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Everything You Need To Know About Waze Icons: and What They Mean

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Everyone uses a different map application to get around, but none of them are quite like Waze.

Waze is a map software similar to Google Maps that provides directions and insights for travelers to get from point A to point B, but with some twists.

Google owns Waze, and some people call Waze “Google Maps with personality.”

You can get it on the Apple app store or Google Play Store.

Waze uses symbols for many types of traffic situations.

Some Waze icons may confuse many Waze users due to lack of context.

These include the Waze moods.

Waze moods tell nearby drivers using the Waze app that you are there and how you feel at the time.

What Are the Waze Icons?

Waze icons are tiny pictures.

An icon that looks like a camera or a spotlight means a camera is attached to that traffic light.

An icon that looks like a crash indicates an accident.

A warning sign means there is something hazardous on or near the road.

Other icons look like little Waze logos, which the navigation app calls moods.

The Waze moods are icons that drivers select in the settings of the Waze mobile app.

These are specific to Waze and unavailable in other android auto apps.

It is your car icon to others driving nearby.

What Are the Waze Icons For?

Some Waze icons on the Waze mobile app show traffic information like

  • where traffic is slow
  • where a speed trap is
  • where someone is on the side of the road.

This information shows on the screen, and the chosen voice tells you about it audibly.

Other icons show where you and other Waze users are on the road.

You see a blue arrow to pinpoint you by default.

Other people see a Waze mood, which looks like a little speech-bubble icon decorated with a face and other features.

Waze Icon Moods

The Waze moods icons are icons drivers select to represent their vehicle on the road to other drivers who use the Waze app.

Some of the symbols look like a person, while others look like pets, nature, or other things.

Waze created moods to show the emotions of drivers.

Many drivers choose one that suits them and leave it indefinitely.

A Waze user may change their mood every time they use the Waze navigation app.

Who Can See the Waze Icons You Use?

Who sees the Waze icon you set for yourself depends on your settings.

If you choose to Go Invisible, other drivers will not see your icon on the map.

Some other features are unavailable while in invisible mode.

By default, anyone who uses Waze can see your Waze icon.

People who are your friends on the app can see your username and other personal information that you supply.

When you provide reports on traffic conditions, people who view those reports will see your username.

What Do the Waze Icons Mean?

Each Waze icon has its shape, color, and general meaning.

Some are less informational and cuter.

Nearby drivers show up as the icon they chose to represent them or the default if they did not choose one.

Waze based all Waze icons on the Waze default shape, and some may have two options for display, which appear to follow gender stereotypes.

Most of them have only one view.

Certain activities unlock specific moods, and only map editors can access three of them.

One set is labeled special.

Changing moods is not available until you have used Waze for 100 miles.

At that point, you are considered a “Waze Grown-Up” and can change moods.

Different actions add points that level up your Wazer to Warrior, then Knight, and then Royalty.

Each one changes the Wazer a little.

  • Waze Baby – the default – has a pacifier.
  • Waze Grown-Up is plain.
  • Waze Warrior has a shield. It shows you are in the top 10% of scores in your region.
  • Waze Knight has a sword. It shows you are in the top 4% of scores in your region.
  • Waze Royalty has a crown. It shows you are in the top 1% of scores in your region.
vector graphic showing a handful of waze icons arranged in a row

Special Waze Icons for Map Editors:

  • T-rex – This adorable little green Tyrannosaurus Rex is green with prominent fangs.
  • 8 bit – A blue, pixelated Wazer embodies the 8-bit styles of early computing.
  • Robotic – A gray robot-like Wazer looks like a little metal creature.

Waze Icons That Anyone Can Choose:

  • Funny – This yellow Wazer found something hilarious and is laughing uproariously with tears on its cheeks.
  • Sunny – A cheerful sun is shining on all who view it.
  • Zombified – An undead Wazer is fun for people who enjoy zombie apocalypse stories.
  • Wild – This blue Wazer is wearing a motorcycle-style helmet and sunglasses.
  • Chill – An orange Wazer wears sunglasses and looks like the epitome of cool.
  • Furious – An angry red Wazer appears to be yelling at  whoever will listen.
  • Geeky – This blue Wazer is wearing extra-large glasses and looks intelligent.
  • Happy – It would be difficult to look happier than this little pink Wazer
  • Loved-up – A purple Wazer with red heart eyes is full of affection.
  • Sneaky – An adorable Wazer in a dark gray ninja suit sneaks through the map.
  • Eco-friendly – A Wazer that looks like Earth with continents and oceans has a heart at the top left of its head.
  • Proud – This little purple Wazer sports a rainbow heart.
  • Sad – A tear flows down the cheek of this little blue Wazer.
  • Skeptical – This orange Wazer does not believe a word it hears.
  • Shy – A blush stains the cheeks of this yellow Wazer.
  • Carsick – This Wazer may want to pull over – it is looking a bit green.
  • Zen – A purple Wazer is full of peace as it meditates calmly.
  • Speedy – This red Wazer is eager to be on its way as fast as possible!

Special Waze Icons:

Special moods available include Savvy, Powerful, Funky, Spicy, Zesty, Quirky, Fancy, Cat, Dog, Master Chief, Escharum, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Red, Doozer, Aware, Open, Bright, Hopeful, Joyful, Com, Laurette, Jega, Cupid, Magical, Feisty, Sweet, and Strong.

When Should You Use Waze Icons?

Anytime you want to use Waze icons, you can use them.

You should choose your mood before beginning a trip or when stopped.

The Waze icons that indicate reports of traffic situations can be used hands-free with the phone’s voice commands.

How to Change Your Waze Icon

  1. Open the Waze app on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap My Waze.
  3. At the top of the screen, you will see a Wazer, and beneath it, the word Wazer with an arrow pointing right. Tap the word.
  4. Scroll down the list until you see the word Mood. Tap it.
  5. Scroll through the list of Moods and choose one. Tap it.
  6. You will be returned to your profile with the new Wazer under your profile picture.

Other Great Features in Waze

Waze has many user-friendly features.

You can use the integrated YouTube Music while you drive.

You can set a navigation voice to tell you where to turn.

You can use a voice command to change things or report road hazards in the app.

Waze offers route options for detours.

The Waze voice directions include the voices of Jake Shaw (Waze’s Head of Creative), Kevin Conroy (Batman), Wally Wingert (The Riddler), and Master Chief from Halo Infinite.

Choose a navigation voice or create one in the Waze app on your iPhone or Android device.

You earn points for reporting traffic hazards, slow areas, construction, and using the app regularly while driving.

The more miles you drive with Waze open, the more points you earn.

The points level up your Wazer, which is shown with an addition to your avatar.

If you carpool or need to begin carpooling, the Waze app has an option to connect with other people who have a similar need.

You choose if you drive or ride and set up some personal information that is shared with other potential carpoolers.

You can connect Waze to your other social media profiles, allowing you to connect on the app with your network.

You can then share your trips with your friends or see their trips.

You choose how much to share on the specific social media site.

Wrapping Up

Waze is a GPS program that is more fun than Apple Maps or Google Maps.

It has the information you need to know while driving, and it allows people on the road to see other people who use the same app.

Choose a Waze icon to set how other Waze users see you inside the mobile app.

The app Waze is a great choice when you need to know which direction to go.

Download Waze and get started today!

2 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Waze Icons: and What They Mean”

  1. Waze app is great, but why is it that that icon don’t move on the screen only I seem to be moving or am I just passing everyone else

  2. The reason why the icon in the Waze app doesn’t move on the screen while you are driving is because it represents your position on the map, which is fixed relative to the other objects and landmarks on the map. The map itself is a static representation of the roads and features in the area, and it does not move with respect to your icon.

    As you drive, your icon moves along the roads on the map, while the roads and landmarks stay in the same position. This creates the illusion that you are passing by other objects on the map, when in fact it is your icon that is moving.

    Other drivers who are also using Waze and are in the same area as you will have their own icons on the map, which will move relative to your icon as they drive. It may seem like you’re passing everyone else, but in reality, the app is just showing your progress on the map. The other drivers’ icons may not be moving because they are either stationary or moving at a slower pace than you.
    This allows you to see the location and movement of other drivers on the map, and can be helpful for navigating around traffic or finding alternate routes.


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