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Uber decals are a familiar symbol that adorns the vehicles of many Uber drivers.

Sometimes the logo sticker might be on the windshield, or maybe the driver decided on a magnetic sign or another sticker style.

Beyond explaining where a rideshare driver using the Uber driver app can get an Uber sticker, Uber leaves it up to each rideshare driver to determine their local regulations and if there is a legal requirement to display an Uber window sign.

It can get confusing quickly if you also drive for Lyft.

  • Should those drivers obtain a removable Uber sticker?
  • Where can they get additional information?
  • Is there a reliable resource online that explains the rules?

We also recognize that COVID-19 relief funds, very important loans for Uber drivers, are running out.

As such, some rideshare drivers are returning to work, and others are just starting as new drivers using the Uber app.

We’ve done our best to break down the requirements and where to purchase a new Uber logo.

Let’s explore more about Uber decal requirements and where you can purchase one for your work as an Uber rideshare driver.

What Is an Uber Decal?

image showing different types of uber decals

An uber decal is a sticker that often lives on an Uber driver’s front or rear windshield.

More formally called an Uber trade dress, you can order one from Uber, so long as you are in the United States or Australia.

In this case, location matters.

Decal Requirements for Rideshare and Delivery Drivers

Uber does not explicitly require that their drivers display an Uber decal on their vehicle.

However, many localities do require drivers to do so.

It’s best to always check with your most local Uber office (aka Greenlight Hub) to make sure you understand the local regulations in your area.

It may also be illegal to display an Uber trade dress or another rideshare decal if you are not currently online and accepting rides.

It is also often prohibited to display rideshare decals from two different companies at the same time, such as is done when you drive for both Uber and Lyft.

Overall, the exact Uber requirements vary depending on your location.

You will need to check your local regulations to see if you have to have a decal, when you have to display it, and if you are allowed to display more than one rideshare decal.

Where to Put an Uber Sticker

The Best Lyft and Uber Light-Up Signs to Make Sure Your Passengers Can Find You

Typically you display an Uber sticker on your windshield.

You can choose to mount on the top or bottom corners on either side.

Some drivers prefer to have one at the front and rear of their vehicle.

Some localities require specific placement, sometimes on the front and rear window.

For example, Los Angeles has strict requirements.

Uber drivers are usually fairly proud to announce that they are driving for Uber, so they aren’t that shy about displaying the decal.

Uber and other rideshare drivers are pretty inventive when it comes to displaying their trade dress.

Since regulations and local requirements aren’t consistent, and many drivers want to avoid getting stopped by the police for a transgression, they have a few tricks for mounting their decals.

To make a permanent window sign or sticker into a temporary one, some drivers use suction cups, easy-peel, clear transfer tape, magnetic signs, and even button fasteners to create a temporary decal.

Where to Get an Uber Sticker for Free

Rather than paying for an Uber sticker, many Uber drivers would like to get one for free, and you can if you know where to look.

1. Uber.com

Authorized Uber drivers with an active account can get an Uber sticker for free from the Uber website at Uber.com.

This is as close as Uber gets to offering official decals.

It even usually comes with free shipping.

There are other Uber partner sites that offer Uber equipment.

But they don’t provide free Uber stickers, at least not officially.

There are also different decals and requirements depending on whether you are driving as a rideshare driver or as a food or package delivery driver.

2. Uber Greenlight Hub

People mention Uber Greenlight Hub a lot online, but it doesn’t appear to have any means of ordering any official decals for purchase.

However, their hubs do seem to be accepting appointments for vehicle inspections.

While the Greenlight Hub may not have stickers themselves, they are there to help you.

If you are unsure how to get your free sticker online, your local Uber Greenlight Hub can assist you.

They may also help you find a way to get a decal and be knowledgeable about the requirements and regulations for these things in your area.

3. Print Uber Sticker

A straightforward option that meets the legal requirements in some areas is simply printing an Uber sticker with your laptop or computer.

You can then use clear transfer tape or application tape to affix it to the inside of your windshield.

Or, you can source a case that sticks to your windshield but allows you to remove the placard when you don’t want or need to display it.

Since printing a decal is pretty easy, some drivers make full-color decals that almost perfectly match the official decals offered directly from Uber.

While you’re at it, you might want to also print a tip reminder for your passengers.

Where to Buy Uber Decals

image showing different types of uber decals

If you are unhappy with your free sticker or simply do not mind paying for your own Uber decal, you can use several different online retailers.

1. Amazon

Amazon does not offer an Uber trade dress for rideshare drivers.

You can, however, find an acrylic holder with suction cups that you can use to fashion a temporary decal.

There are also some other decals related to ridesharing on offer, like signs reminding passengers to wear masks due to COVID19 or to close their doors softly.

2. Etsy

Etsy does have some offerings of removable Uber stickers.

There is a static-cling version available that only requires a clean surface for easy mounting.

You can then peel it off for convenience. But, it seems doubtful that these are official decals.

3. eBay

eBay has some decals for sale that say ‘Uber.’

However, you should be aware that they don’t look anything like official decals.

They do offer a window sign that lights up with the Uber logo and some other stickers that seem related to ridesharing with the Uber driver app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions about the Uber decal.

Can I remove my Uber sticker if I get tired of it?

The answer to this question changes based on where you are working as a rideshare driver.

If you’re a new driver, you should probably check with your local Uber office or even an Uber Greenlight location.

However, it seems like Uber is more focused on mining their big data with JSON than designing a simple order form for drivers to purchase an Uber decal.

Can Uber drivers display a Lyft sticker in addition to an Uber one?

Depending on where you are working as a rideshare driver, it may be permissible to display a Lyft sticker in addition to an Uber one.

But, most Uber drivers consider doing so to be in bad taste.

And in some areas, it is illegal.

In big cities with large airports, like Los Angeles, it can be easy to run afoul of the guidelines.

Are Uber lights allowed instead of a sticker?

Again, it’s best to check with Uber and your local authorities.

You can also schedule an appointment or check-in with an Uber Greenlight location near you.

There are some Uber lights available online, but they don’t seem to be officially licensed.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are driving for Uber as a rideshare driver or part of an expanding number of Uber Eats drivers using motorcycles, you need to understand the requirements for displaying an Uber sticker.

Unfortunately, the rules are different all over the USA.

If you’re looking for specific details like the longest dimension of your trade dress or whether you can get free shipping on an Uber sticker, you’re going to have some trouble finding concrete answers online.

Additional information beyond the basics seems to be very hard to find online.

So, the best way to find the answers you need is to check in with Uber itself or with an Uber partner, like Uber Greenlight.

And, don’t hesitate to do so.

Get the answers to your questions before you find yourself with the police in your rearview mirror!

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