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2 Easy Ways to Contact Veyo Customer Service Fast

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Veyo is non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider that offers its clients transportation for non-emergency purposes.

It operates similarly to other rideshare services, such as Uber or Lyft, in that it has a fleet of drivers on hand waiting to serve its clients at any time.

If you have a medical issue that doesn’t require immediate attention, such as a medical appointment, you can give Veyo a ring, and they’ll send a driver out to transport you.

When you use an NEMT service such as this, there may be a time when you need to contact Veyo customer service to get a problem sorted out.

Veyo has a useful driver service option for their drivers, but are they equally as helpful to their customers?

Does Veyo Have Customer Service?

The short answer is yes, Veyo has a customer service department ready to help its clients.

Like all rideshare companies, Veyo has a customer service option for clients as well as drivers.

Customer service agents are available to help you with any inquiries, complaints, or other matters.

There are three options for getting support with Veyo: email, a phone call, or using the contact form on their website.

However, the email and phone call options are typically restricted to clients who need to file complaints.

You can also find some great information by checking out their Safety FAQ page.

However, although their FAQ page is helpful, your best chance of talking to a real person is using one of the methods listed above.

What Can You Talk to Veyo Customer Service About?

A customer service representative at Veyo can help you with a variety of things.

If you have account issues, safety concerns, or questions about becoming a driver, you’ll be able to find answers quickly using their contact form.

1. Account Issues

If you’re having trouble accessing your account or getting service, you can contact Veyo and someone will help you get things straightened out.

They’ll be able to help get the problem rectified quickly.

2. Signing Up to Be a Driver

If you’d like to sign up to drive for Veyo, you can contact customer service to get more information.

There are many steps you’ll need to take to become a driver, so it’s best to reach out to someone to ensure you’re clear on what you need to do to meet the requirements.

Customer service will be able to give you detailed information on their comprehensive driver training policies and vehicle requirements.

In addition, you’ll be able to hear about their driver screening process.

Potential passengers may also be interested in learning how Veyo goes about choosing and screening drivers, too.

It could be an excellent way to build confidence in the service you’re hiring to help with your medical care.

3. Ride Issues

There might be a time when a driver will have trouble with their dashboard, their driver app, or a rider.

When issues such as those pop up, the driver can contact driver customer support to sort out the problem.

Or, if a patient had trouble with their driver or they didn’t like their service, they can easily reach out to Veyo’s customer service to discuss a solution.

How to Contact Veyo Customer Service

Veyo’s FAQ page offers a fair amount of information about the company and its services.

Still, the best way to reach their customer service department is through the online contact form.

vector graphic showing a veyo customer on the phone with a veyo customer service representative

1. Online Form

You can contact support using the Veyo support and contact us form if your question is in regards to the following issues:

  • Press inquiries
  • Driver inquiries
  • Customer complaints or compliments
  • Sales
  • Provider inquiries

The online form is quick and easy to fill out, so you should be able to get your issues resolved quickly going that route.

However, if, for some reason, a customer service agent doesn’t respond when you submit a contact form, you can always follow up with an email or phone call.

2. Email

If you have complaints, you can also use a dedicated email and phone number to reach out.

However, a phone call or email might be a better choice if you want to speak with someone immediately.

The best way to reach a live person is to give Veyo’s customer service a call using their dedicated line at 1-888-482-8458.

You’ll be able to get a record number for the call, the name of the individual you spoke with, and you won’t have to fuss with the back-and-forth of email.

However, email might be more efficient if you want to have a record of your interaction in writing.

Veyo’s customer service email contact information is compliance@veyo.com.

Or, if you’d prefer not to contact Veyo directly, you can reach out to your health plan’s Member Service department for assistance.

Someone in that department will be able to handle the situation so you won’t have to.

Need to Lodge a Complaint Outside Veyo Customer Service?

vector graphic showing a veyo customer on the phone with a veyo customer service representative

Now and then, you might have a problem that you simply can’t resolve with the company, at which point you might want to consider going to another source.

For example, perhaps they didn’t satisfy your needs, or your problem was with the customer service department.

At that point, you can ask to speak to a manager or an employee above customer service to get your problems taken care of.

If it comes down to a severe issue, you can lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

It’s important to only use this option if your problem can’t be resolved through Veyo and involves bad business practices.

BBB complaints are typically reserved for serious business transgressions.

In Veyo’s case, that might be an unsafe driver or something illegal, such as theft.

Final Thoughts

Veyo can be an invaluable service for anyone who struggles to get to doctor’s appointments or needs non-emergency medical assistance.

If you have questions about Veyo’s services or about becoming a Veyo driver, you can contact them using the Contact Form on their website.

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