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How UberX Share [Formerly Uber Pool] Works For Riders

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Key Takeaways

  • UberX Share, an evolved version of Uber Pool, offers shared rides for solo travelers with upfront discounts and potential savings of up to 20%.
  • Designed to minimize delays, UberX Share aims to add no more than 8 minutes to your ETA compared to a regular UberX ride.
  • This service allows a maximum of three solo riders per trip, ensuring comfort and efficiency in route planning.
  • UberX Share is available in select cities, providing an economical and environmentally friendly travel option.

What Is UberX Share?

UberX Share is the upgraded version of the now-retired Uber Pool. The original rideshare service ceased operations in 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and got a fresh new name two years later.

In short, UberX Share is Uber Pool, only better. It offers lower fares if you’re up for sharing the trip with strangers heading in the same direction.

You automatically enjoy a discount, with room for up to 20% savings off the total fare, if the driver picks up an add-on rider along the way.

The upgraded shared ride service rolled out in mid-2022 in major cities, including:

  • Indianapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Phoenix
  • Pittsburgh
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco

UberX Share has since expanded into more urban areas and is now available in 34 locations across the U.S.

Uber hopes it’ll help the platform achieve zero-carbon emissions by 2040.

According to Shin-Pei Tsay, Uber’s global head of cities and transportation policy, more riders in fewer cars means less traffic and carbon emissions per passenger.

How UberX Share Works

You can request a shared ride through the UberX Share ride option on the app. The app then matches your ride with other solo passengers going your way.

Remember, you can only book one UberX Share seat and share the ride with up to two other riders. Your car can only fit four, including your driver, at any point throughout the trip.

How the UberX Share Algorithm Works

Uber maps out the most efficient routes for picking up multiple riders during an UberX Share trip. The app typically spends up to 90 seconds searching for the best route to share with other riders.

The system pairs you with a co-rider only if the estimated arrival time takes no longer than eight minutes than a regular UberX trip.

So, you need not worry about significant delays unless other unforeseen factors come into play.

Of course, arrival times can vary due to the usual suspects—traffic, construction, and the occasional road mishap.

Key Features of UberX Share

UberX Share is the go-to for solo travelers, and here’s why:

1. Reduced Fare Prices

Uber introduced the shared ride service to offer customers a convenient ride for an affordable price.

UberX Share is perfect if you don’t mind sharing a trip with other passengers. The app treats you to an upfront discount, automatically applied to your estimated fare.

Whether or not a co-rider joins you, you’ll always pay less for a shared ride than an UberX.

Expect more savings during your trip as your driver gets shared ride requests along the way. You can save up to 20% with these additional pickups.

2. Estimated Arrival Time

Even with the extra riders, UberX Share is designed to have minimal impact on your travel time.

On average, you should arrive no more than eight minutes later than an UberX ride.

When you request a shared ride, you can view the time until your driver arrives, along with the expected timeframe to reach your destination.

Pay attention to your ETA when booking an UberX Share so you can plan your schedule accordingly. Rest assured, having additional passengers on your fare won’t delay you significantly.

3. Route Optimization

Uber plans the best routes to pick up and drop off multiple riders. The app ensures that your co-passengers are heading in your direction and updates your estimated arrival time with each pickup.

Don’t worry—you’ll only get matched with new riders during your shared trip if it won’t make a huge difference to your ETA.

Depending on everyone’s destinations, the drop-off sequence might not follow the order of pickups.

Differences Between UberX Share and Uber Pool

To be clear, Uber Pool is no longer available, as Uber scrapped the service in 2020. Essentially, UberX Share is Uber Pool 2.0, with two notable improvements.

First, you’ll get a discount upfront when you choose UberX Share. This discount is yours to keep, even if the app doesn’t find a match during your shared ride.

Second, you can only book a single seat, and the ride can only take up to three solo riders. That means an empty seat between passengers in the back and more elbow room.

With Uber Pool, you could order up to two seats in the car. The ride could get too cramped, with up to four passengers squeezed together in a single trip.

There used to be different ways to fill up all four seats in an Uber Pool:

  • Four solo riders
  • Two groups of two-person pools
  • One two-person pool and two solo riders

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

I think UberX Share is a nice service if I am by myself. But, I don’t like the fact that I can’t use it any longer with other people.

On the other hand, I do understand the efficiency aspect of the service, as Uber Pool was a bit more inefficient. Logistically, it is way easier to match just one rider with a ride than it is with more within a shared ride.

On the other hand, the lack of background checks or identify verification for passengers brings up some interesting safety concerns.

Using the service with even just one other friend would greatly enhance the safety of a ride. However, if I am not able to bring a friend along, I’m much less likely to use the service because I feel a bit unsafer that way.

I wish Uber would bring back the Uber Pool service and charge slightly more, yet cheaper than an UberX.

Pricing and Cost Comparison

The fare estimates, shown as a range of values, vary based on the service type, your city, and real-time variables like traffic and demand. You’ll get more accurate prices closer to your trip.

Below are the standard components of an Uber fare:

  • Flat-fee base fare to cover the pickup cost
  • Booking fee to pay Uber’s administrative costs
  • Per-minute fee based on the estimated travel time
  • Per-mile fee based on the distance between origin and destination

The upfront fare also covers taxes, surcharges, tolls, and other applicable fees. If your trip takes longer than usual, expect to pay more at the end of your ride.

Not included in the official estimates is surge pricing, a multiplier applied to your final fare during high-demand periods.

You can choose to pay this premium when there’s a driver shortage, especially during rush hours or holidays. Or, you can wait until a driver becomes available.

Note: The average cost per mile is around $1–$2, while the average cost per minute is $0.40.

You see, there’s a pretty long list of factors that go into a ride fare. That said, UberX Share offers the cheapest price for a comfortable ride.

You’re guaranteed a discount, and you’ll save even more depending on the time and distance you share the ride with other passengers.

Here’s a quick cost comparison for three Uber rides in different cities, all covering a five-mile distance:

UberX Share (Max Seating Capacity)UberXUber Black
Washington DC$24.81$31.01$59.29
Los Angeles$28.02$35.03$71.84
New York City$39.71$49.64$77.54

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Due to the low prices of UberX Share rides, many drivers are often hesitant to give these rides, if they don’t write them off altogether.

These types of rides don’t pay that well, yet they are highly complex due to having to continually manage the logistics of picking up and dropping off multiple passengers.

Most riders think that because they’re already saving money on the ride, they don’t have to tip.

This is incorrect! Always tip while using UberX Share – at least $2-3 per ride.

Normally I would suggest tipping higher, but because you’re technically splitting the ride cost with others by riding with them, if everybody tips, the driver will earn a decent amount in tips.

Benefits of Using UberX Share

Choosing UberX Share comes with several advantages:

  • Cost Savings: UberX Share offers cheaper fare prices than UberX rides. Even better, you’ll get more discounts on your fare when paired with up to two other riders along your route.
  • Upfront Discount: You can enjoy a minimum discount on your shared ride regardless of finding a co-rider.
  • Convenient Booking: You can easily request an UberX Share ride through the app. The system automatically applies your minimum discount for shared trips in the estimated fare.
  • Environmental Impact: You reduce your carbon footprint when sharing a ride with other passengers.

How to Request an UberX Share Ride

Booking an UberX Share ride involves a few simple steps. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Launch the Uber app on your phone. Make sure it’s updated for the latest features and your location services are on for easier pickup and smoother navigation.
  2. Input your destination in the “Where To” textbox.
  3. Browse the ride options and select UberX Share.
  4. The app will link you up with other passengers headed your way.
  5. Upon arrival, the app deducts your fare from the preferred payment method you have on file.
  6. Had a pleasant and hassle-free ride? You can show your appreciation by tipping your driver in cash or in-app. While you’re at it, don’t forget to leave five stars to boost their rating.

Can you get a shared ride without an app?

Absolutely! Head to the Uber website and select Request a Ride from the top menu. Then, enter your pickup and dropoff locations. You can set the addresses manually or drop a pin on the map.

What to Expect During an UberX Share Ride

Here’s what to expect on a typical UberX Share trip:

1. Wait Time

At pickup, you have two minutes to get in the car before you’re charged. So, request your ride only when you’re ready to go. Your driver might be just around the corner.

The extra pickups and dropoffs shouldn’t take more than eight minutes.

2. Pickup and Dropoff

Don’t be surprised if there’s already a passenger in the car when you hop in. There’s also a chance you could end up riding solo if the app can’t find you a matching co-rider. The best part is you’d still pay less than if you had booked a normal UberX.

The order of pickups and dropoffs depends on where your destination is along the route, not who got picked up first.

If a rider exits before you, the app can check for other passengers, as long as it doesn’t significantly affect your ETA.

3. No Changing Destinations or Adding Stops

Once your UberX Share ride starts, you can’t switch up the destination or take any detours. So, be sure you’re all set on where you’re headed before hitting that request button.

Is adding a stop on Uber possible with a shared ride?

No, unfortunately. Unlike solo rides, you can’t add stops when using UberX Share, especially if you’re picking up someone. It wouldn’t be fair to other passengers in the car.

4. Luggage and Personal Space

Wondering if there’s enough room for your luggage on your UberX Share?

It depends on how many add-on passengers are sharing the trip and what they bring along.

Always be considerate, and don’t hog extra space with your bags or belongings. If you have lots of stuff to carry, your best bet is an UberX or UberXL for a more comfortable ride.

Also, keep the noise levels down. Slip in your headphones when listening to music or taking calls. This way, everyone can enjoy a peaceful trip together.

Conclusion: Is UberX Share Right for You?

UberX Share is the most budget-friendly option of all Uber rides. It’s a fantastic deal if you don’t mind sharing a ride or a bit of extended travel time. You’ll enjoy additional savings with more seats occupied.

Besides, imagine the impact if we all shared rides—fewer cars on the roads and less carbon emissions in the air.

With UberX Share, you’re taking a small yet crucial step towards sustainable transportation and a greener future. So, feel free to request your shared ride anytime!

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