Lyft Promo Code: 5 Secret Promotions [That Actually Work]

How would you like a free ride credit, good towards your first Lyft ride? Thanks to the latest Lyft promo code, you can have it.

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Lyft is currently giving new riders who sign up and use the Lyft promo code “RIDESTERLYFT ” for up to $50 in free ride credit so they can experience the platform for themselves.

The credit amount varies by city and can change at any time, so claim yours now before time runs out!

Note: If our featured new Lyft user code doesn’t work for you, select another from the full list below. The promo codes can sometimes be finicky, so try again until you see the credit applied to your account.

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Enjoy up to $50 in Lyft ride credit.
  • Copy our coupon code
  • Download the Lyft App
  • Create your Rider account
  • Set up your profile and payment information
  • In the PAYMENT section, paste the promo code in “Add Credit/Gift Code”

This promotion is a great way for new customers to try the platform for less than a normal ride would cost.

How to Claim Your Lyft Promo Code

If you’re a new user that has not yet claimed their new user promo code, then you’re in luck. As a way to grow their user base, Lyft is still offering new users free account credit when they download the app and sign up for an account.

Claiming your first Lyft ride is easy and can be done in a few simple steps:

1. Download the Lyft app

There are three ways to get the Lyft app: Download it directly from Google Play for Android, the App Store for the iPhone, or from

Lyft Promo Code: Screenshot of text message promo code

2. Enter Phone Number

If you get the app from the Lyft website, simply enter your phone number into the box.

If you’re getting the app directly from the Google Play or App store, you can skip this step.

Once you enter your phone number, Lyft will text you a download link to the app. Follow the prompts and you’ll eventually see the app installed on your phone.

3. Create Your Rider Account

After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to create a rider account. The app will prompt you to follow a series of simple steps that will get your profile and credit card information set up. Enter the appropriate information and verify your phone number if needed.

4. Enter the Promo Code

Once you’ve downloaded the app and set up your Lyft account for the first time, enter a promo code to claim your first free Lyft ride.

Lyft Promo Code Promotion Amount
FALLTIME17 Up to $50 Free Ride Credit
RIDEON Up to $50 Free Ride Credit
RIDESTERLYFT Up to $50 Free Ride Credit
RIDESHAREAPPS Up to $50 Free Ride Credit
BESTRIDECOUPON Up to $50 Free Ride Credit
BESTPROMOCODE Up to $50 Free Ride Credit
FALLCODE Up to $50 Free Ride Credit

Navigate to the “Payment” section of the Lyft rider app, and enter the promo code “RIDESTERLYFT,” or another code from our list, into the box that says “Add Credit/Gift Code.”

If your Lyft gift code isn’t working, there may be a few reasons why:

  1. Credit is expired: Most Lyft promo codes expire after a limited time, in our case, 14 days. If you wait too long to use the code and request a ride after the code’s expiration date, the credit will disappear from your account, and you’ll have to pay full price for your rides.
  2. Promotion is location-specific: Some Lyft credit codes are location-specific and only work in certain cities. A Lyft ride credit may be valid in one city, like San Diego, but invalid in another, like San Francisco.
  3. Another code has already been applied: If you’re trying to use more than one Lyft credit code on a specific ride, you’ll receive an error. According to the official Lyft website, “you cannot use more than one credit per ride, but you can switch between credits on the Payment screen after the ride.”
  4. Using it on a business ride: If you’re taking a Lyft for your work under a business profile, then these free credits won’t count towards your ride because your employer will most likely reimburse you for the fare.
  5. Not the same currency: If you’re in Canada and you use a promo code designed for new users in the United States, it won’t work. Make sure that the currency of the promo code you’re trying to use matches with your country.

If you need help applying your code, reach out to Lyft directly and run the issue by customer support.

Why Does Lyft Offer Free Credit for New Users?

In their efforts to recruit new passengers, Lyft has also found themselves locked in a battle with their largest industry competitor, Uber. Lyft constantly tries to one-up Uber by offering more attractive promotions.

This is where the free Lyft ride credit comes into play. For the longest time, Lyft only offered $10-$20 per new user. But as Uber became more aggressive, so did Lyft. The main party that continuously benefits the most from this constant tug-of-war are new riders.

Users will be delighted to know that the credit doesn’t go away after you take your first ride. Unlike Uber’s referral program where remaining credits don’t roll over to the next ride, the Lyft credit will remain in your rider account even if you don’t use all of it on the first ride.

This promotion is also great for existing Lyft users as they can earn a ton of free ride credit for referring friends and new users to the platform (more on that below). This strategy has allowed Lyft to experience rapid growth and has redefined the referral programs for the future.

Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users

After signing up for Lyft and claiming their first free Lyft promo code, riders are no longer considered a new user. Promo codes for existing users are very hard to come by.

We get tons of emails asking if there is any Lyft promo code for existing users. After thorough research, we have concluded that there are not.

There are Lyft codes tied to specific events, such as SXSW, festivals, conferences, or other promotional branding opportunities that can be used by existing users. But, these codes are usually only good for a few days or only good in the cities where the events are happening.

However, there are still a few ways for existing Lyft users to earn free ride credit:

  • Claim your free Lyft promo code (new users only): If you have entered the code and are already done with the first ride, check your account again. You might still find some free credits leftover from the new user promo code.
  • Take advantage of the Lyft Referral Program: Lyft incentivizes you with great deals if you refer new riders or drivers to their app. The rewards vary by city (a user in New York City will have different reward criteria and bonuses than ones who live in Los Angeles), but you can earn up to $2,000 per week (either in cash, Lyft credit, or a combination of both) by referring new passengers.
  • Take advantage of Uber New Rider promo code: If you’ve exhausted your new rider promo code for Lyft and haven’t tried Uber yet, they also offer a promo code for new accounts. Right now, Uber is offering up to $15 off the first ride. But don’t limit yourself to Uber. If there are more local rideshare apps available in your city, see if they offer special coupons for new riders.
  • Take a ride with a new Lyft or Uber user: If you have a friend who just signed up for one of the rideshare apps who’s heading to the same place as you, tag along for a ride with them. They’ll get a free first ride and so will you.
  • Use a Lyft Shared (formerly known as Lyft Line): If you don’t mind sharing your ride with other passengers, order a Lyft Shared. This is Lyft’s carpooling service that automatically matches you up with other riders heading the same route as you. By using a Lyft Shared, you can lower your ride fare by up to 60%.
  • Use a Lyft Shared pass: Frequent Lyft users may be eligible to purchase a Lyft Shared package for a discounted flat fee. But this offer is an invite-only pass only available to a select few existing riders every month. You have to sign up to their email newsletter to be eligible, but you can try reaching out to them personally.

If you fall into the category of an existing user, check out our full guide that outlines each of these methods, along with the bonus method, in detail.

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Lyft Promo Code FAQ

1. How many Lyft promo codes can I use?

You may use one Lyft promo code at a time. Your first ride will be credited to your account and will be used on your first ride automatically.

2. Can I keep using my Lyft promo code after I take my first ride?

Unfortunately the code is only good for one ride, but if you have credits remaining from your first ride promo code, you can still use that up on your next ride. Please see our section above on referring friends to get more free Lyft rides.

3. How else can I get free Lyft ride credit?

You can use a Lyft Shared to save on your fares. Or for free rider credits, you can refer new passengers, drivers, or even try Uber’s free promo code for new users.

4. I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still receive a free Lyft ride?

Unfortunately the only way to redeem the free Lyft ride is by entering the Lyft promo code on a smartphone.

5. How do I claim my free Lyft ride?

Simply download the app, enter in one of our Lyft ride codes, and take your first ride.

6. How will I know who my Lyft driver is?

Through Amp, an LED beacon that’s strapped to the dashboard of the driver’s car. It helps you and your driver find each other seamlessly. When your driver arrives, the Amp will light up a specific color.

For example, if the Amp starts flashing the Lyft logo in blue, your app will allow you to turn your phone screen blue so that you can just wave it at your driver’s car to get their attention. This feature is perfect to find your Lyft car in a crowded space where many other passengers might be requesting rides.

Some drivers will also have Lyft stickers on their windows. You’ll also see the license plate number and the driver’s name on your app, which you can confirm when they pull up.

7. Can I use more than one free Lyft ride codes?

You can refer others to download Lyft using your Lyft referral code, but if you’re a first-time user you can only use one Lyft ride code upon initial sign up.

8. How frequently do you update the Lyft promo code page?

We update this page every month, so make sure to check back regularly.

9. I need to get to another city. Can I use Lyft to take me there?

The Lyft promo code is good for up to the stated amount, but if you have to get to another city you should consult with your Lyft driver before beginning the ride.

10. What happens if my ride cost exceeds the Lyft promo code credit?

If your free Lyft ride credit is not enough to cover the ride, you’ll be charged the difference via your electronic payment method on file.

11. Can I tip and rate my driver?

Yes. You’ll be given a chance to tip and rate your drivers after your ride. All of the tips go to the driver and you can tip them up to 72 hours after the ride is complete. Tips can be made either through the app or with cash. You can’t use Lyft credits to tip drivers.

12. Can I split the fare with my friend?

Yes. All you have to do is tap the “Split payment” icon in the app to open up your contact list. You can split the cost evenly with up to five friends. The app will send the split fare request to the selected friends through text. Make sure that they accept the split request.

This feature can only be used during active rides and can’t be used once you’ve already been dropped off.

13. Can I cancel my ride?

Yes, but you’ll be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel the ride after two minutes have passed since the driver accepted your request. You’ll also be charged a cancellation fee if the driver is at the pick-up location within five minutes of the estimated arrival time.

14. Can I schedule a ride in advance?

Yes, but this feature is only available for standard Lyft ride requests and not for ride options like Lyft Plus or Lyft Premier. You can schedule rides up to seven days in advance. You can do this through the “Set pickup” feature on your app.

If you choose to cancel the ride within 30 minutes of the driver’s scheduled pick-up time, you’ll be charged $10 for a cancellation fee.

Enjoy Your Lyft Promo Code

Thank you for taking the time to read our post on earning a free Lyft ride by using our Lyft discount codes. If you have questions about anything you read, please feel free to contact us through the contact form below.

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