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Moving Up: Grubhub Driver Levels

Although Grubhub isn’t a traditional nine-to-five job, you can still advance.

Every time you make a delivery, you earn stats. The three Grubhub measures are your schedule commitment rate, on-time arrival at merchant rate, and offer commitment rate. You’ll receive a level after 20 deliveries as a new Grubhub delivery driver.

The higher your stats, the better your level. Grubhub looks at your performance over the last two weeks to determine it and updates it weekly on Mondays.

Here’s a breakdown of the driver levels you can achieve.

  • Entry Driver: All new delivery drivers on Grubhub start with this status. You’ll maintain it as you rack up your initial 20 deliveries.
  • Partner: Once your schedule commitment rate and offer commitment rate are about 80% and your on-time arrival at merchant rate is about 70%, you’re eligible for the Partner status.
  • Pro: If you can push your on-time arrival at the merchant rate firmly over 70% and your offer commitment and schedule commitment rates to more than 80%, you can continue climbing to the Pro level.

Once you’ve worked your way up through these levels, you become the top-rated driver: Premier.


The most seasoned delivery drivers are at Grubhub’s Premier level, which requires a schedule commitment rate of 95% or higher, on-time arrival at a merchant rate of 80% or more, and an offer commitment rate of 95% or higher.

The benefits of ranking up are:

  • More special offers will become available
  • Access to bigger catering orders
  • First crack at scheduling
  • More opportunities to earn

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