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Uber Driver Account Disabled [Reasons & How To Restore]

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber deactivates accounts for reasons including outdated documents, low ratings, and safety violations.
  • Reactivation methods include document updates, improvement courses, or disputing background checks.
  • Prevent deactivation by adhering to guidelines, maintaining professionalism, and using a dashcam.
  • New account creation after deactivation is impossible due to SSN linkage.

Can Uber Drivers Get Deactivated?

Yes, Uber drivers can get deactivated for reasons including outdated documentation, low ratings, unsafe practices, fraud, failing annual background checks, service refusal, and inappropriate behavior.

A key indicator that this has happened is that drivers are no longer able to log into their Uber driver account and go online.

Reactivation depends on the reason for deactivation, ranging from updating documents and improving ratings to disputing background checks.

Drivers can avoid deactivation by adhering to Uber’s community guidelines, maintaining professionalism, keeping their rating high, and using a dashcam for evidence against false claims.

7 Top Reasons for Disabling an Uber Driver Account

Being one of the best ridesharing apps available, Uber tries to maintain its position by ensuring that it has a dependable driver fleet.

That’s why when drivers violate Uber’s policies and guidelines, they risk having their accounts deactivated.

If you experience this unfortunate event and feel out of the loop, we’ve listed below the most common reasons why this happens to help you understand what’s going on.

1. Carrying Outdated Documents

One of the leading causes of Uber account deactivation is drivers not updating their documents.

Remember the required documents you had to upload to become an Uber driver?

They included your driver’s license, vehicle insurance and registration, etc. If one or more of these documents expire, Uber will temporarily deactivate your account until you update them.

We should warn you that Uber may take up to 48 hours, if not longer, to verify your new documentation. This means that your account will remain deactivated during the reviewing process.

If you don’t want this to affect your earnings with Uber, we recommend uploading up-to-date documents one week before their expiration date.

2. Dropping Below the Minimum Rating

Your Uber driver rating could be the culprit behind your account shutdown.

According to Uber, there’s a minimum average rating for drivers that varies by city, yet they don’t mention it. If drivers fail to meet this rating, their accounts will be deactivated.

After doing some research, we were able to conclude that any rating below 4.7/5 is a bad omen.

Figures below that rating catch the attention of the Uber team and give them a reason to keep an eye on your account. If they discover that you consistently receive low ratings, they’ll disable it.

3. Engaging in Unsafe Practices

Uber takes safety-related issues pretty seriously and can instantly terminate your account because of them.

While the app lists several safety concerns to avoid, we’ll highlight four that are notorious for getting drivers into trouble.

Not Passing Real-Time ID Verification

As you may be aware, Uber’s real-time ID check feature requires drivers to scan their faces to ensure they’re the same person registered with the Uber app.

If the resulting scan doesn’t match the image they have of you, they’ll deactivate your account. The same applies if you scanned a photo instead of your real face.

Driving Dangerously

When Uber receives several reports of dangerous driving from riders, they’ll suspend the driver’s account.

You should note that it doesn’t take something as serious as being involved in an accident to disable your account.

Other risky practices, including texting and driving and breaking traffic laws, can result in the same outcome.

Using an Unapproved Vehicle

Sometimes Uber drivers may use vehicles other than those registered and authorized by the app, which is a big no-no.

Even though we understand that it could be for innocent reasons, like having your main car repaired, this can still land you in hot water.

You see, riders worry about their safety—and, more often than not, the safety of others—when they notice a discrepancy between what appears on the app and reality.

As a result, they’re more likely to report this incident, which will lead to deactivating your account.

Driving While Drowsy/Under the Influence

When driving, you shouldn’t be sleepy, on drowsy medication, or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or similar substances. If the rider notices other than that, your account will be reported, and eventually, you’ll lose access.

Be aware that it doesn’t end with showing signs of intoxication. If passengers smell a questionable substance in the vehicle, that’ll be enough for Uber to take action against you.

4. Failing the Annual Background Check

While many drivers know that they must pass a background check before working with Uber, many others are unaware that these checks are ongoing.

The app screens drivers’ criminal and driving records every year—and in some cities, this happens more frequently—to ensure that they’re still in the clear.

If you happen to have something recently added to your record, the Uber team might’ve learned about it and denied you access to your account.

5. Refusing to Provide Service

There are some clear cases where refusing to provide Uber services to riders can result in disabling your account.

These cases include declining rides because you don’t want to accommodate a rider who uses a wheelchair or other similar devices, like walking sticks.

They also involve not allowing riders to bring their service animal, even if you do so because you’re scared of animals or for religious reasons.

6. Exhibiting Inappropriate Behavior

We were able to boil down Uber’s classification of inappropriate behavior into three categories, which we’ll outline below. Taking part in any of them leads to the same fate: losing access to your account.

General Harassment

Unprofessionalism, in general, isn’t tolerated on the Uber platform. Drivers who receive reports of being hostile, disrespectful, discriminatory, or harassing won’t fare well.

It also goes without saying that sharing unsolicited images, especially sexually explicit ones, with riders is a form of harassment and won’t be taken lightly.  

Sexual Misconduct

Uber considers any non-physical sexual behaviors as sexual misconduct and will hold drivers accountable for it.

This means that flirting, commenting on a rider’s appearance, asking overly personal questions, or making any kind of romantic gesture is strictly prohibited, even if it’s consensual.

Sexual Assault

With the growing number of sexual assault cases among passengers, Uber is stepping up its efforts to eliminate such a heinous act.

In other words, if your involvement in this act is proven, the platform won’t hesitate to permanently deactivate your account.

Any attempted or actual physical sexual conduct, including kissing or touching, with or without consent, will be considered sexual assault.

Uber also has a no-sex policy between riders and drivers that should never be broken—even if they know each other and it’s consensual.

7. Participating in Fraud Activities

The app identifies fraud in various ways, and participating in any of them leads to canceling drivers’ Uber accounts.

We’ve gathered below some of the common scenarios that the platform flags as fraudulent activity:

  • Submitting required documents in any form other than the original; scans, photocopies, etc., isn’t permitted.
  • Sharing your account with someone else.
  • Asking riders to cancel their trips for suspicious reasons.
  • Intentionally increasing a ride’s distance.
  • Filing false reports to get reimbursed.

Reactivating Your Uber Driver Account

If you still don’t understand why your driver account got disabled, we recommend contacting Uber support to know exactly what happened.

However, if by now you know what led to this point, we’ll show you what you should do next for the deactivating cases we covered above.

Low Ratings

To reactivate your Uber account after losing access due to having a low rating, you must demonstrate that you’ve become a better driver. This is proved by enrolling in a quality improvement course.

While various classes are available in different cities, we found that Uber references the 7×7 Experience as the preferred national provider for these programs. Consequently, we suggest sticking with it.

After you’ve completed this course, go to Uber’s reactivation page and upload a photo of your completion certificate.

Then, the Uber team will review your case and let you know whether or not they’ll reactivate your account.

Safety, Harassment, and Fraud Concerns

Restoring your account after it has been reported for engaging in unsafe, harassing, and fraudulent activities is quite challenging.

These are zero-tolerance policies, and in some cities, such as New York, even appeals aren’t accepted.

Nevertheless, you can usually use Uber’s account deactivation review page to request a case review if you believe this decision is unfair.

Keep in mind that you must make this request within four months of the date your account was deactivated.

Uber will then conduct an investigation and notify you of their final decision.

Background Check Issues

You may discover that there was an error with your background check, or you may have resolved whatever issues came up in your annual screening.

In either scenario, you can contact Support of the provider that performed your screening to dispute the result.

You’ll find on the dispute page all of the third-party providers that Uber uses to conduct background checks and information on how you can reach them.

We won’t sugarcoat it: the process can be lengthy and a little frustrating. We saw many drivers reporting that they had to follow up on their dispute several times before receiving a final response. That’s why we strongly advise you to get started right away.

How to Avoid Having Your Uber Account Disabled

One of our top tips for Uber drivers is to learn the platform’s community guidelines by heart. That’s because once you do, you’re unlikely to find yourself in a bind.

In fact, three specific guidelines can help you keep your account active for as long as you want.

1. Be Professional

Working in the ridesharing industry is just as serious as any other job, even if it’s a side hustle. The more professional you are in your role, the further you’ll advance in this career.

This begins with fully understanding that the nature of this job will require you to meet a diverse range of people. And so you must learn to accept other people’s different opinions, preferences, and backgrounds.

You also have to respect their privacy and personal space. Being friendly is one thing, but being intrusive is quite another.

That’s why we always advise keeping your conversation to a minimum so that it’s not open for interpretation.

2. Maintain a Good Rating

The more your account gets good ratings, the more the negative ones will be canceled out, which will put you in a favorable spot.

Maintaining a high rating not only reduces the likelihood of your account being disabled, but it also increases your chances of getting more rides and thus making more money.

Here are four simple yet effective tips that’ll help you get there:

  • Keep your vehicle well-maintained, clean, and smelling nice.
  • Greet your riders when picking them up and wish them well when dropping them off.
  • Ask your passengers if they want to listen to a specific type of music during their trip.
  • Include amenities in your car, such as hand sanitizer, water, or candy.

3. Use a Dashcam

Riders who submit false claims do exist, and you should be prepared to deal with them.

Installing a dashcam in your car to record video, audio, or both will supply you with evidence that you can provide to Uber whenever necessary; it’s your easy way out of trouble.

But make sure to check your local laws on ride recording, as in some cities, you’ll need to get the rider’s permission before you start recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Uber Notify Drivers About Account Deactivation?

Yes, Uber will generally notify you before your account is disabled and, in some cases, will share with you information about what caused this.

However, there are specific situations that require immediate action, like safety and fraud concerns, in which case there might not be a warning.

Can I Create a New Uber Driver Account if My Old One Has Been Deactivated?

No, you can’t rejoin Uber after your account gets permanently disabled. That’s because the app has a database that links all drivers’ accounts to their Social Security numbers.

As a result, when you try to create a new account, they’ll see your history with Uber and reject your application.

Does Receiving Tips Affect My Rating?

No, whether you get tipped or not doesn’t affect your rating.

Passengers rate you based on their overall experience (how they were treated, the vehicle’s cleanliness, etc.). Then, Uber averages the last 500 ratings you received from riders to calculate your driver’s rating; tips aren’t factored into this equation.

Wrapping Up

We know how frustrating it is to have one, if not your only, source of income put on hold. Hopefully, we managed to help you understand what put you in this position and how to get out of it.

From now on, Uber’s community guidelines handbook is your best friend for maintaining an uninterrupted career on this platform. And always remember to remain professional, protect your rating, and be prepared with reliable evidence!

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