Lyft Promo Codes: 5 Useful Promotions [That Actually Work]

How would you like a bunch of free ride credit, good towards your first Lyft ride?

Well, thanks to the latest promotions from Lyft, you can.

Lyft is currently giving new riders who sign up and use a the Lyft promo code “springtme17” or “campuscode2017” up to $50 in free ride credit so they can experience the platform for themselves (Please note: the credit amount varies by city, and can change at any time).

*Note: If our featured new Lyft user code doesn’t work for you, select another from the full list below. The promo codes can sometimes be finnicky, so simply try again until you see the credit applied to your account.

If you are an existing Lyft user who has already claimed their first time ride credit, check out our Guide to Lyft Codes for Existing Users.

This promotion is a great way for new Lyft users to get their feet wet and try the platform for less than a normal ride would cost.

Claiming Your Lyft Ride

If you’re a new user that has not yet claimed their new user promo code, then you’re in luck. As a way to grow their user base, Lyft is still offering new users free account credit when they download the app and sign up for an account.

Claiming your first Lyft ride is easy, and can be done in a few simple steps:

> VIEW TUTORIAL (Click/Tap to Open)

Most users won’t have problems entering a code, but If your Lyft gift code isn’t working, there may be a few reasons why:

  1. Credit is expired: Most Lyft promo codes expire after a certain date, in our case, 14 days. If you wait too long to use the code, and request a ride after the code’s expiration date, the credit will disappear from your account and you will have to pay full price for your rides.
  2. Promotion is location-specific: Some Lyft credit codes are location-specific, and only work in certain cities. If you are trying to take an unqualified ride with one of these location or event-specific promotions, they likely will not work.
  3. Another code has already been applied: If you are trying to use more than one Lyft credit code for a specific ride, you will receive an error. According to the official Lyft website, “you cannnot use more than one credit per ride, but you can switch between credits on the Payment screen after the ride”

If you need help applying your code, ask a question on our Help Center or reach out to Lyft directly through their support page.


Why free Lyft credit for new users?

In their efforts to recruit new passengers, Lyft has also found themselves locked in a battle with their largest industry competitor, Uber. As a result, Lyft constantly tries to one-up Uber by offering more attractive promotions, in this case large amounts of free ride credit for new riders.

This is where the $50 in free Lyft ride credit. comes into play. For the longest time, Lyft only offered $10-20 per new user, then as Uber became more aggressive, so did Lyft. It is clear to tell who is coming out on top; the riders.

In addition to huge amounts of free ride credit, users will be delighted to know that the credit doesn’t go away after you take your first ride. Unlike Uber’s referral program, the Lyft credit will remain in your rider account even if you don’t use all of it on the first ride.

Example: if you start with $50 in credit, and take a ride that only costs $20, there will still be $3o available to you when you open the app for your next ride. This is a huge benefit to the program, and allows users to maximize the promotion.

This promotion that Lyft is running is also awesome because existing users can earn a ton of free ride credit for referring friends and new users to the platform (more on that below).

This type of recruitment has allowed Lyft to experience rapid growth, and has redefined the referral programs for the future.

Why choose Lyft?

Lyft is the most convenient way to travel locally. Drivers are almost always less than 10 minutes away and their ETA is displayed directly on your home screen. A Lyft ride is almost always less expensive than a cab fare and vehicles tend to be nicer on both the interior and exterior. All payment is processed electronically which means you never have to carry cash. And to sweeten the deal, for a limited time you can receive a free $50 Lyft ride by using our exclusive Lyft promo code!


Popular Cities with Lyft

New York City: New York City is obviously one of the most popular Lyft cities, and for good reason. With so many tourists, residents, and visitors, there is almost never a shortage of riders.

Boston: Boston is on the list of up and coming cities for Lyft as well. Like New York City, there is never a shortage of people looking for reliable and affordable transportation options. Whether a student is looking for a ride to and from school, or a baseball fan is needing a ride to a Redsox game, they can surely find it with Lyft.

Portland: Surprisingly enough, Portland is one of the newest and most popular cities for Lyft, with tons of new users signing up every day. There are over 2 million people in Portland alone, meaning that drivers can surely count on a steady supply of riders, and in return, riders can expect shorter wait times and more drivers at their fingertips.

Request – Request a Lyft driver by opening the app and pressing the “request Lyft button”
Ride – Each driver’s location will be displayed on the home screen. You are matched with the closest driver and their ETA and progress is shown directly on your home screen
Pay – – After ride completion, you are able to pay directly through the app via an electronic payment method you put on file at sign-up. It’s that easy and no need to carry cash!


Lyft Pros and Cons

Pros Of Using Lyft
1. Lyft Prime Time during peak demand times is capped at 2x base fare
2. Lots of drivers means a ride is almost always less than 10 minutes away
3. Ride in nice vehicles with friendly drivers
4. Fares are usually less than the cost of a cab
5. Use one of our Lyft promo codes for a Free Lyft ride! You can’t do that with a taxi!

Cons Of Using Lyft
1. Available in less cities than Uber
2. Not yet available internationally
3. No luxury option available


Lyft Vehicle Options

Lyft – The first and most basic option, Lyft drivers use cars such as the Honda Fit, Toyota Avalon, and Subaru Outback. Ride costs start at a base cost of $1 plus between $.25/$.40 per mile and then a cost per minute which varies by city. The standard Lyft platform is great for drivers that are looking to get from point a to point b with less than 4 passengers and in relative comfort. Most people using the Lyft promo code choose this platform to claim their free Lyft ride

Lyft Plus – Lyft Plus is similar to UberXL in that all eligible vehicles are required to have at least 7 total seatbelts but vehicle types are not limited to SUVs. Minivans, crossovers, and SUVs are all vehicle types that may be eligible for LyftPlus service. Please note that if you are using a Lyft promo code, the Lyft ride credit may not be enough to cover the total ride and you will be charged through your payment method on file for the difference

Lyft Line – Lyft Line is a relatively new service that mimics UberPool. If multiple riders are sharing the same route or destination they can carpool as long as they all select that feature on the app. They will all split the ride and bring the entire cost down for all parties involved.


Lyft Fare Cost

All Lyft fare prices vary by city but we have compiled the basic parts and average costs of each for your reference. There are 4 parts to a Lyft ride and include the base, per mile, minimum ride, safety, and cancellation fees.

Base Price
 – A flat fee charged at the beginning of the ride. This cost starts at $2 and does not fluctuateRiding with Lyft is inexpensive due to a basic fare pricing. All pricing varies by city but we have composed a basic guide to how much you can expect an average Lyft ride to cost.

Per Mile Charge – The cost per mile is set in place to compensate the driver for gas and depreciation and is anywhere from $.40 up to $2 per mile

Minimum Ride Fee – The minimum ride fee is exactly how it sounds – a minimum dollar amount a rider will be charged for the ride. This is to make sure the trip is worth the driver’s time and is usually around $5 total

Cancellation Fee – If you as a rider decide to cancel the ride request after the driver is enroute or you do not show up when the driver arrives, you will be charged a flat fee of $5 to compensate the driver for the wasted time

Safety Fee – This charge is in place to help subsidize the background check every driver undergoes at signup and is a flat $1.5 charge

If you decide to take a ride further than the average 2-3 mile Lyft ride you will be charged for it. Usually any unusually long Lyft ride fare will be negotiated ahead of time with the driver but Lyft has a maximum charge of $500 for New York City and New Jersey, 240 in Los Angeles and $200 anywhere else. Any longer rides are subject for Lyft’s review.


Prime Time

Lyft Prime Time is a driver incentive that increases the base fare per mile at times of peak demand. Displayed on a heat map in the home screen, Lyft Prime Time is capped at 2x the base fare. On the other hand, Uber Surge Pricing is technically uncapped at up to 50 times the base fare. However we have never seen a ride actually cost 50x the base amount. Please also keep in mind that if you are using a Lyft promo code for a free Lyft ride you need to take Lyft Prime Time pricing into account.


Identifying Your Driver

Sometimes certain locations have multiple vehicles parked alongside the road, such as airports. In order to properly identify your Lyft driver, make sure you pay attention to the vehicle color and make, and also look at the driver’s picture vs the driver upon arrival. Lyft vehicles have either a pink glowstache, a furry mustache on the front grille, or a pink sticker in the window like the example below.

Lyft Badge


Lyft for Business

As the workplace begins to get more competitive many companies are turning to ridesharing apps as a benefit for employees. Whether they are getting home from a company happy hour, going to a meeting, or just getting rid of the car for their daily commute, Lyft has a solution for every one of these problems. A company can set up their own Lyft account in which rides any employee takes will be billed to the company account. We have even seen this master account applied to wedding guests after the wedding reception! You can find out more about Lyft for work here.


Lyft Safety

Driver Background Checks
Every Lyft driver undergoes a strict background check during the application process that screens their driving history, sex offender lists, and finally criminal history at the state and federal level. Additionally, each vehicle undergoes a strict 19-point inspection so you can rest assured both the driver and vehicle are in tip-top shape.

Two-Way Rating System
One of the best features of the Lyft app is that both the driver and rider rate each other. If either party assigns a rating of “3” or less on a scale of 1-5, they will not be paired with each other in the future. So if you have a bad experience just rate the driver a 3 or below and you won’t have to deal with them again.


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Thank you for taking the time to read our post on earning a free Lyft ride by using our Lyft promo codes. If you have questions about anything you read, please feel free to contact us through the contact form below!