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Hacked Instacart Account: Can It Happen and Reasons Why

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Instacart is a large company that does all of its business on the internet.

Because of that, they have a very secure website with layers of protection for every user.

But even the biggest and best security systems have someone break through eventually.

Luckily there are a few precautions you can take to prevent hackers from breaking into your Instacart account.

Can Someone Hack Your Instacart Account

A hacker can find their way into almost any website.

For a company as large as Instacart, there are many people working tirelessly to prevent it from happening.

They give you passwords and ask you to authenticate yourself whenever you log in.

They know you trust them with your financial information and identity.

In this digital age, it is almost impossible to make a plan for every conceivable way a hacker attack could happen.

Many large companies have experienced a data breach where someone has accessed the personal information of their users, including their financial data.

Instacart is no different as they fell victim to a security incident in 2020.

How Secure is Instacart?

Instacart has a robust security team constantly looking for threats and breaks in the system.

Security issues do not always come in the form of someone hacking into the database.

Hackers often find a way to trick you into giving them your information.

Most hacked Instacart accounts could be avoided with a few simple acts on the part of the customer.

Reasons Hackers Target Instacart Accounts

There are many reasons a hacker would want to find a way to get into your account:

  • Stolen identity: Getting your credit card information or social security number could mean a lot of money to a hacker. They could use it to make purchases elsewhere or sell the information to another party.
  • Free groceries: Hackers could log into your account to get some free food. They could have it delivered to another address and pick it up to prevent getting caught.
  • Causing trouble: Some hackers break into a company’s website and wreak havoc to save money and relieve boredom. They essentially hack an Instacart account because they can.

How To Tell if Your Instacart Account Got Hacked

If you have a hacked Instacart account, it will not take long to find out.

Between Instacart and your bank or credit card company, you will be notified that you have been charged for orders.

If you get a notification for an order you have not placed, contact your bank to freeze your account and then contact Instacart.

Unable to Access Your Account

A hacker will not know your password.

The only way they can use your account is to change your password.

If you try to log in, your password will no longer work which is a sure sign that someone has been accessing your account.

Unauthorized Payment Activity

If you look at your banking website and notice a charge from Instacart you have not made, that is a good indicator that someone has gained access to your account.

Emails From Instacart

Generally, when you purchase from Instacart, you will get an email from them to verify it and update you on delivery times.

If you get one of these emails but you have not ordered anything, call your bank

How To Prevent a Hacked Instacart Account

You cannot personally prevent a data breach.

But you can do things to make it harder for hackers to attack you, which is the most common form of hacking.

Use a Unique Password

Choose a password with letters, numbers, and symbols to make it harder for someone to guess what it is.

Also, remember to change it every couple of months.

If someone does access your account without your notice, changing your password will stop them from further attacks.

Don’t Give Out Identifying Information

You should make a habit of not telling your information to anyone.

If you get a random phone call identifying themselves as Instacart, you should make a note and call the company at the number on the website or through the app.

If they called you, they will have a record of it.

Only Call Through the App

Instacart gives you the ability to contact customer service directly through the app.

When you use that feature, you know you are talking to the right people.

What To Do About a Hacked Instacart Account

If you suspect your Instacart account has been hacked, immediately call your bank or use your banking app to turn off your credit or debit card.

This will stop the hackers from being able to drain your account further.

Next, use the chat feature on the Instacart app to contact customer service to let them know what happened.

How To Protect Your Instacart Account After Report of Hacking

The best way to protect yourself from further attacks is to change your password and remember to change it again often.

The more you change your password, the less likely it is that someone will be able to access your account.

Also, talk with your bank about any possible programs they have to notify you more quickly if something suspicious happens with your card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of questions that are asked often about preventing a hacked Instacart account.

Does Instacart Steal Your Information?

Instacart’s privacy policy says they do not sell the personal information of their users.

There are many claims online that this may not be true.

When you sign up for a new service, you have to decide if that service is valuable enough to risk having your information given to another company that might send you SPAM emails.

Can Someone Else Use My Instacart Card?

Instacart has a feature they call “group cart”.

It allows you to share your Instacart account with people in the same office or household.

That will prevent people from buying items that have already been purchased.

The payment, however, all comes from the same card.

So you will either have to collect money from the other users or get a credit card you all pay together for that account.

Final Thoughts

While all companies run the risk of hackers and data breaches, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from a hacked Instagram account.

Taking precautions against hacks will allow you to use the convenience of shopping at home without worry.

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