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Uber Sticker Decal Requirements, Placement & Where To Buy

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber stickers identify vehicles for riders, required by some local laws.
  • Not all are removable; permanent and temporary options available.
  • Uber decals are mandatory in many cities, but this varies for different Uber services.
  • Free and paid sticker options available, placement varies by location.

What Is an Uber Sticker?

An Uber sticker, also known as an Uber decal or trade dress, is a logo-emblazoned marker placed on the front or back window of a vehicle, helping riders easily recognize it as part of the Uber service.

image showing different types of uber decals

This decal is typically a full-color sticker that should be placed on a hard, smooth surface of your vehicle, either on the front or rear windshield, specifically in the lower left or right corner to avoid obstructing the driver’s view.

While Uber itself does not mandate the use of these decals for its drivers, local regulations in some areas may require identification of a vehicle as an Uber car for ride-sharing purposes.

Are Uber Stickers Removable?

Not all Uber stickers are removable. The ones provided by Uber, which adhere to the windshield glass, are designed for permanent placement.

However, alternative removable options, such as those using suction cups, are available from third-party sellers like Amazon. These can be conveniently displayed while driving for Uber and removed when not in service.

Uber Sticker Requirements

In many cities where Uber operates, displaying a removable Uber decal on your vehicle is mandatory. However, this requirement can very from city to city.

Typically, Uber decals are required on ridesharing vehicles, but this requirement for Uber Eats, Uber Connect, and other delivery drivers is more lax.

Once you are approved as an Uber driver, you will be provided with a list of vehicle requirements, including whether a decal is needed and its proper placement.

Uber drivers can also find out about local decal requirements and state guidelines by visiting a local Uber Greenlight Hub.

Failing to comply with these sticker and decal regulations can result in penalties such as fines or fees at the city-level, and even termination from Uber.

As a note, most airports have very strict rules about rideshare services and how they identify themselves for pickups and dropoffs. I’ve heard of drivers being both fined and banned for simply not having a sticker.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

A lot of drivers might argue against the decal requirement – usually due to the belief that riders have enough information as is, or viewing it as free advertising for Uber.

While I agree with the fact that Uber stickers help with safety, I also can side with the drivers here. In particular, I don’t want to be identified as an Uber driver when I’m not actively on the clock.

Personally, I use an Uber light instead of a decal. These are very bright, yet easily removable.

There are tons of different types of Uber lights available on Amazon or other online stores. I suggest picking one up because using one of these is way easier than the decal.

One positive upside is that Uber stickers seem to positively influence interactions with police officers. This is especially true while giving people a sober ride on the weekends.

I’ve been pulled over a few different times while rideshare driving (thankfully never with a passenger inside), and after briefly explaining that I am safely getting passengers home, the officers let me go.

Where to Put an Uber Sticker

The placement of an Uber sticker typically varies. Drivers often display it on their windshield, either on the top or bottom corners on either side.

In some locations, specific placement is required, such as on both the front and rear windows. For instance, Los Angeles has strict placement requirements.

While drivers are generally proud to display their Uber decals, they also use inventive methods to make them temporary, employing suction cups, easy-peel transfer tape, magnetic signs, or button fasteners.

This adaptability helps comply with varying local regulations and avoid police stops for non-compliance.

Does Uber Send You A Sign After Signing Up?

Uber does not automatically send you a sign or sticker after signing up as a driver. However, you can request a trade dress (sticker) from Uber’s website at no cost.

The delivery time for the sticker varies by location; it typically takes five to seven business days in the US and about 14 business days in Australia.

How to Get an Uber Sticker

While browsing for decals on your smartphone or laptop, you’ll find that there are plenty of places to pick up an Uber sticker.

Both free and paid options are out there for these trade dresses. Choosing between these options comes down to how much money you want to spend on this requirement.

Free Options

Your free options for decals come from Uber or fellow drivers. Both of these options let you get a sticker to put in your window, free of charge:

  • Uber website: Ordering a decal from the Uber website means you can have a sticker for your car in about a week.
  • Printable Uber stickers: Some users have made printable versions of the stickers that satisfy local laws. You’ll have to laminate and hang these yourself, though.

Both of these make great budget options, especially if you’re just starting as an Uber driver.

Paid Options

If you want something fancier, there are plenty of paid options to purchase for trade dresses. Check out either of these places to load up your cart for checkout:

  • Amazon.com: Amazon has plenty of options for decal vendors and car experts to purchase an Uber sticker from.
  • Etsy.com: If you want a craftier option, Etsy features all sorts of creative stickers and signs for you to use while driving.

Paid options also tend to feature a better shipping time than Uber’s free sticker. This is because you can pay for better shipping for these options, while Uber pays a standard shipping fee on all their stickers.

Wrapping Up

While not required by Uber directly, an Uber sticker is needed for many cities to drive for Uber. These stickers make Uber drivers easily identifiable and easy to see at night as the passenger.

Whether you get a paid or free option, having this sticker means that you have satisfied at least one of the regulations you have to follow as an Uber driver.

4 thoughts on “Uber Sticker Decal Requirements, Placement & Where To Buy”

  1. I am Uber Driver. I just want to request Uber Sticker to put on my vehicle front & back windshield. But I couldn’t find nowhere to make that request.

  2. I am Uber Driver. I just want to request Uber Sticker to put on my vehicle front & back windshield. But I couldn’t find nowhere to make that request

  3. AS a driver for Uber, as soon as you pass the person delivery requirements, you should automatically be given the resources you need in order to operate in big cities. It makes no sense drivers have to go through all this extra nonsense just to make sure we are road legal on behalf of Uber. This un-acceptable. The logistics must improve now. I shouldn’t have to go back and forth with someone in the support chat in order to do this. ALL information should be accessible from our phones and mobile accounts.


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