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What Is Uber VIP And How Does The Program Work?

Uber VIP is a program for select Uber riders in certain cities. You can read this article to learn about Uber VIP eligibility, purpose, and benefits.

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Uber riders may be familiar with Uber Rewards, where you can earn benefits by using Uber for various purposes. However, Uber VIP is a separate program that benefits certain users.

So what’s so special about Uber VIP, and can you be a part of it?

This article will discuss the ins and outs of the Uber VIP program, who it is for, what benefits it provides, where users can take advantage of it, and other common questions.

Key Takeaways

  • Uber VIP is a rewards program – a partnership between Uber and American Express.
  • Program participants get special perks like better vehicles and quicker pickup times.
  • As a personal user of the program, I love it. It’s beneficial and definitely worthwhile to enroll.

What Is Uber VIP?

Uber VIP is a particular program for a select group of Uber Users — namely, those that hold specific American Express credit cards and are willing and able to reconnect those cards to their Uber accounts.

Uber VIP results from a partnership program between Uber and American Express called Amex Benefits.

Uber VIP rewards a select group of users with unique benefits. Users must hold either an American Express Consumer Platinum or American Express Centurion credit card to be eligible for Uber VIP access.

When it first started in 2015, Uber VIP was a program where Uber invited valued customers to take part.

These valued customers were typically invited after taking a high number of rides in certain cities.

The program no longer considers how many rides a rider has taken.

You are only eligible if you connect an Amex Platinum or Amex Centurion card.

Only then will you be able to take advantage of Uber VIP.

What Are the Benefits of Uber VIP?

Uber users can attain benefits once they join the Uber VIP program, including higher-rated drivers and higher quality vehicles than they might have automatically received otherwise.

There are also perks involving promotions and deals for these select Uber riders.

Drivers With High Ratings

Uber VIP members are matched only with the highest-rated drivers.

This means that they will be matched with drivers who have a rating of 4.8 stars or above and can feel rest assured that their ride will go smoothly and safely.

High-Quality Vehicles

Uber matches Uber VIP riders with vehicles that are not necessarily of a particular make or model.

However, they are typically newer, more admirable models, which may ease Uber VIP riders’ concerns about comfort during their ride.

High-quality vehicles, however, do not necessarily mean luxury vehicles.

If an Uber VIP rider wants to match with a luxury vehicle, they should still select an UberBlack trip instead of a standard UberX trip.

Exclusive Promotions for Riders

Finally, Uber VIP users are the first to hear about exclusion promotions, deals, and discounts that Uber has to offer.

Does Uber VIP Cost Less Than Regular Uber?

An Uber VIP trip will cost the same amount as a regular Uber trip would cost.

That said, Uber VIP members are matched with better drivers and better vehicles without paying a higher price.

So although the ride costs the same, the value may be considerably higher with an Uber VIP ride.

Is Uber VIP Different From Uber Rewards?

Uber VIP is a part of the program called Amex Benefits, while Uber Rewards is a completely separate program from Uber VIP.

One of the main differences between Uber VIP and Uber Rewards is that you have to have an American Express Platinum Card or a Centurion card to gain access to Uber VIP.

In contrast, you do not have to be one of those cardholders for Uber Rewards.

Additionally, Uber VIP is only available in select cities, while Uber is currently rolling out Uber Rewards to all cities in the United States.

With Uber VIP, you will receive promotions, deals, and higher-quality drivers and vehicles.

While with Uber Rewards, you are able to earn points towards certain rewards and benefits.

The more you tap into these rewards by using Uber, the more points you will earn to convert into rewards.

Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to, flexible cancellations, price protection, and priority pickups.

You earn these points simply by taking eligible rides through Uber or placing orders with UberEats.

There is also a tiered system to Uber Rewards, which begins at Blue, then continues to Gold, Platinum, and finally Diamond, with greater benefits for each increasing tier.

On the other hand, with Uber VIP, you have the same amount and type of benefits regardless of how much you use Uber.

Where Is Uber VIP Available?

As mentioned, Uber VIP is only available in select cities.

The cities where Uber VIP is available include Atlanta, Dallas, Harrisburg, Houston, Nashville, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

If you live or travel outside of these areas, you may technically be an Uber VIP member, but you will not receive access to any of the benefits or perks of the program.

Only rides within these select cities will be eligible for Uber VIP.

How to Get Uber VIP Status

To get access to the Uber VIP program, users must have an American Express Platinum or American Express Centurion credit card and link it to their Uber account.

On November 19, 2018, Uber closed the program to users who do not hold at least one of these cards.

vector graphic showing an uber vehicle with a rider inside next to two credit cards used to unlock the uber vip program

How to Link an Amex Platinum or Centurion Card to an Uber Account

If you are indeed a Centurion or an American Express Consumer Platinum cardholder, you can receive Uber VIP status by simply adding your card to your account.

Once one of these cards is added to your profile, you will automatically gain access to Uber VIP.

How Can I Tell If I Have Uber VIP Status?

Once you link your Amex Platinum or Amex Centurion card to your Uber account and automatically gain access to Uber VIP, it will be clear that you have Uber VIP status.

This is because when you go to request a ride, you will have the option to select Uber VIP and then choose from UberX VIP, UberBlack VIP, and so on.

How to Use Uber VIP

Once you link your Amex Platinum or Centurion credit card to your profile, you can automatically use Uber VIP.

As long as you are in one of the cities in which Uber VIP is available, the program will be automatically applied, and all you will have to do is use Uber as you normally would.

If you have never used Uber, the process for booking a car is simple:

Open the Uber app and select the button that says “Ride” with the car symbol.

Next, type in your destination in the area that reads “Where to?”.

Make sure that your current location is accurate as well.

Finally, select which type of Uber VIP ride you would like – Uber X, Uber Black, Uber XL, or Uber Black SUV.

Uber VIP vs. UberX

Uber VIP is a program for select Amex cardholders, while Uber X is an economy ride available to all Uber riders.

That said, Uber VIP users can select Uber X when choosing which type of ride they would like.

They will still receive a top-rated driver in a nice car.

However, if an Uber VIP rider wants a luxury vehicle, they should select an UberBlack or UberBlack SUV instead.

Uber Blacks are Uber’s luxury cars that riders can book at a higher price.

Uber VIP vs. Uber Diamond

Uber Diamond is the highest tier in the Uber Rewards program.

Having access to either Uber VIP or Uber Diamond will provide you with access to highly rated Uber partners.

Uber VIP, however, guarantees high-quality car matches, while Uber Diamond does not.

Besides that, Uber Diamond provides a lot more benefits overall.

The benefits include priority support, flexible cancellations, point boosts for your favorite routes, point boosts for premium rides, double points on Uber Eats, airport priority pickups, and premium support.

That’s a lot of benefits!

However, you cannot simply receive the Uber Diamond benefits by being a specific cardholder.

You can only get to Uber Diamond by using Uber quite often and making your way up the Uber Rewards program tiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Uber VIP program.

Can I Use Uber VIP and Uber Rewards Together?

Yes! Uber Rewards is a program in itself, and Uber VIP is a part of the program called Amex Benefit.

Since Uber VIP and Uber Rewards are a part of completely separate programs, you can receive benefits from both at the same time.

Do I Have to Use My Amex Card to Book Uber Rides?

To gain immediate access to Uber VIP, you have to enter your Amex or Centurion credit card information as the primary payment option in your Uber profile.

Wrapping Up

Uber VIP is a program that came about in partnership between Uber and American Express.

This program essentially rewards American Express Platinum and Centurion credit cardholders with higher-quality drivers and cars and treats them with early access to Uber promotions and deals.

If you do not have either of these cards, don’t worry.

You can still receive plenty of benefits from Uber by joining the Uber Rewards program, which is free to sign up for.

If you own one of these cards, there is no reason not to use the card to pay for your Uber trips and receive these benefits right away, as long as you are in one of the cities where the program is currently available.

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