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Over the past few years, the food delivery service’s boom has brought incredible convenience.

Instead of waiting in drive-through lanes or taking time out of your busy day to go to a restaurant, you can have everything delivered to your home or office with a service like DoorDash.

However, no service is perfect.

Sometimes your food arrives, but something is missing.

Before panicking, know that there is a way to report missing items to DoorDash and get a refund.

Keep reading to learn what to do — and what not to do — when an item is missing from your order so you get the best possible resolution.

Common Reason for DoorDash Missing Items

There could be several reasons for a missing item from your DoorDash order.

An entire item could be missing, or part of an order may be absent, like fries from a combo.

Sometimes the item is not missing — it’s just incorrect.

DoorDash Item Is Incorrect

It is possible to receive an item in your DoorDash order that you did not order.

Or, perhaps the item you ordered is the wrong size or did not fulfill a special request.

Restaurants often handle dozens of orders at once, and your missing or incorrect item could just be a mistake or oversight from the restaurant.

DoorDash Delivered to the Wrong Address

If you’re missing your entire order, perhaps the driver delivered your order to the wrong address.

Some users request the drivers leave food outside, so the driver might have left the food on the wrong doorstep without realizing it.

These situations may be complex because the driver is likely unaware of the mix-up and may insist that they delivered it to the correct address.

The delivery service will decide whether to believe the customer did not receive the food.

This decision will impact whether they issue a refund.

DoorDash Driver Cancelled My Order

Another possibility is that your driver gave your order to another DoorDash driver by unassigning it.

A DoorDash driver cannot directly cancel your order.

The driver can ‘unassign’ your order, at which time another driver will take it.

Your order may not be missing as much as it will be arriving much later than promised.

DoorDash Driver Ate My Food

In rare cases, the driver’s insatiable appetite is the reason your food did not make it to your doorstep.

However, restaurants have safeguarded this by stapling or using a DoorDash sticker to seal a takeout bag at the restaurant to discourage tampering.

If a seal has been broken, it will alert the customer that the order may have been tampered with.

If an entire bag of food is missing from your order – perhaps if you order a meal for your family or friend group – you might think it was the driver.

While possible, it can be hard to prove.

Is DoorDash Responsible for Missing Items?

The restaurant is responsible for preparing an order to the customer’s specifications, so the establishment usually takes the blame for a missing item.

However, since you ordered through DoorDash, it will be the food delivery service’s responsibility to make things right.

DoorDash will issue a refund to the customer on behalf of the restaurant for any mistakes made.

Notify DoorDash through the app or LiveChat as soon as you notice the mistake, and you should hear back from customer support quickly.

Does DoorDash Investigate Missing Items?

When you contact DoorDash customer support, you must answer questions related to your missing item.

In most cases, DoorDash then issues a refund for the item.

There are cases where customers will cheat the system by claiming that something was wrong or missing from an order when, in fact, it wasn’t.

Repeat complaints from the same customer could be a red flag for DoorDash scams, and they can stop delivering to that address.

DoorDash is not required to issue a refund and has sole discretion whether a refund is warranted.

Refunds are on a case-by-case basis so that customers do not abuse the refund system.

What Happens When You Report Missing Items on DoorDash?

After you report a missing item, you should hear back from DoorDash within a few hours.

The most likely outcome is getting a refund for the missing item.

DoorDash will only offer a full refund if several issues are wrong with your order or you did not receive your order at all.

Does DoorDash Issue Refunds for Missing Items?

vector graphic of doordash refund - money going from doordash app into a wallet

DoorDash will issue a refund for a missing item in most cases.

You are also likely to be refunded if the restaurant sent an item that’s the wrong size, missed a special request, or gave you something different from the menu description.

Your driver will not retrieve your missing item from the restaurant and run it back out to you.

If you really want your missing item, you will have to create a new order entirely.

Who Pays for DoorDash Refunds?

DoorDash collects money on behalf of the restaurant.

Therefore, DoorDash first refunds the money for missing items, then recoups it from the restaurant.

How Long Do DoorDash Refunds Take?

Once you report your missing item, DoorDash will process the refund immediately.

However, it may take 5–7 days before the refund transaction finalizes.

DoorDash will issue a refund (in full or in part) directly to the credit card you used to pay for the order.

How to Contact DoorDash About a Missing Item

You can call DoorDash customer support at 855-973-1040.

You can also resolve your issue through LiveChat or the DoorDash app.

vector illustration of man holding his chin and wondering is doordash worth it for drivers

Report a DoorDash Missing Item Using LiveChat

The LiveChat feature enables DoorDash drivers to communicate directly with the customer and vice versa.

Once you have received your order, you can contact your driver up to 30 minutes after delivery.

If you have discovered a missing item, the driver can return to the restaurant to pick it up.

However, chances are you are out of luck and will have to request a refund.

Report a DoorDash Missing Item Using the DoorDash App

If you discover a missing item from your DoorDash order, you will want to report it using the DoorDash app as soon as possible.

Describe in detail what was missing from your order or what the problem was with an item that you did receive.

You should get a response from DoorDash customer support within a couple of hours.

What Not to Do If You Have a Missing Item

When you find a missing item in your DoorDash order, you want the issue handled as quickly as possible.

Here are several steps not to take so that the refund process is as efficient as possible.

Do Not Contact Dasher Until After Order Is Complete

Your DoorDash driver cannot make changes to your order, so there is no point contacting your dasher until the restaurant completes your order.

Once your order is complete, you can contact your dasher with a request for additional napkins or condiments if they have not left the restaurant.

You can also request no-contact delivery if you did not do so when ordering.

Do Not Contact the Restaurant Directly

Once you have placed an order with DoorDash, the order is sent to the restaurant for them to prepare it.

You must request any changes or additions to your order through the DoorDash app, not by directly contacting the restaurant.

You can make changes to your order through the DoorDash app if the restaurant has not yet completed your order.

In the Orders tab, select your current order, tap “Help,” and select an option called “Make adjustments to this order.”

Do Not Add Items to Order After Order has Been Picked Up

If your DoorDash driver has already picked up your food, you will not be able to add items to your order.

If you can contact your driver before they leave the restaurant, you may be able to add items such as extra napkins or condiments.

A request for extra food items or changes to the food order will have to be done through DoorDash, but only if the order is not yet complete and the driver has not left with your initial order.

Pro Tip: If You Need Something, Contact Your Driver Before Order Delivery

If possible, reach out to your DoorDash driver before they pick up your order.

If there is a simple change to the order like extra dips or drinks, it is possible that those changes can be made, and your driver will be able to deliver your updated order the way you want it.

Help! DoorDash Won’t Refund Me

DoorDash does issue refunds for legitimate complaints, such as the following:

  • You received the wrong order.
  • Your order arrived late or never arrived at all.
  • Your order is incorrect or missing items.

If you believe DoorDash has refused to issue a refund where one is warranted, you can contact customer support at 855-973-1040 or fill out a refund request on the DoorDash app.

Explain the details of your situation, and DoorDash will contact you to offer a resolution or explain why a refund is not forthcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have concerns, below are the answers to some common questions from food delivery customers.

Do DoorDash Drivers Ever Steal Food?


Unfortunately, yes, DoorDash drivers have stolen food.

In a US Foods survey, nearly 30% of food delivery drivers admit to eating food that they are supposed to deliver.

In addition to not getting your food as ordered, this also creates a rather serious health safety hazard.

DoorDash drivers are instructed not to open or tamper with food orders in any way.

If a customer suspects food tampering, DoorDash will take the action of deactivating the driver’s account and terminating the contract.

What Happens If my Food Doesn’t Come from DoorDash?

If your order does not show up at all, reach out to DoorDash customer support.

Use the DoorDash app or LiveChat feature to contact the driver for an explanation.

Your order will be remade, or you will be eligible for a refund.

Ordering From DoorDash

Food service delivery is not a perfect science.

Mistakes happen in the restaurant business.

However, DoorDash is committed to a service standard that guarantees customer satisfaction.

If there is a mistake with your order, such as a missing item, contact them.

Chances are they will gladly help you out with a refund.

Using the features on the DoorDash app makes it easy to report your missing item and get a refund for your inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “DoorDash Missing Item? Here’s What To Do”

  1. I have said good bye to food delivery service. Receiving a refund for a missing item does not feed my family. After ordering, tipping, paying and waiting. Not to mention the time it takes to report the error (while family is hungry). Incomplete order, been a long day, it’s now late, thought I’d treat my family and treat myself to not have to cook. Absolutely the worst idea. Would have been easier to open a couple of cans of tomato soup and make grill cheese sandwiches. Which is what I did. It’s happened enough times that shame on me to think the next time everything will be fine.


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