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How to Become an Uber Comfort Driver: A Guide to Making More Money on Uber

Key Takeaways

  • Uber Comfort offers riders more space and experienced drivers at a higher cost than UberX.
  • Drivers need a newer, spacious vehicle, a 4.85+ rating, and 100+ completed trips to qualify.
  • Uber Comfort pays higher fares than standard Uber rides but may not guarantee full-time earnings.
  • Drivers automatically qualify for Uber Comfort if they meet vehicle, experience, and location requirements.

The Basics of Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is a type of ride that customers can choose when they book an Uber ride. They get more spacious cars and veteran drivers for their trips at an extra cost.

Is Uber Comfort Different From Standard Uber Services?

Yes, standard UberX is different from Uber Comfort; it’s the most common option. It matches riders with a variety of drivers, which may be newer and less experienced, and cars, which are often less roomy.

If a rider chooses Uber Comfort, they’re guaranteed more spacious cars and a veteran driver with the best ratings in the app. Essentially, by paying extra, riders can enjoy a more comfortable and reliable ride.

Uber offers a range of other ride preferences as well, such as Uber Black or Uber Carpool. Uber Black is the luxury option, while Uber Carpool lowers the cost by picking up multiple riders along the way.

Why Is Uber Comfort More Expensive?

It’s more expensive to ride in Uber Comfort because the rider is given better service, a better car, more room for their belongings, and conversation and temperature preferences in-app.

That aside, another factor is that Uber Comfort drivers need to have specific vehicles and maintain a minimum rating of 4.85, so fewer drivers qualify for it.

Brett’s Take: Is Driving for Uber Comfort Worth It?

I’ve talked to countless drivers about the type of passengers to expect with Uber Comfort, and their experiences are all over the board.

Some find them to be better-tipping and more well-behaved, while others encounter demanding or entitled behaviors.

The frequency of Comfort rides and the impact of surge pricing can also affect overall earnings. In some cases, drivers might earn more by sticking to UberX due to higher ride frequency.

My Conclusion:

If you’re an Uber driver with a vehicle that qualifies for Uber Comfort, I would suggest doing it.

While the demand alone for Uber Comfort may not allow you to do it full-time, this level of service typically pays higher per-trip than UberX does.

What You Need to Become an Uber Comfort Driver

Not everyone gets to be an Uber Comfort driver. You’ll need to qualify by meeting all of their eligibility criteria.

1. Vehicle

Uber Comfort rides seek to guarantee a certain amount of legroom and sophistication for the rider. As such, only certain cars will qualify.

The rule of thumb is that, as a driver, you’ll need to have newer, spacious vehicles that meet the minimum year and model requirements. Some examples are Toyota’s 2016 Land Cruiser and Mercedes’ 2016 E-Class, S-Class, ML-Class, M-Class, G-Class, GL-Class, and GLK-Class.

You can check whether your car qualifies here!

2. Location

Uber Comfort is recent, so it’s not as widespread as other services. Currently, it’s available in more than 40 cities in the United States and Canada. You can also opt for that service in select cities in the United Kingdom.

The app will show you what ride options are available in your city, so double-check to see whether Uber Comfort is an option!

3. Experience

You must complete at least 100 trips while maintaining a minimum rating of 4.85 to qualify as a driver. On top of that, you’ll need all the normal Uber qualifications. This includes:

  • Being 25 or older with one full year of driving on your record
  • A clean driving record with no more than 2 minor infractions in the last 3 years
  • A license in the state you’re driving in
  • A four-door car
  • Proof of vehicle insurance with your name on it

I’m an Uber Driver: Does My Car Qualify for Uber Comfort?

vector graphic showing a clipboard with Uber car requirements on it and an Uber vehicle behind it getting evaluated

Vehicles on this type of service must meet the Uber car requirements set in place by the company.

At the base level, cars eligible for Uber Comfort must also meet the same requirements of an UberX vehicle.

That list states that vehicles:

  • Should be newer than seven years
  • Have four doors that passengers can open independently
  • Seat four passengers, plus the driver
  • Aren’t salvaged or rebuilt vehicles and have no cosmetic damage
  • Pass an inspection by a licensed mechanic

To further qualify for Uber Comfort, vehicles should:

  • Be clean on the inside and outside
  • Have working A/C and heat
  • Provide extra leg and headroom

Certain cities have additional requirements in terms of what vehicles can pass inspection.

You can find the necessary information on Uber’s city list.

How to Sign Up to Become an Uber Comfort Driver

You don’t! It’s an automatic alert that you’ll get if you qualify. You’ll be able to opt-in and start getting Uber Comfort rides assigned to you.

If you believe you qualify but haven’t gotten the request yet, then you should reach out to Uber support for help. There may be a reason your account hasn’t received that option yet.

You can also opt out of Uber Comfort if you prefer not to receive these requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make More Money With Uber Comfort?

Yes! Uber Comfort fares are higher; you’ll receive a higher pay for the ride. Uber Black remains the better option for making more money, but Uber Comfort does pay more than the normal Uber rides.

How Is Uber Comfort Different From UberX or Uber Black?

UberX is the standard Uber ride. Uber Comfort is the mid-range option with more legroom and features, and Uber Black is the luxury option with professional drivers and premium vehicles.

Wrapping Up

Uber Comfort offers more income and incentives to the drivers — and more comfort and features to the riders — as long as they meet certain eligibility criteria, such as having a newer, more spacious car and a high rating.

It’s an excellent option if you’re looking to boost your income and take control of your ride preferences. You can always aim to become an Uber Comfort driver if you don’t qualify yet. Keep on driving and getting good ratings!

Are you a fan of driving for Uber Comfort, or would you rather pass? Let us know your thoughts by dropping your comment below!

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