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Amazon Shipping Delays: Delay Time & How To Solve

There are a few reasons why you may be experiencing Amazon shipping delays. Learn more about what affects delay time and how to solve it.

Ordering from Amazon is a blessing and, at times, a curse.

Shipping delays are commonplace with online companies, and the shipping efficiency depends upon the efficiency of the supply chain, the shipping industry, and sellers.

You might be able to save some time and stress by knowing what to expect with Amazon shipping times and how to file complaints to let Amazon know about the issue.

Shipping delays are irritating whether or not you are an Amazon Prime customer.

Nevertheless, these things happen, and you need to understand why so you can fix them.

Is Amazon Prime No Longer 2-Day Shipping?

Amazon Prime is known for its 2-day shipping policy, but there are sometimes delays in this policy.

Generally, delays come from inefficiency in the shipping chain or unavoidable issues like the weather.

Customers using Amazon without an Amazon Prime account can expect delays more frequently in addition to the already longer shipping time, which is the downfall of being a traditional customer without the perks of Prime.

Why Is Amazon Delaying Shipping?

Due to the number of packages to workers, sometimes boxes get mislabeled or miss labeling altogether, which extends the shipping time.

There are also times when the shipping timeline does not match up with the timeline of the third-party sellers, and more recently, worker strikes that put production back for days at a time.

The Details on Amazon Shipping Delays

Amazon shipping delays are a nuisance, but they are happening for a reason.

Unfortunately, the workforce cannot keep up with the demand of consumers.

More specifics regarding Amazon shipping delays, refunds, and what that means for Prime customers and those without a Prime subscription will be covered later.

How Long Does It Take To Get an Order From Amazon?

Ordering from Amazon is tricky because the shipping time varies depending on many factors.

Such factors include where you are shipping to, what type of Amazon account you have, what seller you are buying from, and the size of your order.

If you order from the same country, such as a United States customer ordering from a United States seller, you can expect to get the item between 1-7 business days.

This large window is part of the issue people have with the unreliable shipping times from Amazon.

If you are ordering from a different country, the shipping time will be much longer and can be up to multiple weeks until you get your item.

For instance, according to Amazon, shipping from Asian companies can be between 8-20 business days.

Again, this huge gap makes it difficult for the consumer.

Average Time for Prime Members

The average time for Prime Members was two days, which is the most glaring departure from their old way of conducting shipping business, as this is no longer the case in most orders.

So instead, even if you have Prime, you can expect to wait about 3-4 days.

This wait is not a large gap, but it is hard to know when you will receive your purchase even though you are paying for a premium service through Prime.

Average Time for Non-Members

For Non-Members, the shipping time is delayed about 3-4 business days past the Prime member shipping day.

In cases where Prime Members are experiencing delayed shipping, Non-Prime customers will experience even longer delays because those with Prime Memberships will take precedence over Non-Prime members during the shipping process.

Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow?

There are plenty of reasons why Amazon delivery is slow.

However, there are six key issues why Amazon delivery is as slow as it is.

1. Transport Issues

Issues in transportation from shipping companies happen almost daily.

For example, miscommunication in the company or an internal issue can affect the number of packages they can ship.

2. Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are frustrating but unavoidable.

Unfortunately, sometimes these complications will cause delays in your order times because the shipping companies can not get to where they need to be due to weather events.

3. Small PO Box

Some shipments to PO boxes can not be completed because the box is too small for the package to fit.

As a result, some sellers do not ship to PO boxes to avoid this potential issue.

4. Third-Party Seller Timelines

Many third-party sellers sell on Amazon.

If you order from one of these sellers, their manufacturing and shipping timelines likely differ from Amazon’s standard timelines.

So be prepared to wait longer for your package if you order from a third party.

5. Shipping Strikes

As mentioned earlier, worker strikes within Amazon can shut down a packaging plant for days at a time.

If this happens, there will likely be a shipping delay for your order because no one is there to pack it up.

6. High Volume Orders

If you order multiple items at a time, your order may be delayed because it is a high-volume order, and all products must be ready to ship before they can ship to you.

7. Priority Changes

Your package might be next in line for packing or shipment, but someone with a higher priority over you comes along and needs to be shipped out sooner, thus delaying your package.

Priority changes are not common, but they do happen.

Can You Get a Refund From Shipping Delays?

Getting a refund on your order purely due to shipping delays is difficult.

However, there are ways to get your money back or receive other compensation from Amazon.

Amazon Shipping Guarantee

Amazon’s shipping guarantee states that if an order has a guaranteed shipping date and there are no attempts at delivering the item, they will refund the shipping fees associated with that order.

Amazon Shipping Delays Message

If there is a delay in your shipment, you might receive a message from Amazon stating the facts of the issue and when you can expect it.

If you do not receive a message, but it is late, they recommend waiting 48 hours before reaching out to customer service.

What Does Amazon On the Way But Running Late No Tracking Mean?

Generally, this means the package is on the way to you, but it does not have tracking information yet, because it has not arrived at a regional shipping center.

What Does Amazon Out for Delivered But Not Delivered Mean?

This note means the package will be delivered within the next day or two.

You should be able to see this on the tracking link sent by Amazon or through the My Orders tab on their site.

What Does Amazon Preparing for Shipment Mean?

If Amazon is preparing your shipment, your order was received and is getting ready to be transferred to a regional shipping center, labeled, and sent on its way.

What Does Amazon Delayed in Transit Mean?

If the order is delayed in transit, it is not moving as quickly as scheduled.

It could be a late truck or plane, or it could be due to the delivery person not getting it out that day.

How to File an Amazon Late Delivery Complaint

You must contact customer service to file a late delivery complaint with the company.

Generally, this makes them aware of the issue, but you should not expect to receive any form of compensation for this.

How to Track Your Amazon Order

The best way to track your order is to use the link in the confirmation email or go to the My Orders tab on the website.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that you should expect longer shipping times from Amazon.

The biggest takeaway is to allow extra days between when you receive the item and when you need it to avoid getting stuck in a sticky situation later.

Leave a comment below with any other tips or recommendations for this issue!

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