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Lyft Promo Codes For Existing Users: How To Earn Free Ride Credit (May 18, 2024)

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Key Takeaways

  • Lyft sometimes sends special promo codes directly to existing users through email or app.
  • Earn Lyft credits by referring others, attending events, or using apps like Freebird.
  • Invite new users or drivers via Lyft’s referral program for ride credits or cash.
  • Stay updated with Lyft’s deals and savings through emails and social media for discounts.

Does Lyft Offer Promo Codes For Existing Users?

Yes, Lyft does send out promo codes to existing users from time to time. However, these codes are personalized and not available on a public list; they’re distributed by Lyft directly via email or through notifications within the rider app.

After your first-time user promo, you become an ‘existing user’ and will need to use various creative methods to earn more free credits. We will explore these methods in detail below.

Does a Lyft Free Ride Hack Exist?

A “Lyft Free Ride Hack” in the sense of an unauthorized or unethical methods to obtain free rides do exist, but they are likely fraudulent and could result in legal repercussions or account suspension. As such, we will not be promoting these illicit, and oftentimes illegal, methods on our site.

However, legitimately, Lyft offers several ways to earn free or discounted rides: These are methods that I personally use to earn tons of free ride credit, and they work like a charm.

an image showing the results of a free lyft ride hack - free credit within a rider account

Is it Worth Trying to Outsmart Lyft for Free Credit?

We strongly advise against it. Lyft has put substantial effort into sealing off any loopholes that let users unfairly earn credits.

In a world where shortcuts can be tempting, remember that any underhanded tactics to gain Lyft discounts are likely to be short-lived. Lyft employs sophisticated methods to detect and eliminate any fraudulent credits swiftly.

8 Ways For Existing Users to Earn Free Lyft Credit

While rideshare companies commonly use free ride credits to attract new customers, Lyft offers several under-the-radar methods for existing riders to collect free credits and reduce their fares:

  1. Lyft Promo Codes for New Users
  2. Get a Code from a Lyft Event
  3. Share a Ride With a Friend
  4. Refer a Friend to Become a Lyft Passenger
  5. Download the Freebird App to Earn $30 Cash Back
  6. Obtain a Lyft Ride Pass
  7. Get Access to Lyft Ride Pass or Lyft Pink Discounts
  8. Check Email for Exclusive Deals
  9. Refer a Friend to Become a Lyft Driver
  10. Even More Ways to Save

Please note: As mentioned above, we’re skipping unverified methods that violate Lyft’s Terms of Service for earning free ride credits. It’s best to stick to approved discounts.

1. Lyft Promo Codes for New Users

The easiest way for first-time users to get a free ride is by signing up for Lyft, then using a Lyft promo code to unlock free ride credit.

This single-use coupon provides a credit worth up to $20 off your first ride — and then some. The credit amount will vary based on your location.

If you’re an existing Lyft user — in the sense that you’ve already downloaded the Lyft app and created an account — but you haven’t taken your first ride, your first step should be claiming your new user promotion.

Here are five of the best Lyft promo codes available as of May 18, 2024:

Lyft Promo CodePromotion Amount
LYFTPROMO25Receive $2.50 off your first 10 rides ($25 total credit).
SAVE20Receive $20 in free Lyft credit for your first ride.
LYFTPROMO18Receive $3 off your first six rides ($18 total credit).
LYFTPROMO16Receive $4 off your first four rides ($16 total credit).
LYFTPROMO15Receive $5 off your first three rides ($15 total credit).

None of these Lyft promo codes for new customers have stated expiration dates.

Still, we recommend activating the one you’re interested in as soon as possible since Lyft has the right to end a promotion at any time.

How to Apply a Lyft Promo Code To Your Account

To apply your desired promo code, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Lyft app.

2. Tap the menu icon on the left-hand corner of the homepage.

3. Select the “Promos” tab.

4. Type the new user promo code you want to activate in the “Enter promo code” section. Then tap “Apply.”

2. Get a Code from a Lyft Event

Living in a city bustling with events could come with a perk – discounted Lyft rides. If you’re heading to a Lyft-sponsored event or know someone who is, you could score a special one-time use promo code.

Event organizers frequently partner with Lyft to ease transportation for their guests, offering unique Lyft promo codes that can be used for credit towards rides to and from the venue. The credit value varies, as it’s determined by the event’s budget and the amount allocated per attendee.

Keep in mind these codes are for a limited duration and have an expiration date. Any codes that aren’t redeemed typically get refunded to the organizers within 48 hours.

Take the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, for instance, where Lyft not only provided dedicated pick-up and drop-off areas but also handed out $10 discount cards to attendees.

Whether it’s seminars, conferences, or festivals, if Lyft is involved, they’ll make sure to announce it through various channels like direct notifications or social media.

Seize these moments not just to revel in the event but also to enjoy some savings on your ride.

3. Share a Ride With a Friend

Sharing a Lyft ride is a smart way to save money, especially with the recent ability to split the cost of the Lyft ride among multiple riders.

Lyft’s carpool options, Lyft Shared and Lyft Shared Saver, offer additional savings by matching you with other passengers going the same way.

These services lock in your fare upfront, which won’t increase even if others cancel. Plus, they often require just a brief walk to a nearby pickup point.

Just remember – when sharing, it’s crucial to ride with someone reliable who’ll pay their share.

4. Refer a Friend to Become a Lyft Passenger

If you’re a fan of Lyft and regularly use the service, you have the opportunity to earn free rides by participating in Lyft’s referral program. This program is designed to reward existing users for introducing new users to Lyft.

The referral program offers you credits when a new user signs up for Lyft with your unique referral code and completes their first ride. These credits can sometimes be as much as $20 per new user, depending on your city and the current promotions Lyft is running.

How to Use the Referral Program

1. Find Your Referral Code

Open the Lyft app and navigate to the “Invite Friends” section in the main menu. Here you’ll see your unique referral code.

2. Share Your Code

Distribute your referral code to friends and acquaintances who haven’t yet tried Lyft. Remember, the program is more active in larger cities, so the availability of credits might vary based on location.

Alternative: Sharing Your Referral Link Directly

For a more straightforward approach, tap on your referral code in the app to generate a shareable link, typically formatted like www.lyft.com/invited.

You can then send this link directly to potential new Lyft users.

5. Earn Cash Back With the Freebird App

The Freebird app provides a way to get more from your rideshare trips. Launched in 2015, Freebird offers users the chance to collect points on each ride, with every trip earning 250 points.

Once you reach 5,000 points, you’re eligible to redeem $10 cash back. This reward system is capped at 20 rides, but Freebird doesn’t stop there—it offers various ways to accumulate rewards more rapidly.

How to Earn Up to $30 Cash Back with Freebird

1. Install Freebird

Download the Freebird app on your iPhone or Android device and create a new account by following the in-app instructions.

2. Connect with Lyft

Link your Freebird account to your Lyft account to start earning points on your rides.

3. Enter Promo Codes

Access the ‘Promo Codes’ section in the app’s menu. Then, enter the code “ROLL3” to start off your cash back journey.

4. Book Rides via Freebird

Make sure to book your Lyft rides through the Freebird app to qualify for the cash back. For the first 10 rides booked, you’ll receive $3 back per ride.

If you don’t want to take 10 rides to earn cash back, you can also use the following promo codes. They have lower total values but allow you to cash out faster in place of the popular “ROLL30” code:

  • k15f1: Get a total of $10 cash back after your first two rides.
  • q8012: Get a total of $10 cash back after your first two rides.
  • ROLL1: Get a total of $20 cash back after your first four rides.
  • ROLL2: Get a total of $24 cash back after your first six rides.

More Cash Back Opportunities

Once you’ve netted a quick $10 to $30 in cash back from Freebird, don’t stop there.

You can keep adding to your cash back total well before you reach the 20-ride limit by choosing rides to Freebird’s sponsored destinations. Check out the app’s homepage to see which locations are part of this deal.

Here’s a tip: If you’re heading to work or an event and there’s a participating restaurant en route, book your Lyft through Freebird to that restaurant.

Make a small purchase with a credit card linked to your Freebird account, and you could get back as much as $5 for that single outing. This is a significant bump from the standard reward of 250 points, equivalent to about 50 cents.

For those who toggle between Uber and Lyft, Freebird offers the flexibility to link both services to its app. This way, you can accumulate cash back whether you’re hitching a ride with Uber or Lyft.

6. Obtain a Lyft Ride Pass

If you’re looking to save on Lyft rides, keep an eye out for the Lyft Ride Pass. It’s an invitation-only deal that lets you pay a flat fee for discounted rides throughout a month.

Though not publicly advertised, Lyft occasionally offers these passes to active users.

If you’re a regular rider and haven’t received an invite, try messaging Lyft on Facebook to inquire—include your phone number for account verification.

Alternatively, the Lyft All-Access Plan is available without invitation and offers 30 rides for a set monthly price. If you’re lucky enough to receive a Ride Pass invite, follow the instructions in your email to purchase it.

And if you don’t receive an invitation but frequently use Lyft, reaching out to them could potentially secure you this cost-effective option.

7. Get Access to Lyft Pink Discounts

For existing Lyft users looking to maximize savings, Lyft Pink stands out as an excellent option. This program is a significant upgrade from the previous All-Access Plan, offering a monthly subscription service that provides consistent savings for the regular rider.

With Lyft Pink, you can enjoy a suite of benefits that keep costs down:

  • Enjoy a steady 15% discount on all your Lyft rides, effectively making every trip more affordable.
  • Benefit from the flexibility of three free ride cancellations each month, as long as you rebook shortly after.
  • Avoid the worry and expense of lost items with waived return fees.
  • Experience the convenience of priority airport pickups, getting you on your way faster.
  • Take advantage of additional special offers, including discounts that are exclusive to different seasons and airports.
  • Embrace alternative transportation with three free 30-minute uses of Lyft Bikes or Scooters monthly, perfect for quick trips or when you want to skip the car ride.

Lyft Pink is tailored for those who frequently use Lyft and are on the lookout for “lyft promo codes for existing users,” serving as a reliable way to cut down on travel expenses every month.

8. Check Email for Exclusive Deals

Stay vigilant for Lyft’s promotional emails, which are routinely sent out to current users. These emails often contain discount codes, special offers, and various incentives.

An example of such incentives is the Lyft Ride Pass. Even if you don’t manage to secure a pass immediately, keep an eye on these emails as Lyft regularly distributes other enticing offers and codes to its user base.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to follow Lyft across their social media channels. They actively use these platforms to announce special deals, particularly those tailored to specific cities.

By staying connected, you can be among the first to know about these opportunities.

9. Refer a Friend to Become a Lyft Driver

Inviting a new driver to join Lyft can be beneficial for both you and the new driver through Lyft’s referral program, which provides mutual incentives once certain conditions are met.

vector graphic showing a person in the process of learning to become a lyft driver

Steps to Refer a New Lyft Driver:

  1. Log into your Lyft account and select “driver referrals.”
  2. Enter the prospective driver’s email address to send them an invite with your referral code.
  3. The new driver must meet Lyft’s driving and vehicle standards, which include being over 21, having a valid driver’s license for at least a year, passing both driving record and background checks, meeting all local regulations, and owning a Lyft-compatible mobile device.
  4. Once the new driver begins their application, Lyft will notify you.
  5. If the new driver fulfills all the application and driving prerequisites, you should receive your reward within one to two weeks.

You can communicate with the potential driver through the app to offer reminders or assistance as they complete their application.

Lyft’s Rewards for New Drivers:

  • Power Driver Bonus: This incentive is for drivers who cover a lot of ground in a week.
  • Streak Bonus: Aimed at drivers who consistently choose Lyft for their driving gigs.
  • Shell and Fuel Rewards Savings: A program that offers savings on fuel, providing $1 off per gallon for every five rides given, at participating Shell gas stations.
  • The 1,000-Ride Gift: A special milestone reward for drivers who reach 1,000 rides.

These initiatives are part of Lyft’s strategy to continuously attract new drivers by offering substantial rewards for their commitment and performance.

Even More Ways to Save

The already attractive offers from Lyft become even more appealing if you’re a holder of the Chase Sapphire Reserve or J.P. Morgan Reserve credit card.

With these cards, you’re eligible for a complimentary one-year Lyft Pink membership, which comes with no strings attached — there’s no requirement to continue the membership once the free year concludes.

Here are even more savvy tips to save on rideshares, as recommended by the community at Ridester:

Explore New Rider Discounts on Uber

If you’ve used up your Lyft new rider benefit and haven’t yet tried Uber, you’re in luck.

Uber offers new users a promo code that could save you up to $15 on your first ride. And don’t forget to look out for similar deals from other local ridesharing services in your area.

Share a Ride with New Users

Join a ride with friends who have recently signed up for Lyft or Uber and are heading in the same direction as you. Not only will they enjoy a free first ride, but you could potentially ride along at no cost too.

Notable Case of Lyft Free Ride Hacks

Have you heard about Blake Jared? He became infamous for securing a lifetime’s worth of Lyft credits.

Blake amassed $50,000 in ride credits by launching an extensive campaign with his referral code.

New users typically receive a referral code to share with personal contacts, granting them $5 to $20 when someone signs up and takes their first ride.

Blake, however, took this to the extreme by posting his code on Reddit, attracting thousands to sign up and claim their new user credit.

Lyft’s policies are clear: referral codes should be shared only with personal acquaintances. By broadcasting his code to strangers, Blake breached these terms.

Lyft eventually noticed the irregularity after investigating a negative review Blake left for a driver. As a result, they revoked his illicitly gained credits.

The takeaway? While Lyft offers attractive incentives for using referral codes, adhering to their rules is essential to avoid repercussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

a vector graphic of a man holding a smartphone saving money on a lyft ride using a lyft promo code as the vehicle picks him up and a woman is riding in the car

Can I share my Lyft referral code with people besides my friends and family?

Yes, you can share your Lyft referral code with people beyond your circle of friends and family.

Many users choose to post their referral codes on social media or on coupon aggregation sites such as RetailMeNot, allowing them to extend the benefit of free Lyft credits to a broader audience who may be seeking discounts.

Do Lyft drivers get free rides?

Lyft drivers, as independent contractors, are not entitled to free rides as a part of their driving benefits. They do not receive any special discounts or credits for rides just because they drive for Lyft.

However, drivers have the same access as other Lyft users to participate in promotions and the referral program, which can provide them with points or credits that can be used for savings on future rides.

Does Lyft offer discounts for disabled passengers?

Yes, Lyft has partnered with the National Down Syndrome Society to support disabled passengers in paying for rides using ABLE accounts.

These tax-advantaged savings accounts are designed to help cover specific expenses, such as transportation via Lyft, without incurring taxes.

Wrapping Up

As an existing Lyft user, a wealth of savings awaits you through event codes, referrals, subscriptions, and exclusive offers. Your loyalty could mean more discounts and helping Lyft grow.

For even more savings, consider rideshare alternatives like Uber, which offers its own new user discounts. Discover more by exploring our guides on Uber promo codes for existing users and how to use Uber promo codes.

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