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Uber Luggage: Luggage Policy, Tipping & More

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Until recently, getting a ride to and from the airport meant that you either had to find a friend or family member who could drive you, or call an expensive taxi cab.

Nowadays, you can make the whole process simpler with rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft.

With all the options for catching a ride with Uber, how do you know which is best for you and your friends?

One question that many people have when using rideshare vehicles for airport transportation, however, is how much luggage they’ll be able to fit in the vehicle.

So — most importantly— which one can fit all your bags?

In this post, we’ll look at the various services available for airport transportation, as well as which option is right for your Uber luggage and passenger transportation needs.

Uber Luggage Policy: Can You Put Luggage in Uber?

Yes! The good news is that you can absolutely take luggage in your Uber.

In fact, for many trips (such as to the airport), your driver will probably expect you to have a bag or two.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can take all your friends and all your things on an Uber trip.

The vehicles have limited space, after all.

So, which option is the safest bet to transport you and your stuff?

Like with Lyft, there are different options you can choose from when you order a car with Uber rides.

Let’s dive into the details.

What Uber is Best for Luggage?

The quick answer is that UberSUV and UberBlack SUV have the most room for luggage.

But many riders have enough space with other, more cost-effective options.

Remember, you may have to pay a fee for a larger premium vehicle.

Caveat: It Depends

Uber’s SUV transport services may be the largest, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect for your situation.

The longer answer is that it depends on several factors:

1. Number of People Riding

If you are traveling with fewer people than the Uber capacity then you will have more room for luggage.

Both UberX cars and Uber Black allow four passengers.

Uber XL rides and Uber SUV allow for six.

The fewer passengers you have, the more luggage you can bring.

2. Amount of Luggage in Group

Consider the size and weight of each person’s luggage.

Would they fill up the trunk of the average sedan/SUV?

Remember that the other riders in an UberPool may need trunk space too. Large suitcases obviously can cost you space.

Overall Safe Recommendation

If you are traveling alone with a lot of luggage, you are probably safe with an UberX.

Unless you think that the combined size of your bags is bigger than three extra people.

In which case, try a bigger Uber option.

Two people with a small amount of luggage could also take an Uber X fare.

But it may be a tighter fit and less comfortable than upgrading to a larger option.

If three or four people are traveling with many bags each, your best bet is to go with an Uber XL, Uber SUV, or Uber Black SUV.

If you are traveling with even more than that, you can try reserving a few Uber services.

Uber Luggage Capacity

The overall capacity for carrying luggage will depend heavily on which Uber fares service you select, not which luxury car you choose.

We’ll break down the list here:

UberPool Luggage Capacity

vector graphic showing two uber riders outside of an uberpool vehicle

Technically speaking, UberPool always allows personal bags.

But if you share a vehicle, there is never a guarantee that there will be enough room for everyone’s luggage.

It’s possible that the other riders will have claimed all of the available trunk space, leaving you with your bag by your feet— if that’s not taken, too.

For this reason, it’s generally recommended to get an UberX, and not an UberPool, if you’re taking a lot of luggage along.

This is especially true for large groups with medium luggage.

UberX Luggage Capacity

vector graphic of UberX - affordable rides on demand

Typically, UberX can transport up to four passengers at once, but there are no space requirements when it comes to luggage.

That means you can expect to have some room for luggage if you are traveling alone or in a small group.

But if you have three friends with you, there may not be room for everyone’s— or even anyone’s— bags.

The room for luggage with UberX will depend on the vehicle that arrives to pick you up.

After all, there are a wide range of cars that drive for this service.

It’s best not to expect very much luggage room for every passenger just in case you wind up in a cramped ride.

UberXL Luggage Capacit

a vector graphic showing an Uber XL vehicle with the text "affordable rides for groups up to 6" above it

Just like UberX, UberXL doesn’t have a maximum number of bags you can take onto their vehicles.

The difference is that the selection of vehicles is all bigger than most other Uber services.

You can expect to have a good amount of room for you and your bags.

Since UberXL is designed to transport up to six passengers, it’s generally safe to assume that three or four passengers can fit with some luggage.

It may even be possible to fit all six riders and their bags, but again, this is not guaranteed.

Generally speaking, you can expect more room for your luggage and other people in an UberXL, but take into consideration the size and amount of your bags first.

If all six people have a good amount of luggage, it might be a good idea to ride in two UberXLs.

Uber Select Luggage Capacity

Uber Select vehicles are designed to have at least enough room for one piece of luggage and one personal bag for each rider.

It’s important to keep in mind that many different vehicles can work effectively for Uber Select, and the specific vehicle that arrives to transport you may not be suited to handle oversized luggage.

While you can generally expect to take an average-sized suitcase (and small personal bag) on an Uber Select ride, think about more space.

If you think you may need any more space, it may be a safe bet to reserve an UberXL or Uber Black instead.

Uber Black and Black SUV Luggage Capacity

vector graphic showing a luxury vehicle next to the text "Uber Black"

With a reputation for professionalism, Uber Black is meant to seat four people comfortably in a sleek, stylish ride.

However, this means it may not be able to fit four peoples’ luggage as well, depending on the type of vehicle used.

For this reason, if you’re traveling with lots of people and bags, the safest option is to select an Uber Black SUV, which is much more likely to have the trunk space you need for your bags.

Essentially, Uber Black SUV is a size-upgraded version of Uber Black, with more seats and room guaranteed.

That makes it a great option to travel in comfort even if you’re bringing quite a few bags along for the ride.

Do Uber Drivers Help With Luggage?

The short answer is yes, they are able to help with luggage, and will sometimes offer to assist you if you’re struggling with heavy bags.

The long answer is, sometimes, if they’re comfortable handling your personal items.

Uber drivers are never required to ask if you need help or assist you with your luggage.

Due to changing travel requirements, many Uber drivers may feel it is better to remain in the car rather than helping with your bags.

Your Uber driver may offer to assist with your luggage, but don’t expect them to.

Can Uber Deliver Luggage?

Unfortunately, no— Uber is not currently set up to deliver luggage on its own.

However, if you are traveling with it and handle the bags yourself, you and your luggage can use Uber for transport.

If you’re really desperate though, there are technically ways to use Uber to move, so you can theoretically use Uber to move your luggage.

Tips for Successful Uber Luggage Use

vector graphic showing rider loading uber luggage into vehicle

With Uber becoming an ever-more popular travel option, it’s important to know the etiquette and tips for being a good Uber passenger:

1. Let the Driver Know the Luggage Situation in Advance

If you’re going to need a minute (or a hand) getting your bags in the trunk, it’s helpful to let the Uber driver know that as soon as possible— preferably when you reserve the ride.

This is especially true at high-traffic locations like the airport or bus station, as your driver may have to find a time-limited place to park while picking you up or dropping you off.

They might also have limited trunk space and need to move things around before your ride.

In any case, letting the driver know if you’ve got some especially large or heavy bags can save you both some time.

2. Be Courteous of the Vehicle

Treat your Uber driver’s car as if was your own, or even better.

Remember that these are personal, important vehicles that the driver cares deeply about.

  • Never leave trash or crumbs in your Uber.
  • Don’t put your shoes on anything besides the floor.
  • Leave the Uber’s car just as clean as it was when it arrived.

3. Listen to Your Driver – It Is Their Car

Your driver may have specific requests about their vehicle.

They may ask you not to eat while in their car, or to avoid spraying any perfumes.

Remember that it is their car, and they have a reason to ask.

4. Tip Well, Especially If They Help

Uber tipping is especially important in the ridesharing industry since drivers are working challenging jobs and allowing people into their personal vehicles.

Always tip your driver very well for good service.

If your driver offers to help with your bags, be sure to tip extra!

Traveling with Uber & Luggage

Before you arrange your travel, remember to carefully consider how many people are coming with you, and how much luggage they are each taking, before selecting your Uber option.

If you’re travelling alone or with one friend, you can most likely select a smaller Uber option— so long as your bags are smaller than taking two other people along.

When travelling in a group of three or four, you’ll need one of the larger Uber options if everyone’s got a bag.

Lots of people and lots of large luggage? Call a few Uber XLs— it’s better than running out of room!

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