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What Time Does Amazon Start Delivering In 2023?

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Amazon is a delivery company that offers guaranteed delivery in 13 countries.

The company was founded in Washington State in 1994.

Jeff Bezos is the Founder of Amazon and the Executive Chairman.

Dave Clark is currently the CEO of this highly successful delivery service company.

This delivery business has had impressive success as both a delivery service as well as a streaming service – available through an Amazon Prime subscription.

It feels as though people can order almost anything from Amazon.

If you are one of the hundreds of millions of Amazon users, you are probably familiar with those moments of anxiously awaiting the arrival of your Amazon package.

Read on for helpful information and tips we have compiled for the next time you’re waiting on your package.

How Does Amazon Delivery Work?

The Amazon delivery process is set into motion only after someone places an Amazon order.

An Amazon driver will receive a delivery assignment or a package to deliver from a designated delivery station.

The driver will have the delivery address in his employee instructions as well as on the package.

This is similar to how the United States Postal Service and United Parcel Service operate.

Then, the driver will simply deliver the package.

Not all drivers work directly for Amazon.

Sometimes, the driver you see delivering your package from Amazon may be a delivery service partner.

Like any postal service, customers have a selection of delivery options.

Amazon Prime subscribers have free access to quicker Amazon deliveries.

Non-subscribers can pay an additional fee to expedite the delivery process for some orders.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is Amazon Prime’s grocery delivery service.

Amazon Prime members can use this service to shop for groceries online.

As little as two hours after placing the order, a delivery driver will bring your groceries to you.

Amazon Fresh customers can select whether they would like their driver to leave their groceries by their door or if they would like to have their doorbell rang upon the driver’s arrival.

Amazon Restaurants

Amazon Restaurants is similar to Amazon Fresh.

This particular service delivers customers’ food orders from any participating Amazon restaurant.

Please note that this service is located only in most major cities, including Los Angeles.

Prime Air

Prime Air is an innovative future Amazon delivery service.

The concept behind this delivery service is to utilize a method that can deliver packages in under 30 minutes.

The Prime Air delivery method involves using drones to deliver packages that are 5 pounds or less.

Amazon Prime Members

We have mentioned Amazon Prime a few times in this section.

Here is a bit more about Amazon Prime:

  • You can subscribe to Amazon Prime by month, or by year.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time if you no longer wish to be a Prime member.
  • Prime members have free 2-Day Amazon delivery on Prime orders.
  • A Prime member can expect to receive their package more quickly than non-Prime members.
  • Amazon Prime members have access to additional services such as Prime entertainment streaming services and Amazon Fresh.

What Time Does Amazon Start Delivering?

If you have been wondering, “When will Amazon deliver my package?” the answer is 6 am.

It’s safe for consumers to say, “the Amazon day begins at 6 am.”

This means you can stay in bed instead of jumping up too early to start looking for your Amazon package!

There will never be an Amazon driver at your home before 6 am.

What Time Does Amazon Stop Delivering?

An Amazon day ends for a driver at 10 pm.

This means you can always expect an expected Amazon delivery to arrive before 10 pm on the day your package is expected.

Amazon will not disturb customers outside of normal waking hours.

Package arrival can always be expected between 6 am and 10 pm.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is an Amazon delivery service partner.

An Amazon delivery service partner, or Amazon DSP for short, is a group of people who will deliver for Amazon with their own vehicles.

Amazon Flex allows drivers to make their own schedules.  

If you notice an Amazon package arrives by a delivery driver in an unmarked vehicle, then you have likely witnessed one of the Amazon Flex drivers in action.

The use of a delivery service partner by Amazon allows the company to make use of additional Amazon drivers without purchasing additional delivery vehicles.

Does Amazon Knock Early in the Morning?

An Amazon delivery driver will not knock outside of waking hours – more specifically, between 8 am and 8 pm.

An Amazon Fresh delivery driver will only knock if the customer has indicated they would like to be alerted upon their arrival.

Amazon drivers are directed to be respectful of people’s requests. An Amazon delivery driver will not knock at all if the customer requests a quiet dropoff.

Signature Required Packages

Are you waiting for a special package that requires a signature upon delivery?

Signature-required deliveries are usually either products that are government-mandated to receive a signature upon delivery or are especially expensive orders.

Someone will need to be present to sign.

If this will not work with your household’s schedule, then you can request the use of an Amazon locker to retrieve your package at your own convenience.

Does Amazon Deliver on Weekends?

Amazon does indeed deliver on weekends.

This is great as we all know we can’t normally expect a postal service Sunday delivery.

Weekend Delivery Preference

You can opt out of weekend deliveries directly from your online Amazon account if you prefer this.

For example, you can specifically indicate that you would not like your package to arrive as a Sunday delivery from your Amazon app or online account.

How Accurate Are Delivery Time Estimates?

In my experience, Amazon is very accurate in its delivery time estimates.

There have been a few instances in which my Amazon package was late.

However, each time this happened, I received a notification alerting me of this change in my anticipated delivery time.

You can go to your Amazon account online or log in on your Amazon app and click on “track package.”

This page will provide you with information on your order’s estimated delivery time.

The Amazon app will also show you where your item is when it’s en route.

This is called “Amazon map tracking.”

App users will get an automatic alert containing their package’s location and the number of stops that are remaining before theirs.

Can You Change What Time Amazon Delivers?

Unfortunately, you can not request a specific time for Amazon package delivery.

However, I would suggest contacting customer service with any specific requests.

They may be more partial to helping you if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

It’s clear that Amazon aims to please its customers, and they will try to do whatever it takes to keep your Amazon Prime account open.

Delivery Preferences

You can indicate delivery preferences with each order – whether or not you have Amazon Prime.

For instance, you can indicate that you would like your package to be left at your side entrance rather than at your front door.

You will often see delivery date options at the bottom of your “check out” page.

This is where you’ll be able to select expedited Amazon package delivery time if you need your package to arrive more quickly.

Do Amazon Prime Members Have More Delivery Preference Options?

Amazon Prime offers an array of perks for you should you choose to become an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Prime may be worth the cost of the subscription if you would like free 2-day Prime deliveries on select orders, the use of Amazon Flex or Amazon Restaurants, or the use of the Prime video streaming service.

However, same-day delivery services are the only option that Prime members have over nonmembers.

While all options are available to members and nonmembers alike, an additional fee may apply for nonmembers.

How To Contact Amazon Customer Service

You can contact Amazon customer service with any questions or concerns.

Amazon’s number for customer service is (888)280-4331.

Be sure to have your Amazon account number ready before you call.

You can also make use of Amazon web services if you need help.

There is a FAQ section and an automated response system to help you online, as well.

Amazon Returns

You can arrange the return of an Amazon package easily.

Follow the steps provided in “returns” on

Amazon will give you a list of locations where you can drop your package off for return pickup by Amazon.

Amazon may even direct you to an Amazon hub locker location.

Wrapping Up

Amazon is a very convenient delivery service for customers.

Amazon is widely used and provides guaranteed delivery.

Consider an Amazon Prime subscription if you are a frequent user and would like to save money on shipping fees.

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