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What Is UberX? How It Works, Car Types & Pricing Explained

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Key Takeaways

  • UberX is Uber’s standard, economical ride service for up to four passengers.
  • Vehicles in the UberX fleet include various four-door sedans with strict standards.
  • Pricing for UberX rides varies, influenced by distance, time, and demand.
  • UberX offers a balance of affordability and convenience, making it a popular choice.

What Is UberX?

UberX is a budget-friendly, basic ridesharing service that matches riders with nearby drivers for private transportation in standard vehicles accommodating up to four passengers, offering a straightforward and economical way to travel.

vector graphic of UberX - affordable rides on demand

UberX is the standard private ridesharing service the company offers. It’s the default option on the app. If you request a ride on the app without adjusting anything, you’ll get an UberX. In other words, UberX is a regular Uber.

This is the go-to option for many commuters and travelers since it’s widely available and the wait time is always low. Since it’s a popular service, you’ll find many drivers around you at any time of the day, providing you with a convenient way to reach your destination.

In most cities, the service is cheaper than a taxi. You also get a more comfortable car. Sounds like a good deal, right?

How Many People Fit in an UberX?

An UberX vehicle can fit between one and four passengers. While primarily intended for passenger transport, if there are only one or two riders, a small bag or backpack may be accommodated. UberX also offers a rideshare option, allowing passengers to share the ride and split the cost through the app.

For larger groups, up to six passengers, or additional luggage, an upgrade to UberXL is recommended. For more significant luggage needs, consider UberXL or UberSELECT for extra space.

The UberX Fleet: What Vehicles to Expect

With UberX, you can expect to ride in sedans that accommodate up to four people, adhering to Uber’s strict vehicle standards.

Common models in the UberX service include brands like Audi, BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, Toyota (including Camry and Prius), Honda Accord, Lexus, Ford, and Volkswagen, among others, providing a balance of quality and affordability.

These cars must have four doors, five factory-installed seat belts, functioning windows, and air conditioning. Before joining the fleet, each vehicle undergoes a detailed inspection to ensure it’s in top condition.

How to Navigate the Uber App for UberX

To book a ride, you need to download and create an account on the Uber app, which is a straightforward process. Already have the app? It’s best to make sure you have the latest firmware update, then.

After that, you can proceed with the following steps to find the nearest driver:

  1. First, open the Uber app on your phone.
  2. Second, click on the “Where to” box and enter your destination.
  3. Third, confirm your pickup and destination addresses.
  4. Next, click on “UberX” from the Uber service types list and review the estimated fare.
  5. Tap “Request” and wait while the app matches you with a driver.
  6. Once the app matches you with an Uber, you can track their arrival on the map. You should always make sure that the vehicle details match the info you see on the app before hopping inside.
  7. When you reach your destination, the driver will end the trip, and the app will automatically deduct the fare from your preferred payment method.

After finishing the trip, the app will let you rate your Uber driver from one to five stars. If you haven’t faced any problems during your trip, a five-star rating will help your driver stay part of the Uber fleet.

How Much Does UberX Cost?

UberX costs are variable, typically ranging from $9 to $12 for rides under five miles. The price depends on factors like distance, travel time, and any surge pricing during high-demand periods.

While UberX is an affordable option, fares can increase to $15 or $20 during peak times or in major cities. An operating fee is included, and advanced scheduling can help avoid surge pricing.

Online tools are available for fare estimation. UberPool and Express Pool are cheaper but less available than UberX.

Benefits of Choosing UberX Over Other Ride Options

X is one of the many ride types that Uber offers. These ride types can differ from one city to the next, but the main ones include UberXL, Black, Comfort, and UberX Share.

When comparing UberX vs UberXL, for example, you’ll find that X is more affordable and easier to find. XL is a better option if you’re in a party of more than four. Other than that, X wins this comparison.

How about UberX vs Uber Black? Well, Black is a more premium service at a significantly higher price.

With Black, you only get high-end vehicles and top-rated drivers. That makes it perfect for business trips, special occasions, and whenever you feel like riding in style!

Still, X will be the best option for running an errand or heading to work. While you won’t get the best cars in Uber’s fleet, you get to enjoy a comfortable, private ride at a great price.

Looking for an even cheaper option? This is where UberX Share comes in handy. You get the same tier of cars at a cheaper price – but there’s a catch! You’ll have to share the trip with other riders heading to the same destination.

Real-World Tips for a Better UberX Experience

Here are some essential tips for a seamless UberX experience:

  • Don’t Be Late on Your Driver: Make sure to be at the exact pickup location when the driver arrives. You don’t want to keep your driver waiting, and you could be charged a small fee for being late.
  • Double-Check the Car Before Riding: Since it’s a popular service, you won’t be the only one waiting for their driver. If you’re not careful, you’ll ride in the wrong car. That’s why it’s essential to double-check that you’re getting into the right vehicle. Believe me, it happens more than you think—and you don’t want to be in that awkward situation.
  • Be Respectful and Kind: Treat your driver in a kind, respectful way, and they’ll be more than happy to help you with anything. Not only that, but you should also treat the car nicely. That means no slamming doors or leaving empty water bottles behind.
  • Feel Free to Tip Your Driver: Tipping is optional on all Uber services. If you feel like your captain deserves more than a good rating, give them a tip through the app or in cash after the trip ends!

UberX for Drivers: What You Need to Know

Want to become part of the UberX fleet? It’s easier than you think if you have a compatible car.

Here are the documents you could need:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance and registration
  • Proof of residency in the state

After gathering these docs, you can fill out the driver’s application form on Uber’s website or visit a local office. It usually takes less than 10 days until you hear back from them.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll be able to log into the Uber Driver app and start making money.

The best part about working as a ride-share driver is that you get to be your own boss and work at any time you prefer. It’s a well-paying side hustle, as you can make around $22.52 per hour.

The only problem you could face as an UberX driver is that the pay isn’t steady. It all depends on the amount of work you can do and the overall rate in the city. You also have to deal with some unreasonable complaints from riders every once in a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uber Go vs. UberX?

Uber Go is a more affordable service that matches you with smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles. However, it’s only available in certain countries.

Can UberX take luggage?

Yes. If you’re riding alone or in a small group, you won’t face any problems with luggage.

Why does Uber only show UberX?

That happens when UberX is the only available option in your location. It can also happen due to an app error, so restart the app and make sure you’re using the latest version.

What Is the Main Difference Between UberX and UberXL?

The main difference between UberX and UberXL lies in their capacity and space. UberX accommodates up to four passengers with limited space for luggage, while UberXL offers more legroom and ample space for up to six passengers, luggage, and larger items like sports equipment. UberXL is the better choice for larger groups or when traveling with more gear.

Wrapping Up

UberX is one of the most affordable options when it comes to ride-sharing. You get a private, comfortable sedan that carries up to four people.

The best part is that this service is popular, so you can find a car in no time. It’s a perfect option for commuting or running errands.

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