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Uber Eats Pass: How to Get Unlimited Free Food Delivery

Uber Eats Pass: How to Get Unlimited Free Food Delivery

Last updated: June 15, 2021
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If you’re like us, food delivery services are a modern convenience you can’t help but indulge in.

Food from your favorite restaurants is always just a few taps away, no matter where you’re at.

With an Uber Eats Pass, the food delivery app you love won’t have to cost an arm and a leg — even if you use them every single day.

The Uber Eats Pass is easily the most reliable way for existing users to save.

When Uber Eats promo codes aren’t available or you’ve run out of friends and family members to refer, Eats Pass guarantees your savings every time you jump on the platform.

So what exactly is the Eats Pass? And how can you take advantage of it today?

We’ll answer these questions and more in this complete guide.

What Is the Uber Eats Pass?

uber eats pass

The Uber Eats Pass — often just known as “Eats Pass” — is a subscription program that’s designed to help you save on delivery fees and get discounts on every meal.

For $9.99 per month, you can unlock the following benefits on Uber Eats:

  • Unlimited free delivery on all restaurant orders over $15
  • 5% off all restaurant orders over $15
  • Unlimited free delivery on all grocery orders over $30
  • Exclusive discounts and other member perks

As of September 2020, you automatically get a free month of Eats Pass when you sign up, so there’s little risk in trying out the platform.

You must agree to pay for a second month to get this offer, but you’re welcome to cancel anytime after that.

While Uber Eats doesn’t specify an end date for this one-month trial, we recommend taking advantage of it soon, so you’re sure to save $9.99 right from the start.

Eats Pass is currently available to customers anywhere Uber Eats operates within the United States and Canada, with the exception of Quebec.

Uber Eats Pass Benefits

Beyond the clear savings that Eats Pass provides, the subscription program also comes with a few hidden benefits.

First off, you won’t have to worry about busy area fees any longer.

No matter how high demand is in your area when you place an order, you’ll receive free Uber Eats delivery as long as you meet the order minimum.

This means you can request delivery during the lunch rush or for dinner without any worries.

You’ll also be able to get consistent savings on every single order, without waiting for active promo codes or referring friends.

But when you do get discounts, you may be able to stack them on top of your Eats Pass benefits for even more savings.

Average savings in many cities exceed $15 per month, so you’re likely to save more than what you pay.

As a last hidden perk, if you currently have a grocery delivery subscription with Shipt or Instacart, the Eats Pass may be the lower-cost alternative that allows you to cancel and save.

While Uber Eats doesn’t yet offer great grocery options in every city, it’s increasingly adding more, so in some markets, Eats Pass is the perfect way to get free delivery on restaurants and groceries all in one subscription.

How To Sign Up for the Uber Eats Pass

If Eats Pass seems beneficial for your food delivery habits, you can easily sign up straight from your Uber Eats app.

To start, tap on the “Eats Pass” tab on the lower right corner of the home screen.

uber eats pass: sign up

If you don’t see the Eats Pass tab, you may need to tap “Eats Pass” from the account section of your Uber Eats app (or simply update to the latest version of your app first), since this is a relatively new feature.

Then, tap the “Join Eats Pass” button — currently “Join Eats Pass free” due to the free trial offer — and follow the prompts to start your subscription.

uber eats pass: free trial

This short process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, since Uber Eats should already have your personal and credit card information stored.

Once complete, you’ll be able to take advantage of your Eats Pass membership immediately.

Using Your Subscription

Using your Eats Pass benefits is extremely easy and takes virtually no effort on your part.

Whenever you fill your cart with an eligible order — those that exceed $15 for restaurant delivery or $30 for grocery delivery — you’ll see your Eats Pass discounts automatically applied to your order total before checking out.

When you receive exclusive deals from Uber Eats, you’ll usually get an email, notification, or both about it.

Oftentimes, this offer will automatically be applied to your account.

However, if you receive a promo code that you need to manually enter, you can do so on your checkout screen (right before confirming your order), in the “Add promo” space.

You can also enter an Uber Eats gift card during this step if you have one of those.

When you do check out, Uber Eats will simply charge whatever payment method you have saved on the app. No need to reload funds to use your Eats Pass.

Each month — based on the exact date you initially signed up — your Eats Pass subscription will automatically renew, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your subscription either.

Frequently Asked Questions

different types food for delivery

The Uber Eats Pass is a helpful way for frequent users to save a massive amount of money each year.

To learn more about this program, read our answers to these common questions:

1. How does Eats Pass compare to other top food delivery apps’ subscription services?

Subscriptions to all four of the leading food delivery services — which include Postmates Unlimited, Grubhub+, and DoorDash’s DashPass — all cost $9.99 per month.

Each provides subscribers with exclusive perks and free delivery with orders over $12 (Postmates and Grubhub) or $15 (Uber Eats and DoorDash).

Exact order minimum may vary based on your market.

Uber Eats and Postmates both allow you to use your subscription benefits on orders from any restaurant on their platforms.

However, Uber Eats’ extra 5% off your meal may help you save considerably more, depending on how much you usually spend on a request.

Eats Pass also stands out for its grocery delivery perks, which none of the other platforms offer.

2. Can I cancel my Uber Eats Pass subscription at any time?

Absolutely. The Eats Pass subscription renews on a month-by-month basis, so you won’t be charged if you cancel before your next billing cycle.

To cancel, head to the Eats Pass section of your Uber Eats app and turn off auto-renew, then confirm your cancellation.

3. Can I get Uber Eats Pass benefits if I have the Uber Pass?

Yes. If you’re a frequent rider and a food delivery enthusiast, you can now get Eats Pass benefits by getting an Uber Pass.

While this alternate subscription program was formerly the Uber Ride Pass, which only offered rideshare benefits, the new Uber Pass now allows you to get Eats Pass perks and 10-15% off most rides all in the same subscription.

The Uber Pass subscription costs $24.99 per month, though a one-week free trial is available as of September 2020.

4. Do I still need to pay service fees and small order fees if I have Eats Pass?

While Eats Pass helps you cut back on delivery costs, your service fee (which is up to 15% of your order total) still stands.

Small order fees will still apply for any orders under $15, but you should already exceed this minimum if you’re taking advantage of free delivery through Eats Pass.

Get the Most Out of Uber Eats

Food delivery doesn’t have to be insanely expensive. For just under $10 per month, you can get unlimited delivery fees waived every time you order.

As a member of the Eats Pass subscription program, you’ll even get exclusive perks that make your savings and the Uber Eats experience even sweeter. 

The best part is, you can cancel at any time, so there’s no harm in trying out the program at least once, so you know if it’s a good fit for your app usage.

Want to get more delivery discounts (and maybe even some free food)? Read out complete guide to food delivery promo codes for active coupon codes and tips to save on Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, DoorDash, Caviar, and more.

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