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How to Accept (and Decline) Grubhub Offers

As a driver, you will receive offers through the app, each presenting an opportunity to earn money by delivering food from restaurants to customers.

As a Grubhub driver, offers are one of the most important concepts to master. Your success hinges on how effectively you navigate these offers.

Timeframe for Accepting or Declining Offers

Once an offer is sent, you will have approximately 90 seconds to accept or decline it. If you don’t respond to the offer, it will automatically disappear from your screen and be counted as a “rejected offer”.

I would suggest acting as quickly as possible. Some drivers told me that they’ve seen offers disappear much quicker than 90 seconds – some as quickly as 30-60 seconds.

The key it so claiming them quickly before the system automatically reassigns them.

Should You Use the Auto-Accept Feature?

In certain markets, Grubhub provides an Auto-Accept feature. This setting, when enabled, automatically adds delivery offers to your queue, streamlining the acceptance process.

Despite the convenience of Auto-Accept, you still have the flexibility to unassign offers.

In doing so though, be aware that frequently unassigning orders can negatively impact your Offer Commitment Rate, which could potentially reduce the number of future delivery opportunities.

Enabling and Disabling Auto-Accept

You can toggle the Auto-Accept feature on or off in the app’s Account Settings. It’s essential to note that Auto-Accept works in conjunction with other app settings, such as the ‘Pause offers’ option.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Developing a strategy for accepting offers is key. A few things that I’ve learned include:

Consider factors like the size of the order, the distance, and your time management when deciding on the minimum offer you’re willing to accept.

I like to stick to a simple guideline: the completion time of an order should not exceed double its dollar value.

When dealing with offers for late orders, balance the potential earnings against the delay you might incur. Keeping the customer updated is crucial if you choose to accept a late order.

While rejecting offers does not lead to immediate penalties, it can affect your overall acceptance rate.

A lower acceptance rate may influence your ability to schedule blocks and access higher-value orders.

Key Takeaway:

Efficiently managing offer acceptance and rejection is fundamental to maintaining good standing with Grubhub and optimizing your earnings.

Utilizing features like Auto-Accept can be beneficial, but always base your decisions on offer value, distance, and personal strategy.

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