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What Is Uber Green? An Overview of the Service

Key Takeaways

  • Uber Green offers rides in low or zero-emission vehicles, reducing carbon emissions.
  • Available in major cities globally, it costs the same as UberX plus a $1 surcharge.
  • Drivers with eligible hybrid or electric vehicles automatically qualify for Uber Green.
  • Uber Green aims for 100% electric rides in major cities by 2030, promoting sustainability.

With millions of riders using rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft every day, it’s no surprise that these platforms have started to take a significant environmental toll.

Ridesharing apps today contribute to nearly 70% more climate pollution than other methods of transportation.

This impact is why, in 2019, Uber announced their Clean Air Plan to limit the company’s carbon footprint through the increased use of hybrid and electric vehicles.

In 2020, Uber took their sustainability plan a step further, laying out four action plans to make the company more environmentally friendly and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

One critical step of this plan is the expansion of Uber Green.

While this service first launched in 2019 in select areas, Uber now plans to bring this program to major cities around the globe to decrease carbon emissions and tackle climate pollution in transportation.

What Is Uber Green?

Uber Green is a ridesharing option within the Uber app that matches passengers with low or zero-emission vehicles, such as hybrids or fully electric cars.

Launched in September 2020 as part of Uber’s Clean Air Plan, Uber Green aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation alternative.

Available in over 1,400 cities across North America, this service allows users to contribute to lowering carbon emissions by up to 44% compared to average Uber rides.

Uber’s initiative includes future goals like achieving zero emissions by 2040 and having all rides in major cities in the US, Canada, and Europe be with electric vehicles by 2030.

Uber Green not only supports Uber’s environmental objectives but also offers incentives for both riders and drivers to choose and offer greener rides, including additional earnings for drivers and more reward points for riders.

What Is the Difference Between UberX and Uber Green?

The difference between UberX and Uber Green lies in the type of vehicles used and their impact on the environment.

UberX, being the most affordable and widely used Uber service, matches riders with any type of vehicle, including those with high carbon emissions.

In contrast, Uber Green ensures riders are matched exclusively with low-emission vehicles, such as battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs), promoting a more environmentally friendly ride option.

While the base cost of Uber Green is similar to UberX, Uber Green rides incur an additional $1 fee.

To compensate for this extra charge, riders using Uber Green earn three times the Uber Rewards points for every dollar spent, as opposed to the double points earned with UberX rides.

How Much Does Uber Green Cost?

The cost of an Uber Green trip is based on the same factors as other Uber services, including the trip’s duration, distance, current traffic conditions, and demand levels.

However, Uber Green rides cost the same as an UberX ride plus an additional $1 surcharge.

This fee is split, with half going to the Uber driver as support for operating a low-emission vehicle and the other half contributing to Uber’s Green Future program, which aids drivers in transitioning to electric or hybrid vehicles.

How to Request an Uber Green

While Uber Green isn’t widely available in North America yet, it’s straightforward to use if the platform has launched in your city.

The process of requesting an Uber Green ride is the same as requesting any other Uber service.

All riders have to do is enter their pick-up and destination address and select the Uber Green option at the bottom of the screen.

Once you confirm your green ride, you’ll be picked up by a sustainable hybrid or electric vehicle and get dropped off at your location.

Uber Green for Drivers

Drivers with hybrid or electric vehicles can automatically opt into Uber Green to start receiving the additional benefits and incentives offered with this service.

What Cars Qualify for Uber Green?

Any eco-friendly, low-emission vehicle that runs on hybrid or 100% electric technology is eligible for Uber Green.

Some popular options that qualify for Uber Green include:

  • Tesla
  • Chevrolet Bolts
  • Toyota Priuses
  • Honda Accord Hybrids

Any electric car should also qualify.

Does Uber Green Pay More?

Through their mission to support the use of hybrid and electric vehicles, Uber is offering drivers additional pay and incentives for using a clean and sustainable car.

Riders are charged an extra $1 for using Uber Green, .50 cents of which go to the driver to support their continued use of green technology.

Along with the additional pay, drivers of fully electric vehicles are also eligible to make an extra $1 per trip through Uber’s Zero Emissions incentive throughout the US and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Uber Makes the Most Money?

Uber Black drivers, with their requirement for professional licensing and high-end luxury cars, typically earn the most, averaging $24.87 per hour before tips.

This is significantly higher than the average hourly income of $13.70 for UberX drivers, with factors like location, customer volume, and tips affecting overall earnings.

Is Lyft Sustainable Too?

Lyft is committed to sustainability, offering electric vehicles, bikes, and scooters.

Like Uber, Lyft aims to transition to electric and zero-emission vehicles by 2030, collaborating with environmental experts to overcome obstacles like electric car costs and charging access.

This initiative supports the broader adoption of electric vehicles in ridesharing.

Moving Towards a More Sustainable Future

While transportation services have historically been a significant contributor to climate pollution, Uber is taking steps to reduce this impact and drive a more sustainable future through Uber Green.

With the service’s continued rollout throughout North America, you’ll likely be able to choose Uber Green in the Uber app soon.

Whether you’re a driver or a rider, selecting a more sustainable vehicle is a fantastic way to earn additional money or rewards while supporting a greener future.

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