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By now, nearly everybody is familiar with the popular rideshare service, Uber.

The service offers various levels of comfort and economy, allowing users to choose the ride option that fits their needs and budgets.

One may choose from UberX, Uber Green, UberXL, Uber Comfort, Uber Black, and Uber Black SUV.

The most premium option available to an Uber passenger is Uber Lux.

Keep reading to learn how this luxury car service works.

If you are considering driving for Uber Lux or if you are looking into hiring a luxury car for an exciting night out, I will answer all your questions in the following sections.

What Is Uber Lux?

Uber Lux is a top-of-the-line black car service.

Uber Lux passengers can request a high-end vehicle with a professional driver.

This luxury option is the most upscale ride that Uber offers.

About Uber Lux

Uber Lux is only available in select markets.

There are strict vehicle requirements for the cars offered through the Lux option.

Each ultra-high-end vehicle must meet these requirements to earn the Lux label.

For example, a luxury car must be an approved deluxe model in pristine condition.

I will review the complete list of vehicle details in the “Drivers” section below.

Each Uber Lux driver is a professional driver who has passed a criminal background check and possesses a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Even in markets where Uber does not offer the Lux option, riders may choose a similar upscale package, such as Uber Black.

Uber Lux and some of the other upscale ride packages that were eliminated would all fall under the Uber Premium umbrella now.

How Does Uber LUX Work?

Uber Lux works the same way that regular Uber, or Uber X, works.

Anyone can become an Uber user and request a car by downloading the app.

If you are in an area that offers Uber Lux, ordering a fancy ride is as easy as requesting it through the Uber mobile app and selecting the “Lux” option.

The option will only be visible in markets that provide the luxury alternative.

Uber Lux Car Models

vector graphic of an Uber lux vehicle with the worlds "top rated drivers in luxury vehicles"

Uber Black actually has Lux beat when it comes to special perks — Black provides all the benefits we listed and more — but when you’re requesting Uber Lux, it’s the unique high-end vehicles that you’re really after.

Lux is the one service that may allow you to access legacy vehicles, which are vintage models that are still in great working condition and in high demand.

Though legacy vehicles are definitely not a guarantee, your ride will always at least be in the ranks of the following car models:

  • Audi A8
  • Bentley four-door models
  • BMW 5-series or 7-series
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Jaguar XJ or XJR
  • Land Rover Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, or Range Rover Sport
  • Lexus LS or LX
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Maybach four-door models
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class or G-Class
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Tesla Model S
  • Rolls Royce Royce, Ghost, or Phantom

To get a sense of just how exclusive Uber LUX is, here are seven of the luxury cars riders can expect when booking an Uber LUX trip.

1. Porsche Cayenne

With Uber LUX, you can expect anything from the Porsche family of cars.

These are five-door luxury sedans marketed as a “sports car for the family.”

It can comfortably seat four people including the driver and can even fit five if the passengers are squeezed together in the back.

The Porsche Cayenne goes from 0–100 kph in just a little over six seconds — and it sounds really good doing it.

As is customary with most Uber LUX cars, the Porsche Cayenne sports genuine leather seats, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable ride.

Riders can also play their favorite tunes with its Bluetooth-supported media center and awesome Bose speakers on all five seats.

2. Mercedes Benz S Class

The Mercedes Benz S Class line is Mercedes’ luxury flagship class.

They’ve been in production since 1972 and continue to captivate the hearts of luxury car lovers everywhere.

They’re also a definite possibility for riders booking an Uber LUX.

The S class is known for its highly-touted interiors, all stitched and sewn to achieve a uniform luxury feel.

Riders also have the option of making the media center all theirs, thanks to the CarPlay and Android Auto-enabled media centers.

3. Maserati Ghibli

First introduced in the late ‘60s, the Maserati Ghibli is one of the most iconic sedans from the Maserati family.

It was made to be a grand tour vehicle built for long drives over winding roads.

As with any grand tour vehicle, the Maserati Ghibli pampers its riders and drivers with top-of-the-line interiors and perks.

The two newest Ghibli variants are the GranLusso and GranSport.

The former focuses on luxury and comfort, while the latter boasts great dynamics that would please any car nut.

Riders can enjoy full use of the Maserati Ghibli during long drives in the city.

4. Rolls-Royce

Uber LUX offers its riders the chance to ride in a Rolls-Royce. As many riders and drivers know, Rolls-Royce cars are bespoke and are tailored to each driver’s specifications.

Luckily, this now extends to Uber LUX riders too.

However, only four-door Rolls-Royce cars are allowed in the Uber LUX service.

Unfortunately for fans of models such as the Wraith, two-door models are not in the list of cars riders can expect.

Regardless, riders coming out of a Rolls-Royce in any special event can expect a great first impression.

5. Audi A8

In production since 1994, the A8 series is one of Audi’s best-selling luxury sedans.

The new A8 series sells itself as one of the more future-proofed cars, focusing on comfort and functionality.

With a built-in media center that pairs with most devices, riders can definitely get some work done on their way to a very important meeting.

The A8 is a great fit for Uber LUX riders who need to show up and make an impression when the company car isn’t available.

Despite all the professional-looking trimmings, it doesn’t forget its roots as a fast car.

The A8 runs like a charm, complete with many assistance systems that ensure a smooth and fast ride.

6. Range Rover

With over 45 years of luxury off-road experience, the Range Rover is one of the best luxury vehicles in the market today, and one of the cars which riders can expect from an Uber LUX ride.

Like an UberXL, the Range Rover can hold a lot more riders and their luggage comfortably.

Unlike an UberXL, however, riders can travel in style in the Range Rover, complete with all its bells and whistles — plush leather seats, complete media center, and excellent audio.

7. Tesla Model S

Riders can possibly get a glimpse of the future of cars when they book an Uber LUX ride.

The Tesla Model S is one of the cars in the lineup riders can choose from when using this service.

It is an all-electric vehicle that has tons of features that both riders and drivers can appreciate.

The Model S is one of the first vehicles in the world to have completely autonomous driving and parking capabilities, which (almost) negate the need for a driver.

Furthermore, the Model S has a “bioweapon defense system,” which is essentially a climate-control system for the car.

Additionally, it features a “ludicrous mode” that allows the Model S to go from 0–100 kph in just three seconds.

Add all those features up and riders will have a top-notch Uber LUX experience.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the high-end cars offered by Uber Lux in every city, but don’t expect anything less than incredible models like these.

Uber Lux vs. Other Services

As I said earlier, Uber has many options for passengers to choose from.

You may be wondering which is the best choice for you.

I compared Uber Lux with other services to give you an idea of what to expect when you order your first luxury ride.

Uber Lux vs. Regular Uber

The most popular Uber option is UberX, which is the company’s standard service.

UberX provides rides for up to four passengers.

UberXL is a slightly more expensive option that offers larger vehicles to accommodate up to six riders.

Paying less is the main benefit of UberX and UberXL, but the chances of your rideshare driver showing up in a classy high-end vehicle are little to none.

By selecting Uber Lux over UberX, you are paying for high-class amenities in a fancy vehicle that you may not have the opportunity to ride in otherwise.

It’s perfect for a night out or a time you feel you need to “treat yourself.”

Uber Lux vs. UberBLACK

Uber Lux and UberBLACK are similar services.

UberBLACK is also a luxury rideshare option that utilizes professional drivers and high-end cars and SUVs.

These vehicles have black exteriors and leather interiors.

Uber Lux vehicles might be even fancier and more exclusive than UberBLACK cars.

Some Uber Lux cars are “legacy” vehicles, or rare vintage vehicles in excellent condition.

An Uber passenger could have the same high-quality rider experience through either option, but Uber Lux is for those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind escapade.

Uber Lux vs. Uber SUV

Uber SUV is better compared to UberBLACK.

Just like UberXL offers an option for UberX passengers who need a larger vehicle, Uber SUV offers that same vehicle for UberBLACK customers.

Since UberBLACK and Uber Lux have much in common, it only makes sense that Uber SUV is also similar to the luxury ride service.

Both provide riders with a fancy, high-end vehicle with a professional Uber driver behind the wheel.

However, Uber SUV seats up to six passengers for a roomier trip.

Uber Lux vs. Lyft Lux

Lyft is Uber’s main competition in the rideshare market.

Lyft Lux is the opposing company’s comparable ride mode.

While the name is very similar, Lyft Lux contains many critical differences to Uber Lux.

For example, the ride mode has all the same requirements as Lyft Black, except the cars are not required to have a black exterior.

While Lyft Lux demands high-end cars just like Uber Lux, there is a difference in the overall rider experience.

Your Lyft driver is not required to be a commercially-licensed professional driver or carry commercial insurance.

However, a Lyft driver who wants to qualify to drive for Lux must have a superior driver rating of 4.85, so the quality of your ride will likely be just as good with either service.

Lyft’s Lux mode is available in many more cities than the two that Uber Lux serves.

While a California Uber passenger can only enjoy Lux in Los Angeles, a Lyft passenger can hop in a luxury ride in San Francisco, San Jose, Ventura, and more.

How Much Does Uber Lux Cost?

vector graphic illustrating different elements of how much does Uber cost

Since Uber Lux is a premium service, passengers should expect it to be pricey.

Uber prices vary by market, but Uber Lux is only available in Los Angeles and maybe New York City, so I put together a price estimate based on the best information available as of 2023.

The base fare of an Uber Lux ride is $20.

Compared to the UberX base fare of $4.50 or the UberBLACK base fare of $8.75 for the same area, this is a significant increase.

You can expect a minimum fare of $44.63 when riding with Lux.

There is a per-minute fare of $0.61 and a per-mile fare of $5.06.

Several factors may affect the pricing of your Uber Lux trip:

  • If you do not show up or cancel your ride, there is a standard $10.00 cancellation charge.
  • If you request an Uber Lux ride during a time with high demand, there’s a chance you could be charged surge pricing, which will raise your overall rate.
  • Whenever you use a gig-economy service like Uber, you should factor tipping into your cost. While giving your rideshare driver 15-20% of the total fare is considered standard, tipping is not mandatory.

Where Is Uber Lux Available?

When I say that Uber Lux is super exclusive, I mean it is super exclusive.

While the service used to be available in many markets across the United States, Uber announced that Uber Lux was no longer available in 2020.

The only markets that retained this high-end option were Los Angeles and New York City.

However, Lux is currently not listed as an option for New York City.

As far as I can tell by researching Uber’s list of cities, Los Angeles is presently the only metro area where Lux is available.

How to Get Uber Lux

If you want to use Uber Lux, you may feel confused about how this process works.

How do you access a luxury ride through Uber?

I went through the steps myself to put together a simple guide for you.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a phone with an Uber credits screenshot on the screen

Is Uber Lux a Separate App?

Uber Lux is not a separate app.

You will access this ride mode through the same Uber mobile app that you use to order Uber X, Uber XL, UberBLACK, and all other Uber experiences.

As long as you live in a city that offers Lux as an option, you will follow a few very simple steps.

How to Request an Uber Lux Ride

Requesting an Uber Lux ride is incredibly simple and follows the same basic steps that you’d use to request any other Uber service.

1. Download the Uber App

If you haven’t already, make sure to download the Uber app for iPhone or iPhone, then follow the prompts to sign up.

2. Sign in or create an Uber account.

You’ll need to provide your full name, email address, phone number, and preferred password, then verify your number in this process.

Now that you have access to Uber, you will be able to book an Uber Lux ride – as long as Lux is available in your city.

3. Select a Payment Method

Once you’re all signed up and logged into the app, tap the menu icon on the upper left corner, select the “Wallet” tab, and add your preferred payment method.

All major credit cards are accepted, along with digital payment methods like Venmo, PayPal, and Google Pay.

4. Request a Ride

When you’re ready to request your Uber Lux ride, head back to the homepage of your app and continue on to the next step.

5. Enter a Destination

Tap on the “Where to?” bar to input your pick-up and drop-off locations.

6. Select “Lux”

Scroll through your ride options.

If Uber Lux is available in your city, it will appear under “Premium.”

If available in your city, select “Lux” from this section.

7. Review and Request

Review your ride price, estimated drop-off time, and payment method, then tap “Confirm Lux” to request your on-demand ride.

Uber Lux for Drivers

If you are a rideshare driver and want to know if Uber Lux is worth it, you will want to review this section.

Keep reading to discover vital information to help you decide whether or not to sign up to drive for Lux.

Why Do People Drive for Uber LUX?

Uber Lux drivers are professional drivers with commercial licenses.

They have the same legal protections and responsibilities as taxi drivers.

Drivers choose to operate Uber Lux vehicles for a few reasons:

  • They can earn more money.
  • They want to share the experience of riding in their luxury vehicles.
  • They are qualified as professional drivers and want to put their skills to use.

What Are Uber Lux Car Requirements?

Uber Lux vehicles must go through the same car inspection as any other Uber vehicle.

However, Uber usually does not accept even minor flaws in their high-end cars.

They must have a Transportation Charter Permit (TCP) on their windshield, just like a commercial vehicle.

Uber Lux cars must be ten years old or newer unless it is a well-maintained vintage car that qualifies as a legacy vehicle.

There are also brand requirements.

Only certain classes of vehicles are fancy enough to be considered Lux-worthy.

What Kind of Cars Are on Uber Lux?

Uber Lux vehicles are top-of-the-line luxury vehicles.

They must be considered upscale cars.

A few examples include:

  • Lexus LS
  • Audi A8
  • Mercedes Benz S Class
  • Range Rover
  • Tesla Model S
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Porsche
  • Jaguar
  • And many more expensive high-end vehicles.

Does an Uber Lux Driver Make More?


An Uber Lux driver will make considerably more per ride than someone who solely drives for UberX.

However, you are less likely to pick up passengers looking for a Lux ride than a standard ride.

During slow times, you may make more money if you are open to taking any available fares.

Wrapping Up

While Uber Lux is not available in most places, there is no denying that this service is unique and can provide riders and drivers alike with a great experience.

Now that you have plenty of information about Uber Lux, it’s time to book your ride.

Or, if you live in a qualifying area and own a luxury vehicle, sign up to drive for Uber Lux and more than triple your Uber income potential.

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