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How Uber Lights Help Identify Drivers [+ Our Favorites]

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber requires drivers to display identification, enhancing safety with the Uber Beacon and customizable lights.
  • Uber Beacon allows riders to identify their ride easily, improving pickup accuracy and safety.
  • Third-party Uber lights, including LED signs and illuminated decals, offer alternative identification solutions.
  • Installation best practices ensure visibility without obstructing the driver’s view, complying with local regulations.

Uber Identification Requirements Explained

When you accept an Uber request, the app will send your pertinent information to the rider. These details include your name, picture, vehicle description, and license plate.

Generally, it would be enough for a rider to identify the correct car to board. However, this isn’t always the case for high-traffic areas with lots of rideshare vehicles looking identical.

In a busy, dim street, it’s easy for riders to board the wrong car without a way to recognize their ride. While this sounds harmless, people operating a Say My Name scam and other dangerous schemes can exploit it.

Following state regulations addressing this safety issue, Uber requires its drivers to display a sign identifying their vehicle to be in the transport service.

The drivers are to install an Uber decal or trade dress while driving for the platform and make it visible to the riders. This form of identification is required, and drivers can only remove it once logged off the app.

The Official Uber Beacon

For a passenger, it’s easy to see how you can board the wrong Uber if you find 20 identical Honda CVRs parked on your street. Thankfully, Uber offered a solution.

Launched in 2016, the Uber Beacon is a hardware device designed to improve the accuracy of pickup and promote driver and rider safety.

How Uber Beacon Works for Drivers

The Uber Beacon comes with a device with a glowing Uber logo that sticks to the inside of your windshield. It’s Bluetooth-enabled and syncs with the Uber app.

Once a driver accepts an Uber request, the beacon will prompt an option on the rider’s phone screen. The prompt will let them choose what color to display on the Uber light device.

How Uber Beacon Works for Riders

The beacon will glow whatever color the rider picks on the slider app. This color-matching technology allows the riders to recognize their rides faster and more efficiently.

Besides the recognition upgrade, Uber Beacon shares valuable tips on the rider’s phone screen. It reminds them to wear seatbelts, exit safely on the curbside, and handle doors gently.

Uber Beacon works well with Spotlight, a brand-new feature in the Uber app. It turns the passenger’s phone screen into a glowing spotlight, allowing drivers to spot them more easily.

How to Obtain Uber Beacon

Unfortunately, Uber drivers rated platinum or diamond are the only ones allowed to get the beacon. It’s also exclusively available in select cities, including Chicago, Las Vegas, Denver, and Washington DC.

Uber will notify you through an email if you’re eligible for the beacon program. They’ll then send you the light device with the installation guide following Uber’s car requirements.

Third-Party Uber Light Options

Of course, there are other ways to minimize the visibility and safety concerns with Uber and Lyft beyond their glowy initiatives.

Here are some of them:

1. LED Uber Signs

LED lights are the go-to of every motorist who wants to improve their visibility on the road. But for an Uber driver, it means recognizing riders more efficiently and saving valuable time.

You can purchase these lights in online stores and marketplaces like Amazon.

Maschsea Uber LED Sign

Maschsea’s Uber sign is a solid solution for your visibility problems. Operating on 50 microamps, this LED light effortlessly cuts through crowded traffic.

The green LED lamps can swap between soft and bright light modes at a flick of a switch. The durable, 1.6 mm thick plate adheres to your windshield with suction cups for quick and effortless installation.

Generic Uber-Lyft LED Sign

If you want a different color option than green, Generic’s pink and blue LED sign for Uber and Lyft is your answer. It’s waterproof to survive any weather and exceptionally bright, giving your car a striking edge against competitors.

However, one downside to this LED sign is it doesn’t have brightness control. As such, you’ll want to be careful when using it to avoid distracting other drivers.

2. Illuminated Decals

If you prefer a subtler approach than LEDs without losing that unique touch, an illuminated decal could be for you. They’re friendly to the eyes and aren’t as distracting as LED signage.

You can purchase the following decals on carsigncentral.com and brightideasigns.com.

Bright Idea Uber Signs

Bright Idea presents a classy yet attractive decal for Uber drivers who want the colors without the messy wires or buttons. It only has one USB cable, and you use it for charging.

The illuminated plate features a simple text with a white “Uber” and pink “Lyft” sign. But you can choose between lighting modes: steady, blinks, multi-action, and sound-controlled.

Car Sign Central Decal

Car Sign Central’s illuminated logo is another gorgeous decal with effortless installation. It boasts a lovely yet uncomplicated design featuring white and blue Uber texts.

The decal offers a straightforward approach compared to complicated LEDs that require an app and a smartphone to operate. It’s plug-and-play with rechargeable batteries and comes with a convenient remote control.

3. Customizable Dashboard Lights

Leaving a positive impression on your passenger is crucial as an Uber driver. With customizable dashboard lights, you can set yourself apart from other Uber drivers and make your trips unforgettable.

You can get your hands on one of these dashboard lights through Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

GOTUS Light Sign

GOTUS is an excellent Bluetooth-controlled dashboard sign for transport vehicles. It’s highly customizable, featuring extensive RGB color choices and brightness options.

What makes GOTUs stand out, though, is its texts and animations. It’s a great way to personalize your vehicle and stand out amid busy streets and poor weather.

Rayhome Scrolling LED

Rayhome’s LED light sign is a bestseller on Amazon. It’s a Bluetooth and app-enabled device offering tons of customization for drivers always on the road.

Among the best features of Rayhome are its DIY text display and animation styles. You can choose what to display and how, making it a fantastic choice if you’re working on Uber while driving for Lyft too.

Beyond text personalization, Rayhome allows seamless brightness control to prevent violating laws on glaring lights. It also comes with fun aspects like graffiti and musical rhythms.

4. Magnetic Roof Lights

Removable roof lights are terrific lighting devices if you’re a part-time rideshare driver. Given Uber’s policies on trade dresses, removable signages like these make the work more painless.

NRC&XRC Taxi Roof Light

NRC&XRC’s magnetic car roof lighting is an excellent example of practicality combined with aesthetics. It comes in three bright colors: green, white, and yellow.

Braving unpredictable weather? NRC&XRC’s roof light design is robust, boasting a UV-ray-resistant and waterproof build—a perfect choice for cruising on the rainy East Coast.

Choosing the Right Uber Light

While lighting makes a great addition to your Uber gig, there are a few considerations to remember before you install one.

First, consider your sign’s brightness and avoid excessively bright lights. You want your car to be visible enough for riders to see but not too much to cause glare and distract other motorists.

Think about cost and installation, too. Sure, there are plenty of cheap LED lights you can grab. However, are they user-friendly? Are they durable enough to last months of weather exposure?

Finally, ensure to comply with local regulations when selecting a lighting color. Avoid flashing red and blue lights to avoid confusing pedestrians and costly tickets.

Ask your local authorities for advice on what colors are allowed. You can take your personal preference into account and not violate the law, too!

Installation Tips and Best Practices

Installing your first Uber light? Here are some tips and best practices you should follow:

  • Keep It Visible: Mount your signage at the center or lower right of your windshield. This way, you’re making it visible to passengers but not glaring to incoming traffic.
  • Don’t Block Your View: Avoid placing lights parallel to the driver seat. It could block the driver’s view, and the glare that reflects off the screen can get distracting.
  • Clean Your Dashboard: Clean the windshield surface before mounting suction cup signs or logos. Follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure your lighting lasts longer.
  • Maintain Your Light: Clean your LED lights frequently with soft fabric. Perform inspections and replace batteries when necessary.

Conclusion: Enhancing Your Uber Presence with the Right Light

Lighting up your car is an excellent way to increase your rating and promote safe Uber rides.

State policies mandate trade dresses on transport vehicles, but it’s usually not enough to entirely solve the problem. Uber has the beacon, but not every driver has access to it.

But don’t worry. There are plenty of options for you. Light your way toward a five-star rating with LED Uber signs, illuminated decals, custom dash lights, and magnetic roof signages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions from our readers that could help you:

Do Uber Drivers Have a Blue or Green Light?

Yes, some Uber drivers do sport blue and green lights. However, authorities discourage using these colors to prevent violations of traffic laws.

How Do I Get the Uber Dashboard Light?

You can get Uber’s dashboard light or Uber Beacon through an email invitation. The company selects qualified drivers in specific cities and sends the device for free.

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