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What To Do In The Case of Amazon Shipping Delays

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Key Takeaways

  • Causes of Delays: Factors like transport issues, weather, and third-party seller schedules can lead to delayed Amazon shipments.
  • Refunds for Delays: Customers are eligible for refunds if shipments miss guaranteed delivery dates without attempted delivery.
  • Delivery Time Expectations: Delivery times vary based on customer location, account type, seller, and order size. Prime members generally experience faster shipping.
  • Order Tracking: Customers can track orders through confirmation emails or Amazon’s ‘My Orders’ tab, and report late deliveries to customer service.

Why Is Amazon Delaying Shipping?

Amazon delays shipping due to various reasons such as mislabeling of packages, mismatches in timelines between Amazon and third-party sellers, and recent worker strikes that disrupt production and extend shipping times.

Additionally, in times of high demand – like Black Friday and Christmas – the service sees massive strain on their delivery network. This strain can cause delays.

Can You Get a Refund From Shipping Delays?

Yes, Amazon offers refunds for shipping delays. They aim to deliver on time and address issues when they arise.

If your order has a guaranteed shipping date and it’s not delivered as promised, Amazon will refund the shipping fees. For significant delays due to Amazon’s fault, like delivery mistakes or damaged items, you can get a refund for the items and shipping costs.

However, Amazon doesn’t compensate for delays caused by events outside their control, such as strikes, natural disasters, or extreme weather.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

While Amazon Prime originally offered two-day shipping, increased demand and other factors have led to longer delivery times for some orders.

In all of my time using Amazon, I haven’t really experienced too many delays. As their network has grown, they have done a great job of keeping up.

If you experience a shipping delay, I suggest reaching out to the company. Amazon may offer refunds or compensation for delayed shipments, but this depends on specific circumstances and is subject to Amazon’s discretion.

I’ve personally had good luck with getting refunds or replacements, as long as the delay wasn’t due to very obvious cases in which delays would be predicable – such as a huge weather event or massive demand.

When in doubt, wait it out. If that’s not possible, contact Amazon to see what they can offer you.

Checking Order Status and Tracking

Amazon offers an order tracking service on all of its shipments. This allows customers to keep track of their items from the moment they leave the Amazon fulfillment centers until they reach their destination.

Here’s what you need to do to track your Amazon order:

  1. Launch the Amazon app on your smart device or head over to the website.
  2. Sign into your Amazon account.
  3. Navigate to the “My Orders” tab.
  4. Find the order you want to track.
  5. Select the “Track Package” option.
  6. View the updates on the shipping status.

Completing these steps will give you a rough idea of when your package will arrive at your doorstep. You’ll also get access to a status message that details the state of your order.

This will come in the form of a note attached to your package. Let’s take a quick look at a few common status messages:

  • Planning: Amazon has received your order, and it’s working on gathering your items.
  • Shipping: Your order is in the packaging stage and almost ready for shipping.
  • Complete: Amazon has shipped the order to your location.
  • Delayed: There’s an issue with your order that’s causing a delay.
  • Unfulfillable: One or more of the products you ordered are out of stock, or you didn’t supply sufficient address information.

However, it’s important to note that Amazon only guarantees the accuracy of this service when you order in-house products. If you’re using a third-party contractor, the tracking may not work properly.

The Messages You’ll Get if Your Package is Delayed

The best way to track your order is to use the link in the confirmation email or go to the My Orders tab on the website.

If there is a delay in your shipment, you might receive a message from Amazon stating the facts of the issue and when you can expect it.

If you do not receive a message, but it is late, they recommend waiting 48 hours before reaching out to customer service.

screenshot of an amazon late delivery replacement
A screenshot from within my Amazon account that indicates a late delivery notification

On the Way But Running Late

Generally, this means the package is on the way to you, but it does not have tracking information yet, because it has not arrived at a regional shipping center.

Out for Delivered But Not Delivered

This note means the package will be delivered within the next day or two. You should be able to see this on the tracking link sent by Amazon or through the My Orders tab on their site.

Preparing for Shipment

If Amazon is preparing your shipment, your order was received and is getting ready to be transferred to a regional shipping center, labeled, and sent on its way.

Delayed in Transit

If the order is delayed in transit, it is not moving as quickly as scheduled. It could be a late truck or plane, or it could be due to the delivery person not getting it out that day.

Contacting Amazon for Assistance

While it can be disheartening when an order doesn’t show up on time, there’s usually an easy fix for the issue.

This will start with contacting Amazon’s customer service department.

  1. Launch your Amazon app or visit the website.
  2. Sign into your Amazon account.
  3. Navigate to the “My Orders” page.
  4. Select the delayed order.
  5. Click on the “Problem With an Order” button.
  6. Choose the “Shipping or delivery issues” option.
  7. Select “Shipment is late” and include any relevant details in the notes section.

This will send an alert to Amazon that there’s an issue with your order. When that happens, the client support team will figure out the cause of the issue.

Then, they’ll instruct you on the best way to resolve the problem.

While you can contact customer service at any point during the day, it’s best to do it between 10 pm and 1 am. During this period, the support staff isn’t as busy as the rest of the day.  

5 Common Reasons for Amazon Shipping Delays

There are quite a few reasons your Amazon orders may face delays. In this section, we’ll cover some of the most common culprits and why they affect the shipping timeline.

1. Incorrect Shipping Address

Right off the bat, one of the most common reasons behind Amazon shipping delays is incorrect addresses. When users set up their Amazon account, the service will ask them for a specific delivery location.

If customers make a mistake while entering their address, their package can’t arrive at their location on time.

2. Product Damage During Transit

Even though Amazon delivery personnel are careful with packages, there’s still a chance that a product may get damaged while in transit. That’s especially true when Amazon uses contracted drivers.

Unfortunately, when that happens, your products will need to return to Amazon headquarters for repackaging. This can cause a significant delay in delivery.

3. Poor Weather Conditions

It’s no surprise that the weather plays a role in shipping schedules. If there’s a particularly violent blizzard in your area, Amazon trucks will have a tough time navigating your streets.

Typically, the delivery personnel will wait until it’s safe to travel on the roads, which can lead to some delays.  

4. Out-of-Stock Products

With thousands of users ordering the same products from Amazon, items usually fly off the shelf. While that’s great for the retail giant’s bottom line, it makes fulfilling orders challenging.  

There’s always a risk that Amazon will run out of an item before it’s able to ship it to you. In that case, you’ll have to wait for a restock before you get your order.

5. Regional Regulations

Amazon’s delivery times can change based on your location and the regulations in your state. Because of that, if you live in an area with strict shipping guidelines, it’ll take Amazon a little longer to deliver your order to your doorstep.

Even though shipping delays can be incredibly frustrating, the issue is often simple and easily resolvable.

Preventative Measures for Future Orders

There are a few tips you can rely on to ensure your items arrive when you need them. While these can’t guarantee that your order will arrive on time, they’ll minimize the chances of future delays.

For starters, you need to pay close attention to your shipping options. Make sure you choose a reliable contractor and opt for speedy delivery when possible.

Aside from that, it’s good practice to place your order in advance. On average, it takes Amazon a maximum of three days to deliver a package.

So, if you’re ordering a time-sensitive item, it may be best to order it at least one week in advance.

Moving on, you should take peak selling periods into account. Amazon goes through a surge in sales from October to January.

Due to an increase in demand, the retail giant may have issues fulfilling all orders on time. Because of that, try to avoid these periods if you can.

Exploring Delivery Alternatives

If your Amazon orders are constantly being delayed, there are a few tips you can rely on to resolve the issue. For starters, you can try changing your delivery address.

As we mentioned, some areas have incredibly strict guidelines when it comes to shipping. So, changing your location to a more accessible address can ensure your orders arrive on time.

However, this option is only available for a short window of time. You have to change the delivery address before your order ships.

Besides that, Amazon offers a Locker Service. This involves delivering your order to a designated self-service location.

After that, you can drive to the locker and pick up the order yourself. Although, you’ll need to choose this option before you place your order.

Once Amazon confirms your order, you won’t be able to change the delivery method.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Amazon Deliveries Are Late?

On average, about 11.4% of Amazon deliveries don’t make it to their destination on time. Although, this figure can change slightly depending on your location.

How Accurate is Amazon Delivery Time?

The Amazon delivery time is generally spot on when the company ships products from its fulfillment centers. Yet, with third-party contractors, the delivery date may not be as accurate.

Is Amazon Prime No Longer 2-Day Shipping?

Amazon Prime still offers 2-day shipping, but there can be delays due to inefficiencies in the shipping chain or issues like bad weather. Non-Prime customers generally experience more frequent delays and longer shipping times compared to Prime members.

How Long Does It Take To Get an Order From Amazon?

The delivery time for Amazon orders varies: domestically, it generally takes 1-7 business days, while international shipments can take 8-20 business days. Prime members often receive their orders within 3-4 days, whereas non-Prime members may experience an additional 3-4 day delay.

Wrapping Up

There are quite a few reasons behind Amazon shipping delays. These include incorrect addresses, out-of-stock products, and regional regulations.

Even though these issues can be frustrating, they’re typically simple to resolve. All you have to do is contact Amazon’s customer service and they should be able to help.

Plus, don’t forget to explore delivery alternatives and make use of the preventative measures we discussed.

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