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Uber Monthly Pass: What It Is & How It Works

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As of 2020, the U.S. ridesharing market is worth about $73 billion, and by 2026, it’s expected to reach around $200 billion.

In other words, it’s big.

And the mothership of all ridesharing apps? Uber.

The industry disrupter was founded in 2009 and has since then the company has expanded to offer a range of Uber services, including:

  • ride-hailing
  • food delivery
  • package delivery
  • freight transportation
  • electric biking
  • scooter rides
  • and a monthly subscription called the Uber Pass.

In this article, you will gain insights into what the Uber Monthly Pass entails, including how it works and whether you should subscribe to the in-app service.

Even with the economy slowly recovering in 2021 from the COVID-19 pandemic, you might just be hailing a stranger’s car more than you know.

Read on to learn more!

What is an Uber Monthly Pass?

Since 2018, Uber has introduced a subscription service called the ‘Uber Pass’ across eligible U.S. cities or states.

Unfortunately, this excludes California due to an ongoing legal dispute between the company and the state.

The Uber Pass is similar to the Amazon Prime subscription model.

It’s a monthly subscription service for Uber customers using the rideshare app and its food-delivery app, Uber Eats.

As of 2021, customers may have to face higher charges on their Uber rides and deliveries.

According to the New York Times, in the post-COVID-19 period, Uber is charging extra due to a low supply of drivers versus a ‘rebounding’ customer demand.

What’s Included?

According to the Uber Help Support page, for a monthly fee, the Uber Pass plan includes:

  • 10% off UberX, Uber Green, Uber X VIP, and Uber Access rides
  • 15% off Uber Comfort, Sedan, and Uber Van
  • Free shipping on food orders over $15 through Uber Eats (subject to small order fees and service fees)
  • Priority airport pickups
  • A quicker turnaround in response time to customer inquiries on trips and orders
  • A more flexible refund policy for specific trip issues

Additionally, customers will not have a limit on the number of rides that they can use per month.

How Does an Uber Monthly Pass Work?

uber rideshare vehicle, uber eats delivery driver, and package delivery - Uber monthly pass featured image

With a single monthly membership, the Uber Monthly Pass, you can receive unlimited benefits, in select cities, including:

  • Rides
  • Food delivery (Uber Eats)
  • Grocery orders

The user pays a fee per month to receive discounted prices on their Uber rides and Uber Eats food deliveries.

The Uber Monthly Pass used to involve discounted deals on Uber bike and scooter rides.

However, this is no longer in effect.

Uber drivers receive the same earnings based on distance and time, while Uber pays for the difference.

The Uber Pass is valid for one month.

The membership will automatically renew a month from the initial Uber Pass subscription.

You can cancel the pass at any time.

What Services Can I Use an Uber Monthly Pass With?

vector graphic showing different phone models to demonstrate the best phones for uber drivers

With the Uber Monthly Pass, the customer or riders will benefit in three ways based on three different discount deals.

What Does Uber’s Monthly Pass Cost?

In the United States, the Uber customer pays $24.99 per month for an Uber Monthly Pass.

In other countries, the Uber Pass subscription fee varies.

It’s recommended to check the URL of the Uber website to see if you are on the correct country page of where you intend to use your Uber Pass (e.g.,

Is the Monthly Uber Pass Worth It?

Depending on how regularly you ride with Uber and/or order takeaway through Uber Eats, an Uber Pass might just be worth your while.

Consider several factors, including the price of your usual Uber rides, the cost of alternative public transport, and whether surge pricing is included.

Typically, riders are already paying for discounted rides by using Uber when compared to a regular taxi service.

Discounts have been in the form of Uber promo codes.

Essentially, with the Uber subscription, riders are then paying for the promo code.

It’s just called an “Uber ride pass“.

Also, consider one main disadvantage of the subscription model.

There’s little flexibility in choosing which route you want to take because the Uber driver typically chooses the route themselves.

It’s especially the case when certain roadways are blocked off or closed.

The strict Uber Pass policy screams “our way or the highway (no discount).”

When is Uber’s Monthly Pass Worth It?

If you use Uber daily for whatever reason, then that’s when the Uber Pass is genuinely worth it.

You’ll be able to save on a significant amount of both rides and food deliveries, even surmounting the monthly subscription fee of $24.99.

In other words, the small amounts you’ll be saving daily can add up at the end of the month.

When is Uber’s Monthly Pass Not Worth It?

The Uber Monthly Pass is not worth it if your lifestyle does not necessitate one or more of its primary offers.

For example, if you are currently working remotely and have very little need to go outside the house, you are essentially paying around $25 a month for food delivery.

Additionally, if you find yourself using the Uber rideshare app or the UberEats app only a few times per month, it might be worth considering canceling your subscription.

Why pay for the service if you won’t reap the Uber Monthly Pass’s full benefits?

That’s something to at least think about.

Uber Monthly Ride Pass vs. Other Programs

uber monthly pass header image

The Uber Ride Pass is part of the Uber Monthly Subscription that protects the ride prices of Uber customers.

Whether they experience unexpected external events, such as weather, traffic, surge pricing, or other interruptions, the cost of their Uber ride won’t be affected.

The Uber Ride Pass is valid in several eligible cities across the United States.

It offers a flat fixed rate up until a limit distance, and it discounts the longest rides.

An Uber Ride Pass costs $24.99 a month and covers UberX service or UberPool service in eligible U.S. cities, most of which are major cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, and more.

Ride Pass vs. Uber Rewards

Compared with the Uber Ride Pass, Uber Rewards lets you earn 2 points for every eligible money you spend on an Uber service, including UberX, Uber XL, Uber Green, Uber WAV/Assist, Uber Comfort, Uber Select, Uber Pet, and Uber Connect Trips.

Plus, you can earn 3 points for every eligible money you spent on Uber Black and Uber Black SUV trips.

Ride Pass vs. Uber Credit Card

Compared with the Uber Ride Pass, Uber Credit Card is designed for very loyal Uber customers.

If you spend a heavy amount of time per week riding with Uber or ordering through Uber Eats, then the Uber Credit Card allows you to earn and redeem rewards easily.

However, the card feature is limited in redemption choices, making it less beneficial to those who hardly use Uber.

How to Sign Up for Uber’s Monthly Pass

To purchase the Uber Pass, you can do so directly via the Uber app on either an iPhone or Android.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go into the home screen of the Uber app and select or tap on the three bars that are located in the upper-lefthand corner. You’ll then view the menu page. If you do not see “Uber Pass” or “Ride Pass,” then likely, the subscription is not offered in your current city.
  2. A “Ride Pass” option should be available. Also, you must have the latest Uber app version to successfully sign up for the monthly pass. Select the option.
  3. Select “GET A PASS.”
  4. A pop-up window will appear and for which details the transaction, terms, and conditions of the Uber Pass. Always make sure the Uber payment linked to your Uber app account is the payment you wish to use.
  5. After reading through the details, select “Buy” to confirm your subscription. If you already own an Uber Eats Pass, you have to first unsubscribe from the UberEats Pass to subscribe to the Uber Pass.

After a successful subscription of the Uber Pass, an email confirmation will be sent to your registered email (or spam folder).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several frequently asked questions regarding the Uber Monthly Pass.

Why was I charged for an Uber Ride Pass?

In most cases, Uber riders probably forgot to disable the ‘auto-renew’ feature for their Uber Pass subscription and the charge automatically came through to your bank account for the next billing period.

To contact Uber to resolve this issue, navigate to the bottom of their app’s menu.

There you will find a ‘Contact Support’ button.

A wait time may occur.

Why am I getting charged $24.99 for Uber?

If you encounter a charge of $24.99 USD from Uber, it is likely for the Uber Monthly Pass subscription.

Is it easy to cancel Uber’s monthly pass?

You can cancel the Uber Pass at any time and it is easy to cancel.

To do so, follow these steps:
– Open your Uber app > Account > Uber Pass
– There you should be able to see the “auto-renew” option.

Disable it and a pop-up window will ask to confirm.

Click “disable” to agree to the cancellation of your Uber Pass.

When you do so, you still can access your membership benefits until the end of the current billing period.

Then, from that point, the termination will take effect.

Additionally, Uber recommends customers cancel their Uber Pass subscription 48 hours before their next month’s payment day.

It’s because a refund will not be granted if a payment does occur for the required period.

Can you get a monthly Lyft pass as well?

Uber and Lyft are two different (and competing) rideshare companies.

They also now offer subscription services through their own mobile apps.

So, a Lyft Pass is not associated with Uber Pass, and therefore, you can subscribe to a monthly Lyft Pass at the same time as having an Uber Pass.

I have a monthly pass with Uber and I selected a destination. Can I change it afterward?


Even with an Uber Pass, a rider can still edit the final destination of their trip at any time before the Uber driver selects “end trip” through their driver account.

To change your destination after confirming an address the first time with a driver, simply tape ‘Enter’ in the destination bar.

Then, type in your new address to change.

Note: This feature is not available through UberPool.

Wrapping Up

While the rideshare industry has been more or less a land of tumbleweeds during the pandemic, post-COVID-19 will have an impact on many Uber customers.

For instance, many will reconsider signing up or canceling their Uber Monthly Pass due to the steady rise to start going back to schools or offices.

So, whether you’re a frequent rider or an “emergency only” user of the popular ridesharing app, you’ll be affected by the return to “normalcy.”

It’s all a matter of where you live, what transport alternatives you have, and your budget.

Get the Uber Pass here.

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