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How to Make Multiple Stops With Uber

Last updated: September 2, 2021
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How to Make Multiple Stops with Uber

rideshare companies like Uber have revolutionized personal transportation.

Instead of having to hail or call a cab, you can now summon a ride with the tap of a few buttons.

But what if you have multiple passengers in the same ride who need to make different stops along the way?

Or, conversely, what if you want to pick up another passenger on the way to your final destination?

Does Uber allow you to do this when booking a ride?

The answer is yes, and in this post we’ll look at exactly how to make it happen, including instructions for the Uber app and proper etiquette for rides with multiple stops.

Reasons for Making Multiple Uber Stops

Why would you want to make multiple stops to begin with?

There are a variety of possible reasons.

For example, one popular use for Uber is to provide a safe, sober driver when going out for a night on the town.

If you’re going out with multiple people, then being able to add an extra stop (or two) to your ride can make things much more convenient when heading home for the night.

When you add multiple destinations from within the app, you can guarantee that your driver will be able to make them, instead of hoping that they will do it.

This, of course, they’re under no obligation to do if you haven’t officially booked the stop.

Having the stops in the app also makes navigation easier for your driver, as directions will automatically display from within the Uber app.

This ensures the most efficient route possible, saving everyone money and time.

Going out with friends isn’t the only reason you might want your Uber driver to make multiple stops, however.

For people who live in large cities where owning a car is expensive or inconvenient, Uber can provide a viable alternative, especially if local public transportation infrastructure is limited.

Adding multiple stops to a ride can allow you to run some quick errands on your way to a destination.

For example, let’s say you need to go shopping, but on the way you’d like to drop off a package at the post office.

When you add an additional stop to your Uber ride, this becomes much easier than simply asking the driver to do it.

This also ensures the driver gets compensated for any additional time.

That being said, Uber does ask that you keep additional stops limited to three minutes.

For this reason, the best uses of multiple stops involve dropping off or picking up additional passengers or running quick errands.

If you need to do something that’s going to take longer, it’s best to just call another Uber when you’re done.

How to Add Additional Stops in the Uber App

Adding additional stops to your Uber ride is simple.

Just follow these steps:

1. Choose a Pick-Up Point

To start, open the Uber app and tap the “Where to?” box.

How to Make Multiple Stops with Uber: Uber app home screen

From there, verify that your pickup location is correct.

2. Add Additional Destinations with the “+” Button

Once you’ve set the correct pickup location, you can add additional stops by tapping the “+” button next to the “Where to?” box.

How to Make Multiple Stops with Uber: Add first stop

By default, tapping the “+” button will add one stop in the middle.

If you fill in that field, however, you’ll see that it’s possible to add another stop.

How to Make Multiple Stops with Uber: Add multiple stops

Fill that in if you like, or tap the “X” to get rid of one of the stops.

You can add up to two stops total in addition to your final destination.

3. Book Your Ride as Normal

Once you’ve selected your stops, tap “Done” to continue booking your ride as normal.

How to Make Multiple Stops with Uber: All stops added

Note that the fare may be a bit higher than you’re used to in order to account for the additional time the driver needs to make the stops.

To estimate your Uber fare for any ride, check out our Uber fare estimator.

Multiple Stop Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind when making multiple stops, including proper etiquette and special considerations:

1. Inform Your Driver

When your driver picks you up, let them know that you’ll be making multiple stops.

The app will inform them, but it’s still helpful for them to get confirmation that you intended to add the stops, like when your driver will ask you to confirm your destination during a normal Uber ride.

2. Keep Stops Under Three Minutes

Don’t abuse the additional stops feature.

Your driver receives additional compensation for the added stops, but this only applies up to a point.

If you keep them waiting longer than three minutes, you take away time they could spend earning additional fares.

If you’re picking up someone else along the way, make it clear to them that they need to be ready upon your arrival.

Likewise, if you’re dropping someone off, make sure to say your goodbyes before you arrive at their destination in order to avoid keeping the driver waiting for too long.

If for some reason you think there will be a delay at one of your stops, inform the driver — that way they know what to expect.

3. Understand How Uber Splits Fares on Multiple Stops

One thing to know about adding stops is that, while you can still split the fare with another passenger as you would with a regular Uber ride, the split cost will still be based on the cost of the entire ride including all stops.

You cannot use the Uber app to charge a fellow passenger for just the portion of the trip that they were riding.

You’ll need to use another payment solution if you want to do this kind of split.

4. Multiple Stops Are Not Available on UberPOOL

UberPOOL is a great way to save money on fares while still having the convenience of an Uber ride.

However, you cannot add multiple stops to an UberPOOL ride.

By its very nature, UberPOOL relies on making multiple stops determined in real time by demand from passengers.

You can add multiple stops using all other Uber services, including premium services such as UberBLACK.


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of how to add multiple stops to your Uber ride.

It’s just a matter of tapping a couple extra buttons within the app, after which you can be on your way as usual.

For more Uber passenger tips and tricks, check out our complete guide on how to use Uber.

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