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Simple Electric Scooter Speed Controller Hacks [4 Easy Tips]

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One of the most asked questions we receive about e-scooter mods is how to do a simple electric scooter speed controller hack. 

Factually, ultra-fast electric scooters are expensive and this means most budget electric scooters are ‘slow’.

The problem is that there are even expensive e-scooter models that come while speed-locked, and knowing how to unlock the speed controller helps big time. 

Unless your electric scooter speed is locked for legal purposes, you may be tempted to go faster than your scooter provides.

Today, let’s review electric scooter hack speed tips just for you.

4 of the Simplest Electric Scooter Speed Controller Hacks for 2023

  • Remove the Speed Limiting Wire
  • Hard-Reset the Software
  • Change the P-settings
  • Engage the Fastest Mode

1. Remove the Speed Limiting Wire

Most speed-locked electric scooters come with a limiting wire in their controller.

Unlocking such scooters to be faster is as simple as getting a wire cutter and cutting the responsible wire. 

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all here, and knowing which exact wire to cut varies from one model to another. 

Cutting the wrong wire is a surefire way to encounter an error or even damage the scooter when care is not properly taken. 

Again, this method doesn’t apply to all scooters as some use low-powered electric components such as batteries.

Such kinds of scooters can’t go faster no matter what wire you cut since the electric components have no ability to inject more power to the motor.

From our tests, we found the electric scooters below to support hacking speed by cutting the speed-limiting wire of the controller. 

Joyor electric scooter

Joyor electric scooters have many wires beneath the front panel, and cutting the wrong wire will lead to encountering an error when you switch it on. 

In our article about how to remove the speed limiter on a Joyor scooter, we noted that this electric scooter features two blue wires. 

One of the blue wires is long, dark blue, and runs from the controller.

To hack the Joyor electric scooter speed controller and make that scooter faster, then you have to cut this long, thin, dark blue wire. 

For the other thick blue wire attached to a cable, it leads to the motor.

Cutting that motor will mean there is no power getting into the motor.

Switching on the scooter when this wire has been cut will give you an error. 

To do the Joyor electric scooter speed controller hack by cutting the sped limiting wire:

  • Switch off the scooter
  • Open the front panel with a Philips screwdriver
  • Identify the long, thin, dark blue wire coming out of the controller
  • Cut that wire
  • Place the electric scooter on a raised ground such that the rear wheel is on the air
  • Switch on the scooter and press the throttle
  • Faster speed on the display shows that you have hacked the speed controller 
  • Get electrical tape and cover the endings of the cut wires to prevent a power shot.

Zero Electric Scooters

While some Zero electric scooters come when they are already unlocked, this depends on the retailer and the country you are in. 

When your Zero electric scooter can only hit a top speed of 16 miles per hour (25km/h), then it means it can be speed limited. 

To hack the speed controller to release more power to the motor, you have to identify the white, long wire coming out of the controller, cut it, and cover the endings separately.

Your Zero electric scooter will be in a position to run faster than it initially was. 

2. Hard-Reset the Software

Some electric scooters such as the Xiaomi model don’t come with a speed limiting wire, and as such, hard resetting the controller’s software is the only ware to unlock the speed. 

To answer your query on how to remove speed limiter on electric scooter xiaomi, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Google Play Store and search for the M365 DownG app, then download and install it on your device
  • Go ahead and download the XiaomiM365 Max Speed Firmware
  • Open the M365 DownG app you just downloaded and look for “CONNECT” at the left top part so that you can find your electric scooter
  • Click on “Check Version” then “Open Bin” and lastly “Flash”
  • You have successfully unlocked the speed limiter from your Xiaomi electric scooter. 

We have only had luck with hacking the electric scooter speed controller for Xiaomi models only.

While there are other guides that claim you can make your e-scooter faster by flashing the controller’s software, we can confirm that those models don’t work well for the other brands. 

3. Change the P-settings

For some e-scooter models, the simplest electric scooter hack speed is by changing the Parameter settings (P-settings) and enjoying faster speeds. 

A case in point is the Kaabo Mantis 8 Base.

To hack the controller to inject more power into the motor and go faster:

  • Press the Power and Mode buttons simultaneously to enter the P-settings
  • Use 1500 as your password so that you can access some hidden settings such as speed
  • Scroll to P9 and below it, set the prompt to 100. That means there is no speed limit.

Kaabo Mantis 8 Base is the only electric scooter in our possession that we unlocked by settings P9 to 100.

Depending on the model you have, you can refer to the manual and check that all the P-settings are in line with your e-scooter. 

4. Engage the Fastest Mode

For most electric scooter models, the speed controller kicks in depending on the riding mode you have engaged. 

A good example is the Turboant V8 dual-battery electric scooter.

Featuring ECO, Comfort, and Sport modes, switching to the fastest mode will unlock the speed controller. 

Other models come with ECO, Standard, and Turbo modes.

A great example is the YUME X13 scooter. 

If your electric scooter comes with dual motors, always ride in the dual-motor mode and the scooter will be faster.

Riding a dual motor scooter in the dual mode and ensuring that it’s in the fastest mode makes the speed controller fully unlocked, hence faster speeds. 

Other Helpful Tips to Consider

Now let’s take a quick look at a few important tips to understand while hacking your electric scooter’s speed controller.

1. Upgrading the Components is Possible

Some electric scooters such as some Gotrax models come with the speed limiter already engulfed in the Battery Management System.

With such scooters, there is no way you can hack the controller to inject more power into the motor as the components are low-powered. 

In that case, the best choice you are left with is by buying electric components such as another battery, another controller, and another motor.

However, this will be more expensive and as such, you are better off buying a faster electric scooter and selling the slower one as it is. 

2. There ARE Risks!

As you plan to hack your electric scooter controller, know that you will be on a sure path to void your warranty.

Some electric scooter manufacturers such as Gotrax say that doing mods on your electric scooter except adding accessories such as phone mounts will make you automatically void your warranty.

Secondly, unlocking your electric scooter may make you collide with the law, depending on where you live and where you are riding.

If your country has speed limitations, it’s worth it to follow those to avoid a lawsuit or having your scooter confiscated.

Thirdly, there are increased chances of a fried controller as you unlock your scooter to hit faster speeds.

Again, the battery life begins to deteriorate as it will be dying faster and charging will be more often.

In Summary

There are many electric scooter speed controller hacks and finding which works for your electric scooter is important.

These four are the simplest:

  • Cut the speed limiting wire
  • Hard reset the controller’s software
  • Change the P-settings to allow for unlocked speeds
  • Ride in dual-motor mode when possible, at the fastest riding mode. 
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