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Lyft Account Disabled: A Rider’s Guide

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Lyft, the popular rideshare platform in the United States and Canada, is easy to use and only takes a few taps of your smartphone or mobile device to get a ride to your destination of choice.

Ride shares bring convenience to our daily lives, so whether you’re a regular Lyft rider or only use it occasionally, finding your Lyft account disabled can be a bit of a shock.

You’ll want to know what caused it and how to get your account back.

If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will cover some of the reported reasons a passenger account gets disabled and how to reactivate an account afterward.

You can expect to find solutions to common reasons for disabling like breaking Lyft’s terms of service, driver reports, and hacking as common culprits.

I’ve put together a list with the top issues, and thankfully, none of the possible fixes are difficult to follow.

You should have your account back in working condition in no time!

What Does it Mean That my Lyft Account is Disabled?

A disabled Lyft account means you don’t have access to all Lyft’s offered features, and that includes the ability to request rides.

Try logging in and requesting a ride.

If Lyft has disabled your account, an error message should pop up when you attempt it.

If you’re unable to request a ride but don’t see an error message, the next step is to check your text messages and email.

Depending on the settings you already have, automated notifications and messages may go to your phone number rather than through the internal notification system, or if you have linked your Lyft account with an email address, notifications may go there.

If your account was merely on hold, you would receive similar emails and notifications; however, the procedure for resolving that is a whole other article.

Important Note:

A rider deactivation is similar to a Lyft deactivation for drivers. These are common if you break rules, and usually don’t happen without notice.

Reasons Your Lyft Account Was Disabled

Determining the reason for a disabled account may be the most challenging part of resolving the problem, especially if you pride yourself on following all the Lyft terms of service.

That said, some of the reasons may be that obvious.

Here’s a breakdown of the most common reasons for your Lyft account becoming disabled.

1. Requesting Rides for Others

Did you know that requesting a Lyft ride for someone other than yourself can get your Lyft account disabled?

Let’s say your friend needs a ride home from a party or another kind of event, and you call a Lyft for them to make sure they get home safe.

Your friend gets the ride, and you go to sleep that night thinking you did a nice thing for a friend.

When you try to request a ride at a later date, you may find your account Lyft account disabled.

Your friend may have caused the driver to file a complaint to Lyft, which resulted in the disabling of your account because your name is on the ride.

This scenario happens more often than you might think.

It’s an excellent example of why you should be careful about who you request rides for and realize you are taking responsibility for the ride regardless of whether the passenger is yourself or somebody else.

Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from being a good friend.

Lyft even encourages requesting rides for others with their contact syncing feature in the Lyft app.

Just make sure you trust whoever you request rides for or request a ride through their profile instead.

Otherwise, they could very well do something during a ride that breaks Lyft’s TOS, and you may not know until your account is affected.

When an account is disabled due to a complaint about a breach of TOS, it’s tough to get your account back without knowing what the complaint was about or who did it.

Depending on the severity of whatever occurred, Lyft may deem you a risk to future drivers and refuse to reactivate your account or set a suspension period after which Lyft will resolve your account.

Did you know?

You can order an Uber for somebody else. However, Lyft takes a bit of a different stance, and this can get your account shut off quickly.

2. Hacking/Fraudulent Lyft Account Activity

Another common cause of Lyft account disabling is hacking or fraudulent activity on your account.

This includes Lyft free ride hacks that border on the “grey” side of things.

If you return to your account after an extended period of not using it but find that suddenly your Lyft account disabled, there’s a chance that something has happened to your account while you were away that made Lyft question the account’s legitimacy.

Disabling your account and preventing further spending in these circumstances is just as much for their protection as it is yours.

Check the transaction history of the credit or debit card you have registered on your account and look for Lyft transactions for rides you’re sure you’ve never requested.

If you find anything suspicious, your account could have been hacked.

Then, contact your bank or credit card issuer and work through their procedure for addressing fraudulent charges.

Your bank may even issue you a new card that will need to be attached to your account once it’s fixed.

After the bank, contact Lyft’s customer support team.

Doing this will allow them to start looking into what is going on as quickly as possible.

The primary and best way to contact Lyft is by email, which you can do by going to the Lyft support page and submitting a help request.

The amount of time it takes for Lyft to respond to emails varies, so if you want to get a quicker response, you can try messaging their official Twitter account @AskLyft.

Unfortunately, for those that prefer to speak directly to someone, Lyft does not currently have a customer support phone number.

Once Lyft receives your email or tweet, they will help you determine the problem and walk you through the necessary steps to get your account back into working order.

3. Failing to Follow Lyft Passenger Policies

Lyft aims to be a safe environment for everyone on the road, which includes passengers and drivers.

Passengers can report Lyft drivers for various reasons, and drivers can do the same using a list of policies that define what conduct Lyft believes warrants account deactivation.

One of these policies which can lead to a Lyft account disabled includes reports of discrimination based on the following: gender, religion, nationality, race, sexual orientation, age, and several other characteristics.

Unfortunately, false reporting by both drivers and passengers is a never-ending issue.

While Lyft has implemented measures to prevent it, they can only do so much unless evidence exists to confirm or deny a report.

Don’t panic if a driver falsely reports you for policy violations and has your account deactivated.

You can dispute all false reports by contacting Lyft’s customer support.

However, if Lyft finds video/audio evidence proving that you have violated policies, they will disable your account.

With this in mind, always be sure to adhere to Lyft’s policies at all times during a ride.

Too many offenses may result in your account receiving permanent deactivation.

The Disabling Process

screenshot showing a hand holding a phone and a Lyft account disabled on the screen

When it comes to the actual disabling process, it won’t take long for you to know if Lyft disables your account; sometimes it can happen in as little as twenty-four hours.

Once the account is disabled, you’ll receive the notification by email or text.

There is no set amount of time for how long your account will remain disabled but it will stay disabled until Lyft solves whatever issue caused the disabling.

For that reason, the sooner you reach out to Lyft and make them aware of your situation, the better.

Unlike the rapid turnaround of disabling an account, reactivating your Lyft account may not happen quickly.

It could take anywhere from one or two days to a week or more to get your account reactivated.

Can I Reactivate my Lyft Account?

Yes, you can reactivate your account, but only if Lyft approves reactivation.

How to Reactivate a Disabled Lyft Account

To reactivate a disabled Lyft account, follow the above steps to identify the issue and reach out to Lyft customer support.

Even if you don’t know or aren’t sure of what caused your account to get disabled, reach out to Lyft anyway to figure out the issue with them and what steps you need to take to fix it.

Tips for Getting a Rider Account Reactivated Successfully

  • Gather information about the disabling of your account for when you speak with Lyft support.
  • Include details such as the time and date of when your account got disabled and the details of why it happened, as best as you are aware.
  • If you think someone hacked your account, you’ll need documentation.
  • Collect records of any ride transactions you know you didn’t make and bank documentation that shows your card has been compromised, if applicable.
  • Reach out to Lyft support as soon as you notice the account has been disabled, no matter the reason to start the reactivation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about general aspects of Lyft accounts.

Can you delete a Lyft account and start over?

Yes, you can delete an account and start fresh.

To do this, visit the page for account deletion and follow the instructions provided on the page.

A note of caution: once Lyft deletes your account from the system, it will not be recoverable so do so with care.

What Lyft rating gets you deactivated?

While no specific rating number will get a passenger Lyft account disabled, low ratings or violating Lyft’s guidelines can lead to account deactivation.

A high cancellation rate or keeping a driver waiting too long repeatedly may also result in account deactivation.

Can you have two Lyft accounts?


A Lyft account requires a mobile number, email address, and photo of yourself.

Because of this, you will need a new mobile number if you want to make a second account on the platform.

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Lyft Deactivation of Your Account is Not Unfixable

There are several reasons your Lyft account may be disabled.

Like every rider, every account is different, so there’s a chance none of the reasons I mentioned may apply to your situation.

If that happens, either take the general ideas presented for troubleshooting or immediately contact Lyft support to discuss your options.

If your account does get disabled, it’s not the end of the world!

Follow the steps outlined above, be patient, and stay persistent.

With these tips plus a dose of kindness, you have the best possible chance of getting your account back.

4 thoughts on “Lyft Account Disabled: A Rider’s Guide”

  1. My account was recently deactivated. I contacted Lyft via email. They refused to provide any details other than to say I apparently violated their terms of service. I don’t use the service often but I have never had any problems or caused any problems. No clue why. It is amazing that they accuse me of something without providing any evidence or even an explanation.

  2. My account was recently deactivated. I contacted Lyft via email. They refused to provide any details other than to say I apparently violated their terms of service. I don’t use the service often but I have never had any problems or caused any problems. No clue why. It is amazing that they accuse me of something without providing any evidence or even an explanation.
    I just copied and pasted the above comment as it is EXACTLY the same thing that I experienced. The difference is that I do use the service daily and my star rating is high.

  3. I am not surprised. I would not advise using these platforms except in an extraordinary emergency where other options are either difficult or impossible to access. They at least owe their customers an explanation. Even if there is no evidence. And some reasonable way to appeal. Maybe an appeal option in the app. Especially for a first suspension or disabling of the account. Until they improve I would advise seeing these corporations as just robots with no human feeling. And treating them accordingly.


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