suited for one child at least two years old, 22 pounds, and 31 inches tall.

The cut-off size for these car seats is a weight of 48 pounds or a height of 52 inches.

The car seat is a forward-facing seat, and there will only be one in each Uber Car Seat ride.

Do You Need a Car Seat in an Uber?


If you want to drive for Uber, you do not need a car seat.

If you do not have a car seat, you are not eligible to pick up rides that request an Uber Car Seat.

No Uber drivers are required to partake in Uber Car Seat.

To drive, the Uber driver requirements are still the same:

  • Be the minimum age to drive in your area
  • At least one year of licensed driving experience in the US (3 years if you are under 25 years old)
  • A valid US driver’s license
  • An eligible 4-door vehicle

For parents and guardians, Uber Policy does not require that you have a car seat.

However, Uber drivers are required to follow all local safety laws, most of which will require a car seat for a child.

Car Seat Rideshare Laws

The laws for Car Seat rideshare laws vary from state to state.

Some states hold the driver responsible for having, installing, and placing a child securely in a car seat appropriate for their age in size.

However, other states put this responsibility on the parents or legal guardians of the child.

All states require a federally approved child restraint system for children that qualify for a car seat.

Some states place the responsibility on both the driver and guardian, making it unclear who must provide and install the proper car seat.

Can You Ride With an Infant in an Uber?

You can absolutely ride with an infant in an Uber.

Uber does not have restrictions on children of any age riding in an Uber.

You will need to be sure that you’re following local laws regarding child restraints, though.

Uber doesn’t have any child safety seat requirements on its own, but it does require Uber drivers to follow their local car seat law, and almost everywhere requires a car seat for infants.

You’ll need to bring your own car seat.

Almost any Uber driver will be okay with this, but be sure to contact your rideshare driver ahead of the pickup to let them know that the ride might take a few extra minutes so you can install and uninstall the car seat.

You might find it most helpful to have a separate travel or folding car seat on hand that you can get in and out of an Uber quickly.

Can You Ride With Small Children in an Uber?

Can you ride with small children in an Uber?

The answer here is, again, yes.

Although local policies may vary, the same guidelines apply to small children and infants.

Be sure before you reserve your Uber that you’re aware of the local laws and prepared with your own car seat if need be.

Uber drivers have the right to refuse rides if they’re at all concerned about breaking any laws, so plan ahead and make sure your Uber driver is aware of your needs!

In the worst case, your Uber driver can refuse the ride and you can make a new reservation.

It might be a little bit of extra work, but the convenience is well worth it.

If any of those won’t work for your situation, you can always consider a rental car or public transportation.

What Size Car Seats Does Uber Have?

Currently, Uber Car Seat vehicles provide one forward-facing car seat for a child who is at least two years old, 22 pounds, and 31 inches tall.

The size limits are 48 pounds or 52 inches.

Note that local regulations may require a car seat or booster seat for children bigger than that, so you may still be responsible for providing a car seat in those instances.

Don’t put yourself at risk by not knowing the laws.

Because children need to be at least two years old, caretakers for infants and newborns will still need to provide their own car seats.

Are Uber Car Seats Safe?

Currently, Uber Car Seat is the only service where an Uber driver will show up to your pickup location with a car seat preinstalled.

Riders have the opportunity to check the seat before the ride starts, but, in the end, it will be up to the individual caretakers to decide if they’re satisfied with the seat and the installation and whether or not it is safe.

Uber Car Seat Policies

Uber makes it clear that they are not responsible or liable for improperly installed car seats or improperly secured children.

So, even if you’re using the Uber Car Seat service, it’s up to the rider to ensure that the car seat is correct and get the child into the safety restraint inside the vehicle.

In addition, Uber Car Seat does not currently have a proper car seat that drivers must use.

So, there aren’t any guarantees that it will be your preferred brand or model.

To some parents and caretakers, that’s a big deal.

Be aware, too, that if you’re bringing your own car seat on a typical Uber X ride, the rider is still responsible for installing the car seat and making sure the child is in every safety restraint.

So if that’s something you want to do, make sure that you’re comfortable installing the seat safely and quickly.

How Does Uber Ensure Car Seat Safety?

To ensure car seat safety, Uber trains its Uber Car Seat drivers to properly install the IMMI GO car seat.

The IMMI GO complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213, is flexible for children of various sizes, and is very easy to install.

The LATCH hardware that secures the car seat is very trusted by parents and authoritative entities.

To understand how all safety features work and how to safely transport a child in a vehicle, Uber Car Seat drivers must meet with a certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Technician.

Uber Car Seat Driver Policies

Uber Car Seat driver policies require the following:

  • IMMI GO car seat installation course
  • Must adhere to size restrictions
  • Must carry car seat at all times

What Size Ubers Are Car Seat-Eligible?

Currently, the only size Uber ride that offers car seat availability is the Uber X ride option.

Uber X is the standard ride option by Uber.

You should expect a midsize vehicle to arrive when you request an Uber car seat.

However, if you provide your own car seat, you can likely install it in most Uber XL vehicles without issue.

But for now, you can only opt for an Uber that comes with a car seat through the Uber X option.

Uber X Car Seat

Uber X Car Seat is currently the only ride option that offers a car seat along with the ride.

Uber X is just the basic Uber ride and is usually the cheapest option, other than Uber Pool.

However, because this is probably the most popular ride option, you may have to wait longer for the vehicle to arrive.

An Uber X ride will feature four empty seats for passengers.

Uber Car Seat will have three empty seats for passengers and one seat occupied with the IMMI GO car seat.

How Much Does Uber Car Seat Cost?

Uber Car Seat charges the same rate as Uber X, plus a $10 service fee for providing and installing the car seat for the child.

Therefore, you don’t have to pay an outrageous amount or even a different rate than other Uber passengers.

The Uber Car Seat option only adds $10 to your final charge.

Where Is Uber Car Seat Available?

Currently, Uber Car Seat is only available in New York City.

Previously, the service or similar ones was available in cities like Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Orlando (especially useful for Disney World), but Uber has since decided to restrict availability to New York City.

However, Uber is continually tinkering with its offerings and available cities, especially as the coronavirus pandemic evolves.

So if you’re interested in reserving an Uber Car Seat ride, your best bet is to check the website and see if availability has changed.

Do Uber Car Seats Cost Extra?

The Uber Car Seat service carries a flat $10 surcharge per ride, no matter the distance.

If you want to know what your total fare will look like, use Uber’s price estimator.

That will show you the costs for an average UberX vehicle.

From there, just add $10, and that should be pretty close.

At this time, Uber does not charge extra for rides where riders bring and install their own car seats.

However, that does not factor in the extra time that the driver will wait while installing and uninstalling.

In those instances, you might consider tipping the driver a bit extra.

It’s not compulsory, but a little goodwill for drivers who are giving some extra time and patience is a lot of goodwill!

How to Request an Uber Car Seat

One of the best things about Uber is how convenient the service is.

Fortunately, if you’re interested in reserving an Uber Car Seat ride, it works primarily the same.

Here is everything you need to know about reservations.

Step By Step Instructions

stock image for the uber car seat tutorial on how to book one during a ride request

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to order an Uber Car Seat ride.

Once you’re in the vehicle, things should proceed just like a regular Uber ride.

1. Open the Uber app

Open the Uber app and enter your pick-up and drop-off locations.

For this example, we’re using an imaginary ride between the Plaza Hotel and Central Park, two iconic New York City destinations.

If you need a more detailed guide to taking your first ride, check out our comprehensive guide to using Uber.

2. Find the ride type you want

Scroll through the list of available ride options.

If you’re looking to reserve Uber Car Seat expressly, look for Car Seat.

If you’re looking for a regular uber for your own Car Seat, select any option you like.

Swipe up until you find the option you want.

You’ll be able to see a price estimate before you book.

3. Confirm your ride

Tap the “Confirm Car Seat” button to book your ride.

Remember, if you’re bringing your own car seat to install, you will most likely want to reach out to your driver before the pickup to make sure that they’re okay, waiting a couple of extra minutes for you to install the seat.

Drivers aren’t guaranteed to stay, so make sure you do this!

Uber Car Seat for Drivers

Uber Car Seat can offer some benefits to drivers too.

If a driver already has children, they likely know the car seat routine and can make a bit of extra money utilizing these parenting skills!

Do You Get Paid Extra for Uber Car Seat?

Yes, Uber will pay drivers more when they participate in the Uber Car Seat program.

They receive a portion of the added $10 fee on these rides.

However, the portion is unknown as Uber does not publish all driver wage information. 

Do You Need to Buy the Car Seat?

No, Uber will provide the child car seat if you meet all vehicle requirements and want to be a part of the Uber Car Seat program.

How Do You Know How to Install the Car Seat?

Uber requires that drivers that offer Uber Car Seat rides take a course to learn how to install the IMMI GO car seat.

If the parent or guardian wants to install the car seat instead, they are welcome to do so.

Any Uber drivers that participate in Uber Car Seat rides must take a course taught by Safe Kids Worldwide.

The course teaches them how to securely install the car seat in a timely manner.

Uber uses the IMMI GO seat because it is a safe car seat that is easy to install.

The IMMI GO seat uses LATCH safety technology, which stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children.

The seat can also be secured with the addition of seatbelts.

However, the responsibility of buckling the child into the car seat is that of the parent or guardian.

Uber drivers will not and should not place your child into the car seat or secure them with buckles, straps, or other restraints.

This step must be done by the parent or guardian according to Uber policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on Uber Car Seat, read these frequently asked questions.

vector graphic for header image on how to add a stop on uber post

Can You Install Your Own Car Seat in an Uber?

Yes! If you have a rear-facing car seat for a smaller child or infant or have a booster seat for a child too large for the IMMI GO seat, you can install these in your Uber ride.

Car seats that require a time-consuming installation process or require parts of the vehicle to be removed or altered cannot be used.

Any car seat you want to bring in an Uber for a child should be easy to install and suited to many vehicle types.

If the car seat is not suited to the vehicle, you will not be permitted to use the car seat in that Uber.

How Many Car Seats Does Uber Car Seat Offer?

Uber Car Seat only offers one car seat for the time being.

The reasons for this are that most people calling Uber Car Seat only have one child to transport and the restriction of vehicle space.

Drivers that are a part of the Uber Car Seat program likely still participate in other ride offers like Uber X, Uber Pool, and scheduled rides.

They can’t take up too much space in their vehicle with car seats and then not be able to transport a car full of adults.

Wrapping Up

Uber Car Seat is an excellent new feature for Uber that can make parents’ and guardians’ lives much easier.

Now, you can order an Uber for you and a small child from anywhere and don’t need to worry about providing your own car seat!

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